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What Hairstyles do you want to see?

RaichisimsRaichisims Posts: 55 Member
edited October 2019 in CAS Custom Content
I'm thinking of making some CC hair.

What hairstyles do you really want to see?
e.g. which anime characters do you think have awesome hair, etc. etc. (do include the name of the character+anime its from)

I'm not making any promises.

Edit: still waiting for requests! I'm planning on making my first CC hair piece next week should my health allow it x_x style will be same as maxis, I guess if nobody makes a request I'll go with uchiha sasuke from naruto
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  • StarphaseStarphase Posts: 8 New Member
    I'd like to see some more loose mohawk styles.
  • s4diversitys4diversity Posts: 29 Member
    I know it's really hard to make, but I'd like to see more Maxis-Match curly hair :)
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  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 15,462 Member
    I've been looking for some very long hair, with a spiral hanging down over the right shoulder. 18th century style, a bit poofy on the top, but not overly tall, but mostly the tendrils of hair in spirals over that right shoulder. I had a nice bit of cc, and I found it again, but it's old and the archives can't be found. Ho hum.

    Here's what I used to have:



    No longer works in the game. I don't expect an exact duplicate, but if you look at the wig in the acting career with the high poof on the top, but extend the back into spirals that would be very cool. Or something on that order. I've been scouring the Internet and for the most part coming up dry. :'(

    Please, and thank you, in advance. :)
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