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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    **Here's the next part!**
    Camilla was called to someone's house to give him a makeover. He wanted three everyday, two formal, two sleepwear, and an athleticwear. Unfortunately, he had to head to work afterwards, so barely reacted to his wardrobe change, which annoyed Camilla. She had to admit that he did look nice in that police uniform though as she admired his backside while he walked away.

    Luca arrived at the beach a little after 10:30 and began his patrols. As it was still a little early, there was no one there yet, but he could be sure that people would start arriving soon to enjoy a nice swim.

    Camilla's second house call had cancelled due to work, so she went to the salon where she made over a few sims who were there, including a young man who was in definite need of some serious help.

    Back at the beach, Luca had rescued his first drowning victim. He'd taken CPR classes to get certified and knew he would have to apply it to men, but he didn't think it would be this soon. The man thanked him a little too eagerly before hurrying off.

    When Luca looked back, he saw the man splashing around in the water with another man, but had to continue on with his surveying afterwards to watch out for anymore drown victims.

    He spotted one young woman who looked to be a foreigner, Luca would guess from Al Simhara from the clothing she was wearing. He wondered why she didn't change into her swimsuit, but maybe it was a custom where she was from to swim in your everyday clothes?

    It wasn't long before Luca had to rescue someone else, but he only needed a few chest compressions before he was all right. A small part of him was disappointed that he was unable to save any women yet. The foreign girl seemed very proficient at swimming and she was the only woman on the beach at the moment.

    Another resident came to Camilla for her talents, only wanting a new hairstyle. Camilla gave her the works with some hair extensions and some new make-up, which the girl needed. She didn't bother to change her outfit as it was nice enough already. The woman really seemed to like it and couldn't stop staring at her reflection in the mirror for a few more minutes.

    Camilla took a short break to enjoy a muffin from the coffee bar in the salon. All of this styling was hard work and she needed refueling.

    Rosemarie Collins showed up at the salon also wanting a makeover, Camilla quickly scarfed down the rest of her muffin and led Rose to the makeover station where she provided her with a similar treatment as the last woman, although with different hair and makeup. She even added a few braids into the new hairstyle for a bit of flair.

    Luca's last drowning victim for the day was another young man, but he didn't need CPR afterwards. Once the last person was off the beach, Luca decided to do some snorkeling and ended up finding a few treasures, including a seashell and an uncut emerald. He could get the emerald cut and sell it for a few simoleons and he thought of giving the seashell to Rei.

    Camilla and Luca arrived home rather late and tired, but Luca was hungry and Camilla wanted to work on another sketch for her next promotion.

    **That's it for this update! I also have another set of pictures uploaded and will start on that update either later today or tomorrow! :) **
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    Yeah, it happens quite a lot to my poor sims *lol*.
    Luca is considerate not to hurt his guests by accepting those friend requests, I like that.
    I have tried the stylist career but did not like those calls just like with those silly singo grams in the singer career haha.
    Great updates.


    Thank you, yeah that was the first time I have seen Max smile.
    He's more of a serious simguy hehe.
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    small update from yesterday



    Both of them got up from the hot tub


    And got dressed back up


    Max asked Jade what kind of drink she wanted.



    And went to order them


    There were also a few other townies.

    ( This is an already placed townie)
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    Summer was almost over, so Brandon decided to throw a pool party
    to kick off the end of the season.

    Harper: "Just the other night, at a hometown football game.My
    guy and I ran into my old high school flame and as I introduced
    them the past came back to me and I couldn't help but think of
    the way things used to be."

    Harper: He was the one that I had wanted for all times and each
    night I'd keep praying that god would make him and if he only
    grant me this wish I wished back then, I wouldn't ask for anything again.
    Sometimes I thank good for unanswered prayers, remember when you're
    talking to the man upstairs, just because he doesn't answer, doesn't mean he
    don't care...some of god's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.

    Harper: He wasn't quite the angel, I had remembered in my dreams, and
    I could tell that time had changed me in his eyes to it seemed.We tried
    to talk about the old days, there wasn't much we cold recall I guess the
    good lord knows what he's doing after all...And ashe walked away, I looked
    my guy and in there I thanked the good lord for the gifts in my life.

    Alice was a local talent agent who decided to crash Brandon's party.
    She watched and listened to Harper, and enjoyed the performance very much.
    (ignore the glitch)

    "Hey Brandon...who is that lovely girl with the musical skills?"
    "Hey Alice, that's my girlfriend Harper." "She has a real talent.You
    think she'd be interested in a contract? Would love to get her out
    there." "Her memories still a little off from her accident, not sure
    but you could definitely ask." "Give me her contact info, I'll call her

    "That girl over there singing is beautiful..Think I got a chance with her?" Mike
    asked, hoping to make a move on Harper XD. "Only if you want to be eating dirt.
    That's my girlfriend back off." " bad.Sorry Brandon."

    "Is there room for one more?" Harper asked as Brandon relaxed
    in the hot tub.

    "Anything for you." He pushed over to the other side so she
    could get in, then hopped back over to sit with her.

    Getting a little comfortable in the hot tub, until the paparazzi shows up.XD


    I just loved this picture for some reason.XD

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    @LunBeauty I usually make my own romantic interests for my sims, or use sims that I've got from friends. There are a couple of cute single guys in IP Harley Greenwood and Rajan Patel ( I have them in my library to use as base sims someday),Teodor is a single dad...baggage though! lol A few others are around as well. Good luck with her search.
    That was nice of Luca to get Camilla a gift.
    I had to lol at the tourist swimming in her clothing. I'm guessing she is very devout and doesn't want to show any body parts.

    @jonny522 Congrats on Ryan's promotion. Love the picture of him playing with his son in the water. :smiley:

    @Silverofdreams30 Good for Jade winning the competition! Great hot tub photos!
    I'm guessing they may not be dating but seem to be pretty hot for each other.

    @lucy_henley Great new family. :smiley:

    @GraceyManor If you have debug from Nraas installed you can do a debug reset on the 'object sim' and that fixes those kinda glitches.
    I love that Brandon is staking his claim with the other sims that Harper is his girl.
    It is a beautiful picture with the soft colors and the sun setting behind them.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,518 Member

    Correct, not dating since I want it to go slowly but they definitely
    like each other.
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    @GraceyManor , that's a gorgeous pool party - I love the building and the light!
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    This was taken just a few moments before George mastered the writing skill and fulfilled his lifetime wish. I used his points to buy the weather-control thingy (I forgot its name).


    When Evangeline finished her homework, she went to the Sunflower Eco Café. She was hungry, so she went straight for the ice cream machine. And so did everyone else!

    It looks like the barista is saying "Calm down, people, there is enough for everyone!"

    Evangeline socialised and flirted a little with Jules Gant (Who is a distant cousin - but distant enough!)

    She asked him to the prom (if I remember correctly it's tomorrow, so she needed to act quickly), and he looked to the side as if he had to think about it for a while.

    Then he turned and walked away, and I thought he refused her but then I noticed what he was saying. Success!
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    I will do feedback in a little bit.Just gotta get some chores done first.
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    @emorrill I'm not familiar with Stardew Valley but I like your concept! I hope Penny gets better soon. Anxiety is horrible!

    @Silverofdreams30 I like Jade's sense of style. Did she go into a tanning booth and get a "failed" tan? I noticed that only one half of her was actually tanned :D

    To whoever asked, the Mancinis are sticking with the two kids. Perhaps I'll have either Alessandra or Leonardo have lots of kids, which would be fun :D

    Alessandra and Leonardo playing in the playpen. They became best friends!


    Enrico working out. I moved them to a new house. I eventually moved the workout equipment indoors, as Sunlit Tides is pretty hot and Enrico often got the "Sweating Profusely" moodlet. It wasn't particularly sensible to have the equipment there, but he does Love the Outdoors, so...


    An outdoor area for all of Luisa's skills. Yep, they also got a hot tub!


    Leo and Alessandra playing together. You can also see the house a bit better. It's still a bungalow, but less cramped.


    Leo became a child, and he got sent to Dribbledine Sports Academy. He wasn't too impressed by the rain, though.


    I stated at the end of the last post that Enrico was a Minor Leaguer; he was actually a Rookie, one level higher! Here he is chatting to Luisa; not sure what about. (Apologies for the stinky potty in the background).


    Reading an Inventing book.


    Putting theory into practice.


    Reading a book with Mommy. I'm planning for Alessandra to eventually work as a journalist. Yeah, I do tend to think about this stuff early, so I can choose appropriate traits and prep them for an appropriate university degree.


    Luisa decided to hire a maid, because she couldn't keep up with the house cleaning.


    Chilling in the hot tub together.


    Happy birthday, Alessandra!



    Family meal time.


    Sims 3 Families: Sanchezes/O'Connors, Fairy Friends, Jenningses
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses, Mastersons
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    Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Family
    Adam's Quest

    Rafe is ready to take down the next set of rocks to see what is behind them. He survey's the area and determines which should go first. Everyone stands back and Adam is handed the axe. Adam follows Rafe's instructions, and lifts the axe over his head and brings it down aiming dead center on the large rock. It disintegrates with a satisfying and resounding crash. After the dust settles, Rafe asks Adam to hand the axe to Marshall. Rafe determines the next rock to go and tells Marshall "Go for it." Marshall has watched Rafe carefully as he used the axe and he raises it above his head slamming the axe into the rock, obliterating it with his hit. Rafe asks Marshall to hand the axe to Dedric. Dedric gets first shot at one of the rock piles and swings the axe taking down a large pile. As the debris settles a doorway is partially visible.

    Dedric hands the axe to Jennifer at Rafe's request. "Awesome!", Jennifer exclaims. Rafe points to the one he wants her to bring down and she raises the axe bringing it down and those rocks are history. She runs over to Rafe and thanks him for letting her have a turn and does the shaka bra salute which Rafe returns.

    Alice gets the axe next and strikes the pile perfectly and with a little dance of joy and excitement that only Alice can bring into a situation. She has revealed a second door that is still partially blocked.

    Alice hands the axe to her Dad and Victor brings the last of the rock slide down completely revealing not one, but two doors. They are covered in the same runes that are on the door they previously discovered under the house. Rafe asks Autumn and Victor to get some close up photographs of the runes on each door. Autumn and Alice take tracings of the runes as well.

    While the others are taking photographs and reading books Rafe, Adam and Marshall investigate the area just past the fire trap. They feel fresh air coming in and look up and notice a large hole in the ceiling. "I wonder where that comes out? We should check that out."
    "We will in due time," responds Rafe. "How about seeing what is in that hole in the wall over there.". Rafe snickers as Adam obligingly sticks his hand in the hole.
    "Feels like creepy crawlies down in here." He pulls his arm out and it is covered with a variety of creepy crawlies. Adam is a brave soul and a werewolf as well so the bugs don't bother him. He can remember eating quite a few bugs back when he left the clan and was not experienced at hunting or fishing.

    Adam pokes his hand back in the hole. "I felt something shaped like a bottle." He pulls out a bottle of Cherimola Blan Grape Nectar and one of Meloire Grape Nectar from the Sims Winery in Moonlight Falls. Adam looks puzzled. "No way, that Winery has only been in business for 20 years or so." He looks over at Rafe and sees him laughing. "You put them in the hole right? The bugs too?
    "The bottles yes, the bugs were already there." Rafe grins at Adam. "Always expect the unexpected when you are exploring. The nectar is for all of you once Wisteria and Dedric's baby is born and we are gone. You can have a nice celebration with some excellent nectar."
    Adam carefully puts the bottles in his backpack. "Thank you Rafe! I can see we need to expect the unexpected when you are around as well."

    Wisteria and Gardenia finish their preparations and have the area set up outside for the picnic. It is a beautiful day. The Willowisp family has arrived and Wisteria texts Dedric and asks him to round up the others and come up to enjoy some food and friendship.
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    @Silverofdreams30 Luca is a nice guy, just doesn't want to get burned romantically.
    I just hate when I go to a sim's house to style them or do the sing-o-gram and they're at work, so they end up cancelling a few hours later. These sims really need to manage their time better.

    Very nice update! I swear, your game generates such good looking sims! :)

    @GraceyManor That pool party looked like such fun and the pictures were gorgeous! Brandon and Harper are a beautiful couple. :love:

    @bekkasan I want to try and use pre-mades, since I rarely use them to begin with. Harley and Rajan are both married in my game. I did consider Teodor, even with his...baggage, but he also ended up remarried. Although, I wouldn't mind using Teodor in a single dad based story someday. I love reading books or watching movies about a single dad raising his daughter and is ultra protective of her.
    Luca rolled the want for it.
    I've even had sims native to IP swim in their Everyday. I wonder if they might've had the Insane trait? :lol:

    @PalmArrow I love skill based lifetime wishes. They're so easy to fulfill! :)
    My sims are also addicted to the ice cream machine that they'll keep grabbing some, even when they're not hungry. I've had to take it away sometimes because they wouldn't do anything else. :lol:
    Awww, good for Evangeline for getting a date!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Congratulations on getting your pictures accepted! :)

    @Lucy_Henley Very nice update!

    @bekkasan Amazing exploration pictures! The tombs really are one of my favourite parts of the Sims 3 games. I think I'd be freaking out if I stuck my hand in a hole and came back with an armful of bugs like that. D:
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    Congrats to Ryan on his promotion! I love how you are simulating a lawyer.
    That's so cool! His toddler is adorable.

    Love the look he is giving Jade.
    Its the "Oh I think you're gorgeous." look XD
    Things are getting "steamy" in the hot tub huh?

    She's a very pretty sim.I love her name.
    Bikes are a good mode for sunlit tides!
    great idea! Ouch that had to hurt.

    I must admit I'm not familiar with Stardew Valley,
    I'll have to go take a look.But your new story seems
    interesting and can't wait to see it unfold.

    I actually recently removed debug from my game.I didn't
    use it often enough.XD Seems like I could use it now lol.
    Yup, Harper's his girl, all guys better back off LOL
    The mighty axe back at work again!(I love the lightning effect, that is like
    super cool! I should have had Darren and Chelsea get that). That's one big
    bolder.:o loving how you staged your photos.

    Thanks! Its a house I downloaded from a DNA builder.
    Good job George mastering the writing skill! Cute cafe!
    Looks like everyone loves ice cream.

    Thanks so much! =)
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,760 Member
    Hey everyone. :) I've been super engrossed in writing my Stardew Valley Fanfic that I finally need to take some time to respond to your awesome posts. :blush:

    Normally I don't pay attention to Likes or Awesomes, but in my last big comment post there was only 1 reaction when I tagged 7 people. :pensive: It just further proves to me that people still aren't getting my tags, and missing my posts, so...if you have a moment please go back to see if I've tagged you in any of my posts. I love interacting with all of you and I spend so much time doing so, so I'd hate for you to miss those things I wish to share with you. <3

    Anyway, sorry about that...


    Yep...broke EVERY single rule on that sheet and added a few just for good measure. The class was in stitches.

    Rule #4 Do not let your attention wander from the focus of your speech: your audience.

    Rule #5 Do not use non-sequiturs. People will not get a completely off the wall comment.

    Me wanders to window away from podium looks out the window. “Oh, look...crow.” wanders back to podium, continues massacring speech.

    Applause from the teacher who got the joke right away -massacred two rules in one shot.
    ^I love this so much! 🙌 :lol:
    OMGosh CONGRATS on Getty Images taking notice of one of your pictures! :star: That's super-ultra-extreme-awesome-amazing! :smiley: (Does this mean royalty payments in the future for you? :) ) That is a gorgeous shot of that Iris. One of my favorite flowers. <3

    @LunBeauty Why does part of me feel like Luca gets swept away by Kaelee's top that really shows off how well endowed she is? :lol:
    I had a feeling Camilla was going to have a few choice words to say to Kaelee for some reason (or not approve of her)...guess it was just her Diva trait. ;) I'm glad to hear she likes her and is respectful to her brother's decision on who he wants to date.
    Aww, he gave her a gift. <3
    She had to admit that he did look nice in that police uniform though as she admired his backside while he walked away.
    ^Ha ha, I loved this! :lol: Men in uniform always have me... :love: Especially cops. ;)
    LOL that Luca kept having to rescue men from drowning and revive them instead of pretty ladies. :joy: Poor guy!
    That tank top is so cute, but I royally can't stand the tassels, or whatever they are, that dangle from the bottom of it. :grimace: I keep wondering if anyone else feels the same...
    I'm really enjoying this story. :)

    @Silverofdreams30 Girl I swear...I could stare at Max ALL day! :love:
    That townie is cute. :) He reminds me of someone and I can't figure out who. :confused: A celeb most likely.

    @GraceyManor Wow that pool party looked hoppin'! :star:
    CLASSIC Garth Brooks song. <3 One of his best and the message is SO true! You learn it more and more the older you get.
    Sounds like Harper was just discovered! :grin:
    Very romantic hot tub kiss. <3 And their walk together with the sunset backdrop.

    @PalmArrow That picture of all the colorful ducks on the wall is so cute! <3 Is that a store item or cc?
    It looks like the barista is saying "Calm down, people, there is enough for everyone!"
    ^Lol! :lol: Perfect caption for that photo!
    Thank goodness Jules said Yes as I would've been so sad for her... :cry: (That would've been rejection #2 right?)

    emorrill I'm not familiar with Stardew Valley but I like your concept! I hope Penny gets better soon. Anxiety is horrible!
    ^Aww, thank you. <3 And thanks for reading it. :)
    It IS horrible. I know a thing or two about it. :( Though my panics were never as bad as Penny's.
    Enjoyed your update about all the family happenings. :) I like that Alessandra kept her pretty toddler dress when she aged up into a child. ;)

    @bekkasan You know my face is always like this :smiley: when I see a new story post from you. :blush:
    The boys are lookin' good wielding the Ax of Pangu. :love:
    I think it was so sweet of Rafe to allow everyone a whack at the giant rocks and debris. <3 (Jennifer giving him the Shaka Bra in thanks was so cute!)
    TWO doors? Awesome! :grin:
    I LOVE the way you staged this picture! :star:
    I thought Rafe was snickering when Adam put his hand in the hole because he knew Adam would get creepy crawlies all over his arm, but we see he was surprising them with a gift in celebration of the arrival of Dedric and Wisteria's baby. Sneaky! :grin: He's so sweet I just love him! <3
    I'm sure they'll all have a lovely picnic together. :)
    As always I look forward to more adventures with these guys. They're like my favorite Supernatural family I've read about EVER! <3

    Back to writing I go. :) Not sure when I'll post Chapter 2...most likely in the next day or two. ;)

    In the meantime, Happy Simming my friends. <3
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    @emorrill She is! I think she's the most well endowed out of all the girls he's met. Although, I think his sister might be a bit in the chest. :lol:
    It was definitely her Diva trait. I also like to think that Camilla is also just a bit protective of Luca. I never stated their ages, but I kind of see Camilla as being a little older than Luca, so she's that protective big sister.
    Luca's a sweetheart. :love:
    Yes! I love the way some men fill out police uniform and if my boyfriend ever dressed in a uniform, it would do so many things to me! ;)
    This always happens in my game! The men always almost drown more than the women! Luca has also gotten more online dating messages from guys rather than girls.
    I think there is a default replacement version of that tank top without the tassels. I haven't been able to find it again, though. There's also a version of that jacket and bra, but without the jacket part. I do like most of the clothes from IP and have been trying to use them a lot, like Camilla and Luca are both wearing tops from the Expansion. They do need a makeover though, which I'll do next time I pop into my game.
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    Brandon decided since no one was around he'd do a bit of skinny dipping in the

    "I can't help myself." Harper whispered as she grabbed Brandon's
    clothes and ran off with them.

    "HARPER!!!!" Brandon shouted as he looked down at the ground.
    completely in his birthday suit.XD

    "Where are my clothes?" He asked."I haven't the foggiest idea Brandon."
    "Harper, I'm serious." "Alright Alright, don't be such a grouch."

    Seriously I couldn't help it, I had to take this random photo.XD

    "You're not mad at me are you?" Harper asked..." got me
    wrapped around your finger Harper.I can't stay mad at you.Wait here while I get

    Brandon decided to have an evening dance under the stars with
    her to end the night.

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    Fall comes to Riverview and the parents head out to the Fall Festival to play some Horshoes.
    Ryan wins.
    "Sorry dear, but I threw grenades in my time" (R)
    "Really? And when did you throw grenades when acting as a police force? (Smirking)" (Lauri his wife)
    "Well not then obviously, I threw grenades during training"(R)
    "Oh, and how'd it go?"(L)
    "My turn went fine, and so I decided to leave as I wanted a cool drink"(R)
    "Oh I suppose I've got nothing to tease you about, what did you drink and how'd it go?(she says with a renewed energy to her voice)"(L)
    "Let's not discuss that" (R)
    They both smile.
    Lauri gets a new outfit as Department Head, she's Department Head of communication.
    Lawrence wants a book, and so Lauri obliges.
    Lauri and Ryan go out camping during the weekend. While Alex (Ryan's father) stays at home with Lawrence.
    Lawrence wanted to head out at 1 in the morning.
    "Morning, a little bit late to be out isn't it?" (Neighbor)
    "I agree (she says with a yawn and looking tired), but this little one kept crying and when I asked what he wanted, he said he wanted to be in the wind" (L)
    "Well why'd you listen and not just tell him to go back to sleep"(N)
    " Because my father in-law came into the room and heard his cries, his eyes beamed up and he started getting ready to out" (L)
    "So?" (N)
    "He was in the special forces, I cannot stop my son from joining the military when he turns 18, but what I'm not going to do is allow him to go on Army cold marches when he's 5!" (L)
    "Well good luck and good night" (N)
    "Same to you" (L)
    "Tree" (Lawrence)
    "Yes darling, it's a tree"
    After a long stroll, they decide to go back home, Lauri is exhausted, but Lawrence is ready to start the day.
    The stroll caused a decent back ache, and as such Ryan helped with a massage.
    Ryan and Lauri both have meetings around the same dates, and during the discussion as to what to do in regards to Lawrence, they tentatively agree to allow Alex to take care of him.
    "Dear, I have to clean something up for the Ministry next week, some soldier got into a barfight and unfortunately one, the regular and Military Police want to make an example of him, I'm there to try and stop that from happening (R)
    When's this? (L)
    Sometime next week or the week after(R)
    Oh that's no good, I have a big meeting next week with the CEO, I'm heading to Rossvile to attend it. (L)
    Well we can't leave Lawrence unattended (R)
    We could leave him at one of your sisters? (L)
    No Mona's on call for a colleague, and Evelyn never really could handle children well(R)
    Well what about Mona's husband? (L)
    He's filled to the brim with work too, and Torrey has the ROTC(R)
    Dear, I'm really sorry, but I simply can't cancel this meeting (L)
    Well we could allow my father to look after Lawrence? (R)
    Are you sure? I don't mean to speak ill of him, but he's been acting up lately, ever since he got over his blue mood around your mother's death, he's been acting a bit more senile and forgetful, as well as more energetic, like a childish reenactment of his army days (L)
    That's not true! (R)
    Ryan (sighs), he was walking around naked in front of the maid discussing how he'd just had a cold shower to "keep the veins running", before promptly attempting to run out of the house and rush towards the supermarket (L)
    Why the supermarket? (R)
    Well the maid said when questioned that he wanted to get fresh milk (L)
    So? (R)
    We had fresh milk (L)
    Didn't he know? (R)
    I don't know, look he may need to go on some light medications, you can talk it over with your sister, but until he's better should he be left with Lawrence? (L)
    I know him, he would and could give his life to defend Lawrence, the maid comes everyday so if he gets really forgetful or something happens Lawrence won't be alone long enough for anything to harm him, I'll inform my sisters to immediately come to the house if something like the smoke detector goes off, and I'll ask Evelyn to come and check on him daily, ok? (R)
    Yes ok, so he'll take care of Lawrence, and when we get back he goes on some light meds ok? (L)
    Ok (R)

    Love you (They both say to each other, before getting ready for bed).
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    I finally got some time to sit down and post this next update! But first I wanted to deliver some good news. I think I forgot to mention that my sister is pregnant and she's around 29 weeks. Come to find out today that she's going to be having a girl! :love: I'm so happy and excited because my gut feeling was saying: "It's gonna be a girl! It's gonna be a girl!" I know the rest of my sister's pregnancy and labor isn't going to be easy, but I know my sister's got this in the bag!

    Anyways, enough of me gushing over my soon to be niece. I just wanted to share some good news with you all! On to the update!
    Camilla and Luca had breakfast together the next morning in the form of Bouiballise. Me, being the "great simplayer" that I am, forgot that Camilla is Vegetarian, so she got sick afterwards. I don't think she threw up though.

    Luca did some exercise after breakfast and Camilla sat at her drafting table to continue working on a fashion concept. I think she also had a few choice curse words for her forgetful creator, too.

    Camilla had to head to work before Luca and made a house call to Matteo Torres house. Unfortunately, she was left in a sour mood when he had to leave for work.

    Fortunately, her next client was much better at keeping up with her schedule and only wanted some new workout clothes. Camilla kept the blue colour scheme with the new hoodie and even helped fix the girl's hair into a much more becoming workout hairstyle.
    **I'm probably going to abuse that ponytail because it's one of my favourite store hairs!**

    Her final house call for the day wanted some new sleepwear. She remembered him as the guy who insulted her weight, and so gave him the most silly pair of boxers she could fine.
    **I wanted to give him boxers with hearts all over, but I couldn't find the heart pattern, which I'm sure I have.**

    With her house calls done, Camilla went to the salon to take care of the clients there. Her first customer was Ashley Alto, who wanted a new hairstyle and a new dress because she found her current attire very dull. Camilla couldn't agree more, and even gave the girl some new makeup as well. The end result was a big improvement!
    **Ashley Alto is one of the prettiest premade teens in the game! I totally want to steal her and use her as a Legacy founder.**

    Ashley's makeover was followed by Camilla wanting to mindmeld with her, which weirded the poor girl out. Fortunately, it didn't put a damper to their friendship.

    Luca finished with his exercise and headed to the Spring Festival where he invited Rei. He couldn't put his finger on it, but he was drawn to her. He felt things in the pit of his stomach when he was around her: things that both excited and scared him at the same time. When she arrived at the festival, she immediately dared him to kiss the guy at the kissing booth, thinking it would be funny. Luca wasn't one to back down from a dare, so he agreed. After all, it was for charity.

    But before he did that, they tried out the Love-O-Meter, which proclaimed their relationship to be a 10/10! Part of Luca thought that it was just random, but another part of him wondered if it was a sign. When he'd done the Love-O-Meter with Kaelee, it had only give them a 6/10. Of course, they had just laughed it off.

    As promised, Luca walked over to the kissing booth the young man was manning and didn't just give him a small peck on the lips, but a full makeout, leaving the attendee feeling rather hot and flustered afterwards.
    **He wasn't attracted to the guy nor the guy to him, but Luca does have the Great Kisser trait, so I wonder if that has something to do with it?**

    Not wanting the female attendee to be left out, he made out with her for a few moments before hurrying off to join Rei again, who was trying very hard not to laugh.

    With the Spring Festival also came egg hunts. Rei and Luca both searched as you never got too old to hunt for eggs, especially the plastic ones that had candy inside!

    When all of the eggs were finally found, Luca presented Rei with a gift in the form of the prettiest seashell he had found the other day on the beach.

    Rei enjoyed some festival music by dancing, while Luca went into the face painting booth and got some hearts. Part of him felt a little silly, but what was a festival without getting a silly design on your face?

    Camilla had no customers at the moment, so she was shirking her other duties by playing games on one of the computers. Well, Florita was also there, but hadn't asked for any services and Camilla didn't think she needed them.

    Having gotten their fill of the festival, Luca and Rei headed to the theater, which was across the street and saw one of the comedies playing. They even had a little *ahem* fun in the back row. ;)

    Luca took Rei to one of the prettiest spots in Isla Paradiso, the Besa de Sol Garden where they enjoyed more time together. Luca could feel himself developing strong feelings for her, yet his mind was screaming at him not to take that plunge and risk everything.

    Their date ended with them striding with pride towards the bistro and me facepalming because I forgot to click the lock button in CAS to make sure that Rei's everyday hair also applied to the rest of her outfits. Oops!

    **That's it for this part! The next one will be up shortly!**
  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,724 Member
    **Here's the next part!**
    Before Camilla was due to get off of work, she had one final client, a young woman named Gabrielle Arias who wanted a new hairstyle and a new outfit. Camilla was only too happy to makeover the already pretty girl.

    I popped over to check on Teodor and found him romancing Karlie Goldberg, who he is in a relationship now! I was legit going to have him and Camilla eventually get together, but I don't have the heart to break them up.

    The next morning, Camilla had a strong craving for pancakes and prepared some before Luka got up.

    After breakfast, Luka went upstairs to shower and Camilla checked her online dating profile for any new messages. Those she did reach out to ended up rejecting her quite rudely and those who did express interest...well...Camilla did find older men attractive, but there was such a thing as too old.

    Upstairs, Luka got a call from Rei and spent some time talking to her in the bathroom. He couldn't wait for them to get a proper house so that he could have more privacy to talk on the phone.

    Camilla had the day off, so she decided to do some snorkeling to prepare herself for scuba diving later. She was a little nervous because she'd heard that sharks frequented the reefs, but also couldn't wait to find so many treasures and even explore a cave or two.

    Luka ended up working at the beach where Camilla was at, so he was able to both do his job and make sure his sister didn't drown at the same time. He wasn't too worried though as she was a very good swimmer.

    Kaelee and one of her friends showed up at the beach, and while Luka's heart did beat a little faster when he saw Kaelee, it didn't skip like it did when he was with Rei.

    Although, his heart did almost fall out of his butt when Kaelee almost started drowning. He rushed to rescue her as quickly as possible.

    In the middle of her snorkeling, Camilla noticed a dark shape in the water that turned out to be a shark. Trying not to freak out, Camilla stayed as perfectly still as she could, not wanting to splash around and attract the shark's attention. She breathed a sigh of relief when it swam right by.
    **I don't know about you guys, but if I was in the water and a shark was near me, I'd be freaking out! I don't even go in the rivers because bull sharks can survive in fresh water and swim in very shallow waters, plus their skin makes it easy for them to be camouflaged in murkier waters.**

    Almost being scared to death by a shark didn't deter Camilla from scuba diving and she submerged into the Rocky Reef's depths where she caught a few fish and even managed to explore a cave, which seemed to lead towards another dive spot, but Camilla didn't think she was ready to explore further just yet.

    Back at the beach, Luca rescued a scared Ashley Alto. Fortunately, like Kaelee, she didn't need CPR either.

    Before Camilla decided to swim back to the surface, she encountered a tiger shark, which made her suit a little...warmer in the process. Luckily, the shark didn't seem too interested in her and swam right on by.

    Luca had finally gotten off of work and played around in the ocean with Kaelee. While he was still very attracted to her, there wasn't that spark like how he was starting to feel with Rei. He didn't want this to happen. Giving his heart wholly to someone meant that they could crush it easily.

    As luck would have it, one of the young women who had messaged him, Persephone Han, showed up at the beach and he found himself wondering if he could also feel the spark with other women and not just Rei.

    As the two of them talked, Kaelee looked on, a strange expression on her face. She seemed quite hurt that he was talking to another girl. Finally, she left the beach, which Luka noticed, but what could he say to her?

    Luca tried flirting with Persephone, but it was forced and awkard and she wasn't having it. He admitted that he wasn't feeling it with her, even though she was very attractive, but they agreed to still talk as friends.

    Luca also recognised Harley Greenwood, who showed up at the beach. Luca wondered if maybe he was looking for a fight, since Luca was basically the reason he and Rei broke up. Fortunately, Harley walked away after a few minutes.

    When Luca got home that evening, the first thing he did was go onto his online and delete his dating profile. Of course, his hand hovered over the delete button for a few moments before finally clicking it. He still wasn't completely sure of his feelings for Rei, but he also didn't want to lead anymore girls around. Deleting his profile was one of the first steps he could make.

    **That's it for this update! I should have another one up soon enough! Hope you all enjoy!**
  • jillbgjillbg Posts: 4,485 Member
    jillbg wrote: »
    I know twin towns is your world.
    Is the port not useable? Every time my sim tries to move the house boat.He can't.
    I think it has to do with the buoys but I know nothing of CAW.

    I believe these red things are blocking the path.Is there any way to delete them? I tried moving the port, but
    the lot just sinks.

    @GraceyManor I think you are right - it must be the buoys! Have you tried to delete them?

    I tried but it won’t let me.

    @GraceyManor The CAW files of Twin Town were lost when my old computer crashed, otherwise I would try to correct it somehow. Meanwhile, I'll signal it in the downloads - thanks for letting me know! :)
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,518 Member

    Their search seems to take them cool places.
    glad no-one was hurt thanks to Rafe being so careful.
    Loved it.


    I loved their pool party, gorgeous photos.
    Yep, they sure do like each other,
    I just do not want to rush things.


    That sim is an already placed townie,
    I use Legacy Island III.


    The town has some great looking placed sims cant remember I have
    changed anything about that sim so yeah hehe.
    Thank you for the comment.


    Yes failed tanning hehe,
    I have enjoyed the updates.


    Congrats to soon becoming an auntie, I became one
    last year in September for the 4th time.
    That guy looked hot though but awful personality.
    Luca and Rei are so cute, I'm glad he seems not to rush things with her.

  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,724 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 I'm tempted to install Legacy Island III again to see if it'll work, now that I got rid of so much CC. I also downloaded an updated version of Sunlit Tides, which includes stuff from all the EPs, including IP. If I ever do end up trying to do a legacy again, I'll try to use that world since I don't use Sunlit Tides enough.
    Thank you! I'm so excited! My sister also looks great pregnant. I can't wait until she has her and see who she takes after!
    He looked good from far away, but his face is in some definite need of editing!
    Luca is also holding back a bit with fully committing to her, but it's clear that he only has eyes for her.
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    edited January 27
    My my, you are all busy :smile: . It's nice seeing the Stardew Valley story taking off, watching the exploration of the catacombs below the supernatural household go on (I'm curious what those two doors will hold :smile: ), all the other love stories :wink: and general updates. I'm always reading the thread and enjoying it. As for my game, it's just moving on, with the now big family of my founder and most of Sunset Valley involved one way or the other. They mostly survived the world switch unscathed, except for some borked charisma challenges. There's nothing too exciting going on though.

    It's 3:30 a.m., and Racheal Bachelor is meeting two of her four adult sons at V's Coffeehouse, which is situated next to my main family's home on the beach.
    She was one of the first colleagues of my founder, at that time some rather overweight vampire, which explains why she's still around (well, the vampire part :smiley: ). She had been "slain" by the town's Slayer gang sometime ago. Her first husband, a school teacher, has been long dead, and she married Michael Bachelor after having lived alone for a long time. The toddler behind her head is one of her three new kids with Michael. She's Michael's first wife (of three) that is actually not an elder yet :smiley:, although she also has been around forever. Well, those are the everyday stories in my SV.
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    I haven't been playing recently as I haven't had the time to play
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose (Teen), Marcus
    Taking a hiatus in January 2021
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,518 Member
    edited January 27

    I love the world, so much to do there.
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