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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    @AlwaysAsking Gah. I still haven't decided where to build. I want somewhere sunny, and probably secluded. BUT: Oasis Springs have been done to death (by me). And the only secluded-ish lot is huge. Sulani would easily fit the bill if it wasn't for the fact that I just played tens of hours there with another save AND I deliberately have set both sims' weather preference to Hate Rain (since well, Zero is a Servo) and Fall / Winter in Sulani is virtually non stop thunderstorms.
    And Strangerville... just doesn't look good with a modern house, I think.

    *off to thinking some more*
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    @ryttu3k Thanks, but for now I'm just going to keep my sims away from them!
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    edited January 26
    (Ignore this, double post)
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    'Murphy Bed upgrading service!'
    'There we go, Miss Nanui, one upgraded bed, safe to sleep in!'
    'Comfy, isn't it?'
    A visit to Amber Stein
    Roddy went over to Amber Stein's place in Oasis Springs. He was hoping she was going to be less like Pinkie Pie had possessed her, and more respectful:
    Spoiler alert...she wasn't:
    And yes, she even cuddled Roddy:
    'Amber, can you calm down, please?' Roddy said, trying to get his breath back:
    'I'm not....Oh good grief' Roddy was cut off as Amber gave him a very, VERY big smooch on the cheek:
    And then Amber hugged him:
    'Amber, I have boundaries! I'm ok with the smooches on the cheek and/or face and the hugs, but It's not ok when I just want to talk!' Roddy explained:
    Amber was surprised. 'Oh...I didn't know...I'm really sorry, Roddy...' she said, feeling silly:
    'Please be mindful of that, next time' Roddy said:
    'I will, Roddy' Amber replied. Roddy smiled and gave Amber a friendly hug:
    Amber gave Roddy a big smooch on the cheek:
    Roddy waved goodbye:
    And went back to Dianthus Hall:
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
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    Hi all, I’m popping in to say that I’m alive and semi well. Just very tired. My eyes are fine again, no double vision. I’m going to try to comment today, but, it’s 6:45 in the morning and I haven’t slept yet tonight.

    I can’t get my sleeping schedule right. the other morning my husband found tracks in the snow, circling our house, coming up to all of our windows, and our back door. It doesn’t seem to have happened to any of the neighbors, which worries me. It also worries me because I sit at the desk downstairs, and should have been clearly visible to whoever it was, but that did not deter them from checking the whole house. The police came over and took pictures f the footprints, but have no leads.

    Also, there is a car that creeps through here pretty often at night. It’s hard not to think they are related. All the neighbors are alerted now, and trying to get the guys plate numbers.

    We live in a subdivision in a suburb, the worst things that happen here are kids break into cars looking for prescription drugs. And they don’t actually even break into the cars, most people leave them unlocked!

    Anyway, I’ve been freaking out, every noise makes me jump, mostly because my family is part African American, in an extremely white area. Which is why having the tracks only be around our house scares me.

    So ... end novel here. It’s morning. I’m not afraid to sleep now 🙄

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  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 3,847 Member
    I’m not afraid to sleep now 🙄

    Feels a little weird to check "Awesome" on that post but well... It's the one with a heart on it. Stay strong, best wishes and all that.
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    @AlwaysAsking that sounds terrible. I hope it doesn't happen again. Wishing you peace of mind and a good rest.
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    I am back!
    My thoughts on Sims Medieval
    What I loved: create-a-style & color wheel, quests, humor, the way NPC-s seemed way more alive than in Sims 4, failure states, feeding sims to pit monster:D
    What I hated: the camera (took me several days to stop trying to rotate the screen with mouse); the fact that we can´t edit NPC-s and the only way to get rid of one that bothers you is to kill them; the fact that despite numerous tries and reading tons of tutorials, I could not get mods to work (yes, there are mods around for Sims Medieval. I was surprised too :D )
    I am certainly going to play it again in the future, because it´s awesome.
    Now back to Sims 4. I haven´t been feeling like playing any of my regular sims, so I started a new save with Ada, one of the main characters from the story I have been trying - and failing - to write for the best part of a decade now (It´s scary how fast the time passes).
    Ada is a shy, outdoorsly loner with a curator aspiration. At the moment, she is just hanging around and gaining skills, until I feel inspired to create other characters. (The next ones in line are princess Isilindil and her harem of handsome young men. That will be fun :D )
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    I added in my goto sim Victoria VanHelsing into my recent game for rotational play. I did a lot of building. Tabitha Moonstone married Max Villareal and had their twins Twilight and Sage who like their mom and dad are Vampires. Max was turned into a vampire by Tabitha a while back. Tabitha doesn't like Belit who is best friends with Max but Belit is very good friends with Tabitha's sister Sabrina. Sabrina is dating John Constantine who I added in a few days ago as a spell caster. I also added in Doctor Strange, Zatana and Tim Hunter with his love Molly and other occultists from the manga and comic books I love when I added in Constantine. I am trying to find somebody for Victoria.

    Playtesting - not just tabletop games and card games any more. Really that should have been playtested in Beta and not [img]just with accounting and marketing but actual players. https://i.imgur.com/t48COW6.jpg[/img]
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    Instead of getting caught up on this thread on the weekend, I might have to start making a mid-week visit too. You all have been busy (lol), but I'm finally caught up again! o:)

    @Daephene Thanks! I'm happy to hear that you liked my DC Comics inspired family. They were just a whim, but turned out pretty nice. Although, I did have to go in and give Diana a bit of an upgrade because I wasn't completely happy about how she turned out. Oh and I love the new dog, Riley, he looks cute in his little vest. I forget we can put clothes on pets.

    @Simslover163 That was a good plan, because it looks like he's doing fantastic in college. Much better than any of my sims have done. Speaking of my sims, it was fun see my Ken make a cameo. <3

    @RedDestiny92 Great updates! I really like your alien family, they're too cute! Speaking of cute... your simbots? Awesome! I really need to get off my 🌺🌺🌺🌺 and play with some simbots. Oh and I like what you've done to your Bob Pancakes too! I new thought of taking him in that direction... but I'm loving it!

    @ryttu3k A Marvel vs DC family crossover event with @Koteyka ?? Bwahahahaha! That's funny and wonderful all at the same time!

    @Becka28 You're welcome! I had to compliment you on your apartments because they always come out way, way better than mine ever do! Also, thank you for the kind words about Bruce and Clark!

    @AlwaysAsking Thank you too! I guess my DC Comics family turned out to gain a few more fans than I expected. So, I might have to continue to share a few more of their adventures. Also, combining saves is pretty good idea and I might have to do. Not only will it allow sims to be used, it would definitely clean up my cluttered save screen. Also, love all of your in game paintings, your Jasper has been super busy!

    @sarabeth2984 I loved Clint's chores... do laundry, build a rocketship, cook lunch... If only real life was like that! Bwahahaha! Plus, I don't know why I never thought of an alien actor. Love it! Oh and thank you about Bruce and Clark too! :)

    @Koteyka Wow! 9 day pregancy? I don't know if my impatience would be able to handle that one and glad to hear that you're doing much better now too! Also, that shot of Peter taking the bed over... but that was nothing compared to seeing how things are going between Steve and Tony! Yay!!

    @Firande Great update! Hahahaha... when Sim Tika Madden froze the paparazzi, posed, and look proud afterwards. :)

    @Tixyen Great funeral shots. I really wish the game would have those as actual gameplay without cc or mods, but on a much happier note... your rainbow toddler is so cute!

    @miloek I really love what you've done to your Johnny Zest too. He's super cute.

    Sorry that I don't have an update to share today, but I finally got around to getting my hands on the Tiny Living SP and I think I want to put Bruce and Clark into a tiny house before I start sharing their story. B)
    My TS4 Wishlist:
    Aliens, Basements, Body Hair, Bunkbeds, Burglars, Dishwashers, Family Trees, Firefighters, Food Processors, Half-Walls, Lounge Chairs, L-Shaped Stairs, Gardeners, Ghosts, Nannies, Police Officers, Pools, Repairmen, Repomen, Social Workers, Spiral Stairs, Toddlers, Trash Compactors.
  • BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 3,847 Member
    Again, virtually nothing has happened...

    Hanna is a bit older, more mature (tho still a young adult) and decided to let her hair grow out.


    Other than that... while they try to decide where to move to, Zero had an.... experience. Of the third kind.


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    I've been playing a lot lately, so here's my third update of the week. I'll hopefully get to come back for a comment post tonight.

    The Carrasco-Fyres household consists of Gerardo Carrasco, an alien actor who lives with his girlfriend Siobhan Fyres, his son Finnian Andreas, Finnian's wife Morgan Fyres, and their daughter Farrah, and Gerardo's teen daughter from alien abduction, Juno.

    Farrah grew up this week!
    She's lovely.

    I think she's going to look a lot like Morgan, with Finnian's hair color.

    She got to work early on her character values.

    And despite having the hates children trait, Juno still follows her everywhere autonomously. Here they decided to distract Finnian from his work while doing their homework.

    So this is a full house and everyone older than teen is very career driven, making it more of a challenging household than a relaxing one.

    My first challenge this week was Siobhan. She has the fame aspiration and it has not been working out for her. She is in the social media career from City Living, and uses the drone and the video editing station to increase her online visibility. She's trying to become a recognized online fitness and wellness expert. Mostly she streams and/or records and edits videos of herself doing yoga, making healthy salads, and less often jogging and other forms of working out.

    Details below the spoiler.
    Here she's streaming herself and Finnian practicing yoga while little Farrah watches.

    Here she's recording an "Intellectual Vlog" which we'll say is about the science of fitness. I envy those abs.

    Siobhan also records some slice of life moments here and there. She has recorded herself helping Gerardo practice his action scenes for his next movie, the family trip to the Humor and Hijinks festival, and herself giving an energized speech Uptown (required for her job).

    After the speech she tried out new equipment at the gym, streaming of course. Morgan came out to join them when she got off work and did some busking. And Farrah hung out at the gym and got to know Aunt Ivy.

    Siobhan tried to stream herself supporting her sister's music career, but the battery ran out.

    For all that, she didn't quite get her second fame star. But she did get the 10,000 followers required for her career promotion. Apparently the next level requires 100,000. How did people do this career before Get Famous added streaming?
    Also her video royalties are bringing in several thousand simoleans a day. Fame would be nice, but fortune's good too.

    Finnian spent most of the week revising the comedy routines he tried out last rotation. Working nights makes it hard to do live performances in game, but he and Morgan did make a trip to Orchid-a-Go-Go one afternoon.
    He tried a set, and she tried out her jokes on him at the bar later.
    Morgan's career is stalling because I keep forgetting she hasn't branched into music yet and needs a rank in comedy skill to advance. But her guitar and singing skills are coming along, so once we get past this hurdle I'm sure she'll be fine.
    Oh, and Finnian accepted a chance card to record a special and go straight to the top of the comedy career, so he's just perfecting his craft and finishing the Joke Star aspiration now.

    Then there's Gerardo. Acting gigs below this spoiler.
    I enjoy watching their pre-scene rituals.

    So, he played guitar, gave a speech, hugged whatever that is, and then died overdramatically.

    Everyone loved it, and he ended with a gold rating!

    Next time, he went for cowboys versus aliens.

    This one didn't go as well. He seems to have shot himself with the prop gun.

    And after this picture his lack of guitar skill finally caught up to him and he got frustrated and smashed the guitar on the ground.

    Still overall got a silver rating though.
    And then both movies won him Accolades.
    He blew that kiss directly at Siobhan during his speech.

    The trophy rack now has two movie awards and one tv award for Gerardo, one internet video award for Siobhan, and a trophy Finnian got from his comedy career.

    But it wasn't all work. They also got the Summer Break holiday, and went to...
    Sulani. That's going to be a theme this rotation, if you hadn't noticed.
    Vacation screenshots below the spoiler.
    Siobhan took the opportunity to stream herself jogging on the beach.

    Finnian and Morgan preferred to relax and get some sun.

    Juno enjoyed the aqua-zip.

    And Gerardo mostly spent time with Farrah.

    But he did have to take some time out for his young fans.

    Siobhan did get some relaxing in.

    Later they went to the family fun center where Gerardo and Juno sang karaoke super badly and he and Siobhan beat his kids at foosball several times.

    In addition, here's a shot of Juno doing her school project. She gets a little neglected by me with so much going on in the household, and she got a call from her principal that she was close to failing! So she thought she'd better get busy.

    Also, I have a few outtakes from this rotation:
    One of these actors is on the wrong set.

    Rinaldo apparently thought this was more of a party spot (all my sims have costumes for the party category).

    Dueling grandmas on the guitar. Neither of them has any skill in this area, so be glad there's no sound.

    Don't run over your father, Juno!

    This is sometimes what I look like playing this game, so I feel ya Farrah.
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    The following morning, Sylvia walked into the basement and began flirting with Nathan. They hadn't gone out in a while, so that was another reason they were talking. He wasn't sure if it was the safest choice, as he encountered Cronan last night. The big man was intimidating, and at night, Cronan was even worse. He didn't realize how shaken he looked until Sylvia pointed it out.


    "Is something wrong?" Sylvia asked.

    "I was jogging late at night, and I saw him," Nathan explained.

    "Cronan again? Where was he?"

    "At the fortress."

    "Oh, my goodness. Somehow I knew he would prefer to live in a dark fortress."


    Nathan cleared his throat. "Let's put that aside, and focus on our romance."

    Sylvia nodded. "Good idea. We can't dwell on it any longer. However, if we go out today, we should be careful."

    "Going out doesn't sound too bad. I need to be out of the house sometimes."

    "I agree. All the hiding is making me stir-crazy."


    Nathan and Sylvia changed into their other outfits and went to the local lounge. It had a warm, rustic atmosphere. At the same time, it harbored a fairy tale vibe due to its furnishings. This reminded him of storybooks that involve magic. Rosalie would have loved this place, as her favorite fairy tale princess was the one from Sleeping Beauty. Just the thought of this made him remember their younger years, where Rosalie had been in the middle of a "Disney Princess" phase. He found himself gazing at Sylvia. She somehow resembled Maleficent because she was decked out in black and no other color. Due to this, he expected her to say, "Well, well." And she didn't. Instead, she simply returned his gaze.


    "You look gorgeous in your outfit," Nathan said at last.

    "Thank you," Sylvia replied, blushing. "It's my first time wearing this dress."

    "Like I said, you're beautiful. It brings out the green in your eyes."

    "That's what I was going for."

    "Let's get a few drinks."


    Sylvia grinned. "Sure."

    Nathan and Sylvia occupied the barstools. They waited until the bartender finished serving the other guests. Deep inside, Sylvia had a feeling the date wouldn't end well. But then, it might just be a result of going out despite knowing that Cronan was searching for her. She tried to maintain a calm exterior despite her worries. How would the date turn out?
  • miloekmiloek Posts: 448 Member
    @Ellupelluellu I sure hope she's used to it, cause if not,, boy do I have some bad news for her
    With all that travelling, I'm not surprised Ted passed out on the floatie lol

    @AlwaysAsking I hope everything ends up ok! <3

    @Jase Thank you!

    @Daephene Farrah is probably how we all look playing tbh

    - - - -

    Time for Winterfest (part 1 of 2) !!
    Johnny: maggie ur mom is scary ):

    Mags: *pretending to smell the food to disguise her almost-sneeze*

    Mags: johnny dont look @ me like that my parents are right there

    He's trying really hard to look smart in front of his daughter's fiancee can you tell

    Jian: yummy yummy
    Mags: couldve been yummier if i had been able to use ur stove without getting kicked out :P

    Mags: nvm im kinda into the staring
    Johnny: (:

    Oskar: heck she really likes him huh
    Jian: told u. now pay up, u owe me 10 simoleons (:(:

    Johnny: if i keep laughing maybe she will look away

    There's my special boy

    Through the power of jokes, Johnny has won the parents' approval

    Oskar: maggie d o n t t h r o w t h e o r n a m e n t s

    Oskar: wat are they saying ? i do not speak the language of memes
    Jian: idk and at this point im too afraid to ask

    Mags: are u aware,, that u are a walking vine compilation
    Johnny: i am what the overlord wants me to be

    They were really just too close together & clipping but it looks like she's giving him a lil forehead kiss (:

    Johnny, please do not look at the holiday tree like that

    :| I mean...at least they had the decency to take it to the hallway...
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    @Koteyka mayhaps, that's how I end up attached to families seeing them change as they become my characters and I think of the stories that get them from a to c ha. Oh I see, at least there is a playable version it's a rule now one must have baby yoda with them ha. Aw you can just never get enough of this family.

    Simply put, get it guys lol.
    @ryttu3k okay patches work, what a cute set hmmm now I must think who of mine would wear that as you know I have many sims to consider lol. Yeah that fits, Geoffrey is the sort that has no backbone and instead just deep pockets to get respect, it is nice he at least trying now since he wasn't the ringleader. Hopefully it's not too late even if Johnny is happy now it's easy to say you let go of things leaving chats or contact awkward. While it's harder to actually go through the process of it, yes she will ha I forgot I was playing with her in another save see how I am :smiley:

    Oh yeah of course, it's not just talk she hopes makes her look better that's her family too and she adores them, she wasn't the sort of person to let it die you see so I love her now ha. Not so much as Bob has a hard time with jealousy though differently than Ken he just makes nice so it's not hard for Eliza but he was right to keep his distance. He's not alone with the rest of his family as for the other side he needs well....still plotting.
    @AlwaysAsking glad to hear it, gosh that's creepy I'm glad things were okay after that and you and yours are good, we have some youngins we caught messing around and they weren't fast enough to get away from the police though it's hard to say how alert our neighbors are. They party a lot between the vacancies .

    Reminds me though, of when we first moved in you lock the door with a little notch as you'd expect and my husband was used to locking it with a key from the inside so sometimes he would forget to lock the door. One night I was tired and ready for bed and the lights were already off but I was thirsty and flipped them on and saw again it was unlocked so I took care of it. maybe an hour or so later there was someone banging on the door and trying desperately to turn the handle to get in scared the daylights out of us. I just thought what if I haven't gone back to the kitchen who was that and what would they have done. Nope nope it's not so fun always assuming the worst and being afraid of life no but good be prepared at least. So I'm glad it ended for you as unsettling as all these encounters can be you can only be glad it wasn't worse which is a small comfort but still. We have a similar family set up too ugh...got to be careful and that's all we have. Stay safe now and always remember to double check locks.
    @Jase Glad you like them, ah the random families that come from supposed test saves, to be fair I haven't done much with simbots I got Brittany and her creator off the gallery then had him make a second one so they are new to me still. Ha Bob can be quite loveable when he wants to be the first time I got that Bob he was quite popular too, makes it fun to play with premades sometimes.

    Mmkay so awesomes out I am not sure what I had planned I of course have some things to do with Bob and such but all I have is pics from my random save which it seems you guys have liked so let's get to it.

    Okay I was on a long break from poses guess I need some more.
    So I was on the gallery again and saw the creator of Brittany uploaded different colored servos which I didn't know about or I forgot who knows so I looked at her and saw she could change her appearance, now you can always tell them apart. D17-X loves her new look...even if he's normally happy around misery cause evil..I guess he's like a retired villian he loves his family he just plots the world's demise...he'll build them a space ship lol.

    More in spoiler as usual I have way too many pics so...yeah

    I added a little workspace using up more tiles but the pets still have to eat outside I always keep them separated as I used to have dogs that got upset seeing others eat in game and there isn't enough room inside. Josie is adorable isn't she?
    Brittany understands now, this is love too.

    "You're cold mom." Briana said with a giggle.

    "But not heartless my dear."

    "I love you too."
    Even I got mixed up, the big guy is Toby Sam is under the bed so while he's jealous they don't give him head rubs the cats don't give a flip lol.
    Moving on, tired of Troy's obsessive behavior Anna goes out to clear her head at the gym where she meets Easton, he easily wills her to join him at the bar instead. When she see's Brittany, knowing there were only two servos in the world she had to bolt, not that he minded as she took him with her. They ended up at the bluffs where they were a touch chilled until I set up a heating lamp then they didn't need that anymore.
    "Who knew a girl like you existed I almost didn't go out tonight.."

    She only smiled all things considered, but she liked him too at least.
    "Come to my place."

    She shook her head, she wouldn't go there even if she was mad at Troy.

    "Maybe another night." she was kicking herself for how she phrased that giving him hope, it did feel nice to be held though.
    Troy was livid when she got home at about 6 though she didn't give him room to continue past "where have you been."

    "Oh so you noticed I wasn't home? Did it ruin your plans to look for aliens? I know you so love it you self absorbed fool." she snapped.

    He sighed.

    "Anna I..."

    (I think I called her by her sister's name on accident once but I don't remember....but yeah this is Anna.)

    "I don't want to hear it, instead tell me, how does it feel?" with that she stood up and went to the bedroom slamming the door behind her he was glad he got the kids to bed early they would be up either way. The guilt was growing though.
    "Don walk away in da middal of a con...com...comdenation!" Forrest snapped...cause baby talk.

    "I have comdenation wiff you let me sit on the bed."

    Yeah...I love them.
    Troy made lobster as a peace offering and found her smiling at a show, he rubbed his hands together nervously.

    "Babe please...I'm sorry I don't want to fight." he said quietly.

    It took a moment but she looked at him thinking of her own hormones when she had their boys and sighed.

    "I'm sorry too...I love you."

    He smiled, relieved.

    "I love you too....can you stop eating that dry meat and have that instead?" he'd made roast days ago.

    "I don't know I like it this way." she teased knowing how particular he was about fresh meals she stuck his tongue out at him as he grinned.
    So from one bit of drama to another, this is Felix, he's the founder ghost or whatever from DU I gave him a makeover as you can see and let him have Captain Whittaker, the ghost dog. The first person to talk to him was Brandy here. Considering how long he's been alone this had some effect on him.
    He insisted she move in right away and I gave her a little make over, though he rejected her when she asked him despite his feelings for her she was still human.
    While she was busy he rigged the bed (not really just for the story) he wanted her forever yes but not as a human he was thrilled first...like he just played into the role. Anyways from this point I had to do some cheating to get her back as I was getting impatient and I just wanted to play with someone while waiting on Troy to pop. She did invite him to the con but that wasn't good enough.
    I cheated her in the house and he was thrilled again to have her back he didn't care to be alone even with Captain around.
    She was happy to see him...not knowing he murdered her of course, I had to do some more cheating to get to what I wanted but she agreed to be his wife.
    It wouldn't let me marry them or renew vows so...yeah.
    Maybe one day she'll learn her beloved husband is responsible for this...we'll see.

    Back to Anna's, she may feel a touch guilty as she stays in contact with Easton but at least she offers her emotional husband some sort of affection...right?
    She smiles but she's not pleased...just what she needed in her house.
    Look at these little darlings, the blond is the eldest and her name is Jo-ez, pronounced Josie as well couldn't resist her twin is Cassiel.
    She'll adopt them, and consider them but they weren't hers and right now her boys didn't need her so she couldn't deal, she had to go see Easton.

    Tune in next time for more...days of our sims, simbots, aliens, and ghosties.....lol
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
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    Sorry I've been MIA a couple of days. I was busy building a vegetarian restaurant and didn't play any of my Sims until it was done. If anyone is interested in checking it out, my ID is mickimagnum, or you can find it under it's name, Herbivore. Now that my shameless plug is over, here's what's going on with Miss Mia:

    For the most part, she's been focusing on her studies. She's in her final term at university (thank God!). Here she is and listening to her favorite genre of music: hip hop.

    She's still holding on to her B GPA, luckily. She's also almost done with her scholarly aspiration. Not sure what I'm going to choose for her after that, though.

    She and April went out to celebrate Night on the Town at Chez Llama. There, April asked Mia to move in together once school is finished. Mia excitedly agreed. They're talking about moving to San Myshuno because they both really love the city and spend a lot of time there.

    Also, the pair attended the Romance Festival. It was a beautiful, romantic night and they really enjoyed it.

    Mia also asked the Guru what she thought about the future of their relationship and she said:
    So, of course, Mia is feeling even more confident in her relationship!
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    @ryttu3k thanks for the encouragement, but...

    I have to scrap that story, I think. It wasn't planned out at all, I was just fooling with mods, and it just went from there, in too many directionless directions. I still want to know why the ring glowed, but I don't think I could fix that story. If I wrote another chapter it would maybe be as bad as: Talon either keeps Morgan as a plaything or kills her, Caleb hibernate or looks earnestly into becoming human and leaving Forgotten Hollow. Lilith marries Gordon and they raise a family. Gaston, who already feels uncomfortable living with his brother though he forgives him, also realized that his problems were all due to becoming a vampire, so he also needs to find a cure, and then pack up and go study at Foxbury, probably robotics and/or computer science.
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    So.... It has been awhile but here is the super happy update:

    After Anne's huge freelance work she worked up enough to buy a small home in Windenburg (I just love the friendly community vibe it gives off despite Jacques....). She married Joaquin after both her little girls became children. She is now a slightly famous author with a loving husband, 2 adorable cats (She adopted them for Briane and Gabrielle. One for one) and 2 perfect daughters. Her life is perfect and she worked for it all herself.

    @AlwaysAsking There is a cheat that is super helpful when trying not to use cheats when leveling up skills. I don't know how pc works but on my PS4 you just hover over a sim, hold X and O at the same time and there comes a menu which basically manages your whole sim. Just click "fill all needs" and you are full. It is amazing and I am actually addicted to it. Also, my sim didn't really have much to do except take care of her kids and write books. 👍

    By the way... it's been a few weeks since the house thing with Anne so her kids are almost teens!
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    The last instalment of my story has a name now, Calling Me Home. Currently I have a problem where I want to just write it because I taught myself how to do this screenshot-and-prose thing but I don't think it's really my style, so I kinda just wanna go back to novel style. Also debating going back and rewriting Throw Me Away in novel style and probably expanding it as I go because it's just so awkward until like chapter 9 and I can write way hella better than that idk.
    I'm honestly just in this terrible mood right now where I hate everything I do so that's nice.

    Thanks amigo.
    Probably should be afraid, it doesn't end well. Like, I'm in pain already and I have this curious situation where I want to do it because I want it done, but I don't want to do it, because it will eventually hurt like hell.

    Anyway, less depressing things.

    It came out almost perfect. This coat and I are gonna fite tho.

    Little edit fun.
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    Been building up a new save that's separate from my legacy save. Adding lots & sims off the gallery, & it led to some humorous moments today (and I'm still adding to the game world).

    Had my sim go out to the Iceberg Lounge (Batman fans will know what I'm talking about) to start off the in-game weekend. Had Matty go downstairs to dance & who should be there but... Alfred Pennyworth? In his butler attire no less? It tickled me to say the least.

    That leads to how Matty spent the weekend. He goes to eat at a restaurant off the gallery. All I can remember as far as the name goes is that it had Grenada in the name. Shout out to the maker (can't remember who). Anywho, I see that none other than former wrestler CM Punk working the kitchen as a cook. You'd think FOX would pay him enough. And I spotted Sexy Linda waiting tables. But my server was none other than Oswald Cobblepot. That's right, the Penguin was Matty's server! And he wore glasses, I guess to try & disguise himself. The look on Matty's face when Oswald came over was so hilarious that I took a screenshot on my PS4. I'll upload it to a Sims 4 community on PSN.
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    edited January 27
    My sim grim was in a club in del sol valley and I made him play guitar to get attention but literally thorne bailey happened and snatched all the attention from my sim.

    Worst part, he didn't leave the lot once, 🌺🌺🌺🌺 attention all night.

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    Comments... I didn't quite get back to my last comment post, but I went backwards as far as I could before I really needed to get off for the night. Looking forward to seeing what you all post next!

    @Keidra Write it how you want and then maybe go back and illustrate with screenshots as appropriate?

    @queenvortex808 Their story is progressing quickly! Glad they are happy now.

    @rainbowwithfangs That is good news from the guru! Hopefully the last bit of university goes well and quickly, so they can begin the next chapter together!

    @RedDestiny92 Two sets of twins in a row? No wonder she wanted to leave the house. I feel bad for the husband though.
    Speaking of people to be bad for, poor Bob. She's thinking of Don, isn't she? I can't decide what direction I think you'll take that, so I guess I'll just watch and see.
    Heh, and yeah the holiday activity remembrance can be satisfied by talking to ghosts so I managed to pause that just as Alexander was doing the "holiday objective achieved" cheer. Given how long I'd been trying to find him a ghost to talk to I thought it was actually quite in character.

    @DeafSimmer I like Nathan and Sylvia together, but with every update I expect trouble. Hopefully Sylvia's ready when it comes.

    @Beardedgeek I like the makeover! I wonder what the aliens thought when they got Zero...
    I suppose you could use the up on the bluffs neighborhood in Strangerville, if you redid all of the houses up there to a similar architecture type. Otherwise Del Sol Valley, if you kick someone else out?

    @Jase I actually didn't remember we could dress pets either. He changed into that when Derrick took him for a walk and never changed out of it. I had him adopted from the service, rather than making him in CAS, so I assume he just randomly had that outfit. It works on him though!

    @AlwaysAsking Well, that's disturbing. Hopefully whoever left the prints never comes back. In the meantime, do try to sleep when you can! You need your rest for everything you have going on. We'll still be here when you're rested and available. We're also here for when you need to vent in the meantime.
    Also Knox is a plum. Diego probably shouldn't have gone, but I'm glad he and Dash talked it out and worked through some of their baggage about their exes. I hope that leads to good things in their future.

    @ChuChuExpress That's nice of Benjamin, helping people upgrade their beds.

    @Simmelina1 That's cute how dad needed to build his own snowpal. Looks like they had a nice trip to Sulani also.

    @Tomatplante I mean, I've seen dogs catch fish before, but unless he was repeatedly catching endangered species...

    @ryttu3k Yes, Alexander's family is very on-brand for the Goths. While everyone else in the family is distracted by Strangerville, he's out there being Addasmsesque for all of them.
    Oh, and btw, at the wedding venue, which I had downloaded, there was a mailbox, I don't know why, and it was inside the front lobby. I almost took a picture for you but got distracted. Seems to be a trend.
    And about your last post... it's the opposite of Twilight, the vampire's boyfriend sparkles! Cute that Geoffrey showed up discreetly. And lol at Caleb and the cinema.

    @March306 It felt weird to awesome that post because it ended sadly, but it is awesome that you got started with DU and your sim already captured the heart of the cute premade.
    I see a lot of Charlotte's genes in her kids.

    @Ellupelluellu Ok, if I ever play Thorne I'm going to make him wear that all the time. It's so extra. I don't think I've seen that dragon costume for pets either, I must locate that. That last line from the masseuse made me lol.

    @miloek Oh, her mom did look scary in that first pic. I really loved your commentary all the way through that last post.

    @ldmarko Was it the bed? It sounds like those should not be recommended for single sim households... Will you keep playing the random guy now?

    @BMSO The robot station does seem like a good fit for your sims, given a lot of their backgrounds. Hopefully Garrus doesn't give himself any more scars.

    @OhMyHemsworth All the young love is sweet! As is the servo with the baby.

    @Koteyka I don't have much to say about your last update besides Awwwwww. So happy for all of them. Mele is almost as awesome as Thor. And the girls were awesome when Peter was mourning. Oh dear, I don't want anything to mess this up.

    @DarkAngel1994 Oh no! RIP Duchess and Piccolo. You'll be missed.

    @haneul So nice that Deli has a supportive sister, even if she can't comfortably say everything she wants to yet.

    @Amavari I have never had a child sim die. It would be hard. I'd be tempted to undo it also. Heck, I'd be tempted to quit without saving, which I almost never do.

    @Becka28 Glad you're enjoying vampires and university! That's funny about Malcolm... back in sims 2 Malcolm Landgraab III was a big business owner, maybe Malcolm the first is working his way into restaurant management to start that dynasty? Great fashion shots, also.

    @Tixyen Cute update! Rainbow is adorable. I like the way you write what they're thinking during awkward conversations.

    @BlueSeaWaves Thanks, but I can't take much credit. It's kinda hard to take a bad picture of Sulani.
    What is up with that host at the restaurant? Kinda reminds me of the soup guy from Seinfeld. The kids are growing up super cute so far.

    @GalacticGal Aw, poor thing!

    @Aelisah Keep posting, and you'll get past the restrictions eventually. I look forward to hearing what happens next!

    @sarabeth2984 Vlad's wedding was beautiful! Julia looked quite nice in that dress and that hairstyle. Good luck to the happy couple!
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    Hi All!

    Been a minute...

    Currently playing my celebrity save. Her name is Marlene Mabel and she's a global superstar :)


    Here she is playing with one of her three children in the kiddie pool. It was a super hot summer!


    I've decided to choose her middle child, Isla Kreuger as the next heir... I think out of the 3 children, she seems most fun.









    (she's quirky :smiley: )

    I love genetics!

    I'm excited to take her off to university, as I've purchased the pack but have yet to play it...

    Oh. And then TWO people died on set most recent shoot. Oi Vey.



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    @Daephene Yes it was the bed. From what I've heard those things are causing carnage all over Simdon, so they're out of my game until that's been addressed. No I didn't play that sims, just had him briefly move back in with her parents with her remains, then set him free back in the wild again. I deleted that save yesterday, it was an old rotational save I'd been hanging on to for years anyway, and started my latest "This time I'm going to get through more than two generations" household.
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    @foussi Thorne Bailey is definitely an attention hog. He and Brytani Cho are the banes of my existence when trying to get famous.

    @s33man Kristoph is a great sim - he has a unique look that isn't like the 100s of sims on the gallery. I laughed at everyone dying on the lot while your sim tried to work. I have had that happen at a wedding but not while acting.

    @Keidra love the shot of the brothers together

    @queenvortex808 it really is a sense of achievement when your sim earns what they have from almost nothing isn't it. Thats why I enjoy the drifter challenge - each generation has to earn their own way.

    @Nushnushganay sorry that you are feeling stuck with your story. I am not one to judge (the number of incomplete stories and legacies I have just left on this thread grows by the month) I eally enjoyed the journey to this point and would love to hear anything new you start. I often find inspiration comes when I get stuck on my next story (Jess was a save I started back when I only owned Get together and Cats and Dogs - I came back to it after playing several other saves and the long hiatus made me have a renewed interest n the characters (although I wasn't expecting Bjorn to bring his own marriage down around his ears).

    @rainbowwithfangs You are excused for shameless plugs - I make my own too LOL. I wish we could make vegetarian kitchens so our b=vegetarian sims aren't making themselves sick by cooking and eating meat based things autonomously. I love it when the romance guru says that line to my sims. Usually she just makes them sad.

    @RedDestiny92 tyhe picture of tiny Jpsie trying to eat out of the bowl is adorable. I love the ghost storyline - how creepy that a ghost could kill you because they want you forever - good chills. I can imagine this as a whole creepy thriller movie.

    @miloek loved the facial expressions on the parents throughout that entire update.

    @Daephene love your outtakes - most especially the duelling grandmas

    Last update I mentioned the dentist - yes my tooth and gum are 100% better - thankyou to everyone who asked. The dentist I saw was the loveliest man who was so kind and gentle and talked me through my fears etc. But I had to laugh because after my comments about sims dentists on twitter today someone was advertising a modded dentist career - may have to get it despite myself.

    Moving house in the sims is very complex! I discovered that you can't put any trophy your sim has won into their personal inventory only the household one but because I was splitting the household, the household inventory didn't come with Jessica when she moved. So I had to move the whole family to the new house (of course i initially made the mistake of bringing all the furniture aaaarghh) which meant the old house would have to be redecorated when I moved Cassandra & Edvin and Viktor back. I eventually got it right - unpacked all Jessica's photos and awards from the household inventory and then removed Cassie and the boys. You have won your trophies - they should go in your personal inventory!

    Welcome wagon arrived (even though the boys have lived there all their life - moving debacles.
    The island is quite Bjergsenny now - guests include Fetu Manu (my Saamoan sim and 1 of the 2 families that aren't Bjergsens - Max being the other), Viktor, Clara's husband (they still haven't divorced!), Elsa, Joaquin (sophia was probably at home caring for their 3 kids) and a strange NPC kid who doesn't even live on the island.
    Edvin Ollie entertains his guests by praising the joys of being vegetarian. He manages to convince the NPC boy to try vegetables.

    Abilene went to a festival with Frankie Pancakes - it didn't go well.

    Viktor invited him around to the house and flirted in the sims favourite flirt location - the bathroom. It also didn't go well.
    Frankie preferred texting other teens while updating his simstigram on the computer to talking to Viktor. It is sad when Max is looking like a viable boyfriend option.

    Because they are engaged, Jessica and Diego took the boys and Cassie out to celebrate (the girls aren't there as I wasn't sure what the biggest table was at this restaurant.)
    Viktor turned out to be a fan of Diego and lost it a little - thankfully Diego made friends with him quickly. Fake Ian was still a waiter when I shot this (his final night) - he asked for Jessica's autograph and she kindly gave it to him.
    An awful lot of flirting happened.
    Even nonflirty Cassandra awkwardly joined in
    Not that Jessica is much less awkward...
    Viktor complained that all this flirting was putting him off his meal.
    But then he had to go and fanboy over Orange Bailey-Moon (Max is still looking good - poor Viktor- I am trying to find him a knight in shining armour but he seems attracted to bad boys.)
    The talented and overenthusiastic paparazzi only showed up when they were leaving and forgot to take any photos.

    Abilene decided to give Frankie a second chance.
    He is really impolite again.
    Abilene demands he pay attention to her.
    And they actually get on quite well
    He actually gets flirty
    She goes home feeling quite satisfied.
    And can't wait to tell her mother.
    So then they worked out together - in their brand new home gym.
    Edvin Ollie dropped by and picked up a key to the new house.

    Diego drops by (GF woohoo below)
    Diego is much more relaxed about visiting Jessica's new house that has no attachment to Bjorn and the past. (its hard to keep him away)
    Jessica took him downstairs to "tour" her secret vault. (Having a fiance as rich as Diego means you don't have to worry that he's after your money).
    I am not buying Jessica's surprised and innocent look because this was her suggestion.
    She loves him so much that she always gets derpy when he is with her.
    He always kisses her sweetly like this autonomously when they have woohooed. It is so adorable.

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