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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • LunBeautyLunBeauty Posts: 2,734 Member
    edited January 2020
    Here's the next part!
    Camilla and Luca arrived home within moments of each other and Camilla wolfed down some leftover waffles, while Luca checked his dating profile for new messages. One was from a woman named Persephone who seemed like his type. Two were from elder women. There were messages from a few guys and a few rejection messages, which weren't too mean, aside from the one telling him to jump off a bridge. Luca deleted most of the messages, aside from the one by Persephone and sent her a quick email.
    **Persephone Han is definitely married. There are actually a lot of profiles belonging to sims already in relationships. I think her husband was on at one point too. Lots of infidelity in Isla Paradiso!**

    Camilla wanted to use the computer after she ate, so Luca relinquished it to her before she decided to bend his fingers back like she used to do when they were kids and sat down to read one of the many recipe books they had. Camilla began checking her blog, noticing she had gained quite a few followers.
    **She's actually working on her writing skill since she rolled the want for it, but I can totally see her blogging around on the computer and it does help with writing. :) **

    The next morning, Luca wanted to try out the new recipe he had learned and served it for breakfast. It wasn't exactly proper for breakfast, but the two didn't care. If it was eaten in the morning, then it was considered breakfast.
    Luca told her about his date with Rei yesterday and Camilla was happy for him, but urged him to be careful so that no one would be hurt. Luca fought the urge to roll his eyes, but knew that Camilla had a point.

    Camilla's tomato plant was looking a little wilted, so she watered it to give it a bit more life.

    She'd tried using the computer again before work, but it broke down on her, leaving her feeling rather disgusted as she called the repair technician. Neither she nor her brother had the handiness skill to attempt to fix it, themselves.

    She was feeling much better after a shower as she headed off to work. She hated her new uniform though and wished she had the other one back.

    Camilla's first customer was Guillermo Ichtaca, one of the richer sims in town, who wanted a new wardrobe. Camilla was only happy to cater to his expensive tastes and gave him what she thought he would like. Unfortunately, he was a complete plum and didn't seem too impressed. Oh well, at least she got paid for it.

    Her other client was at work and ended up cancelling on her, so she went to the gym to work out for a little bit. The only other person there was a Jason wannabe, who Camilla eyed warily, promising to dropkick him should he decide to pull a chainsaw out of his pants.

    After the gym, Camilla stopped off by the grocery store and ran into a local who decided to insult her weight. Camilla wasn't having any of it and told him off, immediately. She wasn't one to put up with anyone's insults, unless they were good natured and clearly meant as a joke.

    When Luca got home, he was happy that Camilla was nowhere around and texted Kaelee, asking if she could come over as he missed her.

    She was there in almost no time and Luca wasted no time in asking if she wanted to spend the night. The truth is, he also had an ulterior motive for asking her and was happy when she agreed without any hesitation.

    Kaelee didn't seem to have any qualms about giving Luca exactly what he wanted. It had been awhile since he'd been with a woman in the more physically intimate sense and he was feeling a little pent up. Kaelee was more than happy to help him relieve some of that stress and she was quite good at it too.

    While most people might go to sleep afterwards, depending on how late it was, the two of them still had plenty of energy afterwards and after a bit of flirting, they went into the shower for round two.

    After their two rounds of woohoo, Kaelee and Luca went downstairs to enjoy some food together. Luca wasn't the type to just get what he wanted from a woman and kick her out. He wanted to make sure that they enjoyed themselves in other ways too.

    **That's it for this update! I'll hopefully have another one later, or tomorrow if I don't have time today!**
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    And before I forget, here are the images of Linda's outfits that she received during her makeover!
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    edited January 2020
    "I feel like I've been here before." Harper looked over the island.Things
    seemed familiar, but she couldn't figure out why."Do you? Well, you have."
    Brandon said as he approached her.

    He wrapped his arms around Harper lightly."I hope this means you'll remember
    me soon...I need you to remember me Harper." His face said it all.He felt ashamed
    and guilty still.

    She felt his pain and tried to ease it in the only way she knew how.

    "I feel we've done that before..." She said slowly....things got a bit hazy...
    "wait a minute...why haven't you apologized for using me Brandon?" Brandon
    was taken back."Wait...You remember?" "Believe me, Brandon nobody would forget
    such a cruel stunt.." "Harper, you had an accident...and lost your memory..Do you not
    remember that?" "I do feel a little funny....I remember leaving the party and that's it..:

    "And I also remember thinking what a cruel, hurtful, selfish stunt you pulled!
    I should have trusted my judgement about you when we first met.."

    "Harper, I'm sorry.I was wrong.You're right, it was cruel, selfish
    and hurtful...but I'm not like that anymore Harper...I'm sorry.Please
    just listen to me." "I want to." Harper said."But I need time to myself...
    just give me some space."

    "Fair enough." He sighed."Just be careful going home..."

    Edit: I know her hand clips the dress, I just pretend her hands are in a pocket.XD
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    edited January 2020
    @Nikkei_Simmer My phone is pretty small, so I don't really play games on it. I've never really played any of the spin-off Sims games, like the console games or the mobile games. They've never really interested me. :lol:

    @GraceyManor It didn't make me edit my photos. Like, there was an option to, but I was able to ignore it and just continue uploading. I like it because you can just copy/paste the BB code without all of that extra stuff that you have to erase afterwards.

    Wonderful update! Poor Brandon. He might've done a terrible thing, but it seems he feels horrible about it. :( It's a pretty dress, so we can forgive some clipping! :)
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,122 Member
    Everytime I tried to copy, it would bring me into edit.XD
    Thanks! the pattern came separate from another outfit and just thought it looked cute.
    And then I noticed the clipping afterwards lol
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    @LunBeauty , that townie wearing a mask in the gym looks so sinister! I love having a household living on a houseboat in Isla Paradiso. That was how the sim I played in my very first save lived, so your pictures made me very nostalgic! I especially like the one where Luca and Camilly are at the table and the sea behind them is pink.

    @GraceyManor , Harper is wearing a lovely outfit again! I'll have to search for earlier parts of your story, because I don't know what it was that Brandon did to her.
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    I haven't had a chance to check the forums for a few days. But I'm back again now.

    @Aaeiyn thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I thought it would be too long and no one would want to watch it but it has been my most successful video ever for the first few days after loading it to YouTube. Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed my narration too. I hope you enjoy more of my videos. I'm working on the next episode of Caroline and Friends at University. They have just all graduated and are currently traveling home from University. I'll play them at home in Sunlit Tides for a while before starting work on the video as nothing much happened at university this semester. They just went to class and studied and all passed and then all graduated which surprised me since only 3 of the 7 had been sent back for a second semester. I was expecting something to go wrong, but I thought either no one would graduate, or they'd all have to go back for another semester. So I'm happy. The main thing is Katie can now join the Criminal Career and that's why I sent them to Uni this time. I want her to start working towards some badges relating to that career or the evil trait.

    @bekkasan thank you. I'm glad you enjoy my variety of sims. I hope you manage to watch the entire video and enjoy it. They all just graduated from Uni. I didn't expect that as only 3 of them ought to have graduated. I was expecting none to graduate and for them all to have to go back again, but instead it graduated all of them, even the 4 who only had one semester at uni. They are traveling home now. So far the badges haven't been awarded. I'm not sure why. Maybe I can only send one sim to uni at a time, or maybe they need to be returned home before it happens.

    They will be going back to uni a few more times as there are badges to be earned and this series of videos is about the UL badges.

    I've been having lots of doctor visits over the past 3 days. My issue I had early in the year that resulted in surgery is fixed. That doctor doesn't want to see me again but my regular dr wants me to get some exercise and so I'll be spending less time at the computer in future and more time out getting exercise.

    Currently I'm still recording more video to use to make the next episode of Caroline and Friends at University.

    Happy Simming all.

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    @GraceyManor That's really strange. xD
    I'm pretty sure I have that pattern in my game! I don't remember though because I have a lot of custom patterns in my game. I think nearly all dresses with those poofy skirts will have some clipping issues.

    @PalmArrow I was tempted to take off the mask because he looked ridiculous, but it was just too funny of a picture. :lol: I'm just glad I'm finally able to play a non-buggy version of Isla Paradiso. I thought that was a very pretty picture too. I'm pretty sure I have a lighting mod installed because the original in game lighting is pretty horrible.
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    edited January 2020

    I closed the game before she headed to work,
    but no off to work she need to go haha.
    Camillas job seems to go well enough.
    Aww, Luca and Rei are so sweet, such a cute kiss there.


    Thank you


    Thank you
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,122 Member
    Here's the page with the first Chapter

    Its one of those stories if you don't know the beginning it won't make sense.
  • CatWendCatWend Posts: 7 New Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer that sounds like a fun game too! I may try that one one day lol Thanks for the offer for help when and if I need it!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,276 Member
    Hey everyone. :)

    Real life got me busy since my last post...more like weird things going on with my health did. :confused: I'd rather not go into too much detail, but I'll be seeing my Doctor soon and hopefully he can ease some of the fears I have. It's nothing super serious...not something that can't be fixed with diet and exercise. Isn't that how it usually is in life? *sigh* But the good thing is, I've been taking very good care of my body for almost 2 weeks (New Year Goals! :star: ) so my hope is to always keep it up no matter how hard life gets. 🙌

    Anyhoo, I've also been writing my Stardew Valley story and Chapter 1 is getting SO long (4,537 words!) I think I gotta make a Chapter 2 out of it. :lol: That means I can start posting earlier than I thought. :mrgreen: The thing is...I keep having to revise stuff (because I'm a perfectionist and everything has gotta flow right) mostly because I want to make sure I capture the true nature of all these characters and keep them true to canon as much as possible, considering I've only been playing the game for a very short time. I think I already mentioned this, but I've been doing a TON of research on these characters to learn all that I can! It's been almost as entertaining as writing the story. :p But yeah, I'll keep y'all posted for when I'm ready to share it. :)

    Time for comments. :)***Please see if I tagged you. If not I still read every single post and give out L&As.***

    Haha, yeah that's totally a good theme song for my game :p
    ^I thought you would like that. :blush: I think that newer version of the song is so much better than the original and I usually lean towards originals.
    Something keeps telling me to go watch "The Witcher." Gee, I wonder why? :p
    Dang Max has got a lot of rings! :lol: He's so sexy! :love:

    I kept chuckling as I was writing it.xd
    I'm like "This is so something I would do."
    ^Ah so you add a little bit of yourself to your characters too? :blush: I think most of us writers do that.
    I didn't know you could drag a radio to the ground, in public, from a Sims inventory. :open_mouth: How do I not know this!? I'm crazy about anything that involves music! :lol:
    Sorry postimage is being lame again. :pensive: If you send a message to them and complain they usually get right on it. I'm finding that anymore these days you gotta pay for good image hosting (as the free ones aren't great anymore...). :( Gee, I wonder why? 🙄 It stinks, but I sure need an image hoster I can rely on especially for my stories!
    Ohhhh boy. 🤦‍♀️ As I recall Brandon DID apologize for using her, when he confessed all that happened between them. Guess she's still having quite a bit of memory issues...
    Maybe some space will help her come to the realization that if she lets him will be the biggest mistake of her life.
    (That dress is very cute despite the clipping. ;) I have some gorgeous ones that clip and I picture them just having their hands in hidden pockets too. :mrgreen: )

    @LunBeauty Yeah that makes things difficult when Luca's rolling equal wishes for both girls...
    Yup I remember food never spoiling in Sims 2 and it was heavenly! :blush:
    I chuckle at the random comments you throw out. :lol:
    I'm learning about the Diva trait in my new story. :smirk:
    Let's hope Rei is a bit less standoff-ish to Luca this time...
    That hair really fits Rei and she has such a pretty smile. :) (Luca does too. :love: )
    Aww, THIS picture! <3
    They are so enjoying themselves on this date and I'm happy. :) Perhaps Rei was just having a bad day last time.
    AH! THAT KISS! :smiley:<3 Yay! They really are cute together!
    Lots of infidelity in Isla Paradiso!
    ^There SO is! It makes me laugh, but bothers me at the same time.
    Can sims blog on the computer? Here I was thinking they could only do it on their phones. :confused: Not sure why...
    Naturally Guillermo would be a je'rk... :(
    The only other person there was a Jason wannabe, who Camilla eyed warily, promising to dropkick him should he decide to pull a chainsaw out of his pants.
    ^LOL! :joy: I HATE that Hockey mask! :confounded:
    Scr'ew a guy who insults a girl about their weight! :angry: (Oh and nice necklace over your shirt and tie you ❤️❤️❤️❤️! Like THAT looks fashionable!) Poor Camilla. :( Glad she told him where to put it!
    The truth is, he also had an ulterior motive for asking her and was happy when she agreed without any hesitation.
    ^Wait, what? :confused:
    Ooooh so he was possibly testing her to see if she was really into HIM and not just in it for the woohoo?
    Linda's outfits look great! :star:

    @Aaeiyn Breaks are good and no worries, we all understand. <3

    @Nikkei_Simmer Looks like you're having loads of fun with SimCity Build It and getting inspired. :) Those ladies would make pretty sims.
    Your Aladdin reference there. :lol: Love that movie! You can't beat the late and great Robin Williams. <3
    I could go for coffee and donuts. :yum: Wait, scratch chocolate and donuts. :innocent:
    I'm with you: Wellbutrin is such a blessing for many of us, myself included. :star: It's what helps you to laugh at all the fun and maybe a little crazy ;) shenanigans you allow to happen in your game. :mrgreen: I think we all have a little "sick and twisted" going on in our heads. :naughty::p
    But a cloud passed over his countenance as he looked away for a brief moment.
    ^Oooh, I like how you wrote that. :star: I could learn much from you. :blush:
    Dang, River was harsh about his mom. :lol: But he asked for her honest opinion so...
    What an adorable blue bird. <3 (Sorry, that's my squirrel moment! :lol: You know I love birds. :) )

    @bekkasan You're welcome. :kissing_heart:
    I see. I love how you throw in cool things your Supernaturals can do, that they can't do in the game, in your stories. Makes it so much more fun and interesting to read. :star: I just need to add Supernatural to my game already. I dunno what's holding me back!? :weary:
    Gosh if everyone could learn a language like that, we'd all speak every language in the world! :star: No more Google translate! :lol: (Which often times doesn't get it right from what I hear. ;) )

    emorrill , I'm not actually sure Elliot is a very good husband! Sometimes in the morning he says something like "I'm going to the beach to find inspiration, you can take of the farm, my dear!" and then he goes to the beach and just stands there all day! :grin:
    ^Ha ha! :lol: That's kinda cute. :blush:
    I hear Sam is the worst husband...
    I can't wait to see how Harvey is as a husband. (2 more days until my character marries him! <3 ). From what I've read he is...but everyone views what a good spouse is differently so, I'll have to see if he measures up. ;) He better! <3
    The invisible stuck sim and their umbrella that looks like it got stuck in the asphalt when it was fresh! :joy:

    Happy Simming my friends! I'm going back to writing. :mrgreen:
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    @emorrill I hope your health gets better. Good on you for taking care of your body! You got this! I've started going on the keto diet to help me lose weight. I've had to give up a lot of foods that I really like (I like carbs, what can I say? :lol: ), but I think it'll be good for me in the long run and my boyfriend is doing it with me. He's not a big guy, but I think he also wants to eat healthier stuff.

    That's a lot of words! I'm also a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, which is another reason why I don't write heavy narrative sims stories. They'd never get done because I'm never satisfied. :lol:

    Luca has met a few other girls in my game recently, but he's rolled the most wants for those two.

    I know that if your sim has a high enough cooking skill and can make better quality food in Sims 3, it won't spoil as quickly.
    I live to make people laugh. :lol:
    The Diva trait is so fun. It's similar to the Mean-Spirited trait in some cases, but with a lot more attitude. Sometimes I have to keep an eye on Camilla to make sure she isn't too rude. :D
    Don't worry, she was. ;)
    I love the spin together interaction on the skating rink! I wish they could do more skating tricks. :(
    They really enjoyed themselves and had such a good time! I think she was too. I didn't just want to dump her because I really like her. Also, their genetics would mix well on a child. :lol: I mean, Kaelee's would too, but Rei has features that would mix very well with Luca's!

    It bothers me too. Sims cannot stay faithful to one another. I think pretty much everyone in the town is attached to someone in my game through Story Progression.
    They can't, I was just trying to be creative. :lol: I do have a mod that allows them to check something called Plumbook, which is Sims equivalent to Facebook. It's really neat because you can learn about other sims around town and meet them without having to go out first!
    He really is. I think after that, he had the audacity to send her a message on online dating and ask her out on a date! Luca's gotten a lot of messages from men. :lol:

    I was going to get rid of it as I have a mod that allows me to remove accessories without going into CAS.
    Camilla is proud of how she looks. She knows she's a queen and flaunts it. She's proof that you can be big and beautiful!
    Kaelee is very much into him and Luca isn't the type of guy to woohoo with a girl then kick her out. He tries to make sure they have fun in other ways, whether it's watching tv together, enjoying a good meal, cuddling, or playing a video game.

    I fully admit to getting lazy at around her sleepwear. :lol: I only really put a lot of thought into Everday, Formal, and Outerwear. But since I have the seasons in IP set to just Spring and Summer, I don't have to worry about the very last one. :lol:
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    I started a new mh save

    Valentin is so cute I'm dying awwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Entrance to the abyss
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 6,292 Member
    edited January 2020

    I hope your health will be better soon *hugs*.
    Ha yeah " The witcher" is good, go watch it haha.
    Thank you, Max got this typical bad boy look, I love
    how he turned out.


    I love that you started posting again, I missed seeing your stories.
    Oh, so Luca wanted a bit of woohoo eh? She gave him a great time
    I'm sure. Glad he let her eat some dinner too.
    I still think he and Rei are so cute.
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    What happened in my Sims 3 game, not much but hopefully now that finances in the next three or four weeks will improve, I may be able to get my computer finally repaired and get back to doing stuff. Right now it’s just me n’ Apple Notes thumb-typing out a 5000+ story-line. Lots of fun. But at least it appears as though I’m getting accurate in my thumb-typing and hopefully when I get my computer back I’ll be able to delve into my Legacy. I may have to reboot it, since I’ve started making major changes to the story as it stands and I’m writing a 5000+ word chapter every single chapter that I’ve re-written.

    Let’s just say that on Chapter Seven I’vs written 4759 words so far in (two days) and well, let’s just say that it might get posted to by this afternoon.

    Missing being able to play my Sims games. But well job search and other stuff will be taking up that time so Sims will be relegated to free time rather than taking up a substantial portion as it did during a rather extended convalescing period from that severe pneumonia. Feel really glad to be finally on the mend from that one.

    Anyways a few pics from my past Sims games.

    Mushroom Cloud Chronicles (Apocalypse) A JAG-Sims story.
    VADM Toshio “Animal” Nakamura, USN and MGEN Gobias “Gobs” Koffi, USMC
    (Both former veterans of the Afghanistan campaign reuniting at the bunker post-nuclear war)

    (l - r) VADM Nakamura, RADM Tom Boone, Secnav Edward Sheffield, MGEN Koffi, and ADM, James “Scud” Pointer, USN, CNO.

    Poor Sunset Valley.

    Post edited by Nikkei_Simmer on
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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    @emorrill, good on you for taking care of your body. I’m not too tall of a guy (not anywhere near six feet) so carrying around 210 lbs was not optimally healthy for me and my doctor had wanted me to lose some. And when she put me on Amlodipine for high BP she also told me that it might affect my appetite. Well it didn’t much;

    I’m still hungry all the time but at one meal a day and that portion not so large (economy) I can’t help but to drop poundage. I don’t recommend that kind of diet to anyone. It carries a lot of risks.

    But between a crummy diet and all and having to move I went from 210 to between 178-184.and it vacillates between that. Plus on top of that with losing the extra, it allowed my body to put less pressure on a deteriorating spine (deteriorating discs) thus giving me a few more years of mobility than I was expecting. So above all, despite an unorthodox way of losing weight, I feel healthier on the whole and able to do things that I wasn’t able to do for quite some time.

    I’ve always had a little sick and twisted in me even without the Wellbutrin. Normally though when something like a fire happens in the middle of a game, I’m usually going “oh, God, I gotta put this out. Oh sims are going to suffer if I don’t get this out quickly..,” This time, I’m giggling madly and going “ oh...look it’s a fire. Well, let’s see how long it burns...” :evil grin:

    😈🤣 me <—- 😬 everyone else
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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    @GraceyManor , thank you for posting the link to the beginning of your story! :) I read the first 10-15 posts so far, and I like it a lot!
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,163 Member
    The Gant family's day started as usual, with breakfast. After the girls were off to school, Marisella taught Marcel to walk for a while.



    It was Marisella's day off, so she went to the Salon to fulfill two of her midlife crisis wishes: she wanted a makeover and a tattoo.


    She gave herself a makeover, of course - you can never trust stylists!


    New formal dress:

    New everyday outfit:

    I didn't change her hairstyle because I like this short curly hair on her, but I did give her darker highlights, so it looks slightly different than before.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,163 Member
    She then went into the other room to get a tattoo from a pudding sim wearing a gnome hat (I usually remove ridiculous hats from townies, but this one looked so funny combined with his tattooed arms. I didn't want to change it!)



    She got a small musical symbol tattooed on her wrist.

    Meanwhile, Gemma's class went for a field trip to the Mausoleum.


    George spent the day in his study working on his writing skill. He is half a point away from fulfilling his LTW!


  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    Hey, hopefully I'll start getting enough mental strength to start putting pictures up again. But the short of it is.

    Torrey (My sim's nephew) has grown into a teenager and has joined the Reserve Officers Training Corps, my sim's child Lawrence has grown into a toddler, and my sim's father Alex is still a bit blue since his wife of 50+ years has died, other than that nothing special besides an oddly rainy summer (3/4 of the summer has been rain).
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 8,186 Member
    jonny522 wrote: »
    Hey, hopefully I'll start getting enough mental strength to start putting pictures up again. But the short of it is.

    Torrey (My sim's nephew) has grown into a teenager and has joined the Reserve Officers Training Corps, my sim's child Lawrence has grown into a toddler, and my sim's father Alex is still a bit blue since his wife of 50+ years has died, other than that nothing special besides an oddly rainy summer (3/4 of the summer has been rain).

    Sim Nation’s civilian population thanks Torrey for his service. :)

    Condolences on your sim’s family’s loss.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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    Back to the Asquiths!

    Snuggles with Nicholas.


    It's gotta be done... potty training!




    Now she's much happier.


    Trying to teach triplets all the relevant skills by yourself is difficult, so using the playpen and toddler walker from the Store is very handy.


    Practicing breaking boards with the, erm, board breaker. I like doing the Timber Terminator challenge, where you have to break 150 Oak or stronger boards to increase your chances of finding gems when you break Space Rock Blocks.


    Martin got the Uncommonly Good opportunity! Thankfully he had loads of harvestables in his inventory so completing the first part was easy.


    Sims 3 Families: Fairy Friends, Jenningses, Delaunays
    Sims 4 Families: Fosters/Matsumotos/van Beerses, Harper-Joneses/Bridges, Mastersons

    Mastersons Thread: Magical Mastersons: A Ginger Spellcaster Family

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    I'm being somewhat stressed at the moment and have to rush out now but thought I'd pass on the result of my sims visit to uni.

    Seven of them went to Uni together. Three of them had been before and were expected to graduate. Four of them were not there before and were expected to have to return for a second semester.

    In the end, six of them graduated. One has to return for another semester. I'll send him alone and see what happens. He's doing a communications degree. There is a badge for that but he was the only one doing that degree so that badge shouldn't be awarded yet and wasn't.

    The graduation ceremony happened. Six of them got their uni diplomas.

    No badges triggered.

    I was expecting to get badges for arts and technology degrees - probably business as well but I still have to check to see if there is a badge for that.

    I was logged in so that wasn't the problem.

    Three of them graduated with an arts degree and two got the business degree and one got the Technology and Medicine degree.

    I had sims there for 2 semesters for the arts and the business degrees.

    I waited a few hours for the badges to show up. They still haven't appeared this morning.

    Last night I did a bit of research. I found a badge could be awarded if you use lifetime happiness points to buy an honorary degree. I decided, at about midnight my time, to test if that could trigger a badge that way.

    Wilma had taken two full semesters to do an arts degree but the badge hadn't happened. Marie and Enid had also completed an arts degree. Caroline and Katie had taken 2 full semesters to complete their business degree.

    I wanted to test if one of the dynamic challenge files was corrupt in my Downloads folder so I wanted to test if the badge would be awarded for buying the honorary degree.

    I picked Katie because she's evil and just joined the criminal career - she got no benefit from having completed the business degree and has to start at the bottom of that career. I cheated her the 50,000 lifetime happiness points needed to buy the arts degree. It's not going to be of any use to her and the badge should have been awarded when Wilma completed that degree.

    Besides, three of my sims just returned from uni after having completed an arts degree and no badge.

    I purchased the Honorary Arts degree for Katie and the badge triggered. So the dynamic challenge file is probably not corrupt. I now need to do something similar for the Technology degree and the business degree as they should have also both triggered after they sims got those degrees.

    Marie got no benefit from doing the Arts degree - she was already in the Music career so that'd be why she missed out. She's going to have to do it the hard way.

    All 6 of the sims who graduated got their extra trait for graduating. When Katie got her honorary arts degree she got the chance to change her extra trait.

    Enid got a career boost for completing the arts degree and has started work in the culinary career at a higher level. I don't have the game open now so I can't check. James could have joined the medical or science career at a higher level so I put him into the Science career so he also got the career benefit of having the degree.

    Caroline was already employed in the video games career and got no career benefit from completing her degree. I wasn't expecting her to as that career isn't affected by going to uni. But she didn't get an offer to change careers to join another one at a higher level. I wouldn't have let her do it if she had got the offer so no harm done but it was interesting to know sims ought to be unemployed before leaving home for university if you want them to get a career benefit from getting a degree.

    So it is all a bit messed up but seems to be working relatively well all things considered. It is Sims after all and I did send 3 sims who had already done a semester with 4 sims who had never been to uni before so anything could have happened to mess up the result.

    I'll have them do a bit at home in Sunlit Tides to add some more interest to the video before I start work on the video to post to YouTube so it'll be a few days away before you see it.

    Next one to go to uni will be Gary and he'll go alone as he needs to complete a degree he's almost completed already. Then Enid needs to go back 5 more times as I want her to complete 6 degrees. There is a badge for that. I might need to get her an honorary degree or two to get badges to trigger. Only time will tell. I can't buy her an honorary degree if she already has a degree so if badges are not triggering from going to university I might just have to get someone else to do it with honorary degrees. But I'll work with Enid first to try to get her to get all 6 degrees under her own steam by attending university - except for maybe the last one just to be sure the badge has a chance of triggering.

    I'm off now - have to go grocery shopping. No time for anything these days.

    Happy Simming all.
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    More fic-writing
    They spent several hours just drinking in the ambiance of Pinochle Pond and just enjoying each other’s company; most of it being spent in each other’s arms; nuzzling and just being as close to each other as long as possible however hunger and the desire to abate that feeling in the pit of one’s stomach, sent them back down to Central Park to get some eats. The were lucky that the Summer Festival was on. They strolled hand in hand down to Central Park and turned into the park just as the clock turned three PM. The smoky smell of the grill cooking up typical fair edibles was enticing and River’ mouth began to water as they walked towards the kiosks. The odour of the cooking burgers was absolutely delectable. River and Haruo both got Chili Cheese Fries as well as a Coca Cola each. They sat down to enjoy their meal.

    “HEY!” River looked up to see Bebe and Holly approaching them.

    “What’s up; girls?” River asked casually holding her left hand up to wave. Bebe’s eyes went wide as she stared at River’s left hand fourth finger where River’s new engagement ring was.

    “Congrats, you two.” Holly said after a round of gawking at the ring by both girls amidst the explanations of a proud River who smiled and graciously showed them the glittering diamonds that outlined the band of the ring as well as the larger half carat diamond in the center of the ring. The ring looked expensive and it was a delight to River because of the awe-struck looks that she was getting from her two friends.

    “It’s gorgeous.” exclaimed Bebe whose eyes looked like saucers while examining the engagement ring on River’s left hand. “Haruo, you picked a nice one.” She stated as she looked over at River with a wink and a thumbs up, “I’m so happy for you.”

    River looked absolutely ecstatic with regards to the diamond sitting on her fourth finger of her left hand with a blissful look on her face.

    Haruo grinned at Bebe shrugging his shoulders, “I wish I could have afforded a full carat diamond...” though judging from River’s reaction it really didn’t matter what size the ring was - it was the intent of the whole gesture of proposal; far more important than the size of the ring’s diamond as it signified the commitment of the person making the proposal.

    Though of course it could be said that the seriousness of the proposal itself could be predicated on how willing the potential groom was to anteing up three months salary on an engagement ring. Groom gets the love of his life; bride gets a nice shiny new ring to make her bachelorette friends seethingly jealous.

    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
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