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What should we be able to knit?


  • Melly0nMelly0n Posts: 5 New Member
    A few ideas, focusing on the theme of 'cosy', and some new features that would make this pack stand out for me:

    The ability to craft placeable cushions. When creating a cosy looking build, I often feel that my designs still look a little sparse. Decorative scatter cushions that I could place around a fluffy rug would be perfect. And *raise objects* could then be used to place them on top of furniture.

    Throw blankets/rugs. I've seen my sims automatically kneel at times. An option on a rug to *kneel here* would mean I can make cute little indoor picnic spaces.

    A pouffe that works as a seated object. A similar idea. If I'm going for a small home, then I'd like to use small seating options. So more options would be exciting.

    Ta xx
  • SilentVixenYTSilentVixenYT Posts: 17 Member
    I'd love to be able to knit blankets that can be placed on beds as an accent or something
  • Jezzabella2313Jezzabella2313 Posts: 16 Member
    Mittens with dangly poms
  • NoirStasisNoirStasis Posts: 243 Member
    -Winterfest sweaters
    -Hand puppets
    -Unicorns, teddy bears, cats,dogs, hamsters,rats, pygmy hedgehog,bubalus, and void critters, freezer bunny, llama, University Mascots, etc that Sims can make their favorite toy (toddler and up)and when they hug it they remember the person who made it/gave it to them.
    - hats and slippers
    - possible new gameplay object kitted blanket that can be layed on top of bed while sleeping for extra comfort points, hung on the wall, could also be a favorite object that gives comfort and can be put in the inventory.
  • LilsimsiejrLilsimsiejr Posts: 8 New Member
    Knitted dolls! So you can also make clothes too! That would be soooo cute! Imagine your little toddler/child or evan teen carrying the doll that their grandma/grandpa cute!!! And dog clothes oh my god I'm getting carried away.
  • annalephantannalephant Posts: 66 Member
    I am a keen knitter and have been since i learnt 10 years ago at the age of 22.

    Items i would like my sims to be able to knit:

    for me these would fall in to 3 categories
    * Clothing/accessories- I want to be able to knit a variety of cardigans, jumpers, hats, mittens, scarves/cowls, head bands, and most of all, SOCKS because i am almost solely a knitter of socks, more than anything else. I am not too fussed on knitting lots of little accessories and having items that can be worn through the different seasons, if the basic clothing items are done well and with good detail. At the very core i want there to be a matching set of jumpers for all the family to wear, and a set of hats for all the family to wear, from toddler to elder and even the pets, so that everyone can wear matching outfits. Perhaps there could be a boost of some kind that occurs when multiple sims on the same lot don their matching knitted items. I want them to be unlockable items in CAS, that can be gifted to friends of family. I want them to either create a sense of satisfaction from wearing your own handiwork, or to evoke a cosy and loved emotion if it is a gift that is being worn. I want knitters to start with simpler projects and work up to creating more complex garments, with perhaps the ultimate matching set being the reward for maxing out the knitting skill
    * Toys- i would like to be able to create a small selection of toys which my toddlers and children can play with
    * Household furnishings. Cushions, blankets, pouffees, rugs, possibly a couple of knitted decorations, but i dont want heaps of decorative "fluff items" to be the core focus of the pack content, because realistically that is not what most knitters make as their main stay of items. Blankets need to be a project that takes a long long time to knit. Perhaps 10 sessions of knitting. The same with larger garments of clothing too.

    I want knitting to be realistic for people who knit, not a novelty act that bares little resemblance to the skill of knitting which is indepth and takes time to learn multiple skills.

    So, my thoughts on making knitting feel authentic as a craft:

    *the items you make need to reflect your level of skill and effort. I think that what can be knitted should increase over time and that regardless of how you gain your skill levels, you should have to purchase and have in your inventory a knitting pattern book, volumes one to three minimum but ideally 5 volumes, covering 2 levels of skill in each pattern book, unlocking new patterns with each book purchased/level reached. The first level of pattern should be small items that use chunky yarn, single colours. If a sim has traits that would make them neat, creative or a perfectionist then that should positively affect their quality of knitting, if they have low moodlets when knitting, or traits that make them a slob etc it would negatively effect quality. The resultant items should all come in 3 levels of quality minimum. With low quality items looking visually poor but also potentially causing discomfort if worn, breaking if they are a toy etc. As skill level develops the items should become finer, using thinner yarn, more complex techniques such as cables and other textures and start to bring in blocks of different colours. High end skill patterns is where you bring in the really complex skills such as knitting socks with a complex construction, jumpers/cardigans with fair isle or intarsia colourwork featured on them to make them really stand out from the crowd.

    *The amount of time a project takes to complete should be realistic, there should be a little variety at each skill level between smaller fast projects and as time goes on bigger and bigger projects, or more complex ones, that take a lot longer to knit. For example, a blanket can take 100 hours to knit, a pair of socks 20 hours to knit, but you can knit a headband in 1 hour with chunky yarn and you can knit a chunky hat in 2-3 hours.

    *you should be able to wear your own work, gift it to friends and family or sell it. Sold items should not evoke the same emotions as a gifted item.

    *We should have project bags to store our ongoing projects in our inventories/craft rooms, along side the pattern books/skill books.

    * I personally feel that it would become increadibly complex trying to introduce selection of needle type/size and perhaps even yarn type. I dont think purchasing and then storing yarn in your inventory is a necessary thing to make knitting work in the game (unless you are planning a farming pack so we can make our own wool!)

    * Instead i think a "create a project" panel would be the best way to access and create projects. When clicking on your project bag you could either continue your existing project or click to start a new project (it would be nice to be able to have more than one project on the go at a time... very few knitters are monogomus knitters lol!), this would open up a panel where you can browse the patterns in your pattern library, select the pattern type (garments, accessories, house decorations or toys) then pick the pattern for the item you want to knit, if clothing the age you want to knit it for and then you should be able to choose your yarn/colourways. if you wanted you could then offer up different types of yarn - different types of fibre if you want to give people the opportunity to knit in something other than wool, such as "vegan-friendly" yarn blends of cotton or bamboo, or cheaper acrylic yarn. this could/would effect the end quality/value of the finished product, but would also be reflected in the cost of materials. Then it would create that project and your sim can then work on it for the set number of knitting sessions/time it will require (which could also be displayed on the pattern page when picking your pattern).

    I really worry that the knitting element of the pack will end up being unrealistic and dissapointing and that it will just be a novelty thing that plays on stereotypes and is not based on a factual background of knitting. Im based in the uk but im more than willing to give the developers information on the progression of knitting skill types, and what garments would be like in terms of difficulty, skill level and time required to make them so that you can reflect the full spectrum of the knitting world with this pack, and it not be based on a non-knitters thoughts impression of knitting. Knitting is a really skilled craft, just like any of the careers are i suppose, and i feel that it needs to be done justice if it is going to feature in the game as the core element of a stuff pack
  • Mandie997Mandie997 Posts: 155 Member
    I'd like a knitted baby blanket that the Sims could carry through childhood.
  • SimulacrumbSimulacrumb Posts: 1 New Member
    I'd love to be able to knit throws/blankets/pillows that you could add onto an existing bed or couch or chair, and it would be cool if it added +1 comfort to the piece of furniture! A way to upgrade/improve cheap furniture!
  • TabbbiiTabbbii Posts: 2 New Member
    We should be able to make plushies/dolls for kids!!
  • DrCooperAmand1neDrCooperAmand1ne Posts: 1 New Member
    It would be great if our Sims could knit scarves and gloves and blankets. But most of all baby clothing/accessories. It would be pretty cute to see a toddler walking around with a sweater or a scarf that Grandma knitted for him. Also little napkins, oven mitts could be a nice decor addition
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,549 Member
    edited January 2020
    I would like to see pop-up projects come up with a time limit. So, knit "x" pairs of mittens for the annual "Mittens for Kittens" charity, in a given time. Then you get a happy moodlet or something for doing this. I am thinking that the profound llama could play a part in the knitting theme (wool from llamas), and you would be able to knit a little llama knitted animal. And also some superstitions associated with knitting, like the "sweater curse". To be able to sell knitted products in a retail store and at a garage sale.
  • CreepyClownTownCreepyClownTown Posts: 3 New Member
    I would like blankets. I don't like having to turn up the thermostat and raise bills when my sim gets cold or walk around in a snow coat at home to stay warm during the winter as my only options. Fireplace option...well that always catches me on fire...so I like blanket option when my sim is cold at home.
  • SimsLover7891SimsLover7891 Posts: 1 New Member
    I'd love to be able to knit clothes for the cold. Maybe it could grant you a positive moodlet?
  • ZoraZeldaZoraZelda Posts: 29 Member
    It would be cool if we could knit new clothes and accessories for furniture, like sofa covers, blankets, etc.
  • MLadyAzzeraMLadyAzzera Posts: 1,172 Member
    edited January 2020
    1.) Knitted version of the big Teddy Bear.

    2.) Furniture, such as the pillow chairs in Movie Hangout Stuff.

    3.) Decoration Clutter.




  • BubbletanBubbletan Posts: 2 New Member
    Definitely blankets and ugly funky sweaters. Drink coozies could be fun too!
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,260 Member
    edited January 2020
    DaWaterRat wrote: »
    My grandmother used to make stuffed bears for my siblings and I. So, I'd like to see some sort of toy or item that elders adults can make for their grandchildren, such as dolls or clothing or even bedding would be nice.

    Fixed it. (Why would only elders make things for the kids in their family? While more sewing than knitting, I've made things for my nieces, nephews, daughter, mother-in-law, and the kid my daughter babysits next door... Sorry this is just a bit of a hotbutton for me on the whole not just elders knit thing... I'll try to back down...)
    Kind of rude seeing as your replying to someone who is speaking about their grandmother. My grandmother did the same not our fault it hurts your feelings. But obviously it would be for every age at least teen+ the Guru's are never going to go out of their way to add unique content for elders we're 5+ years in and nothing so don't you worry.
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  • candy8candy8 Posts: 3,815 Member
    First of all let me say I am not into knitting I would prefer a sewing pack so Sims could sew things like CLOTHES! If you are going t make a craft thing then why not include other crafts like things for kids to make like paper crafts. We had Jewelry in sims 3 and I liked that better you could make jewelry designs for your Sims .
  • tmcevoy1121tmcevoy1121 Posts: 304 Member
    Not a fan of knitting. My mom knitted but for me boring so not something for me. I would like pottery and jewelry so if this is just going to have knitting, not buying it. In fact, not sure I am interested in playing anymore.
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  • EccoAllieEccoAllie Posts: 26 Member
    > @FreezerBunnyCowplant said:
    > Potholders & knitted oven mittens that can be hung on the wall! (But also lying on surfaces)
    > (Image)
    > Knitted coasters
    > (Image)
    > (They could be put under vases, plants and your drink!)
    > If coaster is assigned to Sim, they will automatically put their coaster under every drink they have.
    > Imaginary friends
    > return with the knitting skill, this time you need level 8 knitting skill in order to craft them instead of getting them randomly like in Sims 3.
    > Imaginary friends are a new playable occult and are only visible by children, babies and toddlers. For adults they‘re invisible.
    > Imaginary friends can prank adults because they‘re invisible to them. They‘re extremely happy when around their assigned child. They can also autonomously entertain the child and tell jokes. They have an emotional aura around them like aliens and PlantSims.
    > Imaginary friends can be turned into human Sims when the child has maximum friendship with the imaginary friend doll.

    Why haven't I thought about that! :o I love all of your suggestions! + of course mittens, scarves, hat, slippers, clothes, etc!
    <3 If you can do something funny that makes no sense, do it!
  • ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 3,983 Member
    I think it would be great to have not only knitted kids toys but also blanket coverings with the different voidcritters, freezer bunny, baby yoda, jackalope etc.

  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,431 Member
    Not a fan of knitting. My mom knitted but for me boring so not something for me. I would like pottery and jewelry so if this is just going to have knitting, not buying it. In fact, not sure I am interested in playing anymore.
    There are some pretty cool knitted jewelry out there too.
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  • annalephantannalephant Posts: 66 Member
    Hierloom blankets wise, i would really LOVE to see a version of my own hierloom blanket in the game- this is a blanket ive been knitting for the past 10 years, and uses very thin wool, 4ply sock yarn, using left overs from my own hand knitted socks, other projects, left overs from my friends and even from complete strangers who have sent me their left overs. I buy little balls of sock yarn when i am on my travels and to comemorate different events like royal weddings, the olympics, deaths of family and friends, births of babies, to remember holidays i have been on - you name it, it's in there! It always such a talking piece when i get it out and work on it, especially when i am on respite at a nursing home where my best friend is 103! The laedies love to hold the blanket and stroke it, look at the different squares and pick their favourites and i tell them all about the different yarns and memories that are knitted in to the blanket.

    I think its going to take the rest of my life to finish the darn thing lol! It takes so long to do, but i also dont rush it, i will put it away for months at a time and work on other thigs, as this project is about the journey not the end product. But it is also beautiful and bright and cosy... the perfect family hierloom when i eventually finish it.



    These are the glass jars i use to store my balls of yarn scraps and miniskeins for using in my blanket. I love my glass jars of yarn, they look like jars of sweets!



  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 233 Member
    Onesies, booties, dream catchers, crotchet dolls for toddlers and kids to interact with, mug warmers, outfits for pets, curtains, hammocks, scarfs, gloves, sleeping bags, and maybe furniture.
  • Arcana_FaunaArcana_Fauna Posts: 1 New Member
    I really want to be able to knit items that Sims of any age can wear. It would be nice to see the progress as well from start to finish, with half done projects laying on tables/couches. I also would love if we could pick and choose the yarn color/s that would decide what the final product would look like. Instead of just the same generic knit level 1 sweater (It's always pink), knit level 6 hat (It's always blue) etc. I think this is the biggest bummer in things like painting and wood working is all the items always look the same. With choosing colors it would add just a few more unique variations for everyone. Since this is a smaller pack, there's probably just one main focus item, and that could be like a knitting catalogue or website. A place where Sims could order patterns, different yarn, post their projects, or maybe even sell them! I'm picturing a mash between Ravelry and Etsy. I'm a huge knitter and I'm so excited for this pack!! Thank you!
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