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Lucky's 2 Week Build Challenges

luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 15,127 Member
edited July 2020 in The Sims 4 Lots


Hello my fellow simmers
I am luckyheather and have been simming since the 1st Sims game. As I am always trying to think of new themes to do myself, I thought you might enjoy doing them with me.
So here is my Themed Challenge Thread and each will start on the 1st and 15th of each month so we have 2 weeks for each challenge. There are No Winners by the way, its all about being creative and having Fun! By the way I enter all the usual cheat codes before adding a build to a Lot when I am on the lot and if the weather is dull my Builder Sim uses her Weather machine to clear any bad weather. She has fully upgraded it so its safe to use.
Enjoy yourself and please be kind, respectful and helpful to each other.

1. No CC, Custom Content
2. You may use any packs and expansions and each theme must be fully furnished and landscaped.
3. No Price Limit
4. Use Hashtag #LHtwoweekChall
5. Post 1 main Screenshot then the rest in 'Spoiler' by using the 'Format' drop down. If you have over 25 screenshots, Please add a Link to your Showcase thread or a Slide show.
6. Do 1 build unless that Theme has 2 versions. See each theme's rules for this ability.
7. You may add a basement unless the rule for that theme says otherwise.
8. Build Cheats are allowed and only use a Mod that you know for certain that it will not cause problems in simmers games.
9. Give credit to simmers for their Art you use by # their name, in the Gallery Description and in the Notes of your Entry Form.
10. If you go over the 2 weeks because of real life, do not worry you can still post your build entry when it is ready.

Entry Form
Challenge number:
Origin ID:
Gallery Name:
Gallery Link:
Building Tips Feedback Wanted? Yes/No Thanks

I will nominate all Entries into the Maxis recommendations thread for a Maxis Fave.
I changed # as I think it would be better if the # Tag should be without the number so all the creations will be in the same search ;) so it will be #LHtwoweekChall
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