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Gameplay Discussion: What does Knitting in The Sims mean to YOU?


  • alina_fialhoalina_fialho Posts: 3 New Member
    Besides playing The Sims, I knit. These are my favourite things to do EVER, so I'm super excited that this stuff pack is coming to reality <3

    While knitting I usually work on 2 different types of projects at a time: simpler ones and challenging ones.
    The simpler ones are projects I can work on while watching TV, for example, and these ones relax me A LOT after a stressful day at work (the movement, the clinking of the needles, the feeling o the yarn on my fingers etc), while the challenging ones get me all concentrated: it would be great if knitting had this type of impact on our sims as well: something like "knit to relax" or "knit a complex project".

    Another thing that's great about knitting is being able to this on the couch, on a table, on the subway, on a park or even on a craft table - all you need is yarn and needles. I think I'd be frustrated if Sims NEEDED a craft table to knit. However, having a craft table boosting your knitting skills, knitting quality or knitting speed might be super nice, especially if we'll have Sims knitting professionally to make money out of the items.

    Also, I think it's important that knitting is something you can work on for a bit, stop and then pick up again later.

    I learned to knit watching YouTube videos, and most of the patterns I worked on I found online - perhaps the sims could sit in front of a computer or with their smartphones while moving the needles to "learn how to knit". Another possibility is that whenever they want to start a new project they have to search for a pattern online or on a book - and it would be great if high skilled knitters could come up with their own unique pieces.

    Talking about levels, it would be great to have low level knitters knitting simpler projects and as they progress, the projects start to have more than one colour, braids etc.

    One final thing: it would be amazing if Sims could knit for a baby yet to come (as in if a Sim in the household is pregnant)
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 4,678 Member
    I want sims to FAIL at knitting and for kids to be able to be taught how to knit like the mentoring system. When sims fail at it I want there to still be an object in their inventory, but it just looks like this tangled and ripped mess. Also, it would be really cool if things could be ripped and you had to use more yarn to fix it.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,466 Member
    The rocking chair is my favorite! You could knit while rocking in a rocking chair!

  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 407 Member
    I really like the idea of creating dyes from flowers to make your own yarn, any new ways to use harvestables is welcome. Yarn bombing certain objects under mischief would be fun too.
  • DCMT55DCMT55 Posts: 1 New Member
    Ceramic or wooden yarn bowls you pull the thread throw could be cool. Both useful and decorative. Rocking chairs and/or recliners, my grandmother leans back in her recliner watches TV and makes blankets that she either sales or gives as gifts on holidays.
    There is also arm knitting that I can see children starting out learning that than moving to using needles.
  • wispervjcwispervjc Posts: 3 New Member
    ive heard that some Doctors use Knitting to improve hand eye cordination, could maybe a skill increase for those in the Doctor career be added?
  • divanthesimmerdivanthesimmer Posts: 1,069 Member
    We’ve seen lots of wonderful suggestions on the forums about Knitting gameplay. We’ve decided to make an official thread to gather these ideas in one place to make it easier for our design team to review your suggestions.

    Being able to knit clothing, toys, and household items is obviously a must, but what else are you looking for with knitting in The Sims 4?
    Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?

    What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    Yarn basket? Rocking chair? Craft Table? Something else?

    We've seen "teaching other Sims to knit" come up a lot. How do you imagine this would work? Are you familiar with our existing "Mentoring" system that let's Sims with high skill levels teach other Sims those skills?

    Please share with us what is important to you :)

    PS – We have a separate thread for crafted clothing and object suggestions here:
    Please continue to post your thoughts on WHAT your Sims can knit on that thread.

    I'd really like to have my Sims be able to sell their knitted items, give knitted items to friends and family as gifts and the funny failures would be an absolute bonus. They could have special moodlets while wearing the items like "feeling loved" or "itchy sweater".

    I definitely want crafting tables, rocking chairs and yarn baskets!

    Teaching Sims to knit - I'd love for a child to sit on their grandma's lap while they physically help them to knit, as well as the mentoring system for Sims they don't know that well.
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  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,474 Member
    edited January 15
    1.teach other sims to knit
    //they both knit at same time and the other seems to be telling the other sim what to do
    or then your sim knits and the one being teached watches next to them and then tries to knit themselves to be able to knit the same as adults if they have same skill level because well kids can be just as good at it

    3. lower skill level knitters being likely to end up with wonky looking knits with poor quality
    or mismatched size socks or such like one sock for adult one for kid
    when it was supposed to be pair of socks for adult or whatever
    so they need to keep knitting until they get what they wanted to get out of it separate yarn rolls to knit so I could make store that sells yarn and also use those separate yarn rolls to decorate

    5. something to store those in then like yarn basket (granny theme ones were so cute)
    or I've also seen some of those storage pouffes being used for this irl so that could work
    and empty bookcase thingys could be useful for stores

    6. unravel old knittings for some yarn
    so they don't need to buy yarn if they have let's say old cushion they don't use anymore
    they could just use yarn from that

    7. different things to require different amounts of yarn
    as in making socks would not cost as many yarn rolls as making a sweater

    8. knit anywhere, similarily to how sims can read anywhere, but prefer arm chair.

    9. gift knittings and yarn similarily to other stuff in the game

    10. make knitting fun. please. fun need needs to raise from this activity.

    11. cats playing with yarn/unraveling projects if you have cats and dogs

    + maybe we could make something cute for grimmy so he would spare our grandmas from death?

    embroidery hoop or spinning wheel id love too since we are in this theme
    but I suppose those might be asking too much TT
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  • MenaBuchnerMenaBuchner Posts: 47 Member
    @Scobre Has some brilliant ideas that would really enhance this pack. I would have preferred glass blowing to knitting but reading some of these suggestions, is making me more excited about what could be incorporated into this pack. Especially like the table loom!
    The rocking chair has been mentioned and that’s a must, IMO. But, it needs to be able to rock, and sims should be able to read, knit, watch TV while rocking, or just relax. Pregnant sims should be able to rock and feed the baby while in the chair instead of standing at the crib (a big ask, I know, but I believe in you guys! 😉) I’d also like there to be a modern rocking chair. Pretty please. I’d like a cottage-y and more modern feel.
    Being able to sell items that our sims make will be amazing so they need to be able to be placed on the table, as well as gift them. There should be a club activity for knitting. And a scout badge for knitting where children & teens must earn the badge by knitting various things. Giving knitted items to goodwill via the mailbox. Things to knit and wear (including toddlers!) / use once done: hats/beanies, sweaters, scarves, socks/booties, dolls/toys, blankets & throws (usable to place on the floor so your sims can sit on it in the park or garden (picnic, yay!), table cloths to set the table with, table runner for coffee tables or side tables. Ability to sit in the park and knit, while toddlers and children’s play, so yarn and needles in the Sims inventory will be good.
    Please have plain earthy and staple color yarns as well and not just everything bright and gaudy 😬. Ability to decorate with buttons, ribbons, lace etc (like ice cream with sprinkles). Ordering yarn and or needles via the mail box or computer. Being able to gift a knitting starter kit to a child or teen (or anyone) to get them started on the hobby.

    I’ll keep thinking... thank you for considering these suggestions.

  • simmercactussimmercactus Posts: 26 Member
    My answer for the title of this topic: Nostalgia and warmth...

    +Crafting table? Hell no! If you know of a single person who knits while standing, please show them to me so I can teach them that knitting is a sitting-activity. I believe knitting should be available at any "sit-able" area like in real life. You can knit sitting on your bed, on your sofa, on a chair... And a rocking chair is a must, how dare you even ask that?

    +Yarns that toddlers and cats could play with. Like, if you neglect your toddler around yarns, they'll get tangled and such. Same for the cats. I'll be really mad if cats don't get to play with yarns in this SP.

    +Knitted/roped ceiling swing/hommock alongside rocking chairs would be revolutionary. Why not give us both? We've been loyal for almost 20 years now, don't you think we deserve some special treatment already?

    I'd like to assume that you already have the tech to utilize cushions and blankets with sofas. You could add slots for them be placed on, and I believe you could animate them as sims take cover while watching TV or use them as pillows while they're napping.

    Where do I donate my kidney to? I definitely would do that if you'd promise to make these happen.
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  • LiaomiLiaomi Posts: 1 New Member
    I love the concept of knitting on a rocking chair for smaller projects like scarfs and such. But I would love to see a loom implemented as a crafting table for large scale projects such as blankets and table clothes, or just to knit quicker if it's for retail and not for leisure. The mentoring idea is cute for like elders to teach the younger generation and such. I would just love to see similar creative art like other skills such as crocheting, needlework, and so on. I know its a stuff pack, but more gameplay would be awesome XD
  • DreamOperatorDreamOperator Posts: 192 Member
    edited January 15
    Some of your sims' very first knitted items should fail, like too big hats and socks, or crooked blankets. After a couple skill levels are achieved though they shouldn't fail any more, at that point it should be more about getting to work more and more complex patterns.

    I'd love a rocking chair and a sim should be able to knit anywhere they can sit! :)
  • fmljessicafmljessica Posts: 2 New Member
    For gift giving, it would be nice to be able to gift a pregnant sim a knitted newborn blankie, hat, socks, or bib. For profitable crafting, sims should be able to open a retail store or open a stall (like the ones in city living, and jungle adventure) to sell their creations. For funny failures, it would be cute for elders that have a low skill to be able to gift a “bad” quality sweater to their grandchildren. Children should have the ability to be grateful or ungrateful for the sweater, and that would affect their character values. As for interactive knitting gameplay objects, it would be essential for our sims work-in-progress knitting projects as well as a small basket of yarn to be able to go into their inventory, that way your sim could travel to the park and other lots to knit. Rocking chairs are an excellent idea, but they shouldn’t be the only chair our sims should be able to knit in. Rocking chairs should also be for all ages. Craft tables with measuring pads would be great for bigger projects, such as tablecloths, (which could be implemented like the action “set the table” in the Parenthood GP) throw blankets, patchwork quilts, and rugs. Whereas smaller items such as sweaters, scarves, hats, doilies, and mittens would be done sitting on a chair rather than the crafting table. Teaching other sims to knit should include young adults through elders being able to teach children and teens, and teens should be able to teach children as well. Children shouldn’t be able to knit as wide of a range of items as older sims, they should only be able to knit smaller items. Children that have a low knitting skill, should have funny failures- such as getting their fingers knotted in the yarn, or knitting their hands into the project. Other things that I would like implemented are along the lines of what @Simmer_Will said, such as having certain colors of yarn being purchasable, then “rarer” colors that could be made at the crafting table using dyes from harvestables (i.e. flowers & berries) It would also be neat to have the ability for sims to receive moodlets from wearing knitted items that were crafted by certain sims- who gifted the sweater, “Sim is feeling the love due to wearing a sweater their lover made them”. Another thing that would be cool is to have a new harvestable- cotton, to be able to harvest and create our own yarn- this would be similar to dying yarn, and would be done at the crafting table. Also, having a knitting club activity would be great, so that way we can have our elders join knitting circles like @Ludmilla mentioned. I apologize for the literal book, I just wanted all of my ideas compiled into one comment (:
  • superkyle221superkyle221 Posts: 1,003 Member
    I always like doing crafts for money, but gift giving is okay too.

    It would be cool if after you made something, you could see other Sims wearing it, kind of like with what happens when you're a high level celebrity in Get Famous. I know that's probably impossible, but if you gifted it to a sim and they put it on right away, like they do in the different festivals in City Living, where they don't actually keep any of the clothes they buy.

    If you're going crafting corner, and I realize this isn't strictly knitting related, but the giant scissors from Sims 2 should come back. You cut yarn when you're finished with it, so...

    Somebody mentioned the idea of dying yarn. That would be cool.

    Maybe, if there's a knitting skill, different types of clothes, like dresses or shirts or shirts with scarves around them, or socks/other accessories, and so on, if they're like level 10 knitting skill, so really hard, and then they just appear in CAS?

    You should have another new TV channel, like Martha Stewart Living (I don't think Martha Steward knits, she doesn't have time) or At Home with Amy Sedaris, where people can watch it knit at the same time.

    In so far as teaching goes, here's the deal - I think the mentor system is fine. Maybe kid knitting needles would work similarly to the crafting table, but instead of drawing they knit onto it and it's, like, they can only learn if somebody is going to stand and mentor/teach them. That could work.

    Instead of table cloths, they could just knit placemats, like in Parenthood.

    This is going to be controversial, but I think most of the clothing in the pack should have to be unlocked with reaching various levels of the knitting skill. That way we'd have to work for the things we want to want. Same with most of the build objects, they have to knit it first and then it can be unlocked. People can still knit it, but they can also just buy it.

    If you add a new trait, it should be something like Type A or "Particular" or "Perfectionist" where if things aren't going according to plan they get freaked out and have a melt down (less severe, though, like they can order other sims around and that makes other sims mad at them but they get happy because they don't realize they're annoying others. Think like Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation.

    You should be able to unravel things you knit to get more yarn, kind of like what they do with the handiness skill.

    The reward for knitting your own clothes, or clothes for others, should be that it raises your reputation (for GF) and it does stuff like saves you money (if you knit it yourself) for wearing your own clothes. I don't know how this would work.

    If you're going to add hairstyle, you should hair with yarn tied into it, like what Hollywood think people who go to Burning Man look like.

    You should add a knitting needle image to the club icons, if that's possible.

    You should be able to craft different animals, like hedgehogs, onto your sweaters.

    Some of the early clothes should be crooked or have dropped stitches that people can wear, but they get an uncomfortable moodlet if they wear it.

    Some of the stuff could randomly be itchy, because they used cheap quality wool. You should be able to click on a yarn basket (or computer) and restock your basket, but like the quality of the wool is reflected by price, and also the cheaper, more uncomfortable wool comes with more units (like double of the expensive, comfortable yarn), but you can't unlock the good yarn because you have to earn it first, maybe by knitting something or maybe going on a quest, but even though you earn the good yarn it's still super expensive so you want to use the bad yarn or go bankrupt.

    Please have one of the hats be a hair net, and include aprons.

    I think being in your crafting room should make you feel cozy, like when you're by the fire, because it's your space.

    Your traits should determine the kind of things you can knit. Good sims can knit hats and socks, while evil sims can't, but can knit neckties and belts (or whatever), and neutral sims can do both. Obviously it doesn't have to be good and evil, those are just examples, but that would be cool, if some traits stopped you from making some things.

    You could also expand the freelancer career to have one be knitter, it could kind of be similar to fashion designer, except it would just be knitting.

    I don't know that rocking chairs are necessary, but maybe reclining chairs for people to knit on?

    It would be good if all of the swatches for items had one option that was blacker than black, and that would be for our goth knitters, but they just bum people out when they're around them, but only some of the time. Maybe that could be the new trait, ennui, where they're gently sad throughout the day and they knit to feel better.

    It should be a social thing. Not necessarily a competition thing, but that could work.

    The hardest thing to knit should be something like "The Unknown Pattern" and it takes you a long time to complete it, like, longer than writing a song with the music trait, like, it takes weeks, and you're just knitting and knitting the entire time, because sometimes people knit just to knit, not paying attention, but just doing it, and you go through several balls of yarn and finally we finish, after grinding it out over weeks, and we find that we've knitted... (you would need to fill in the blanks. A blanket or something? Maybe an imaginary friend doll? I don't know, this is not my forte).

    People with low knitting skill should not just create clothes with holes in and oddly shaped items, but also knitting injuries, like somebody is wearing an eye patch for a short period of time, like how the dogs have to wear cones.

    Anyway, those are just some ideas. Obviously you can't use them all, or maybe any of them if they're as confusing as I feel writing them up, but that's life I guess. But feel free to pick and choose what, if anything, could work as a way to make knitting feel super meaningful to people. It would also make it a challenge, because then it would feel like if we didn't knit, we'd miss out on so much (and obviously it can be unlocked with whatever that cheat is, I don't know what it is because I'm not a builder).

    Thank you for your time.
  • xamira99xamira99 Posts: 2,671 Member
    Perhaps, we could have,
    1. Rocking chair,
    2. Knitting skills that unlock different design or knitted items,
    3. Ability to produce the yarn from wool (say, if we're going to have a sheep in the future),
    4. Rocking horse for toddlers,
    5. Knitted stuffs for babies like shoes, beanies, etc (I wish that we can give the baby different type of cloths too),
    6. Bib for the toddler (additional accessories on top of beanie for toddler),
    7. When the wool/knitted items are used then wash & dry with the machine, it can get shrunk (based on my own exp T^T),
    8. Knitted wall hanging,
    9. Knitted cover which can be used to cover some of the furnitures/appliances,
    10. Teapot sets (can be used and serve)
    10. The beginner can get tangled while knitting,
    11. All the items produce can be sell,
    12. Ability to provide class/session to knit (which can be integrated with GT club system) - increase charisma/fame/knitted skill
    And now here is my secret, a very simple secret...

  • Jupplyr4Jupplyr4 Posts: 2 New Member
    Looms that kid, adults, and elders can all use to make wall hangings blankets almost like painting skill
  • angelfall7angelfall7 Posts: 2 New Member
    Older sims should be able to teach child sims to knit basic things.
    It'd be good if knitting was a group activity tied in with clubs (possibly the idea of 'yarn-bombing' on community lots?). Gift giving is a must and crafting to sell would be awesome, but hand knitted items are generally sold either at a loss or at very high prices.
    It would be good if knitting was an 'idling' activity... Like uncontrolled sims with autonomy on might sit and knit if they have the skill in the same way they might start watching tv or playing video games.
    It would be good if knitting was generally a 'good buff' activity with happy or focused moods and reduce other negative buff times, but having the occasional short lived 'dropped a stitch!' or 'unworking to fix' stressed buff could be nice.
    I would love to see rocking chairs (possible associated buffs for toddlers and children sitting on them?) and it would be fun if cats got scared of them sometimes.
  • ArdalyonArdalyon Posts: 2 New Member
    How about custom plushies?
    A sim could be able to decide shape,color and accents and knit them!
    Just teaching about knitting work to other sims is base game gameplay imo,and that should go with the teaching perk that allows other skills to be taught.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 17,874 Member
    I think like the woodworking table we have in the game with failure projects, would be cool to have failure projects for knitting to expand upon failures with knitting. I had a few failure projects when I started knitting.
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  • TynynounoursbioTynynounoursbio Posts: 3 New Member
    I would say first : usable items. Whether it's clothing, bedding, decoration or toys, I want to be able to use them in my game.

    Gifts giving, yes, also maybe tied to opportunities (you have level to knit baby stuff : friend call to say she needs a gift for her pregnant cousin, you reach level to knit keychains/cat plushies = local shelter ask for donation for their annual charity sale,...) I don't want to go around giving stuff to people just to get rid of it.

    Selling, why not. But it's hard to really make money with knitting unless you're very good at it. Product can be simstagramed/streamed.

    For the teaching, it could be self taught through web tutorial, or one sim can sit next/facing to the other and work along them, or maybe a "watch how X knit" is helping. Being up and gesturing like for homework would not really feel right. Maybe a social like "give knitting advice" can raise the skill a bit.

    For the knitting sim, I expect the knitting to release tense (also embarrased and sad) moods, up the fun bar, but maybe give a random embarrassed moodlet in lower levels when it fails, a happy "I handmade it" moodlet when an item is finished, a confident when result is extraordinary.
    Knitting would work best with concentrated mood, but a confident mood may increase odds to fail.
    Stopping the action before item is made could give random moodlets : happy "good session", embarassed "it looks bad", tense "Never going to finish that", confident "I think it'll be great" that won't actually indicate the quality of future work.

    Also, if knitting is tied to a craft table, several sims must be able to work there on their own project. Or maybe to work on other's projects (with highter odds to ruin them)

    Ideally, a "knitting bag" that fit in inventory, could allow to knit anywhere if you can sit, but only hold one project. You can bring the kids to the park and do something else than playing chess/fishing.

    Also toddlers/children could be choosing to play with yarn (and then make them tangled/ruin a project) as a creative mistake (change from spilling paint....)
  • Mammabird672Mammabird672 Posts: 1 New Member
    I used to be part of a knitting group. We would meet once a month, more experienced would help those with less experience. We knitted small lap blankets or shawls to give to people going through a rough time or a big life change, like getting married or having a baby, going off to college, moving into assisted living or hospice, or when they lost a loved one.

    It be nice to see something like this, a group meets and knits the blankets, maybe somehow added to the volunteer aspect of the game... anyway they meet, knit the blankets, the blankets are given to charity and maybe randomly Sims could receive one in the mail, like when they too are going through a big moment in their lives. Maybe even SIMs you are playing could write a letter requesting one be sent to another SIM or to themselves. If the SIM was given a blanket, maybe it could help with their grief like writing in a journal helps with other emotions.

    If you have a knitting pack and don't have toddlers running away with or playing with your yarn or already started projects you've missed a huge opportunity. Same for cats and kittens, although the cat and kitten interaction should be different. Ie: kittens playing with yarn balls getting tangled or chasing the yarn all over the room, not mindful of any embarrassment. Cats watching the yarn as you are using it, sometimes batting at it. Mostly ignore you if you try to get them to play with it. When your back is turned or you are out of the room, or sometimes because they forget to be above it all they play with the yarn, get tangled or caught and then are embarrassed and thus upset and walk off in a huff and unfeeling to interact with you for awhile.

    Rocking chairs would be very nice.
  • Liz52Liz52 Posts: 3 New Member
    I’d love to see them knit in a rocking chair with a knitted blanket over them. I really want them to be able to knit blankets for themselves and other sims too
  • Hallie22Hallie22 Posts: 22 Member
    Different types of needles:
    - single pointed needles
    - double pointed needles, (mostly used for sock knitting)
    - circular needles, (sometimes used for sock knitting, or larger projects like triangular shawls, or knitting a sweater in the round, in stead of knitting it in separate pieces, like you would do with single pointed needles
  • meskalmeskal Posts: 4 New Member
    i know nothing about knitting, but i would really like to see a craftable wich we could do some other projects , not only knitting, i would love to see a bit of scrapbooking maybe, it could be nice with all the pictures that we take.

    after that, the rocking chair and the knitting bowl , i think thoses are pretty good idea :)
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,422 Member
    We’ve seen lots of wonderful suggestions on the forums about Knitting gameplay. We’ve decided to make an official thread to gather these ideas in one place to make it easier for our design team to review your suggestions.

    Being able to knit clothing, toys, and household items is obviously a must, but what else are you looking for with knitting in The Sims 4?
    Gift giving? Profitable Crafting? Funny failures?

    What kind of interactive knitting gameplay objects would you like to see?
    Yarn basket? Rocking chair? Craft Table? Something else?

    We've seen "teaching other Sims to knit" come up a lot. How do you imagine this would work? Are you familiar with our existing "Mentoring" system that let's Sims with high skill levels teach other Sims those skills?

    Please share with us what is important to you :)

    PS – We have a separate thread for crafted clothing and object suggestions here:
    Please continue to post your thoughts on WHAT your Sims can knit on that thread.

    Funny failures - I loved those little lopsided plates Sims would make when they were low in the pottery skill. They were so disappointed!

    I'd also like to see toddlers have the ability to play in the yarn basket and make a muddle of it, and kids having a little knitting loom. ("Another potholder! That's just...lovely, dear.")
    I just want things to match. :'(
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