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What should we be able to knit?


  • DescribeBeautyX0X0DescribeBeautyX0X0 Posts: 1 New Member
    Me and my siblings always had socks knitted for us as well as scarfs, so I would love to be able to do that in the sims 4 ^-^
  • james64468james64468 Posts: 1,275 Member
    edited January 2020
    rag dolls for toddlers though children. (that was already suggested) Some new cat toys.
  • Sarecool11Sarecool11 Posts: 1 New Member
    For me, a pack only on the trico is largely insufficient. It's another item pack that will eventually tire after seeing everything. For me, what I can offer you is not ideas of tricos, but rather to offer a more complete pack with more activities, something that will appeal as much to adults as to sims children, as much to women as to men. You could get inspired by sims 2! I find that there were many more interactions before.

    If I may, I find it very sad that the idea of ​​a ghost pack was not retained. Honestly, ghosts, babies and aliens have little to make them really attractive.

    p.s excuse me for my english, i'm french.
  • Ciella10Ciella10 Posts: 1 New Member
    Blankets, slippers, knitted stuff animals, sweaters, knitted holiday decorations, knitted winterfest stockings, scarves, pet sweaters, gloves, hats, and baby booties.
  • AngelluluAngellulu Posts: 629 Member
    Knitting ideas:
    •Llamas/Alpacas, also hedgehogs, and etc toys
    •sweaters, vests, hats, scarves, mittens, slippers, etc. (Which been said but yeah)
    •tiny clothes for said plushies (like tiny mermaid costume for alpaca)
    •decor items for walls, chairs, etc.
    •cozies for mugs, like mug sweater.
    •knitted purses, bags, backpacks, drawstring bags (also could be new category in accessories and can be accessed for inventory, plus super cute and useful!)
    •earrings, bracelets, leg warmers (on top boots, like cozy tubes), shawls, hoodies, etc.

    Okie that's it so far, I'll add more when I think of some!

    Please consider these 🥰
  • fmljessicafmljessica Posts: 2 New Member
    Here are some of my ideas.
    Knittable throw blankets, patchwork quilts, pillows, rugs, tablecloths, sweaters (for sims and pets), scarves, hats, mittens, doilies, Winterfest stockings, teddy bears, dolls, and sock monkeys. Blankets could be used to cover up with on couches when taking naps, and laid over laps in chairs. Beds and dining tables would be able to be changed by clicking on them and selecting which knitted item from your sims inventory you’d like to have on the item such as blankets, quilts, and pillows on beds- and tablecloths and doilies on dining tables. (like how setting the table works in Parenthood). Stockings would be able to be hung from fireplace mantels with the possibility of catching on fire depending on the quality of stocking.
  • Jupplyr4Jupplyr4 Posts: 2 New Member
    I was thinking yarn wall hangings like macreame'.
  • ArdalyonArdalyon Posts: 2 New Member
    please plkease PLEASE add lots and lots of plushies!
  • nisanisnisanis Posts: 1 New Member
    we need more toys for kids
  • NellieNellie Posts: 6 New Member
    I would love to see funny failures,also would love to see being able to knit toddlers stuff or even babies stuff,I’m tired of the same old babies and what they wear,so maybe babies booties,lil hats,onesies 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • meskalmeskal Posts: 12 New Member
    hi!!! i would love to be able to knit new sweater, blanket, toys, maybe some dog or cat shirt, hat, mittens all the casual stuff that people love to knit :) some decoration too , it could be really fun :)
  • invisiblgirlinvisiblgirl Posts: 1,495 Member
    Knitted kitties and doggies that toddlers could hug to reduce sadness.
    I just want things to match. :'(
  • TBluespiritTBluespirit Posts: 6 New Member
    Io pensavo ad una maglia un po' piu' utile, moderna e divertente, sarebbe bello fare i vestitini e bavaglini per i bebe' e magari tappeti di cui poter scegliere colori e dimensioni, ma anche usare la maglia per creare su due piedi oggetti utili per risolvere un problema ( Come un' ispettore Gadged o un Doraemond per esempio): vai a granite fall e ti manca la doccia? La fai con i ferri! Il tuo sim prende fuoco im mezzo al nulla? Crei un secchio d' acqua all' uncinetto! Piove e non hai con te l' ombrello? Vai di punto croce! ti sei perso nella giungla? Crei la tenda e l' amaca..cioe'..anche se irreale, perche' realmente non le fai queste cose con la lana, sarebbe divertente come gameplay.
  • KataleaKatalea Posts: 13 New Member
    Pillows, blankets, toys, napkins, clothes for pets.
  • Fag_go_ruFag_go_ru Posts: 1 New Member
    How do you like this idea? You can bind yourself a little friend. in short, a grandmother can tie some toy to her grandson there, or the child himself can do it from improvised means. This toy can be used just like a toy, and it can also be revived (let there be some small quest). And if a child revives her, then he can talk to play with him, a toy can tell bedtime stories, and can bring gifts under the pillow. And the toy can be used not only by a child but also by an adult.
  • Sims3erSims3er Posts: 39 Member
    edited January 2020
    I love the idea of different types of blankets, like those ones with the sleeves or the mermaid tail ones!

    I also heard a thing recently of knitted wedding dresses. It would be funny if a relative could knit the wedding dress and then appropriate moodlets for the wearer depending on wether they loved it or hated it. Imagine the disaster someone could wear on their special day because their clumsy nan messed it up but they don’t want to upset them by not wearing it 😂
  • NewAgerJulNewAgerJul Posts: 1 New Member
    I'd like to see knit blankets for toddlers (and babies if they ever become active players) that the toddler will want to carry around and have with them as a favorite thing. Knit puppets that then the toddlers/kids/parents could then do little 'shows' for each other with. I would rather see knit things that are part of active play and not just decorative things sitting around.
  • NancyroseNancyrose Posts: 1 New Member
    As a child my grandmother made me a sweater that I loved. That sweater interested me to learn to knit. I have been knitting by hand since I was a teen. When I became an adult in my 20s. I bought a knitting machine it was a lot of money well worth it. I still hand knit and also machine knit. on my machine I’m able to make fine knitted lace curtains, table cloths sweaters and scarves. So hand knitted items as well as machine knitted items would be nice in the game.
  • loopyloosimsgamerloopyloosimsgamer Posts: 6 New Member
    I would LOVE to be able to knit clothes for babies, toddlers, kids, pets etc. Perfect gift for sims for all occasions! Be able to knit blankets too
  • leelee77leelee77 Posts: 340 Member
    Sweaters, hats, mittens, gloves, socks and blankets.
  • MyTrueLoveTS1MyTrueLoveTS1 Posts: 32 Member
    SCARVES, please! Fun & classy TIES for men and women that can be worn as an accessory over clothes. KNITTED CARDIGANS, Flower HEADBANDS (hippie knit). PLUSHIE SUCCULENT with pot. TOYS for children. COASTERS, ORNAMENTS, cup COZY, MACRAME, HANGING PLANTER, DECORATIVE PILLOWS (that can be placed on either side of large bed or sofa. BLANKETS (that can be worn by sims for additional warmth). There aren't enough 1x2 RUGS that look interesting. JUMPERS, regular MITTENS and FINGERLESS GLOVES, middrift long sleeve SWEATER, BABY BOOTIES & BABY ONESIE. Yarn ball CAT TOY.
  • AliceBaudelaireAliceBaudelaire Posts: 1 New Member
    My grandmother used to make stuffed bears for my siblings and I. So, I'd like to see some sort of toy or item that elders can make for their grandchildren, such as dolls or clothing or even bedding would be nice.
  • leahisacoolcatleahisacoolcat Posts: 1 New Member
    I like a lot of ideas others have mentioned in this thread! Especially the knitting blankets with a possibility of a “snuggled” moodlet. The sim could wear it wrapped around them like a robe while walking around the house, cooking, reading, or just relaxing on the couch. I think it’d be awesome to knit stockings to hang for winterfest. Teddy bears for kids. Decorative pot holders/doilies. Throw pillows you could place on couches and beds would be awesome too! Socks and hats would make a great gift from grandma sims! Maybe even decorative baby booties for a pregnant sim in the family. It wouldn’t need to be a usable object, just something to put on the shelf to remember when the baby was just little!
  • SarahTheRedSarahTheRed Posts: 386 Member
    So many great ideas. I just want to fulfill my Molly Weasley aspirations and knit slightly awkward looking sweaters, esp at beginning levels. Deciding yarn color combos, good swatches of yarn in warm neutral colors is important too, like in Laundry Day and Cats and Dogs.
  • RhiannonravenRhiannonraven Posts: 128 Member
    Loads of stuff for toddlers and kids!
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