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TS4 CC newbie needing guidance from the CC veterans

Have started getting some CC over the holiday break and while impressed with the amazing quality of what is out there have also run into some baffling things. So in no particular order of importance (all are equally baffling):

Downloading sims seems more trouble than it's worth. Not only is there the sim, but the descriptions invariblly include a very long list of every conceivable body part and item of attire. Are these sims really worth the half hour or so of downloading to get what's listed?

As an experiment got one of the skintone sets. I see no difference in my sims, not even close to what's in the pictures - whether for the CC or the sims showing off the various clothing items. Am I messing up (have the file in mods folder) or false advertising? Some of them advertise 'anatomicaly correct'. If that means what I think it does, what's the point as sims are blurred out?

Several lots have lists of CC used in their construction. Does that mean, like with sims, I need to go to all of those sites to get the items mentioned? That's a lot of downloading, especially since not all builders make the lists links so things would need to be typed in, and maybe more work than worth it.

Many items say they are 'HQ compatible'. Investigated what that is, and depending on the source one needs to alter only 2 files or rebuild nearly every file in the game. How much trouble & work is actually involved and is the result worth it?

Are these things, like mods, vulnerable to the EA slaughter whenever a patch/update comes out?

Much of the CC states it was made with Sims4Studio. Is this a tool mere mortals can use profitably, or is it something that only those with advanced degrees/training in programming, graphics, 3D modeling, and such can use?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may be willing to share!


  • KiniHokulaniKiniHokulani Posts: 241 Member
    Hi there! I've been using Sims 4 CC for almost a year. While I'm no expert, hopefully, these answers will shed some light on your issues!

    1) For the most part, no, it's not worth it. You're right - you'll need to get all the CC the creator used if you want the sim to look like theirs.

    2) Is the skin tone set you downloaded just new/different skin colors, or is it an actual skin overlay (sometimes called skin blend)? Overlays can drastically change how a sim looks by enhancing their skin textures. If it's the former, they should show up in CAS with the other skin tones, but with a wrench icon indicating it's CC. If it's the latter, you can apply skin overlays under the Skin Details section in CAS.

    3) Yes, exactly. You'd need to download all the CC they used to have your lot look like theirs. And also not really worth it if they don't already either provide you with the CC used or easy links.

    4) I believe it requires editing 2 lines in a specific file regarding graphics first. I found a link detailing how to do it here. Then you have to download texture replacements and set your sim quality in your game's graphics settings to high. I understand this is a must for alpha CC users and storytellers, as well as builders, but it's not worth all that trouble if you're a casual player and/or don't plan to use a lot of HQ CC. The results can be stunning, though, not gonna lie.

    5) Sometimes, yes. CC showers were broken due to the new Shower WooHoo mechanic. CC beds were also broken and weren't usable in dorms. While not common, they can break too.

    6) Anyone can use Sims 4 Studio! :) I mainly use it to disable CC for random use (prevents townies from using your CC when they randomly get generated) as well as adjust mod code on occasion. I am neither a CC creator nor a modder but the tool is very handy to hang on to.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,292 Member
    Thank you for your prompt reply! You have saved me a lot of hassle, espeially regarding 1 & 3 ! Will need to check on what kind it is. 2) Since the files in question are on another machine and a flash drive backup that might be a day or two. 4) Am more than a casual player but not a fanatic, either, and any building I do is for own use. Extent of CC use is still an unknown. Enough to successfully play Victorian and some out of the EA mainstream but not anywhere near what I've heard some players have for CC folders. Again it may be more work and bother than it's worth. Changing 2 files is one thing, all those textures is another. 6) That's encouraging. The few shots of the interface I've seen may as well have been in Hungarian for all the sense they made. Might be worth some cautious exploring.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 237 Member
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    Are these things, like mods, vulnerable to the EA slaughter whenever a patch/update comes out?

    As a fellow TS2 player you most likely know the difference between CC or mods? As CC being just custom content and mods being as game modifications.

    I use very little CC at TS4, most of them are maxis match hairs. But yes I do have several mods (LOL, not the amount I have at TS2, like one prosent of that :) ) , And for mods, patches have tendency to break mods, mostly at those pre pack patches, as new pack usually changes some/several things from previous game versions :)

    I myself usually set origin as offline and updates are át manual and patch only after the hudge amount of 5 mods I simply cannot play without are updated :) (rest of them I can easely live without, just finetuning.

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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,292 Member
    Yes, very much aware, and don't do mods because of the regular mess EA makes. Just wanting to be safe as it seems nowadays that EA breaks everything it touches. The CC I have is mainly confined to wallpapers, build items like doors windows & arches, household stuff and some clothing.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 237 Member
    Heh that's the difference of modding something like TS2 , it cannot be broken by updates again :) (Assume same goes for TS3, but I never played it)
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    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,292 Member
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    Experiments update: Outfits and hairs are working wonderfully well. The variety is enormous and the quality excellent. EA could well be history on that score. To answer Kinihokulani's point 2 question, the write-up for the skintone in queston says it is a full coverage skin and won't adapt to basegame. It claims to be anatomicaly correct and to have a custom thumbnail. There are supposedly 48 colors, all within the normal human range. In practice, in CAS none of that appears, only the usual set of EA colors in usual format. In a seprate test put in a overlay. This did wonders for the face but the rest of the sim looks muddy, as though seen through a layer of gauze or other such barrier. Something is clearly wrong on that score, which greatly reduces the liklihood of future use.

    Further experiments and a comment by one of the CC makers led to the discovery that the 'missing' items were under a details tab, not the main one. The more learned, the better this approach is getting. Have also learned to be aware of packs when CC is based on a Maxis mesh. If I don't have the pack, the CC either does not show at all or does very strange things to the base sim.
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  • Puzzling_PozumPuzzling_Pozum Posts: 3 New Member
    I also download a sim from TSR and I already downloaded all of its cc. But when I tried to apply it on my TS4 this always happen. "ITEMS REMOVED: One or more Create a Sim items have been removed. The items may not be installed on your computer or the EA Account that is currently logged in does not own these items" And I don't have an idea how could I fix this. Please help. :(
  • gettpsgettps Posts: 211 Member
    It may mean the sim you downloaded was made using CC that you don't have installed. You'll need to have installed ALL the CC the person who made it used on the sim.

    It could also mean the sim may be using CC that contains recolors of game pack or stuff pack items that you haven't purchased. Like for example, if someone makes a CC recolor of an island living shirt, and you don't have Island Living, the CC may not work.
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