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The Sims 4 10 Generation Challenge by JagPacker26! Generation One: Robert Manto

JagPacker26JagPacker26 Posts: 8,407 Member
Hey guys, I'm finally back after I think about 3-4 years of inactivity.

When you last saw me post on here, I was still playing the Sims 3 and I did a couple stories, a story about a womanizer who changes his ways and a 100 baby challenge that I nearly finished but after losing all my Sims 3 data (from getting a new computer) I couldn't quite reach the end (but I did get to 100 in-game, I only was able to post until Baby #85).

Soooo, anyways, I am here again to announce that I created a new story! But with a twist, I am not writing stories anymore on WordPress but I am now posting on my YouTube channel, and my first new project (and my first project using The Sims 4) is going to be a generation challenge!

It's about a Sim I created, named Robert Manto, as I go through events in his family's timeline until about 10 Generations later.

I will post the links to my story below. I am probably going to be posting 2 to 3 videos a day.

Robert Manto Intro Video
Robert Manto Meets Ashley Normanson
Robert Manto Gets To Know Ashley Normanson
Robert Manto building a Relationship with Ashley
Robert Manto and Ashley Normanson's First Date
The Beginning of Robert and Ashley's Love Story
Ashley Moves In
Ashley's Pet Misadventures
Ashley and Robert Lose Their Virginity
An Engagement Date
Ashley Talks With Her Friend Before Moving Out
Preparing to Move
Saying Goodbye
Moving Day
Ashley and Robert Move to Willow Creek and Get Married
The Willow Creek Welcome Wagon
Robert and Ashley Discuss Future Plans
The First Trimester
Ashley's Second and Third Trimesters
Meet Baby Grant
Grant Becomes a Toddler
Grant Gets New Toys
Grant Gets Trained For Childhood
Ashley's Expecting Again!
A Day With the Kid
Grant Becomes A Child
Twin Girls
Twin Baby Blues
Bottle Feedin' and Diaper Changin'
Winter Time!
Toddler Time For the Twins
Training Twins and New Looks
Toddler Beds and Family Conversations
Cassie and Callie's Training World
Cassie and Callie's Fantasy World
Toddler Talk
The Holidays Are Here!
A Santa Visit
Gift Giving and Snowman Fun!
A Happy, Joyous Holiday
The Christmas Finale

Happy Simming!!
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