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How Many Hours Have You Played the Sims 4?


  • sinrasinra Posts: 72 Member
    Nearing 3,000 last time I checked. But the reality is exponentially higher as I play almost exclusively offline and have played since launch. The only time I'm online is if I need access to the gallery and after connecting I don't always bother going offline again, so those 3k are just from those instances or if I've played the sims while patching/downloading other games in the background. I am concerned about what the real number of hours actually is...
  • Patch__2008Patch__2008 Posts: 496 Member
    About 7,000 since Christmas 2015.
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  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 8,344 Member
    7200 since release...I'm retired. :)
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  • sparklilisparklili Posts: 29 Member
    5044hrs since late 2016 :o
  • Armika74Armika74 Posts: 241 Member

    According to Origin 6452 h but I belive it´s waaay more :p
  • ccarrig_95ccarrig_95 Posts: 507 Member
    4,076. I know I have played more. Most updates have stalled the amount of hours I have played.
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  • Nite0wlzNite0wlz Posts: 26 Member
    My TS2 hours was probably wayyyyy more than i'll ever have again.
  • Avery2002Avery2002 Posts: 2 New Member
    133 hours as of January 5, 2020
    I got it for Christmas!
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 2,938 Member
    2703 hours :sweat_smile: I had to install it again twice, so I'm not sure if I've "lost" my old played hours. That's from the day base game came out up to today :)
  • HoveraelHoverael Posts: 948 Member
    Around 2,030 hours when i'll be finished today. thats just a little over 6 months since i first started playing any TS game starting with TS4.

    Had my first break in by a vampire yesterday, Lilith feeding from my sim Sandra. That was surprising.
    Looking for a mod that will increase the odds of more break ins and autonomous biting when i can, it will make things a lot more interesting for sure and keep me on the game. :D
  • FoxtreemoonFoxtreemoon Posts: 4 New Member
    I got it about a week ago and already 25 lol i play to much
  • hellokitty1496hellokitty1496 Posts: 201 Member
    Enough to where I'll be falling asleep mid-gameplay :). Surprisingly enough, I haven't played enough hours of gameplay like I have previously before. Kinda strange.
  • CEO_of_BullshitCEO_of_Bullshit Posts: 1 New Member
    642 hours and I got it in August
  • ChelleJoChelleJo Posts: 7,081 Member
    edited January 23
    ChelleJo wrote: »
    4809 hours showing as of yesterday. March 2019

    Jan 2020
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,737 Member
    As of yesterday(it's 2:41am on the 23rd now) I hit 5,054 hours. <3
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  • becks1112becks1112 Posts: 570 Member
    1705 since the day it was released.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 19,446 Member
    1847 hours since December 2015. I've worked as a bookkeeper and Office Specialist full time during that time too so I pay for my own packs especially since I have the worst luck with Sims giveaways.
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  • ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,142 Member
    702 hours since May.
  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,764 Member
    edited January 24
    6994 hrs right this moment. I'm also retired.

    Origin ID: Nindigo79

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  • MistyLakeMistyLake Posts: 1,700 Member
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  • lizisprocrastinatinglizisprocrastinating Posts: 118 Member
    last I looked it was 1790 so close to that been playing since November 2017
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,425 Member
    1307 since Jan 2017
  • SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 1,267 Member
    5940, seems a bit low since I've owned the game since release. I didn't play it a lot for the first few months after release. I had buyer's remorse, and I didn't like it. Since then, I have played it almost exclusively. Now, I love it.
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  • PeculiarPlumbobPeculiarPlumbob Posts: 509 Member
    Around 4400h but I'm pretty sure Origin reset it for me at one point when my sister started playing on my account :'D
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  • PurrrmeowPurrrmeow Posts: 30 Member
    I'm incredibly surprised that I've only played 127 hours. I got it when it first came out but went back to TS3 almost immediately. Picked it back up again when Get to Work came out and then again dropped it. Started playing it again back in November and have neglected every other single game I own since then.
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