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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,140 Member
    @coco thank you. I think they took notice of my comment on their video. I'm also working on my thumbnails as they need to be better designed. I'm thinking of changing the thumbnails for when Caroline did the Isla Paradise Badges to something like the new thumbnail for the University Life badges.

    I hope you have a save backup of your Options.ini file just in case. I didn't, but I had lots of different versions of it so I picked one that closely matched the save I was trying to load. It has most graphics settings on high at this point.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 6,150 Member
    @coco -I saw the video footage online through the Youtube Channel provided through my cable TV package and the pyroclastic flow coming down the side of that mountain was terrifying as well as the knowledge that there were people on that beach just as the mountain exploded.
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  • cocococo Posts: 2,665 Member
    @karritz Actually now that I think of it, maybe a week or so ago my options file did reset itself after an unexpected update. Maybe this is what happened to you too. I didn't have a backup copy so I had to reset all the settings again. I made a copy after that happened so I wouldn't have to do it again.
    @Nikkei_Simmer It's terrible isn't it. I keep reading updates and a couple people have been found thankfully. Just recently it was reported that a mother and daughter were found deceased. The girl was only 20. There's a family from my city that went missing. The mother was found in hospital with critical burns but the father and daughter are still missing. She's only 15. From what I've read there's also a 5 year old boy missing. It's so overwhelmingly sad :disappointed:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,101 Member
    edited December 2019

    Thanks, the house is from TSR.


    Thanks, I deleted the one that did not load for you., it was loading for me though but it was not a
    very important photo hehe.
    The sweaters and patterns are from TSR. I get most stuff from there, mod the sims, Lana or Emily cc finds
    or Pinterest, sometimes I just do a google search.
    Oh such terrifying things to read about its just awful.


    I saw your comments in your thread.


    How do you make it explosive like that, it looks impressive
    on the screenshots.

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,461 Member
    @Puddinroy hi :smiley:

    @coco Thanks for the feedback :smile:
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,534 Member

    @GraceyManor Thanks for the comments on my update. :smiley: I'm anxious to play more in the story, but things have been busy lately. I played a bit last evening.
    I saw your gifts in the gift giving thread and you did a great job! I love seeing all the gifts and would love to participate, but, when I did have the time I realized I had too much cc in my game and not enough room on my puter to make a separate folder. I've since made room, but, don't have the time with two jobs.
    I will be happy to learn about the reason he is acting so strange as I am sure Catarina will be.
    Ha! Jake is still a jer..k! Silly girl to waste a minute of your time even thinking he might have changed! Lol at the text he sent. I think it should have been the other way around. Girl has got to get some self esteem!
    Tom just waltzes right in her house! Sheesh, the guys in your story! Bad manners. A delicious meal can ease the rudeness! :lol:
    Sweet evening. Gosh Tom, when is the time gonna be right?
    Hot kiss!
    Things seem to be slowing down on the forums altogether. :cry:

    @Sleepstar That's great you were able to go back in your game and play!

    @Puddinroy Thanks! I saw your gifts in the gift giving section and you did a fun job with them. That dog is soooo cute and the arcade looks like a blast to hangout in.

    @lisasc360 That travel easel looks cool. I'm definitely putting that on my cc list since it is usable!

    @Silverofdreams30 Audra looks beautiful in her dress. (I have that one in my game, but not used it with anyone yet)
    Ty looks so handsome and wow...awesome kisses!
    The Christmas living room looks fun!
    Yes! Good morning handsome Ty!! :love:

    @Karritz Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully all will go well when the update hits me, but I do keep copies of the ini files in a folder on my desktop since I have different ones for each of my stories and I update them just before I move to another story just in case I changed something. I also keep separate import files for SP and my other adjustments for Nraas, but those are stored in the library. I need to delete some of the old ones though as my library is getting to darn big!

    @coco Yay! I'm happy I guessed correctly! She really is quite beautiful.
    I saw your comment to Nikkei. It really is a tragedy and that it erupted without warning to get the people to safety. I've been praying for the survivors and families of those that did not.
    Thanks for the comments! :smiley: The hair looked better in the previous pic I took, but, they were not close together in it so I wanted to use the one closer together. I guess I should learn how to photo shop my pics, but don't have time right now. Her hair looks fine in this picture too. The teens are Josef and Jillian all grown up. :wink:
    Josef is at the cake and Jillian is in the green dress to the side and behind him.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,461 Member
    My Sims are nervous today! :no_mouth:




  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,752 Member
    I'm back, with an update. So, what's been going on with Rachel Applebee and Drake and Iris Furystrykar? Well, first, a quick screenshot to get rid of the notification that appears:

    And I'm going to use the same format as I do with my TS4 posts. Like this!
    Tales of the Forest Book 7, The Frozen Lake
    Rachel Applebee started working on Tales of the Forest: The Frozen Lake. This was her 7th book:
    A few sim hours later, Rachel was done!
    Afterwards, she checked the weather forecast. 'Raining. Again' Rachel thought.
    Drake and Iris's gaming session, and breaking stone
    Drake and Iris teleported into the Arcade room above the garage, and played on one of the arcade tables:
    Meanwhile, Rachel teleported into the crafts room, and started to carve something in stone:
    Downstairs, Drake and Iris were really enjoying themselves:
    And then Drake played on an arcade machine:
    Rachel was still carving:
    She found a metal in the stone and smelted it:
    Tending to the plants
    Rachel's next job was to tend to her plants:
    Metalwork, and invention fail
    Rachel then grabbed some scrap from the invention table and set to work:
    Drake joined her, using the inventing table:
    Things were about to go awry:
    This is why children shouldn't be allowed near the inventing table:
    Drake has the immune to fire hidden trait, as does Iris. Rachel stopped what she was doing:
    'I got this, Drake!' Rachel said, aiming the fire extinguisher at Drake:
    'Note to self, invent fireproof dresses' Drake said, singed:
    'I really don't get why we can use the inventing table' Drake said, after changing:
    Rachel nodded in agreement and continued with her metalwork:
    It was finally done. Rachel had crafted a chair:
    She sold it and teleported outside, grabbing the mail:
    A copy of her new book was amongst the mail.
    Affection time!
    Rachel then teleported into her bedroom and sat at the mirror, and applied her bright pink raspberry scented lipstick. Drake watched as usual:
    She then gave Drake a big loving hug and several big smooches on his face:
    And then Rachel blew several big kisses towards Drake, which landed on his face:
    Drake went bright red and giggled. Rachel had covered his face in big, bright pink raspberry scented lipstick smooches. 'Thanks for putting the fire out, mummy, and thank you for the lipstick smooches!' Drake said, still blushing, but smiling brightly. 'Awwww, you're welcome, my cute, adorable and kissable son!' Rachel said, smiling sweetly and batting her eyelashes at Drake:
    Rachel then used her demigoddess powers to magically clean Drake, removing the lipstick smooches from his face:
    Affection time, sister edition!
    Later on, Drake was in the hallway. Iris walked over like a princess:
    Iris then glomped Drake, giving him several smooches on his cheek:
    'I love you, bro!' Iris said, looking fondly at Drake. 'I love you too, sis!' Drake replied, cheerfully.

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    Under the weather; fighting yet another recurrent throat infection; will resume commenting again tomorrow, hopefully when I don’t feel like there’s been bundles of cotton shoved up my nasal passages and into my cranial orifice. Evidently there’s a sign up there: Gone on vacation - Let me know when you’re healthy again.
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,101 Member

    Thank you for the comments.
  • ilikethesims30ilikethesims30 Posts: 497 Member
    Slow, slow loads. It took like 4-6 hours to load the vacation destination. I tried to save, but I got a stupid Error 12 yet again :( . I just wanna play my game.....

    How do you lessen your load times?
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,140 Member
    Slow, slow loads. It took like 4-6 hours to load the vacation destination. I tried to save, but I got a stupid Error 12 yet again :( . I just wanna play my game.....

    How do you lessen your load times?

    I reduced my load times by removing stuff from my Sims 3 folder. I took out some CC from my mids folder, moved most of my saves to another drive, reduced the number of library irems. Increased the amount of free space on the drive that has the game on i t.

    Have you added any new cc or mods lately?

  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 14,041 Member

    Day 11 of the advent calendar consist of a mini-market wrapped gift box which can be found in the sculptures tab, the mini-market doll house, toy tomato and toy apple which all can be found in the kids toy tab... :)

    @lisasc360 That travel easel looks cool. I'm definitely putting that on my cc list since it is usable!
    It sure does. Once I had my SS finish her painting and I took that picture, I added the easel to her inventory and placed the other items in the family inventory... :)
  • Emma_ValentineEmma_Valentine Posts: 79 Member
    edited December 2019
    I had never really used this table in my dance venues before so I had never seen a Sim do this!! Got a snap of a Sim dancing on top of the table at a party. Site won't let me post the pic. Here's the link.

  • ilikethesims30ilikethesims30 Posts: 497 Member
    Karritz wrote: »
    Slow, slow loads. It took like 4-6 hours to load the vacation destination. I tried to save, but I got a stupid Error 12 yet again :( . I just wanna play my game.....

    How do you lessen your load times?

    I reduced my load times by removing stuff from my Sims 3 folder. I took out some CC from my mids folder, moved most of my saves to another drive, reduced the number of library items. Increased the amount of free space on the drive that has the game on i t.

    Have you added any new cc or mods lately?

    I recently added some Flamenco poses for my vacation game?
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,185 Member
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    @Emma_Valentine LOL your pics are fantastic.

    @ilikethesims30 I highly doubt you have enough CC to warrant several hour load times. I have nearly 20 GBs and my loading time is maybe 10 mins at the worst. And that's only on super large worlds.
    A few things come to mind on how to fix this:

    1. In the DCBackup folder in the TS3 user files, are there any items other than ccmerged? If so, delete everything but ccmerged as it is not needed once the stuff is installed.

    2. As @Karritz noted, it is generally a good idea to help game performance by reducing the number of items in your Library, Saves, and even Saved Sims folder. I usually move these to my external hard drive if they begin to get too large.

    3. I saw in your other thread that you are trying to load into custom worlds. I've found that some of these, while lovely, are just too much for the actual game. For example, I can't play in Tokyoko City without getting Error 12s any time I try to save. To test, try to send your sims to one of the EA vacation destinations. If it loads, we know it was likely the custom world(s). If it doesn't, then we'll just have to keep troubleshooting.

    4. How large is the saved game you're playing? If my saved games get to 150 to 200+ MBs, I either use NRAAS Porter and move the family to a new, fresh save, or I clean up the unnecessary files. There are tutorials for both of these online if it comes to this point.

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  • ilikethesims30ilikethesims30 Posts: 497 Member
    edited December 2019
    @Emily4331 :
      1. My save is 2.10 gbs.
      2. Only ccmerged is in my DCBackup folder.
      3. I just deleted some stuff for the Library.
      4. I have a bunch of old Saves...just in case. I guess now it's "in case".
      5. Poses are 91.5 MBs.
      6. Mods total are 5.08 gbs, less than I thought.
      7. I tried sending my Sims on vacation this morning to Les Champs. And still got an Error 12.
      8.I'm dreading starting over. I'd rather just dig up an old save.
      9. 140 MBs worth of Saved Sims.
    1. Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,185 Member
      @ilikethesims30 Whoops, you're right. ccmerged is in DCBackup. Sorry about that. Is that a typo? Is your saved game 2.10 GBs? If so, that is gigantic.
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    2. ilikethesims30ilikethesims30 Posts: 497 Member
      Emily4331 wrote: »
      @ilikethesims30 Whoops, you're right. ccmerged is in DCBackup. Sorry about that. Is that a typo? Is your saved game 2.10 GBs? If so, that is gigantic.

      Yep. My SimMeapolis Sims have been with me for over 2 years, maybe 3.
    3. SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 194 Member
      Played on my Smith Family, and it was Graduation for the Triplets. They left for Graduation at eleven in the morning and they didn't get inside the City Hall until half past seven at night. Canute was voted "Most Likely to be a Sports Star" while his sister Cosima was voted "Most Likely to achieve her Lifetime Wish". Marius, the other Triplet, was voted "Most Likely to Burn His Own House Down" due to his hidden Pyromaniac Trait. Then the family went to the Diner for something to eat before heading home and going to bed. But this Save is starting to lag, however I am starting to give the Triplets their Lifetime Rewards. Hopefully the next time I play I will save the Triplets to the Library.
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    4. KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,140 Member
      edited December 2019
      Emily4331 wrote: »
      @ilikethesims30 Whoops, you're right. ccmerged is in DCBackup. Sorry about that. Is that a typo? Is your saved game 2.10 GBs? If so, that is gigantic.

      Yep. My SimMeapolis Sims have been with me for over 2 years, maybe 3.

      My big game saves folder is 1.6 GB. I've been playing that game since at least 2012. But not all of that time. I currently have over 800 played sims in the game. They are spread across about 20 worlds. The only relevant file size here is the size of the files for the actual world you are playing in as only that world gets loaded. I have the game on an SSD drive. It loads in a few minutes - haven't timed it but probably less than 5 minutes. But that also depends on the world they are in. And the travel time to another world depends on the world they are going to.

      I recently spent a couple of days adding a couple of extra worlds and moving excess sims from some of the worlds that take longer to load and tend to require lower graphics settings to play and also are likely to give me error 12. I haven't totally completed this process yet but have now managed to make those previously over populated worlds more playable.

      EDIT: This particular game is used for two of my on going video stories - The McFluff Story and Oscar's Childhood (now The Adventures of Oscar, Eric and Susanne since Oscar aged up to teen in the last episode).

      Another EDIT: I can not play for long in some player made worlds. Also have big issues with any world in which I've added multiple additional lots. Also I find large basement gardens cause Error 12 eventually. Large gardens in general are an issue so I'm trying to control myself to having less growing harvestables in each world.

      Another thing that causes massive lag is excessive numbers of plants from Build Mode as they blow in the wind and that makes the computer have to recalculate that instead of getting the sims to do things.
    5. ilikethesims30ilikethesims30 Posts: 497 Member
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      @Emily4331 & @Karritz : I have to choose which save to play and which town. This is hard as hell....

      Which game size is ideal? Under 2 gigabytes?
    6. KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,140 Member
      edited December 2019
      @Emily4331 & @Karritz : I have to choose which save to play and which town. This is hard as hell....

      Which game size is ideal? Under 2 gigabytes?

      I have no idea as I've never thought of that before.

      If it were me, I'd write a list of all the problem worlds in the save. Then if there are any sims you want to keep in them try to move them out to another smaller world. Then remove the problem worlds from the game. I only suggest that because that's what I'm doing and it takes days, maybe weeks, to achieve. I already have stopped using AlpineCounty as it is too resource hungry and becomes unplayable very fast.
    7. Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,185 Member
      @ilikethesims30 I'm not sure, honestly. I usually use NRAAS Porter to move them at around the 300 MB mark since that seems like when I get Error 12s (albeit infrequently. Still greater than zero :lol: ). But since you and Karritz have been playing these saves for a long time at way over 300 MB, it makes me think you can push them a bit further than I usually do.

      I would test how decreasing the size affects the performance. Backup your saved game just in case before you do this so that you have an original version to go back to in case this doesn't go as planned. It's not like that is a huge likelihood, but Murphy's Law and all that.

      First, try cleaning out unnecessary files using S3PE:

      If that doesn't work, move your family and any families in town you want to keep their relationship with using NRAAS Porter:
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    8. lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 14,041 Member
      So while I was studying, I had the Sim God go and see what Brian Petersen was up to just because I was curious. So when the Sim God got to the house the Brian is staying in, she saw Ye Gangnam standing outside of his house watching Brian standing on the front porch. Now I can see why she is so interested in him as she is a vampire and she wants him all to herself.

      After I got done studying, I got a phone call from a classmate that wanted to talk for a few minutes, so I talked to them before heading on outside to do some outdoor activities before my next class starts... :)

      I decided that I wanted to use the trampoline for a little bit... :)

      Then it was to class as I had to go to the lecture hall today. Boy does everyone look happy to be there today!... :/

      This was the notes that we were writing down today from the board like we can really see all of that small handwriting from where we're sitting at... :s

      Now how can we ask any questions about the lesson today when we don't even have a teacher in there teaching us the lesson that's on the board?... :o

      More notes for us to write down even though I can't see the board to clearly from where I am sitting at... :s

      So it looks like Brian was able to leave his house without being a meal to Ye Gangnam.

      I had gotten a phone call right after the lecture ended but it was just a junk call, so I hung up on the caller.

      Once I left the building, I decided to go over to the lake and collect some seeds and rocks so that I could take them home with me so that I can plant the seeds in my garden... :)

      After I was done with my collecting, I was hungry so I went to the burger joint and had my dinner inside of the diner... :)

      When I got eating, I came outside and listened to a joke that my classmate wanted to tell me... :)

      I then decided to give Donny a call to see how things are going at home... :)
      Donny: Hello Lisa!
      SS: Hello Donny! How are you doing today?
      Donny: I'm doing fine now that I'm talking to you. I miss Lisa and I can't wait until you come home... <3
      SS: That's good. And I miss you as well and I can't wait to come home to you and Nathan... <3
      Donny: So what are you doing now?
      SS: I just got done eating a burger at the burger joint here. But before that I went out collecting rocks and some seeds so that I can plant the seeds for my garden... :)
      Donny: I can't wait to see what will be in our garden once you get it planted... :)
      SS: Well I can tell that it would be some yummy, delicious fruits and vegetables... ;)
      Donny: Well I can't for all of that delicious food then... :)
      SS: Well I'm going to go now so that I can head on back to my dorm as it's was a boring day in my lecture class but I did learn a lot while I was there... :)
      Donny: Well that's the main is that you're learning things in your class no matter how exciting or boring the class is. Okay I will talk to you later. Both Nathan and I love you and miss you very much... <3
      SS: I love and miss you and Nathan very much as well. Give Nathan a Kiss for me tonight... <3
      Donny: I will. Talk to you later!

      Once I got back to my dorm and I heard that the dishwasher was broken, I was going to call the repair person but decided that it was too later for them to come out.

      After putting my phone away, I went and pulled out my brand new art easel that I got from ATS3 and did a small painting that was worth 617 simoleons while one of my dorm mates watched on.

      After replacing the dishwasher and mopping up the water puddle, I cleaned the sink and then made it so that it self cleans since my dorm mates are a bunch of slobs.
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