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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,730 Member
    So finally after many hours of fixing my game, the first chapter...Oh well, maybe this will be twice as good.
    This chapter was put in spoilers as it has a Christmas song in it, and in case some people aren't for that, they won't see it.
    Nov 28th, 1991
    Catarina: I heard about this baby boy, that's come to earth to bring us joy and all I want to
    do is sing this song to you.It goes like this the fourth the fifth, the minor fall, a major lift.With every breath I'm singing Hallejuah, Hallejuah, Hallejuah

    A couple came to Bethelem, expecting child, they searched the inn, to find a place for you were coming soon.There was no room for them
    to stay, so in a manage full of hay, god's only son was born oh hallejuah, Hallejuah, Hallejuah

    A star shone bright up in the east, to bethelem the wise men three, came many miles a journey for you.And to the place
    in which you laid, their frankenscents, and gold and mirth they gave to you, hallejuah, hallejuah, Hallejuah hallejuah

    I know you came to rescue me, this baby boy who grow to be a man who die for me and you.My sins would
    drive the nails in you, this rugged cross was my cross to, still every breath you drew as hallejuah, Hallejuah, Hallejuah....

    Nove 24th 2019...
    Caterina: Brings back memories...
    Deanna: Mom wants you to join the church choir again.
    Caterina: For what? I don't sing anymore...that's that.
    Deanna: Where's your holiday spirit?
    Caterina: Bah! Humbug.
    Deanna; You can come home you know?


  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    @GraceyManor , Catarina is a cute little girl! And I didn't know there was a Christmas version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,945 Member


    I had to go back to university, but it was two days before the terms end so can take her back home
    quit shortly after. They seem to do great on their judo skills there.


    Love that frosty window shot.
    Aww poor her getting coal for Christmas, the kid
    lucked out better hehe.


    Thanks, I wanted to go back to my main folder but must have taken the wrong
    save with me but it goes alright to play up.


    Sorry about your computer problems.

    ok Im going to be busy today so wont be back on the forum until later tonight,
    will play a bit before I head out though.

    Happy simming all.

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  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,351 Member
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    @Emily4331 You are welcome. Your new additions look awesome again.

    @Silverofdreams30 *waves back* Thanks. I'm enjoying your updates, too.

    @GraceyManor Many of the nine houses from that pack have lots of decorations. Some are on the overly saccharine side for my taste though.

    @bekkasan Thank you! You can still see a tiny blue corner of the trampoline. I find it amazing how far they can jump. In real life, I would be scared with all those hard surfaces around the trampoline.

    @meerkattime Beautiful images. That black&white couple is particularly stunning. I guess I should try out Midnight Hollow some day.

    Other than that, I had noticed that my game had suddenly become even laggier than usual. When I looked for potential issues, I finally noticed that, although I had specifically denied any "upgrade" of TS3 during the start of that free Origin Access trial (which I had not agreed to, either, btw.), several system files had been replaced on that day. Particularly, my edited files like GraphicsCards.sgr, GraphicsRules.sgr and Sims3.ini had been reverted to their originals on that day, which means I had to replace them with my edited copies again, and now the lag is back to what is "normal" in my flaky SV game. Just a heads-up.

    As for my game, the last generation 2 young adult (Hesper, the former IF of Lucas) got married off. As it is tradition, the ceremony happened on the parking lot.
    I had originally planned on doing that during the university stay, but the actions were blocked there for some reason. Anyway, I will leave them to story progression and hope for the best.

    Other than that, there were a few new kids and birthdays, the usual stuff. When I had switched to Hesper's household, I found the child alone in The Grind (at 12:30 am no less), and that's why I noticed that Darlene Bunch was in labor (not sure what she was doing there in that state, either :lol: ). Love those faces.
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  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,908 Member
    edited November 2019
    This afternoon I decided to play the game a bit and record a couple of the children from the boarding school aging up from child to teen. Also there were some skills to be completed.

    Problem was the game has been crashing or giving me Error 12 lately.

    I let it run for about half a Sim day and things were achieved but the game felt heavy and clunky and I decided to save. It wasn't using lots of memory so it should have saved easily. Error 12.

    I tried several times but got Error 12 every time.

    Shut down. Reloaded.

    The game still felt heavy and not happy. I thought it was because I have too many sims in the household and I got Bailey to plant a heap of seeds in their smallish garden before sending her home. Also wondered if the inventories were too big. And the household inventory keeps duplicating itself. That's really annoying as there is so much junk in there. It now has 6 Group Science projects because I can't get myself to delete them. I got rid of all the stray furniture that came back and a heap of cars I already deleted ages ago but returned. And I left the dozens of seeds and graduation certificates and fish and other things like that. I thought if it fits into a sim's personal inventory I might be able to transfer them in bulk to a sim and get rid of them that way. Not sure how though.

    Anyway, I reloaded after I got the series of Error 12. I also reduced the graphics.

    Then a few seconds after reloading it just crashed. It was there and then it wasn't. This game has become totally broken and unplayable I thought. So I cleared caches and reloaded again.

    Getting a bit boring but I need this game to keep running. I decided to reset the lot.

    It took an age as I told it to reset lot before it had gone through its thing of getting story progression to run and things like that.

    I sat and watched and waited for it to crash.

    I was a bit worried when the entire house vanished from the lot. Haven't seen that happen before. But it came back. Relief.

    Finally it said Story Progression was activated and Time was running at 0.5 times and at last, it said Lot Reset.

    All the sims were standing at the front door which is what happens when the lot gets reset. They'd previously been scattered all over town and doing various activities around the house. It was about 11 pm in game. They should all have been in bed asleep.

    I had managed to get them all to bed just before the Error 12 thing started. I didn't want to go through all of that again so decided I'd just turn on testing cheats and drag up their energy bars in the morning. After making that decision I decided to save as with a new name before it crashed again. Hoped the Error 12 issue was fixed.

    While it saved I went and watched TV for a couple of hours.

    I'm really tired now and am about to go to bed. It's late.

    I just came to the computer to turn it off. The game hadn't crashed. Great news. It now runs a smooth as ice. So resetting the lot seems to have fixed the problem. Or it could have been a combination of reset lot, greatly reduce amount of stuff in all inventories and reducing graphics. Whatever it was - it seems to be problem solved.

    Then I noticed the thing that made my evening. I'd hit pause without noticing what was going on in game.

    Everyone was gathered around the front door. They were all complaining about being tired.

    Oscar, the star of the story, the child who is about to age up to teen and who I had planned to age up tonight before I went to bed but I had all this drama instead. Well, he was in his outdoor clothes (it's cold in game at the moment). He had walked indoors wearing his outdoor clothes and was in the process of spinning into another outfit when I had paused the game about 2 hours ago and I just noticed.

    I got some screenshots to share from a few angles.




    I'm off to sleep now. Oscar can age up tomorrow.

    Happy Simming All.

    EDIT: Here's the rest of the household.




  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,908 Member
    @GraceyManor sorry about your computer problems. I hope it is fixed now. Your sims are beautiful and that song it too.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,730 Member
    It seems okay now.I just had to restart my story :(
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    I made this for the family tree thread, but I'll post a copy here too because it's from the save I'm currently posting about.

    This is the family tree from my generational game, showing only all the ancestors (leaving out their siblings) of the fourth generation heir Marcel, who is currently a baby.


    This was photoshopped from two family trees only, but making a family tree in the other direction - starting from the founders and showing all their descendants - would be a much more daunting task.

    (Marcel's mother's side of the family has one generation less because she is the child of two festival vendors who were generated a little later in game).
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,730 Member
    edited November 2019
    Game broke again.I'm not up to trying to fix it.
    Something is funky with my mods and I can't figure out which one, one of them is conflicting I think with a nraas mod, because as soon as I reinstall all my nraas mods, my game goes funky.So I don’t annoy people with constantly restarting I won’t post until i know for sure I’m ok
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  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    Too tired to sort through and post my photos, so just the short story.

    Torrey is now a child, there was a Gift Giving Party with the whole family. And Lauri gave birth to a baby boy Lawrence.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,003 Member
    The new Sim will appear in my next update. Just getting her ready in CAS right now :smile:
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,003 Member
    Part 15A

    After an enjoyable weekend Shelly continued to talk to Brett but was still having problems with Gareth. He was now becoming persistent and she was starting to feel uncomfortable. She was also curious on who his ex girlfriend was an after some more worrying texts she made contact with the girl named Ellie online.


    Ellie was at first reluctant to talk to Shelly but she was in the area that week and was willing to meet up with Shelly as she felt that she had to warn her about Gareth.
    Who is Ellie and why was she so concerned? It seemed that she was worried about Shelly at first but after talking with her she agreed that they would meet in the town centre the next day.

  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    I could have sworn I already posted these pictures in this thread about half an hour ago, but apparently I haven't! Am i losing my mind or did I just write it and forget to click on "post comment"?

    Anyway, the morning after the gift-giving party it was time for Gemma to age up to child. A birthday cake was waiting in the kitchen.

    Marisella helped Gemma blow out the candles, and then placed her on the floor.





    Several close-ups of Gemma, because I couldn't decide which one I liked best:

    Two sisters looking a little too serious for the occasion:

    That's not how you hold a slice of cake, George!

    Gemma sitting at the table with the rest of the family for the first time:
  • DillynJamesDillynJames Posts: 551 Member
    Hi friends!

    I went ahead and pre-made some of my sims that I plan on playing in upcoming stories! Theyre excited to meet you!

    Thatcher Maylenderton

    Ronald Hunt

    Ophera Harding-Olsen
    modthesims.info/member.php?u=8889989 320k downloads on ModTheSims; CarlDillynson
  • cocococo Posts: 2,701 Member
    Hi everyone, I hope you have all been well. So I just arrived home after spending a week in Sydney. It feels like it's been much longer though since I now have 200+ posts to catch up on :lol:

    My trip was good, apart from a couple days where the city was submerged in smoke from the fires. I had a great time at the music concert (apart from lining up for 9 hours), I got to do a lot of shopping, visit the zoo and beaches. Now it's back to real life unfortunately. I'm looking forward to reading through everything I missed and hopefully find the time to do another update of my own, but I can't see it happening any time soon :weary:
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,138 Member
    @PalmArrow The new snow mod looks great in your game! :blush:
    The biggest difference is that the snow looks softer and cool, less blinding. ;) Check out how subtle and more realistic the icicles on houses look because before they were always so bright, like they had lights in them, and that didn't look real to me. :p Also, any uncovered snow areas that should've been covered were fixed. Example here:
    ^You can also see there's more snowflake detail on the ground. <3

    Yes, I think the tire tracks on the road look amazing too! :star:
    Enjoyed your updates. :)

    Well my friends...I have decided...

    :star: TOMORROW I will be debuting my Christmas Story! :star:



    I'm not sure what time it will be posted, but sometime in the morning on Mountain Standard Time. :p

    I can't WAIT! :mrgreen:
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,908 Member
    edited November 2019
    Sadly my Error 12 issues persist. I can do one successful save after launching the game. Then I need to shut down and reload to be able to save again without Error 12. But - there is no lag so things could be a lot worse.

    Jeanette Bright did manage to successfully age up to teen. And I saved after her birthday. I think I'll keep her hair. Haven't checked her clothes yet - but the outfit she's wearing here looks okay.




    @coco welcome back.
  • carlystur03carlystur03 Posts: 414 Member
    Well, I figured out what happened to my poor twin teens who I couldn't click to raise the relationship between the two directly and other sims couldn't interact with them unless I had one of the teens as the active sim as opposed to anyone else in the family. It happened between the day that my alien toddler aged up to a child and the next time I saved, which was only the next day - so I didn't lose that much time when I discovered that issue. Put all my mods back and, hopefully, the issue won't show up this time.
  • cocococo Posts: 2,701 Member
    Thanks @karritz. I'm sorry to hear that you're still having Error 12 issues. It sounds like resetting the lot helped there's still the memory problem. I wish there was an easy solution. I still get them from time to time. I think the last time I played something strange happened where all of my sims just stopped moving. It wasn't lag because time and everything else was still running. I left it for a while but then decided to reset everything with MC. It seemed to be taking a while and then I noticed that the household funds box was empty which is a sure sign of corruption. I reloaded the game and thankfully it didn't happen again.
    @GraceyManor I was also sorry to read about your game issues. Did you lose everything on your laptop? It might be a good idea to back up all of your sims folders on a USB or in a cloud service in future. I was really starting to warm up to Catarina too, what a shame :frowning:
    @meerkattime That's a lovely shot of the house. Do you use a lighting mod for MH? I don't own the world but I hear it's really dark. Morgan and his Mom seem close. I think the lady with the pigtails might want Morgan to turn her :open_mouth:
    @turjan That's concerning that Origin accessed the files. I wonder if it was directly responsible for the lag or if that was a coincidence. I'm definitely not signing up to any trial now. Congrats on the marriage! Yeah I think the University world stops certain actions like marriage and moving in.
    @palmarrow I love how you made the Family Tree with all the names. Marisella turned out very well considering her parents were vendors :open_mouth:
    I love the pattern on Marisella's dress and Gemma looks so cute in blue. Now she has little pigtails instead of buns. Lol just because it's a sponge cake doesn't mean you have to hold it like a sponge :lol:
    @jonny522 I loved reading all the updates. I especially liked the pictures of Ryan and Alex bonding over fishing. Congrats on the baby boy! Lawrence is a great name :smile:
    @king_of_simcity7 Loving all the drama in your story! Gareth has definitely turned creepy and I'm so glad that Brett was with Shelly at that party. I can't believe how much they all hate Hana. Their plan to steal the voting cards is very shady. Considering they were able to bribe journalists... there's really no one you can trust. I hope they let the authorities know as it's a serious offence. I'm curious about Ellie's backstory and it sounds like she has a good reason to warn Shelly about Gareth :fearful:
    @DillynJames Your houses on the other page were amazing! I'm definitely going to download some for my next story.
    You are great at making sims too. Their features look so realistic :smile:
    @emorrill Can hardly wait! You're such a good storyteller so it's going to be a lot of fun :smile:
    @bekkasan I adored your fairy world pictures. The mixture of different trees and colours makes it look exotic and unique but not in an over-the-top way. I really like your buildings and that Kings Cross Tavern is so cute. I can see Adam, Alice and the gang fitting in well here. Maybe they can all enjoy time on the beach once the babies are born :smile:
    @Silverofdreams30 Were you planning for twins? Hehe congrats! :mrgreen:
    @Emily4331 You are seriously the master of creating Asian sims! You have such a knack for it I'm jealous lol. Mei Zi was so beautiful and her pink hair was stunning. But then you go further and make a whole girl group of sims. Alexis, Emma and Atom are so cute and I really look forward to seeing the others :smile:

    I got slightly sunburnt while I was away and now I'm peeling... must resist urge to scratch :grimace::angry:
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,730 Member
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    @coco it was just my sims folder it completely vanished I had backed up copies but they were brokenmy sotry will be back just have to recreate everything
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,478 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you! :smile: I've never seen any lakorns, but I have seen a few Thai movies. Mostly horror. I think Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore have a bit of a knack for spooky films. :tongue:

    @meerkattime Thank you! :3 I love the girl in the pigtail's outfit!

    @emorrill Thank you! :smile:

    @PalmArrow The streets do look great with the snow texture replacement! I think the general snowy areas are just a bit higher resolution and more sparkly. David is staring at the pile of presents like he hid a cat ❤️❤️❤️❤️ in one of them. :tongue: Glad the gift giving party went well! Sometimes, I'll have sims just give up and run off before they open a gift. :lol: I usually try to improvise by buying things others can give them as gifts. The pictures from Gemma's birthday are super cute. I am still extremely envious of your beautiful homes. :lol: 100% thought the "Bourgogne" poster said "bourgeoisie" :lol: Gemma looks super cute as a child. lol George is just activating his fork hand powers. :tongue:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Thank you! Some of those kicks looked like they broke something during them. :lol:

    @bekkasan Thank you! :3 Hope you'll find time to play soon!

    @DillynJames Jessica looks lovely! And it's awesome that you made her a wiki page! I'll be sure to give it a read. :smile: Love the new sims. They have a lot of character to them. :smile:

    @Turjan Thank you! Lol love the parking lot wedding tradition. :tongue: Ah, the miracle of childbirth...right, Darlene? :sweat_smile:

    @coco How many trips do you go on? :lol: I'm glad you had fun. :tongue: Hehe thank you! I will carry this title with honor. :tongue: You shouldn't be jealous of anyway. You're awesome at making sims and wayyyyyyy better than me at taking nice pictures. :lol:

    หยาดฝนโปรยปรายลงมามานะ เธอลุกขึ้นมา :star:
    *Insert Game Here* to TS3 Conversions by yours truly!
    My CC blog!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,730 Member
    Well, finally got my game back up and running
    .Had to do a fresh install and folder...However I forgot to disable summer so I could start in fall, so the first chapter's gonna be in summer until fall(2 days) LOL

    Another late morning for Catarina.Her sister was busy rummaging through the grocery bags;
    making sure they had everything for thanksgiving in a few weeks."Would you like to help me Catarina?" Deanna
    asked in her usual mocking tone."

    "I think you are doing a fabulous job Deanna." Her sister rolled her eyes as she continued to unpack
    the groceries.

    "Why do you let her mooch of you? Jake broke up with her months ago; she needs to let it go and move on."
    "Deanna, she's your sister.Hush now.Can't you two get along?"

    "Sing along Catarina!" Deanna said as she played the tune of "Hallejuah"
    "I rather not.I don't sing anymore, you know that." Her sister abruptly stopped.
    "You don't do much anymore."


    "And what is that suppose to mean?!" "You don't work, you don't sing, you don't even
    leave this house." "You want me to leave Deanna, fine I'll leave." "Oh, stop being so dramatic, Catarina." "And its not Catarina! Its Cat, you know that." "Oh, so now you're too good for your own name?"

    Catarina grabbed her backpack and sleeping bag and headed for her usual spot, whenever
    she ran away from home.She had just enough change for a candy bar.Eventually; she would need
    to a find a new spot.

  • cocococo Posts: 2,701 Member
    @Emily4331 Pffff you make it sound like I go on holiday all the time :lol:
    I don't handle compliments well but thank you, you are the sweetest :heart:
    @GraceyManor The kitchen is so beautiful! I like the pose with the grocery bag. I hope something changes to make Deanna and Cat get along better (hopefully this time without the Mum dying) :smile:
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