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Favorite expansion pack

Sim loveSim love Posts: 517 Member
If I were to get a new expansion pack, which one would you advise me to get?

Edited to add: I only have the base game.
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  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 5,965 Member
    @Sim love

    where do i start because I own everything including the store however it comes down to the way you like to play and for me that's city's and tropical so Late Night & Island paradise are a must for me but many players with a lower spec pc cannot appear to play IP without lag but there are a lot of smaller custom worlds out there that utilize IP objects and animations so it still has a use (in my humble opinion-)

    Next for me is supernatural the world itself is very atmospheric and with a few mods relating to supernatural sims can be really fulfilling and fun as well..

    Then of course into the future which I also love to play so I don't think I am being very helpful here as I love all the content and playability S3 has to offer so I can be bias lol

    You don't say what packs you have but whatever you decide to choose I hope you have fun :)
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,919 Member
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    Island Paradise is my favorite, though the world is laggy.I tend to use custom worlds that have the features from it.
    Then comes Seasons, love the holidays it adds! And then Supernatural because I love creepy stuff :lol: My least favorite showtime, only because the singing career is glitched for me.
  • GoulsquashGoulsquash Posts: 715 Member
    Do you have any expansions already? And more importantly, what is your general game style?

    Personally, Ambitions is my favourite, with the options for self employment, the new professions, lots of new skills, and Twinbrook is one of my favourite worlds.
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  • rileyandjacobrileyandjacob Posts: 42 Member
    My favorites were probably Late Night and Supernatural. :)

    Although I highly recommend Ambitions as well.
  • KeiomestreKeiomestre Posts: 195 Member
    Unless you are playing a tropical desert, you must have Seasons. And if you enjoy family play, Generations is an awesome addition.

    Since I consider those two above as “must have”, my favorite optional is probably Supernatural.
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  • WaytoomanyUIDsWaytoomanyUIDs Posts: 832 Member
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    I would go for Generations followed by Seasons, athough they are almost neck and neck. Generations add a lot of new gameplay for all age groups. Seasons is really beautiful and changes up the game in fun ways. The only possible drawback is no new world with either. If that's a requirement then IMO Ambitions is a solid and enjoyable pack and Twinbrook an interesting world. Although the best world added by an expansion pack is probably Bridgeport by Late Night, which is also a pretty solid expansion, but IMO it doesnt really add as much as Seasons, Generations or Ambitions.

    An expansion that I thought I wouldn't enjoy as much as I do is Pets. Appaloosa Plains is stunning, almost as good as Bridgeport and the pets are good fun.
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  • gothprincess4evergothprincess4ever Posts: 2,125 Member
    I recently uninstalled and re-installed all of my Sims 3 content (plus worlds and some store content) and I realized that I never actually played with the Into The Future EP a lot. Appaloosa Plains is such a stunning world and I love the Pets EP.

    But my number one anwer is probably going to be Generations, because I love the interactions and animations between family members.
  • KelvinKelvin Posts: 6,899 Member
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    I would say it depends on your play style. We all play the sims differently; some people prefer generational gameplay while others perhaps adventures or vocational progression.

    About a year ago I created a poll asking about people which sims 3 expansion they enjoy playing the most, you may find the discussion here:
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,029 Member
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    So many people coming back. So many new faces to learn. :mrgreen:

    Well, where to start, I’ve always found that environment makes up ninety-five percent of immersion. And thus I recommend Seasons. The addition of weather into the Sims 3 will add to the ambiance of the game. Not only that you can drop lightning on them with the Disasters and Blessings mod or NRAAS Debug Enabler. Or even more fun drop giant burning rocks from space on top of your sims just for fun. Pancakes anyone?


    If you like to play legacies Generations is a must to ensure that you have smooth continuing family lines.

    And eventually you can end up with this.
    ...a confusing mess not even can sort out. The last genealogist ran out screaming.

    Then the other recommended packs are based on how you play the game

    Ambitions: if you like the flexibility of self employment being your established career instead of the soul-demeaning label of being “unemployed” then this EP is for you. Lots of cool new jobs to choose from; firefighter, ghost hunter. You can even turn piddling around in the garden or fishing into a job.

    You can also turn taking care of drooling nose-picking toddlers into a career. Yay. I’m a parent in RL I got to do that for free. My RL wife @Featherbelle and I are waiting patiently til they turn 18! ...and graduate. “Here’s your money for college (university), my dear darling child GET OUT!” ~evil grin~

    And if you’re so inclined, you can blow up things after levelling up in many new interesting skills. (Pssst. It’s inventing) also inventing and sculpture also give you. new ways of lighting yourself on fire. Which depending on your outlook may or may not be a good thing. I always like to look on the “bright-side” *groan* yeah I know that was a bad one. :mrgreen:

    World Adventures: for the addition of new worlds to explore new recipes and new skill-building interactive objects. Get your self hit in the head by the Sim Fu dummy -risk a concussion
    That’ll leave a mark. Also the tents are great woohoo locations

    Oh wait. This is a T-site. You didn’t see that.

    Supernatural: addition of new gemstones, a metric carp-ton of new harvestable plants and bees. Every one loves bees :mrgreen:
    Sim-Tosh: oh do shut up!
    Bees and werewolves, bees and vampires, fairies and witches. Unplayable zombies.
    Gemcutter so you don’t have to give all your hard earned simoleons to some schmoe off the street to cut your gem-stones for you.

    University Life: The pack where you can send your sim to post-secondary education where just like in real life you can blow a lot of money in order to get a nice wall certificate that says you know all this stuff to which your prospective employer turns around and says “that’s great. What’s your real world experience?” You can take various degrees. And study at a wonderful old campus where your mascot is a Peruvian ungulate with a bad temper. Yes like camels they spit. Enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of college life And even better if you send your sims to uni after having them gain some life experience you can actually teach a class while your absentee prof is probably sitting in the staff-room wondering if she will qualify for tenure this semester. Not to mention that if your sims go to uni while married evidently your wife will get hit on.
    River: “I’m sorry, boys, but I’m married; have four children and a husband who I’m not inclined to cheat on...ever. Better luck next time..”.

    Yeah I could go through every pack but I’m sure that from this post you can tell which packs I think give you the biggest punch for your money.
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    My favorites are Supernatural as I love the occult sims and playing fantasy style stories rather than real life. I also love World Adventures as the travel is so much fun and the three worlds are awesome! It really depends on what kind of play style you want though. I have all the EP's and the only ones not installed at this time are Pets and Seasons as my poor puter can't handle anymore and they are the two most intensive EP's. I do miss them though!
  • Felicity1169Felicity1169 Posts: 592 Member
    The only reason I bought the Sims 3 was for Supernatural so I can't imagine playing the game without it.

    But if you don't like supernatural game play Seasons or World Adventures are both really great choices.
  • SuzyCue72SuzyCue72 Posts: 526 Member
    Sim love wrote: »
    If I were to get a new expansion pack, which one would you advise me to get?

    Edited to add: I only have the base game.

    All of them of course! :grin::heart:And then the Stuff packs and Store Worlds too! :grin::heart:

  • VailsVails Posts: 50 Member
    Depends on your play style.

    Personally, I can't play without Late Night. I got in TS3 starterpack (which was my first introduction to The Sims series) a few years ago, and now I'm so used to playing with Late Night's content I wouldn't play without it. It adds a celebrity system, tons of new instruments, a film carreer, high-rise buildings, clubs-- I think you get the point. Not all my sims are wild party animals but the overall aesthetic and content Late Night is something I couldn't play without.
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