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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,745 Member
    edited November 2019
    I actually love that song and the movie based on the song.
    And I used both for my title.

    Sweet! :mrgreen: (Guess I don't feel so old now. ;) Even though technically I'm really not... :p )

    You my friend are now officially...

    (should say "cooler" :p )


    I have to say I feel really sorry for Catarina. :( No one should ever have to live on the streets in the bitter cold of Fall and Winter. Maybe she can find a part time job or something and find a super cheap hotel to stay in. :) I'm curious what will happen next.

    never seen any sim look at the
    Chin-ups like that before lol.

    ^Me neither! :lol:
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,854 Member



    Once again, Celestia got pranked. Well, Discord couldn't help himself, she thought as she attempted to swat the bees. Eventually, they flew off, and she decided to throw a campaign fundraiser at Varg's Tavern.


    At the venue, the guests danced for quite a while. Luna and Discord played together, while Celestia chatted with the nobles. Then, someone decided to be annoying, and Discord came up with the perfect prank. He waited until nighttime, and a certain human sim wasn't looking. He snuck up behind the man and let out a creepy scream.


    This startled the man so much, he dashed out of the tavern and sprinted across the parking lot. It turned out that he didn't believe in supernaturals, so the prank was justified. "I don't believe in fairies, I don't believe in fairies, aaaagggghhhh!"
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,014 Member
    The only little bit of life left in Catarina was her "job" at the pet store, if you could call it that.She basically worked there
    to repair her debt for staying there.Running late as always, she had to change in the port-a -potty at the fall festival.
    "He's gonna fire me.I know it."

    Fortunate for Catarina the owner wasn't there yet.She got to work right away.What he doesn't know, won't hurt right?

    "What is that guy doing out there?" Catarina peered out the window; spying on a gentleman looking up at the

    "What are you looking at?" Catarina asked."Oh lord, where did you come from?" the young man was taken back."From inside the shop.When people are snooping around and trespassing, its sort of my job." "Trespassing? I was just looking at the bird up there." He pointed up.Catarina looked up toward the sky, when the bird decided to go to the bathroom...right on her face.
    "Ugh." "I think the bird went number two on you..." "You think? I gotta go clean poo off my face." She ran inside straight for the powder room.

    "Things just keep getting better....this is so gross." She scrubbed the crud off her face; dried her hands and walked back
    the front.

    "What are you doing in here?" Catarina exclaimed."I just wanted to make sure your eye is okay." "As good as
    its going to be when a bird lets its waste out on your face.." "Yeah, sorry about that.Would you like to take a stroll with me?"
    "Why?" Catarina asked suspiciously."Why not?" "Well, let's see." She began...."You're not my type." "And you're not mine.Glad we settled that.
    Wanna take a walk?"

    Catarina shoved the young man out the door."You're weird,go shoo! get away.You're creepy." He turned around and asked "So that's a no?"
    "It's a no.ta-ta" and she closed the door.
  • imdragonitimdragonit Posts: 1,006 Member
    Dang it, I'm so rusty, now I remember why I do my builds in another world & bring them in :/ but it seems like Vanyel will get along with them :)
    ty everyone for your welcome backs :) so enjoying everyones posts @bekkasan I know they're a little challenged in the looks department, but that's a troll for you :D
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,234 Member
    Sorry folks; for the pause in the story. Had to pass the phone over to @Featherbelle so that she could get some of her old photos off her phone so that I can have some free space to take some photos of my own. Since she has to be in touch with work and I can rely on my home phone (This iPhone I’m on has a bit of a problem retaining charge. Might have to take a look at replacing the battery. Or it could be a circuitry problem. Either way at least I can use it if I keep it plugged into a wall outlet when I’m not using it. In other words it is a glorified land line. Or use it with a battery pack.

    Well anyways back to commentary so that I don’t get behind.

    Page 3720

    @Puddinroy - I hope so too; my fingers are way too big for this iPhone keypad. It’s teeth-grittingly frustrating to type any sort of post.
    @king_of_simcity7 - let us know where to read them (PM).
    @Karritz.-hope you are feeling much better. It’s frustrating when a cough and malaise after an illness lingers the way it does. It also makes doing video let’s plays harder too, right?
    @king_of_simcity7 - sounds like some interesting drama setting up with the girls gossip.
    @ZhakiraP -I’m definitely enjoying reading your stories.
    Horace will most definitely be an integral part of the bunker crew. After all he’s the only one that can go topside due to the radiation. Sunset Died is a really great world. I’d love to learn how to utilize CAW because I’ve wanted to make an irradiated world with the center of town blackened and charred from a nuclear blast. But it’ll mean learning CAW inside out and that’s a major undertaking which I’m not too sure with personal decisions that I’m going to have the time to do except on days off.
    @Silverofdreams30 - if sims were able to think for themselves; after every thing I put them through I’d be in fear for my life. :mrgreen:
    @Sigzy05 :mrgreen: ~evil grin~ saw that cross-out. Lol. From what videos I’ve been seeing on Youtube every four seems to think Discover University *cough-choke* is the best thing since sliced bread. :mrgreen: looks up “wait-a-sec... was that a pig I just saw at 15.000 feet?” *oink-oink-squeal*. Sure glad you posted TS3 University pics. Sigzy, That EP was the best by a country mile.
    @Steamvarius - always loved the electronic arcade games that were provided in TS3. Fun to outfit an home arcade in a million simolleon house. My younger sims go nuts when I do that.
    @Silverofdreams30 - Pamela is such a pretty sim.
    @bekkasan - <<hugs>> strength and thoughts go out to you from both @Featherbelle and me.
    Well, I go to see the doctor on Tuesday next week BP is coming down and hopefully I have enough stamina to at least get in to a retail position. Need to have that money flowing in. :mrgreen: With my health having been up and down over the past two, almost three years I need to get a green light from my doctor first. She’s cautious which is a good thing.
    I hope to get another chapter up today or early tomorrow morning depending on how well my iPhone cooperates with me. Have to convert from HTML from my blog to UBB code and edit as my early chapters had linkable images which are verboten (if I remember correctly) on EA forums. And well, so lots of editing to do on each chapter. :D
    @jonny522 - gorgeous shot of Shang Simla.
    @bekkasan - another wonderful chapter. Congratulations to Dedric and Wisteria, love Adam and Alice. He’s come a long way in martial arts since Victor took him under his wing. AWESOME board-breaking shot.
    @emorrill - still a few more weeks a bit tight. And have to look for work after Tuesday (Doctor’s appt) if all goes well and I get the green light.
    @GraceyManor - Love the shot of Darrell watching Chelsea looking after “their”? son? I used to do that in RL with @Featherbelle and our kids. :D.
    @Karritz -well hopefully he comes back when he’s ready too.

    Page 3721

    @Karritz - hope you’ll be feeling better soon.
    @king_of_simcity7 - wonder who that “interesting” someone is?
    @PalmArrow, I love that Sunset Died world. It works so well. If I ever learn how to use CAW; I might tackle a “nuclear-irradiated world that has a blast epicentre of an 800KT nuke. (Burnt out flattened houses (down to the foundation) scorched, broken walls and pavement). Lots to think about but less time is on the horizon.
    The shot of Haruo and River I had to edit :mrgreen: couldn’t show much below the shoulders. Heh heh heh.
    @merrkattime - lots of gloomy landscapes coming in that story. :mrgreen:
    @Silverofdreams. Congrats to Pamela and Stephen for getting together.
    @PalmArrow - Nice to see how far Tamsin has gotten up to in her job.
    @jonny522 - Well, a settlement is still a checkmark in the win column. :D.
    I tend to write a lot of JAG fanfiction so I have to do a lot of research on various military law teams in order to make my fiction sound believable since I’ve never been a part of the military (I’m 100% civvie pond-scum). My forte is writing the aviation sections of my stories. Most of my stories center around a character called Tosh “Animal” Nakamura (formerly CO of the VF-41 Black Aces F-14 squadron) and now retired former Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) married to JAG season 1 character Meg Austin who is now a Vice Admiral and now the Judge Advocate General (at least in my JAG fanfiction timeline) NCIS: Los Angeles threw a massive haymaker into my timeline with Harm and Mac. It’s going to take some major reworking (which probably is completely gobbledyguck if you’re not familiar with the TV shows JAG and NCIS). I’m not looking forward to that.
    @thebriamon - Jordie has been so solid on the blue-line for the Canucks; he’s actually the reason why the Canucks transition game is so good at getting the puck out of their zone. Although being on the wrong end of that 4-2 last night vs Dallas has got to hurt. Benning is so good at picking gems out of free agency. Both Antoine and Jordie have been great additions to the Canucks who have been helping the younger guys out. It’s nice to see them gelling together as a team. Gotta say that Benn has got some stylin’ facial hair. It’s gonna be interesting to see how much longer it gets when playoffs rolls around if the Canucks get that far. I’m still thinking they need a few more pieces to make a serious shot at contending. I’ve been waiting for nearly 50 years and hope they manage to raise Lord Stanley before I shuffle off this mortal coil.
    That hockey Sims save has probably got to be a ton of fun. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking when I saw your post about Jordie Benn beating up Tyler Seguin in your save. My drink would probably have gone down the wrong end. I think most of my amusement from that has to probably have been from this:
    And now Jamie’s older brother plays for the organization that the Sedins used to head. :mrgreen:
    But of course Jordie and Jamie are hometown boys so at least we got to bring one of them home. :D.
    “When you have a chance to go home and play in front of your friends and family and a team that you grew up watching, it's just one of those things that I've always wanted to do,” said Benn. “I told my brother and he told me just to go for it, so I’m ecstatic to come home and play for the Canucks.”
    And I forgive Jamie, since he encouraged Jordie to sign. :mrgreen:
    @SimsCat84 - :mrgreen: well, guess he figures that since he’s in uniform he’s got to make sure the keg-party doesn’t get out of hand. Well at least he didn’t do a “moving violation. In RL driving along one of my city streets I had a RCMP officer cut me off as I went into the turn-lane to get ahead of me. If I hadn’t hit the brakes, I would have gone straight up his rear bumper. Yeah wasn’t too happy with Constable Blind-Spot.
    @GraceyManor - That’s unusual for an EA house.

    Page 3722

    @DoodlyDoofus - It’s amazing that Sims don’t get into major accidents with the way they drive.
    @Emily4331 - I’m starting to feel sorry for the gnome. Sable looks like she’s out for blood.
    Yeah most definitely “hey dude, up here..,”. :D.
    I got a dose of Italian when I was taking voice back in college(oh. waaayyyyyyy back - for you younger folk (back in the Cretaceous) Handel used to write a lot of his arias (I was a bass-baritone; we get to usually play the heavy or the counsellor or the father of the female character; no hero roles -dang tenors always get those.”) before I realized visual arts was my forte.
    @ Turjan - I’m too petrified to play rotationally. Knowing me; I’d probably muck up my game and end up making hash out of my save so I’m suitably impressed by your tackling rotational play.
    @Silvrrofdreams30 -awesome update; that’s a cute pic of Pamela pining for Stephen.
    @king_of_simcity7 - I’ll check out your blog. @emorrill’s “oh my” has now got me curious. :D
    @emorrill; seen some of my RAW pics of River and Haruo. :mrgreen: If I posted them up here, I’d probably get perma-banned.
    I gotta get that mod. Love the pics you’re getting from your hot new computer. :).

    Page 3723

    Gave out awesomes.

    Page 3724

    @GraceyManor - I’ve been trying to look for good winter clothes for my sims too in prep for season change in my games. However kind of hard to do so when restricted to iPhone. Hopefully I’ll get the computer back before Christmas.
    @coco - absolutely terrific shot of that koala. Looks like you caught him at “golden light” - photographic term. :mrgreen:
    @Silverofdreams30 - nice to see Pamela and Stephen together. Did Stephen come to Twinbrook?

    Page 3725

    @PalmArrow - nice to see Stuart and Tamsin happy together as a family.
    @GraceyManor - Catarina is quite a stunning looking sim.
    @meerkattime - awesome capture on that meteor hit.
    @imdragonit - welcome back.
    @emorrill - ohhh you are absolutely right about that mod making the snow look awesome. Hopefully once I get back to work, if there is any money left after the bills are paid; it’s going towards a gaming computer build.
    @bekkasan - that castle looks gorgeous.
    @GraceyManor - ow... poor Catarina -things just went from bad to worse.

    All: Left likes and awesomes where I could. Will catch up on 3726 tomorrow.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 365 Member
    I hadn't been playing yesterday or today as my laptop had a monthly Windows Update, so my laptop is a bit slow today. I will be able to play tomorrow, if not, then the earliest I'll be able to play The Sims 3 is Sunday.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose (Teen), Marcus
    Taking a hiatus in January 2021
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,234 Member
    edited November 2019
    The Way of Life
    Chapter Six
    Increasing Knowledge

    It just so happened that Noel, when he wasn't busy with other things, such as working on his physical fitness, continued to work on the creation of nanites and trait chips. It was necessary for the Eight to be able to continue to increase their knowledge. Any knowledge would be helpful in surviving their time in the bunker. But technology was also something that they seriously needed to be wary about. If they didn't watch themselves, they could potentially invent the means of their own demise. After all, Christian Lous Lange once stated: Technology is a useful servant; but a dangerous master.

    Noel, despite his eagerness also had to balance out common sense in the creation of what trait chips he was going to utilize in each of the plumbots that he created. All it took was one plumbot developing an adverse sentience; that could spell the end of their existence.
    Screenshot-347.jpg Hildegard was an amiable plumbot; armed with the Steel Chef, Competent Cleaner and Musical Machine trait chips. She usually took care of the food needs in the bunker and that allowed Phil and Autumn to take the opportunity to build up their alchemy and logic skills (by making potions). They already had eight young again potions which they were stock-piling in order to make sure that they were able to utilize them when they took the Bottled Curse of the Lycan. Noel was working his way to getting the RoBotany trait chip so that Horace could take over the gardening from Phil at least temporarily.
    Screenshot-349.jpg Of course, Phil had to over do his first attempt at conjuring, and ended up passing out from exhaustion.
    Screenshot-352.jpg The potions that the Eight made were quite considerable and were slowly filling up the racks and it would probably be necessary to have a supply of each. Autumn also took some time to get in some cardio workout with the TV.
    Screenshot-354.jpgScreenshot-355.jpgScreenshot-356.jpg But life above on the surface was tough, the atmosphere was not doing anyone any favours health-wise, nor were the meteors which seemed to fall out of the sky with alarming regularity and periodically one of the sims would get hit by lightning.
    Screenshot-357.jpgScreenshot-358.jpgScreenshot-360.jpgScreenshot-361.jpg Making sure that the plumbots were always charged was one of the things that Noel ensured that he notified Horace and Hildegard of doing. When they were down to a third-charge they went into the rechargers. And a certain percentage of the day was spent deling with creating more nanites that Noel could utilize to create more trait chips.
    Screenshot-362.jpgScreenshot-363.jpg Considering that Haruo enjoyed music, he decided to take up the violin. Well, let's just say that he wasn't as good at the violin as he thought he was. Autumn certainly thought that his playing sounded like he was torturing a cat.
    Screenshot-365.jpg Phil decided to also increase his science skill. That would enable him to help out in creating more trait-chips and conduct experiments with nanites. And perhaps they would be able to reverse-engineer some circuit boards so that higher quality trait chips could be created.
    Screenshot-366.jpg Survival was ultimately in their hands and they would have to do whatever it took in order to survive till they could vacate their bunker.
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,535 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer thanks. I am continuing to improve. Just have times when I'm good and times when not so good. I am currently moving sims around as a couple of my worlds are extremely overpopulated. For example, Sunlit Tides have multiple houses where there are multiple families living due to lack of available houses and no empty lots. I'm moving them to a new world, but it takes time.

    This started because I aged up one of the teens to YA and moved her home and that led to me moving a bunch of sims out of her home world to a new world for the same overpopulated reason, but it isn't quite as overpopulated as Sunlit Tides - yet. But I have to have minimum graphics settings to play/visit the world.

    I hope to be back on track tomorrow and work on the episode where Oscar finally ages up to teen.

    I hope you are still having fun with your sims. If you got your computer back yet. I've not been keeping a close eye on the forums over the past couple of weeks.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,943 Member

    @GraceyManor I have several favorite outfits and patterns that y'all are probably bored with seeing too! :lol: I wish there was a way to delete all the ugly EA patterns so I could only have my favorite pattern maker patterns, but, much to my sorrow there is not...I've asked several tech people over the years who would know and they all so no. :cry:
    I don't like being wet or cold! I'm still not sure why she doesn't want to go home other than her Mom and sister are picking on her. I guess we will find out.
    Ewwww!! Bird poo on the face! What else could go wrong? I'm thinking she should have tried to sell him something instead of pushing him out the door. :smirk:

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks! :smiley:

    @emorrill Thanks! I think I finished earlier today. I did the travel back to Dragon Valley before I had to go back out.
    Gosh, are you trying to get me in the Christmas spirit with putting up Christmas songs. Bah Humbug! :tongue:

    @PalmArrow I was trying to remember where I got the castle so I could give credit where credit is due. I didn't keep very good records back then and the name was not on the sims3pack.

    @DeafSimmer That was a nasty prank! Bee's sting! I don't mind the scaring is funny.

    @imdragonit Yep, gotta admit trolls are not the most attractive species out there. But she is so sweet giving her man some flowers! <3 Love the cave home you built for them!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Thank you and @Featherbelle for your thoughts! Much appreciated. Hopefully you will find something that you can enjoy. I know I love home health, I just hate the paperwork part! I'm sticking with it for now though. I keep saying when I retire I'm heading up to Washington to talk some sense into those folks who keep over regulating and under-servicing what people really need.
    Thanks for the comments on my sims and pics! :smiley:
    Autumn! Was so happy to see her make it in the bunker! Even if she is making funny faces at Haruo while he is playing the violin. :grin:
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,014 Member
    edited November 2019
    I'm not bored per-say with the items.I'm just not good
    at using patterns to make clothing look nice.And I end up using the
    same patterns over and over again.

    If anyone has recommended patterns or store items they particularly like
    let me know, I'm for sure in the market for some shopping LOL.

    I don't like being we and cold either.I guess she's stubborn? Annoyed maybe? XD
    She's not a sales person at all LOL and found him annoying XD
    Post edited by GraceyManor on
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    edited November 2019
    @GraceyManor , I don't know if you saw my post from a day ago when I recommended the Elaborate Knits Pattern collection by Simlicious?

    Also, @CravenLestat made a collection of very pretty knitted patterns three years ago:

    Some very pretty wintery items from the Store:

    Eight Button Trench Coat from the Mother Russia set
    Valenki boots, also from the Mother Russia set
    Bountiful beret from the Luxury resort attire set
    Pumped up pom pom hat from the Luxury resort attire set
    Long scarf is long from the Everyday casual chic set
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    The end of summer and Leisure day has come, and so a set of fireworks is most appropriate.
    Ryan visits Mona and Torrey, Alex and Lindsey visit Evelyn, and Elm Apartments is completed and filled with 11 sims.
    Since Alex and Lindsey are retired, they have plenty of stuff to do outside and around town.
    Ryan is going to Rivertown (the nearby major city) to argue his case before the court of appeals in regards to soldier D. He expresses some concern over his chances, but Lauri encourages him.
    Ryan leaves for a full week, Lauri keeps herself busy with work and hobbies. Plus I just love that shot.
    Ryan is back, his team lost the case at the court of appeals and they refused to override the inquest verdict. His team will be appealing it to the Supreme Court (there's nothing further after this unless exceptional cases call for it).
    Lauri is still happy to see him, even if it's only for a weekend.
    Ryan goes to Roseville for the supreme court, it's a 2 hour flight after the 2 hour drive to Rivertown.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member

    yes shes preggers hehe.
    I took quite a lot of screenshots yesterday.


    Catarina has a not so easy life, it must be awful having to sleep
    in shops and the like.


    Yes, she invited him there then I added him
    to the family.
    Thank you for the comments.
    Wow, they sure have intense days in your world.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member

    Here is an update


    Pamela wished for a massage so sent her to the spa, while she was there
    Stephen went to the beach.


    And a jogging trip aswell.



    Back at home, Stephen talked to the baby in her belly.


    And enjoyed a refreshing pool moment after his jogging.


    Another day the babies ( yes babies) they had twins arrived two girls named Lyric
    and Isabella.

    All for now.

  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,641 Member
    May or may not have bought Supernatural today... and so therefore started a new save :D

    Of course, I made a household of four occult boys: the first naturally being Prosper who is now a fairy
    Eco Friendly
    Loves Outdoors

    Audax Stone, my witch/wizard or whatever you want to call it
    Hot headed
    Commitment Issues

    Mostyn Duff, werewolf
    Loves Outdoors

    And lucky last, Keegan Fyres, a vampire
    Good sense of humour
    Night owl

    They also have a dog named Lykos

    I had them all move into a big house in Moonlight Falls.

    Audax started practicing magic

    Prosper learned how to fly

    Mostyn found the TV and immediately started doing a workout

    Keegan brooded

    Prosper had a wish to cast an aura of soothing

    Audax conjured an apple and started learning alchemy

    Mostyn and Keegan went across town to the gym

    Back home, Keegan and Prosper had a conversation

    Prosper allowed Keegan to drink from him

    I made Mostyn transform

    Then I made him eat salad I'm so mean :D

    After he transformed back into a human, I had him teach Lykos to hunt

    Prosper went swimming

    Keegan had rolled a wish to go for a jog

    I bought Prosper a fairy house

    Mostyn watched TV in his underwear while Keegan brooded after his jog

    I decided to have Mostyn cook breakfast. Audax couldn't be bothered waiting and conjured himself an apple instead

    And it was just as well because Mostyn ended up burning it :D

    Prosper danced and planted some seeds

    Keegan needed to deliver a package for an opportunity

    When he came home he talked with Mostyn and Prosper

    Prosper had a wish to take Lykos for a walk

    Keegan visited the library

    Mostyn's lifetime wish involves mastering the athletic and martial arts skills so I decided to send him to China the next morning

    First stop: The Academy

    Got his yellow belt in no time

    When he became too tired to continue, I sent him to the Scholar's Gardens

    ...It just so happened to be full moon

    I sent him to the market, where he got a cheesesteak

    The next morning, he was back to normal and burned his breakfast again

    Then he tried to apologise to another traveller for turning into a werewolf

    I wanted to look at the Terracotta army so sent him over to see it

    Extras: Just some extra pics of the boys
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,943 Member

    @GraceyManor Everyone's tastes differs so I find it hard to recommend specific things. I try to dress my sims more like I see their personality rather than mine. If I used mine they would all wear jeans or yoga pants and Tshirts or tank tops with country music stars or beach scenes plastered on them! :L
    I use their favorite colors, music and traits to kinda guide the clothing styles for them. Its a challenge with several women in the family.
    I have cruised the exchange for years and have probably a 1000 patterns in reserve in a folder in my documents, no...they are not all in game...just there if I feel the need for them.
    I use many of @cravenlestat's patterns.
    michellepyle (sims3 site name) made some beautiful patterns and has tons in her studio.
    simlicious that PalmArrow mentioned has lots of great patterns and I use some of hers
    I've also got some of @charlottesmom in my game.
    I also have several of @PalmArrow in my game.
    I enjoy the hunt for good patterns since I've tried to use the pattern maker and fall short every time and just gave up. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I want patterns that are synchronized and fit together well and I can't seem to do that :( So, I just hunt for what I want.

    @jonny522 Pretty fireworks, looks like a giant snowflake.
    That is a nice apartment building and having everyone close by must be fun.
    It's nice that you found a place to put the skills certificates. I used to hang them in the garage and hallways and now I just sell them. :lol:
    Bummer they lost the case. Glad he has Laurie who is so supportive. Good luck with the appeal.

    @Silverofdreams30 Cute pics of Stephen splashing at the beach and chatting with the baby bump.
    Congrats on the twins! Great names.

    @afai1261 Your guys are adorable and I think you will enjoy supernatural. I know exactly which pictures @emorrill will give you a rawr! Yep...same ones as me. Hot stuff!
    The team did such an awesome job on the terracotta army!

    @meerkattime Thanks for the comments on the castle. :)

    Working today, but hopefully not all day. Happy Simming!
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,014 Member
    edited November 2019
    I enjoy the hunt for good patterns since I've tried to use the pattern maker and fall short every time and just gave up. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I want patterns that are synchronized and fit together well and I can't seem to do that

    This.I can't synchronize to save my life. :D

    No I didn't see your post.:( I'm not getting tags for some reason;
    Thanks for riposting those.I purchased some of the store items.
    And saved the patterns for later download.
    I really like the pom pom hat.Love those knitted patterns, almost didn't recognize the clothing!
    @bekkasan made a good point with recoloring, it really does change up the variety a bit.

    I don't think she's in the market for friends.XD
    He's actually quite bitter about life in general lol
    Hopefully she'll go home soon.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member


    Thank you.


    I think Aydax is my favorite guy.


    yeah, that photo made me laugh too.
    I aged the babies up to toddlers the day
    after they are really cute.
  • thebriamonthebriamon Posts: 371 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer I was listening to that interview with Benn and Seguin live when it happened. The optics of it went south pretty bad and those were silly things to say, but at the time it really just seemed like they were goofy, immature boys saying goofy, immature things and meant nothing at all. And it isn't as though the Sedin twins have never poked fun of themselves in a similar fashion :D

    It's so good to see Jordie appreciated. For years he was a whipping boy in Dallas. People assumed he only got to where he was because of his brother. I hated to see him traded, but he is finally getting recognition as a capable defenseman.

    I like the direction Vancouver is taking and you have some really exciting young guys. I hope the team finds success too!

    I guess to keep this on topic a little more (because I could talk hockey forever), I will say, I am itching to restart a neighborhood with my hockey sim personalities around. It was a whole lot of fun the first time around and it'd be even more fun to share it with anyone who recognized the names.

    In my Gobias Legacy I never took the jelly bean bush out because the sims kept wanting it, and I usually tend to stick pretty closely to their wants and dont revert to old saves when something bad happens, so of course:

    Anderson (Gobias' and Agnes' first son) is engaged to Darlene Bunch

    And Anderson's bachelor party was so exciting, Beau Andrews dropped dead
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    Alex decides to write his autobiography, called Jumping Fences.
    "Dedicated to my 3 Children Evelyn, Mona, and Ryan. These are some of the things that you're daddy did while he was away."
    They go out together for a few more things.
    Lauri had to work really hard on some new set of numbers as everyone was recently given a raise to boost morale, she also takes bubble bathes to soothe her after the long hours.
    Ryan is still off doing work at the Supreme Court, so Lauri makes both of the Jack-O-Lanterns.
    Ryan makes it back at 1:00 PM on Friday.
    Lauri comes and greets her husband.
    A conversation before a big meal made by Alex.
    Ryan's feast meal, sure it's a day late but it's better than never.
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 365 Member
    Returned to the Molyneux Save after a month. Where I left off it was Patroclus' birthday and the family was having cake. Of course, after cake everyone wanted to use the bathroom. Pat's mother and father went first, followed by the rest of the family. While all this was going on, Pat decided to do some homework. After homework he too needed to use the bathroom. Ajax phoned the repairwoman for the dishwasher, and Tuesday Sears turned up a hour later. It soon went to night, and the family went to bed. Pat climbed into his new bed and son fell asleep. In the proccess I placed some wildflowers from the Bohemian Garden set in the garden (They're the only item from that set I currently own) and I found an Evil Gnome. After all that I saved and quit.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)
    The Oakley Legacy. Update: Generation 1: Dennis, Iris, Bede (Teen), Rose (Teen), Marcus
    Taking a hiatus in January 2021
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    Ryan and Alex go fishing, both get some decent catches, and Alex compliments Ryan on his fishing skills. Especially seeing how he hasn't used them in a while.
    Alex gives Ryan Jumping Fences as a gift.
    "Son, as you know when I was in the Army I frequently would go away, now I've told you some of my adventures and sights, but I felt it was only fair if you knew all of the major ones, and I think this well help in that regard"(A)
    They camp on the night that winter starts, and the first snowfall occurs.
    Ryan finishes Jumping Fences within a day, its a very interesting read.
    Intro: My Birth

    The earliest memories I have in my life are around a decent sized apartment on an Island Kingdom to the West of Central Africa. The temperature was always 20 degrees or more, the winters were sun and rain, the summers more sun less rain, some would say a perfect place, I would personally debate that. My mother was and had always been quite poor till this point, she had finally gotten a decent job at a nearby store, becoming the store manager. My father was a criminal who my mother had unfortunately rested her sorrows in after the death of her husband in a fire(he was a firefighter). He died from falling down a pair of stairs after one bad day of arguments with my mother after learning of the fact that she was pregnant.

    But back to my earliest memories, as they tend to be in someone of that age, they're more just shadows and rough images, for some reason emotions and feelings aren't connected to them. The first true memory I have was of my mother bringing me to a local beach and putting me in the shallow water to play, I can't remember what happened or why, I just remember that sea, the sounds of waves, and my mother watching as
    I kicked water around since I had just discovered that that was possible, and decided to make good use of my newfound ability.
    "A compromise is won at the Supreme Court for Soldier D's legal team, the most important being the quashing of the unlawful verdict".
    The appeal to the Supreme court has ended in a comprise with Soldier D's legal team, the team was mostly happy at the end result.
    Their appeals were on several points.

    1) That the inquest verdict placed far too much of a burden on the soldiers and argued that it used the advantage of hindsight and hyper-analysis of a heat of the moment decision.
    2) That the inquest system and judicial system is not understanding of the dangers that soldiers face on Internal Security and. As such a method should be used to increase knowledge and understanding of how quick and dangerous these situations .
    3)The mandatory use of body cameras for soldiers on Internal Security to prevent the dichotomy that is seen between civilians and soldiers, as the soldiers may close ranks, and the civilians may distrust or dislike the soldiers, and as such either lie or warp the truth around that bias.

    The Supreme court was borderline about the inquest findings in a normal situation, as firing when the line of fire isn't clear is generally viewed as not acceptable in the police. However they found that with the context in question including training, this finding put the soldier at too much risk and was an over-extension of the term "absolutely necessary". They also agreed with the argument in regards to the fact that if someone intentionally acted as cover for a lethal act of force, they would be found guilty of conspiracy to murder. As such it seems odd that they are treated identically to civilians caught in the crossfire despite the soldiers legally being allowed to fire on members of the party if they attempted to escape and couldn't be stopped.

    As such the Supreme Court recommended that future inquests should not only consider whether the soldier reasonably/honestly believed that their use of force was reasonable (changing it from absolutely necessary, as that term can and has been over-extended beyond reasonable use at previous inquests), but that in terms of proportionality it should be a subjective rather than objective measure, and they should take into consideration the extremely pressing and short time frames that such decisions are made. In addition consideration should be made that under pressure we will believe what we expect, and again that should be taken into account.

    The second submission was partly in connection with the first, but with some differences. They argued that those who have not been in combat have difficulty understanding the dangers that soldiers undergo in these situations, and that the only way to combat this is to have at least one judge in such inquests be a soldier, or to have a a counsel of three expert and experienced veterans(with experience of such circumstances) to explain how soldiers will react in those circumstances and provide counsel to the inquest as to whether the use of force was justified.

    The Supreme Court found that always having a veteran judge was both unreasonable and against the spirit of the law, further they said that it was against the fundamental principle of law being blind to the status of the accused. However they did concede that in several cases it was obvious that the judge was not understanding of the dangerous situation that soldiers find themselves in, on several occasions ignoring standard military practices and tactics in finding and engaging targets and finding soldiers as reckless for engaging in a way that was understandable and reasonable at the time. They agreed that a counsel of three veterans would be a reasonable rule for all inquests and trials involving soldiers or police in exceptional circumstances. The methods of counsel will be open to further discussion at a later date, but the main principle is that the counsel can make no findings of fact at the inquest but can explain how a soldier would react with the facts available, and whether they thought it was reasonable, the ultimate determination would still be at the hands of the judge, but the counsel can provide advice.

    This is likely to occur in two ways, the counsel will provide advice for several scenarios that are asked for by all parties including the Coroner's. They will provide advise into each one, and be open to cross-examination.

    The second way is during highly contentious cases, the coroner will come to a conclusion on the facts of what happened and call for a hearing to cross examine the counsel in regards to their advice only, the facts of the case will not be open for contention, and both sides can argue their points on those facts. The coroner will then return at a later date to pronounce the verdict.

    On the third point the supreme court stated that it could not create laws, and this submission would be up to the government to decide to either push into law or as standard policy for soldiers on Internal Security, they considered the matter no further.
    Torrey has grown into a child. Alex reminds Mona to keep jogging given the tiring nature of her job. Mona has also been promoted to full Forensic Pathologist (she was previously a junior).
    Go for a short swim in the cold water.
    Ryan has received news that he is going to be granted the title of QC (Queens counsel), it's certainly good news.
    Another visit to Torrey, Ryan is surprised to see how large he's gotten and how much he has grown up.
    A short book titled "Law in Regards to the Army on Internal Security".
    Lindsey and Alex go out for camping in the snow, and Ryan goes to see his nephew again. In other news the government has declared that all soldiers will now be wearing head cameras (or body cams if no head is available) during Internal Security duties.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,014 Member
    "Sorry! in a rush." Catarina said as she bumped into another person.

    "You!" She shouted! "And its you to." the young man responded."Are you following me? Stop it!" Catarina shouted.
    "I was making a delivery...and by coincidence you just happened to be here..." He responded.She looked him over cautiously.
    "Let's go for that stroll." "What no? I don't know you..." She snapped back."I'm Tom." "Uh, Catarina." "Great, now you know me.Come with me."

    He lead her down a dark ally, that was barely lit."Uh, has anyone told you, you're almost killer like?"
    " one's ever told me that." "Uh-huh."

    "Here we are...I like to come here to destress.You seem tense." "Right, so you make judgements on people
    you don't know....Well I appreciate the criticism." "Would you just come inside."

    "Why are you always by yourself?" Catarina shrugged."I currently don't have a home...or a home I can go to."
    "What about coming here to the shelter?" Catarina laughed."Are you serious?" "Hey, I volunteer here." She laughed even
    harder."Your not joking...your serious.." She gasped."I would rather take my chances back "home." "Well....then go home?"
    "You know what...I might just do that...if it will get me away from you...Thanks..."

    "I enjoyed our stroll, Catarina.We should do it again." Catarina yelled back; "NOT MY TYPE!" as she ran out.
    "Suit yourself then."

    "Mom! Open the door." Catarina knocked loudly."Mamae! Mamae! Oh come on now please?"

    "Espèce idiote, idiote, où étais-tu?(you silly silly girl, where have you been?") Her mother started lecturing in french."Mamae, please.Its 2:30 in the morning, don't lecture me.I just want to go to bed." "That's right Catarina, get out of those wet clothes...tomorrow we see your doctor." "Ugh"

  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 748 Member
    Meanwhile, Tori and Ed are spending the apocalypse making passionate love, both thinking about Ed after they finish.
    Oh, Ed got a pretty gosh darn good promotion. You know what this means? THEY CAN FINALLY AFFORD TO GET MARRIED!
    At the beach.......during fall.....he didn't have the money for this wedding during Summer....
    Oh lookie, Tori invited her new Billionaire friends, Nancy Landgraab and Mayor Vita Alto......Who knows how much longer she'll be Mayor though.
    Tori: "Enjoy the title "Mayor" while you still can!"
    Ed: "Hey sorry about your brother, he was a pretty good man, not a good driver but a good man in general."
    Connor: "Too bad for Claire, no more child support for her."
    Tori: "Okay so Ed, meet Mayor Alto."
    Vita: "I don't care what anyone else thinks, you're hot!"
    Ed: "Feeling's not mutual."
    That's not something I made up, I use the nrass story progression mod, second Ed shook her hand I get a popup notification saying that Vita "Doesn't care what anyone else thinks, you're hot!" RIP Ed.
    Connor: "Something tells me we're going to need plenty of drinks to survive this wedding."
    Well looks like the chances of an Ed/Vita romance are low, thank the Plumbob.
    So let's get this wedding underway.
    No one wants to see it BTW.
    And I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Wexler.
    Mozel Tov!
    Aww man, Ed broke his phone.
    Meanwhile, the newlyweds enjoyed their first dinner as a married couple.
    Ed: "Man, would be nice if we could afford a better dinner.....and a honeymoon."
    Tori: "Yep, but we spent all our money on that wedding."
    Eh, they'll make up for their lack of funds.
    Tori: "Well shucks, don't have the money to pay THOSE bills. We'll just slide them under the fridge."
    Also, since Tori has been elected as the "Local Representative". Which basically means "You're still bottom of the food chain, but at least you have the excuse to dress like you have some power." which is exactly what Tori has done here. She needs you to see that she has more power than you, not as much power as Mayor Alto or the President, but still, more power than you. Now get to bootlicking you scrub.
    After she's done vomiting BTW.
    Ed also decided to dress for HIS big promotion, and magically grew his hair out overnight.
    Burglar: "Trick or Treat!"
    Ed: "Oh thank the Plumbob that it's Halloween, I was going to break your neck!"
    Honestly when you look like Tori you just find yourself admiring yourself in the mirror 24/7.
    Meanwhile, Ed and Tori went out for Date night.....Ed somehow got there faster than Tori.....why did they take separate cars? I dunno man.
    Boy, do these two sound awful!
    Ed: "That's not mine is it?"
    Oh good, Tori's here, she can get Ed out of this.
    Ed: "Tori, help me please."
    Tori: "Can't, gotta catch up on my work. Very important woman over here. Just have fun dancing with your friend."
    Well good thing Ed's a great dancer, he tamed the beast, so to speak, for a few more hours with that.
    That's when Ed and Tori took the stage for karaoke. This will surely get Tori those votes!
    Aww how cute, the couple that starves together stays together! You know until they die of starvation....Should get them something to eat.
    Well good news is, Ed's Mac and Cheese is to die for! Well I mean not tonight, this time the Mac and Cheese will be saving lives.
    Meanwhile, Tori had to investigate a weird sound.
    She was returned several hours later, now she knows that Ed wasn't lying when he said he was abducted by aliens.
    Oh hey, she's pregnant.
    Ed: "Is that your second plate of pancakes?"
    Tori: "HA! You think this is only my second plate."
    Tori: "Wanna do it in the shower?"
    And then they did it in the shower.
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