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What is so Interesting About a Farming Pack?



  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 3,228 Member
    Still interested in this topic and I would still be salty if kids could not water a plant or do something new in this hypothetical pack.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,423 Member
    Still interested in this topic and I would still be salty if kids could not water a plant or do something new in this hypothetical pack.

    They should definitely update that! Also kids should be able to open the mailbox!
  • auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 634 Member
    I honestly don't care for a farming pack. I don't really play with pets in my game either. When it comes down to it, I would probably buy it for the build/buy and CAS items and hope that it has something that adds to the way I play the game.
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  • Octavie88Octavie88 Posts: 115 Member
    Story of Seasons and Stardew Valley are popular for a reason. A farming pack will give the game diversity, a chance for sims to live a non-modern lifestyle because that's what almost every pack provides. Some people are either tired of that or never liked it in the first place. I'm a city girl and I hate the fact that sims are given a cell phone by default. It makes it hard to do a medieval based save when your sim is idly playing games on their phone every 5 seconds. And I'm sure items in a farming pack would yield themselves well to an off the grid lifestyle which a lot of people are interested in. Having choices is always welcomed.
  • GguyGguy Posts: 106 Member
    Variety of course. Different life styles means different hobbies and new opportunities for storytelling.

  • KelvinKelvin Posts: 6,305 Member
    Some players didn't want laundry either.
  • GguyGguy Posts: 106 Member
    Funny fact: The laundry pack was part of a community project, meaning that players did indirectly work on creating it.

  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 1,873 Member
    Gguy wrote: »
    Funny fact: The laundry pack was part of a community project, meaning that players did indirectly work on creating it.

    Ugh, yeah, I remember that. It is the WORST idea for a standalone pack.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 4,298 Member
    Please keep this thread on-topic, discuss Laundry Day in the Stuff Pack section if you're really that mad about it.
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  • BobisbaeBobisbae Posts: 195 Member
    I only have a very specific family in mind that it would apply to overall but I mostly want the ability to take gardening to the next level and add some agricultural aspects to the game. I'm also from Texas and my great great grandparents were sharecropers so I kind of want to tell their story. But I also just want a pack dedicated to more animals goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows. There's a side of the community that wants that off the grid experience well I kind of just want the cattle driving experience (to an extent). Plus more crops!!!!
  • somethingstellarsomethingstellar Posts: 1,042 Member
    edited November 9
    I dunno why people are so mystified by the idea people want a farming pack.
    You can make it sound as tedious as you want to but clearly yall forgot Farmville was a thing for a minute. We begged EA to let us do a chore like laundry why do people think there'd be nobody in to farming? Lol we are a species who hate real chores and enjoy simulated chores. I'd enjoy real chores more if I could sit while I do them too
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  • LMcGELMcGE Posts: 215 Member
    I wanted a farming / country living pack as I think there is huge potential for deep gameplay within it. There are so many options that could be chosen to provide activities for all members of the family. I believe it also has the potential like Parenthood and Seasons to become integral to the game in a way that you can almost forget you are playing a pack. However, following the recent releases and the lacklustre stream for Discover University, I don't hold out much hope.

    I feel really strongly that the life has gone out of the game and for that I feel dreadfully sorry. I still remember my husband bring me home the first Sims game on a disc nearly 20 years ago and despite have actual children of my own to look after I still loved finding some time every now and again to look after pretend people. I had hoped the game would run and run, but I suppose that is silly, nothing lasts forever and why should Sims.
  • July7601GirlJuly7601Girl Posts: 33 Member
    i can see the appeal of a farming pack at first due purely to novelty, but i think it would grow boring and repetitive so fast.... i play a lot of farming games such as stardew valley and harvest moon but i don't think the replayability of those games would translate as well into ts4
  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 414 Member
    edited November 12
    County fairs, horses, new world, animals, foods, harvestables and tractors
  • Wallsisms4everWallsisms4ever Posts: 411 Member
    I have to be honest and say the biggest reason I want a farming pack is because I want a world like Apaloosa Plains from Sims 3 Pets. It was by far my favorite world in Sims 3. I really miss its vibe.

    Having horses and potentialy other animals sounds very exciting to me. Also, I like nature related activities and am totally up for a more rustic cozy vibe. I think Sims 4 is too modern and tecnological sometimes.
  • AHolyToiletAHolyToilet Posts: 783 Member
    edited November 12
    I just want something to manage. I don't care what it is. I'd do Dine Out, but I heard it was very buggy.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 760 Member
    I was thinking more on "Little House on the Prairie" and "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman" of the old west.
  • NikkihNikkih Posts: 414 Member
    Dine out is one of my favourites, you can have any type of diner/restaurant you want, a must have for me
  • Cupcakes4lifeCupcakes4life Posts: 28 Member
    I think its because of rags to riches. People use gardening in their rags to riches and other challenges. And who doesn't want a cute elderly couple with a bunch of chickens! :)
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 4,819 Member
    edited November 15
    They could bring out a pack on the lines of the Discover University one. Two or three very large lots, a village and several small lots that could be used for Off the Grid, herb farming (like mint) etc, Honey, Flowers or hobby farming with chickens, ducks, geese etc.,

    In the days before everything was so regulated in the UK, my mum planted blackcurrant, redcurrant and gooseberry bushes at the bottom of our smallish urban garden and made some profit selling to neighbours. I had to pick a lot of the currants unfortunately but her blackcurrant and apple pies were to die for!
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 568 Member
    edited November 16
    Your sim gets up at 5, gathers eggs, milks the cow, feeds the chickens, slops the hogs and bingo, he is ready for breakfast(not enough time for eating, he just has a small black coffee and a bun) now he plows the fields, sows seeds, fertilizes the fields, picks vegetables and fruit and bingo, he is ready for lunch ( he still has a lot to do so he just grabs a handful of trail mix). Now he takes produce to market to sell and picks up supplies, he gets home late in the day and he needs to tend to the goats, horses and sheep, bingo time for dinner but is too tired to eat so he hits the hay at six in order to get ready for another day of drudgery. Pretty interesting, huh.

    I did farming in TS3 and sure there was plenty to do, but the devs made it so that the plants and animals would be okay if you don't tend to them everyday. I had my sims take two days off each week, sometimes consecutively, but most of the time three days apart. Also, you have to not over do things - if you don't have the other store items that make farming easier, just start with a small plot of land for your plants and trees. Most of them will produce a whole lot before their time is up and you have to replant. Also, when I wanted my sims to take off for a longer time, I just use the Traveller mod to send them to another world. Horses can take care of themselves - just keep some hay around and pasture to let them run around. The chickens also won't die if you don't feed them, you just won't get eggs. Start feeding them again to fix that. Same thing with the cows.

    I had a couple work the farm so it didn't take all day to get things done. They had time to make and eat full meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also had plenty of time to do fun things too and socialize with other people.

    So if the devs ever add such a farming pack to TS4, I'm pretty sure they will make it so that the farming life is not all-consuming!
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  • cheescaekscheescaeks Posts: 494 Member
    edited December 4
    i can see the appeal of a farming pack at first due purely to novelty, but i think it would grow boring and repetitive so fast.... i play a lot of farming games such as stardew valley and harvest moon but i don't think the replayability of those games would translate as well into ts4

    i think the reason why it would do great in TS4 is because there's other things to do besides farming. especially with other DLC installed, you're not stuck always farming, you can do other things.

    plus its not so much farming we're asking for its more country living we're asking for. so there'd be other things to do besides tending to plants and plowing fields. things like farmers market, town fair (like sims 3 seasons had), horse training, mechanical bull, etc. then if you want, go to the city and do something there, that's what i like about the sims, its not focused on one thing.
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  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 760 Member
    It would be nice to have a household like:
    Little House on the Prairie
    Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
    Big Valley
  • LeleBurgLeleBurg Posts: 22 New Member
    > @SilentKitty said:
    > (Image)
    > Chickens!
    > I would really like to have that in the game. Could use that is so many places and with so many households. Both my parents grew up in super-small farming communities but moved to the capital for studies and jobs. I just grew up with their stories of farmlife. Would be fun to live it out in the Sims.

    That’s what I’m thinking about too, chicken coop and maybe cows. And more off-the-grid stuff.
    Could be fun!
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,104 Member
    jadonbakes wrote: »
    I try and try to wrap my head around why the community at large appears to want a farming pack (and yet, among themselves tend to have disagreements for what should be included in said farming pack: meat or no meat? Eastern European/Scandanavian/Asian/American Midwest world? A second huge gardening overhaul? Well-developed livestock that will take up household slots, or rough creatures with minimal animation?)

    I get that there is a City Living pack, and in contrast I would enjoy a Country Living pack. One that's sort of equally opposite from City Living. Instead of cramped apartments, huge lots, spread out, no neighbors. Instead of vibrant innovative community events, there would be quaint, casual county fairs, instead of spicy food contests, pie eating contests. Instead of singing and karaoke, there is sewing and quilting circles. Instead of delightful neighbors, maybe a bit more judgmental attitudes and gossip (that's a small town stereotype, but I'm from a small town so it's okay?) One similarity between City Living and Country Living: mouse holes.

    A complete parallel remake of City Living would probably have a lot of backlash, but I would like it.

    Excellent post! This is the first post that has actually made me want a farming pack.
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