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This Pumpkin Mug Accessory...

Hey everyone. :)

So I found a cute pose that uses this adorable Pumpkin Mug accessory so sadly when I go to the link to download it it's broken, removed, etc. :(

I don't know how to use Wayback Machine to save my life to find old download links, but I tried, and I did find this archive to a page that links to the mug. As you can see the download used to be on SimFileShare, but...I guess it was removed? :confused:


Anyway, my question is do any of you know where I can find a working link from SFS to download the mug (because like I said, I dunno how to work the Wayback machine :confounded: ) or...if you have it in your game and wouldn't mind sharing it with me via SFS? It's pretty clear that this creator has left the community...

But gosh how I want that mug... :blush:

Let me know. Thanks for your help. :)


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