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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,239 Member
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    The Way of Life
    Chapter Three
    Threats to the Bunker

    It had been evident that there were strange things going on at the facility in which they had been assessed for suitability. There had been blood tests and all sorts of poking and prodding to ensure that they were in the peak of physical health; no congenital birth defects, nothing that could potentially spell trouble in the future. In fact there had been all sorts of physical tests including their fitness levels and what they found was satisfactory and they could get their physical fitness up to military standards when they were in the bunker. Of course they weren't military, but they were essentially given military equipment (rifles and tactical gear) to defend themselves. To Phil and Noel, that pretty much sealed the deal. If they were going to be able to defend themselves gainst potential marauders, it would have to be with military grade-equipment.

    For Mickey and Autumn, they thought that perhaps the governments of both the United States and Canada were overreacting to the potential Russian threat and that nothing would potentially come of the whole plan but their viewpoint came to a crashing ruin when the doors were sealed and the bunker became their only salvation. To feel the shaking of the bunker when the three 550KT warheads exploded in an airburst: that scared them to their very core. It was then that they knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

    What they weren't aware of was the fact that the test had also looked at the possibility of radiation-resistant clones of the bunker subjects - that was what they didn't tell the occupants...and that the government had seeded the area with subjects prior to the Russians launching their counterattack. Several clones of each of the bunker occupants, each resistant to radiation, were now nestled amongst the perimeter of what was now ground zero.
    Screenshot-40.jpgScreenshot-42.jpgScreenshot-43.jpg While the bunker occupants were nestled comfortably in their shelter, the resultant radioactive miasma that blanketed the area was quite evident in the toxic radioactive clouds that permeated the atmosphere. There was no escape other than being subterranean when the rad-counts soared.
    Screenshot-46.jpgScreenshot-48.jpgScreenshot-49.jpgScreenshot-50.jpgScreenshot-44.jpgScreenshot-45.jpg If there had been any doubts before the blasts that it was unsafe to go out without adequate protection from the was well evident in the patrols that Horace (their plumbot) made around the general vicinity of the bunker. From the footage that he'd downloaded to the computers downstairs (which had survived the blast owing to the fact that they had been Faraday-caged), it was horrifying to see the green atmosphere, the toxic clouds and the dead and dying.

    No, they would stay in the bunker and hope that time would be on their side. They had enough seeds to start growing food to help facilitate a cycle of rebirth and growth of their families as well. They were the last (as far as they knew) and they needed to ensure the continuation of their species. Perhaps the very threat of extinction would get them to the point where they surpassed what they had done to themselves and began to think outside the little petty problems of their little ball of dust and water. The group knew that they had a monumental task. They had to get into fighting shape. That meant that they needed to learn the martial arts. They didn't have a black-belt...they only had a recently promoted to blue-belt helping them. Hopefully he had enough skill to help them get to where they needed to be.
    Screenshot-52.jpgScreenshot-53.jpgScreenshot-54.jpgScreenshot-56.jpgScreenshot-67.jpgScreenshot-69.jpg River nearly got herself knocked out by the training dummy during initial drills when she hit the thing too hard and it swung around and cuffed her one across the side of the head. And as the students got their initial belts, they started formal sparring. Phil went after Holly hard being a yellow belt being assigned to a higher belt partner. However Holly took the match.

    After which Haruo ordered three partner pairs to spar and watched them carefully calling out corrections in technique.
    Screenshot-77.jpgScreenshot-84.jpgScreenshot-94.jpg The only unpaired person was Holly who watched the sparring matches standing by her instructor. He also instructed her verbally on technique while the sparring matches went on pointing out certain things that Holly needed to watch out for.
    Screenshot-115.jpgScreenshot-118.jpg That night, however, was the first one where their very safety was threatened, as two of Haruo's clones showed up on the property and as if to make matters even worse; a meteor strike just happened to coincide with their presence causing fires to break out on the property. With no rain, the fires had no way of going out and in fact were threatening to spread along the surface - a raging wildfire could suck the oxygen out of the air; the very air that they were recirculating within the bunker with filters and suffocate them. They had to go to the surface to fight the fires, risking radiation exposure.
    Screenshot-122.jpgScreenshot-123.jpgScreenshot-124.jpgScreenshot-126.jpgScreenshot-127.jpg Those fires were not small or contained to one location.
    Screenshot-128.jpgScreenshot-129.jpgScreenshot-130.jpgScreenshot-131.jpg After successfully fighting the fires that had occurred, they decontaminated themselves and then headed back to their beds hoping and praying that with the immediate consumption of Potassium iodide, that they would be alright.
    Screenshot-132.jpg Clone Haruo, however, was not so lucky...evidently he hadn't realized that when you see those purple clouds in the sky, you run.
    Screenshot-138.jpgScreenshot-135.jpgScreenshot-137.jpg Horace went out on patrol...and considering that he was shielded from EMP and lightning, he headed down to the epicenter of the explosion. What he didn't count on was the literal bombardment from the heavens of meteors. Who knew that nuclear war could precipitate such an atmospheric disturbance such as cosmic rocks hurtling from space?
    Screenshot-139.jpgScreenshot-140.jpgScreenshot-141.jpgScreenshot-143.jpgScreenshot-145.jpg Horace managed to miss getting turned into a flattened sheet of metal and continued his patrol without further incident recording so that his humans could see what was going on out on the surface. It was too dangerous for them to stay exposed for long lengths of time so he was doing them a service by patrolling the area on his own and recording it for posterity and further research. He also carried a M-16A3 along with ammo packs with him for further protection. Even though he couldn't be killed, he could be damaged and if he took fire he was going to return fire.
    Screenshot-154.jpgScreenshot-156.jpgScreenshot-158.jpg For a non-flesh and blood being, he believed in loyalty to his Creator - the all-wonderful Noel and loyalty to Noel's friends and he would serve them to the best of his ability.
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,239 Member
    edited November 2019
    Yep...something else to keep my mind off the confounded fan repair that seems to be taking a long time.

    Page 3707

    @bekkasan - I’m so far behind in reading your Ballan Family story. I definitely need to catch up. I’m absolutely lost on the characters.

    Anyhow it appears that Dedric and Wisteria certainly made the most of their first day in France. Wisteria is beautiful.

    Both she and Dedric make a good pair.

    @Emily4331 - I love what you’re doing with the de-rabbit-holing the town. The restaurant looks fantastic. It gives me the feeling of a 50s diner.

    It’s often rather boring when I send my sims to some restaurant and can’t show the inside of the restaurant. “So and so sim went to the store... after he finished the grocery shopping...” well... did he meet anyone while perusing the potatoes? Did he run his cart into a stack of watermelons? Did he run into his nemesis and get into a brawl beating on him with a cucumber? Wait! The world wants to know.

    I need to start doing that with my stories - turning rabbit-holes into actual useable locations. At least then I can flesh out a conversation located in a restaurant or school or whatever.

    @bekkasan - it appears that the France trip is bringing Wisteria and Dedric a lot closer. I’ve always loved the World Adventures expansion pack - those worlds are beautiful.

    I love that “Fountain of Youth”; still have to utilize that fountain since its included in Hidden Springs. ~sigh~ I have to explore my DLC a lot more.

    So Wisteria is learning to fish due to Dedric. Well; they always say that shared interests lead to a happy relationship. :mrgreen:

    @Brandontaylor - oh no, I hate it when the game messes up travelling to or from worlds. It makes hash of the continuity. But at least you were able to save the previous save and write around the problem.

    Page 3708

    @bekkasan - Congrats to Wisteria and Dedric. Good to see Adam again.

    Second post: Really good to see Alice again too. Their story of how they met and became engaged was absolutely beautiful. I need to go reread that; catch up and be able to comment more clearly.

    @Silverofdreams30 -I always marvel at how beautiful your sims are.

    @Brandontaylor - congrats to Pauline and Michael on Pauline’s pregnancy.

    @emorrill - can’t wait to see the awesome story that you come up with. I did a lot of JAG writing when I didn’t have internet access.
    At least it kept me from going around the bend as far as Sims withdrawal.

    @Puddinroy - Hi. :mrgreen:

    @rubyskywalker - sounds like you’ve been really busy with your save.

    Page 3709

    @ZhakiraP - sounds like an interesting update to your save. I do like the background on your characters and their motivations. Looks like they’ll go through some development as growing characters along the course of your save.

    @missvalerina - she most certainly is gorgeous.

    Page 3710

    @emorrill - really awesome showing. Nearly 30,000 words. That is impressive. So looking forward to the story.

    @PalmArrow - losing your settings can definitely be frustrating. Hopefully you can take a few deep breaths and then come back to that save. I really enjoyed Tamsin’s story.

    @cody6268 - Welcome back to Sims 3.

    @Karritz -that has to be one interesting house.

    @PalmArrow - nice to see Tamsin & Stuart and their little one.

    Page 3711

    @bekkasan - love Alice’s baby-bump and the walk. Brings back memories of when @Featherbelle had our daughter. Same exact stride - center of balance goes completely off-kilter. Adam must be a proud Were-daddy. :mrgreen:

    @coco - Logan is an awesome looking sim. You put a lot of work into him and it shows.

    I never seem to put much thought or effort into my male sims as I do my female sims. Must be that XY chromosome of mine. :mrgreen:

    @jonny522. - sounds like an interesting premise for a total move. Sometimes saves certainly get clogged and the lag becomes horrendous. Then there’s no other option but to save your family with everything and move the family over to a new save. Best of luck with your new save in a new town.

    Page 3712

    @Silverofdreams30 - Ayana Yuki nearly aspirating on her food nearly caused me to aspirate water. :mrgreen: Lol

    @PalmArrow - ah, good ol’Stuart - open mouth; insert foot.

    @jonny522 - yep memories will eat up space and cause immense amounts of lag. Plus the memories don’t really work that well anyways. You’d be better off hitting ‘c’ and capturing a screen-cap which provides a much more appropriate memory. I’ve shut down memories on my games entirely and refuse to let the game take any shots.

    @PalmArrow - the greenhouse looks fantastic.

    Page 3713

    @Steamvarius - awesome updates evidently Rachel loves pink; the brighter the better. Boy oh boy that pink is bright.

    @meerkattime - awesome ice skating pictures. i sure hope they can add hockey into Sims 5. ~sigh~

    Page 3714

    @afai1261 - welcome back.

    @PalmArrow - looks like Stuart and Tamsin are having a fun time at the nectary.

    @Mstybl95 -sorry to hear about the meteor tribulation; glad to see it didn’t affect the party.

    @Brandontaylor - yup always seems like sims get morning sickness every time they get pregnant. Just like clockwork. Thank goodness my wife didn’t get morning sickness or our real-life family would have ended at one.

    Congratulations to Ron and Amanda.

    I’m sure that probably was quite uncomfortable. And if it wasn’t the Sims; they’d have a much bigger mess on their hands. She probably would have shattered the reservoir. :mrgreen:

    Congratulations on all the births and birthdays.

    Page 3715

    @bekkasan - Gosh, Alice and Adam have come so far since their teens. Awwww. And they’ll have a new little one soon.

    @lisasc360 - that article works for me. I can see a noticeable uptick in my mold when I get to play Sims.

    @bekkasan -sometimes you can find purebreds when their owners have to give them up due to moving to a no-pets place or the owner’s health has gotten to the point where they can’t look after the cat any more.

    Our four are tabby-mixes; two are tuxedo and two are pure grey tabbies. And all four get into their share of mischief.

    Hope you can find a kitty to give a forever home to.

    Page 3716

    @KayeStar - I dunno; she’s probably disgusted about something. The smell, no doubt might want to check for rotting food or stinky sim.

    @Brandontaylor.- gotta love the chili con carnie; always makes ny sims do a wonderful impression of a flame-thrower.

    Page 3717

    @PalmArrow - looks like Stuart is getting heavily into the side-business of making nectar. Methinks he needs to take a nectar making machine home with him.

    @ZhakiraP - good thing Karen got hired. She was certainly between a rock and a hard place.

    @DillynJames - good luck on the job hunt, Dillyn; it appears that I may be doing the same thing in a few weeks, since my wife needs some help -finances wise. And well. Gotta meet the rent. And if there’s a little extra, my wife and I might be able to upgrade our computers. At least that’s the plan.

    Jessica is beautiful (both Sims 3 & 4 ). Of course depending on how you tweak cheek hollowness and cheekbone (sliders) height you may be able to achieve her Sims 4 look in Sims 3.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member
    edited November 2019

    I always enjoy your updates, you have such interesting Sims be it in Praaven
    pr the modern world. I like seeing how it goes for your legacy.


    Haha, yeah you're correct.
    I noticed she had her eyes closed and not really watching lol.


    Thank you, I think you have very interesting stories and worlds,
    I'm more of a sim creator than storyteller haha.
    Have to thank you for the recommendation of the Grammarly app it works great with my English
    as its a second language.


    I know of that mod,
    removed it to cause messed up the world lol.

  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,767 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer, page 3718.
    Thank you, and welcome back! (Sorry if it's burning your retinas :p )
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Let those smiles spread!
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,953 Member
    @coco and @meerkattime Thanks for the comments :smile:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member
    edited November 2019

    Today's update, mostly random shots.


    Some uni student forgot who it was.


    Gabby Ahmed talking to some other sim around town.



    Students are busy even on the weekends.


    Pamela and Ayana playing pool.


    I cant remember his name hehe.



    All for now

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  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,017 Member
    Sorry guys I been having extreme anxiety attacks all week.And haven't felt up to par to give feedback.
    hopefully I can get through these.

    I'm really enjoying your story.That explosion was
    really cook looking! Almost looked like part of the game.
    It kind of scares me to, because Nuclear bombs are a huge paranoia
    for me, I always worry about being nuked XD Those fish are creepy.
    Wouldn't want to run into one.

    She was leaving, then decided
    she couldn't abandon them and had
    to at leas attempt to help them.

    I need some beauty sleep as well lol.
    Those photos are super cute!

    He was trying to protect her from Ti-long.
    Because she needed to stay alive and be the
    dragon warrior.The scroll was suppose to give
    her strength but when it was blank, they thought
    it wouldn't work.Turns out they were wrong..

    Aww, reading with toddlers is so adorable!
    good luck Amanda with the pregnancy and babies!
    Hank and Josie are super cute together.

    I love the world of Bealltrix, its so beautiful!
    And your screenshots of it are absolutely stunning!

    Your screenshots of france are lovely!
    Mmm, Nectar sounds good right now.XD

    Poor Karren! Its like he didn't even trust her!
    I think he was being a little bit harsh.Though
    after reading that he sneaks peeks in the dressing room
    I do worry about her well being.
    Your story is really interesting and I scrolled down looking for more
    to read XD Can't wait for more.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member


    Haha yeah bowling was more fun.


    Thank you
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,943 Member

    @Silverofdreams30 Great pics of bowling. I see Pamela forgot her bowling shoes! She's going to scratch the lanes! :lol:
    Lots of gorgeous sims in your university town. I love seeing them.

    @DeafSimmer Goodness, when will they ever learn that evil does not pay! Glad to see things worked out and they lost their powers. At least that will slow them down for awhile.
    Awwww, love the pic and conversation with Discord and Luna at the end.
    I have a hard time choosing who to move out too. I will have to eventually as the lot will start lagging as the family grows. :(

    @Emily4331 I don't use that mod and have heard the chatter about it over on nraas so would stay away from it anyways. :wink: I hope you can recover from a save before you pulled it. Good luck!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I've got a few of her things in game but musta missed the Ice Snark!
    Clone Haruo looks like he has a nasty sunburn!
    Oh my two of them! Looks like the meteor got one or lightning strike.
    No hazmat suits? I'm shocked they went above without one.
    Thanks so much for commenting :smiley: A lot has gone on since I returned to the Ballan family and Adam started his quest.
    Wisteria is one of @CravenLestat's creations. I had saved her for Dedric when I was ready to pair them.
    I do have the thread of the entire thing over in Creative corner. I still want to do a blog, but have not taken the time to learn how to do it.

    @ZhakiraP I got the creep vibe when she starts talking to him about the job. Ok...lets go dumpster diving sweetie...I think it would be safer in the long run. Goodness that is a low paying waitress job! I like the uniform and she does look good in it so hopefully that will help her with tips.

    @DillynJames Good luck with the job search. I think the Sims 3 sim is prettier, but the sims 4 sim doesn't have the normal plastique look so she is not bad at all. Your sims3 sim is not a zero slider sim so you are using the wrong term for her. The only thing I see really different is her chin is longer in the sims 3 picture and her mouth has a more defined look in the sims 4 sim and that is fixable. I don't agree that pretty much all sims 3 have that look unless you use cc. I do use cc on most of my main sims because I can :smiley: , but a few look better with the ea default and I leave that and make judicious use of the sliders to get the rest of the look that I want. I only have a couple extra sliders in game and those are the hat ones and the cleft chin and square jaw one.

    @GraceyManor :lol: Chelsea hasn't changed at all. Cute pic of her and the smelly baby.
    Very pretty picture of the foggy scenery!
    It seems to me he should have had more faith in her as the Dragon Warrior. I doubt he would have done the same thing had the Dragon Warrior been Mick. :lol: But, I don't know the story so perhaps the Dragon Warrior is a figure head and not a warrior, but, she did fling her far?
    Hope the anxiety improves.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member

    Thank you
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,017 Member
    In the movie, its a panda named Po.He's very clumsy and childish
    And Master Shifu does everything in his power to get rid of him.
    But in the end, He learns to trust in Po, giving him the dragon scroll
    IT turns out to be blank, so Shifu sends Po and furious five away and
    tries to take on Tai lung, and Po defeats him.Dragon warrior is a protector
    of the village, there was a tv show made based on the movie after what happened
    with Tai -long while He is a warrior, he is also a public figure in the sense that he meets
    with the Emperor, is in charge of hosting festivals, etc.
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  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,855 Member

    On that second break, the group decided to hang out somewhere outside the dorm. Chloe and Mortimer went to the small park, and they did some street art. After that, they played a game of kicky bag. As much as the group wanted to get a degree, they didn't like the grind. It was the reason they needed a break in the first place.


    Everyone met at the pool by the time the sun began to set. It was another clear evening with no cloud in sight, which they didn't mind at all. The couples sat next to each other, chatting.

    "What are your plans after uni?" Tiffany asked.

    "Get started in my dream job. And adopt a kid," Irene replied.

    "Isn't there a way to combine our genes when we have a child of our own?"

    "Adoption is still an option."


    Later on, there was a huge party at the dorm. While everyone else gathered around the bonfire and juice keggers, the group approached the tennis table.

    "We should have a wedding after we graduate," Chloe suggested.

    "Maybe a triple wedding?" Mortimer replied.

    Anna nodded. "Not a bad idea. On the beach?"

    Sam smiled. "Yes. Especially if there's a sunset."

    After they all graduated from university, they planned their weddings and chose the right clothes. It was a private setting, but their families still knew of the events.

    (Here are the pics.)



  • cocococo Posts: 2,692 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer That's very shady of the government to create clones without the permission of the bunker subjects. Clone Haruo's red eyes are freaky. Must be hard to become a black belt without a master to train from. Seems at least one Haruo got all singed and the other electrocuted.
    Thanks for the compliment on Logan. I really struggle to create good looking male sims so I was happy with how he turned out :smile:
    @Silverofdreams30 What's with all the guys in your game walking around without shirts. Not that I'm complaining :tongue:
    @GraceyManor I'm always around to talk if you need :smile:
    @meerkattime Is Sherman a vampire? He looks cute holding the freezer bunny plushy. I love the decoration in April's hair. I looked up Jon Lessen's wiki and he's got good traits. I also love your makeover of him. They're a lovely couple! The perks of going out with a singer is that you can get a serenade any time :smile:
    @DeafSimmer Maybe there's a way for Irene and Tiffany to have a baby in the future. Lovely wedding pictures. The first one with the sun's reflection in the water is so pretty :smile:
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,017 Member
    Has anyone ever had it thunder and lighting in winter?

    Its 30 degrees out and its thundering and raining and lightning.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,535 Member
    @GraceyManor I think I've had that happen with the thunder and lightning in Winter. Apparently it happens in real life too sometimes.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,239 Member
    Page 3718

    @Silverpfdreams30 - Glad to see that Grammarly is helping. I had to work on my creative-writing a lot while I didn’t have internet. You always do such a good job making over your sims. They always look amazing.
    @Steamvarius - Your characters are interesting.
    @meerkattime - I don’t have high hopes for Sims 5 either but am going to wait and see. If it is good; I may buy in after the third or fourth expansion pack but if it goes the way Sims 4 did; I’m out. I’ll continue to play Sims 3 for as long as I can keep this game running. I’ve always had a love for hockey;first the professional league (the NHL) then the minor hockey scene due to the fact that my oldest son played at such a high level that he got a call to do a try-out for Junior B but couldn’t due to health problems with his thyroid. I’m not the slightest bit athletic so I have no idea where his athleticism comes from.
    @GraceyManor - The threat of Nuclear war is something that scares me too which probably doesn’t make sense that I write post -nuclear war apocalyptic fiction - I’ve worked on a few JAG fan-fictions centering around it.
    is one where the world comes to the brink of nuclear war. is one where the characters have to survive within a nuclear shelter located inside a mountain after a nuclear exchange between Russian and US forces. (Lots of mature scenes in this one)
    Did the explosion in Photoshop and well, got some experience in that editing my own photographs. The ice snark was a great find from murfeelee. I was looking for CC that could be an example of a mutation and it fit the bill.
    Noted that you had a bit of a struggle finding a world for your story. It’s going really nicely in the new world you found.
    @bekkasan - yup, Clone Haruo got a flashburn from the heat-wave that travelled out of the epicenter of the blast. But since they’reradiation -resistant clones, well they will be hard to kill. Yes; Watcher likes dropping lightning and meteors on unsuspecting sims. Yeah, evidently not; which may or may not do damage to their skin. I’m hoping that I can find some burn and skin lesion makeup down the road, however since most of the TS3 makeup creators have jumped ship to TS4;it may be hard. I’d love to find hazmat suits that don’t look like spacesuits; got to do some searching.
    I’ve always loved the way Adam and Alice got together; how Alice’s vampire father was kind enough to take werewolf Adam under his wing and teach him everything he needed to survive. It kept me rivered and am looking forward to reading more of it; however, time, for me to play sims may not be as abundant as it once was. Heading back to work in retail (hopefully). Got to take some of the income load off @Featherbelle. Lots of bills to meet every month. And trying to build a retirement nest egg. But at least Sims will be there to play on my days off at least. But for now; job hunt.
    @meerkattime - I see you’re having fun with the Showtime careers. Great update.
    @DeafSimmer -lovely wedding on the beach.
    @coco -it is rather crooked of the government to do that; isn’t it? :mrgreen: Clone Haruo is definitely freaky - his red eyes were as a result of radiation exposure. While radiation won’t kill him; it affects the clones in strange ways. Unfortunately for bunker-Haruo he’s stuck learning on his own and yes,it’s pretty difficult without learning from a black-belt sifu. You know me; I’m a heartless Watcher. I love dropping things on and electrocuting sims. It’s my favorite hobby.
    Logan turned out superbly. Whichever female you pair him up with is probably stunningly beatiful and they’re going to be a great-looking couple.
    @GraceyManor - it’s rare but it has happened under the right conditions.
    Strong winter blizzards and snowstorms can create a large electrical charge buildup in the clouds and well, the charge has to go somewhere. In winter it also signifies that a cold-front is moving into the area. Lightning in rare cases during winter can also be a sign of a convective thunderstorm and well; that’s where winter tornadoes come from.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,239 Member
    The Way of Life
    Chapter Four
    Knowledge is Survival

    Horace, having returned from outside the bunker and having seen the devastation, developed a new appreciation for the simpler things in life, such as feeding the chickens. Maybe this was what it was like to be human?

    Noel, on the other hand, concentrated on complicated tasks such as building nanites and trait chips to outfit the plumbots with. Horace did what he could to help him by researching and constructing nanites in order to be able to create for Noel the most advanced nanites that he possibly could. After all, what wouldn't he do for Noel? He'd been the one to give Horace life.
    Screenshot-160.jpgScreenshot-161.jpgScreenshot-163.jpg The Eight concerned themselves with increasing their logic skills by creating potions at the chemistry table which would come in useful later on, while Mickey proceeded to hone up on his inventing skill. When the atmosphere cleared of radioactivity, he would use those skills that he learned. And River and Haruo bent over the alchemy table to try and create elixirs that would help their continued existence.
    Screenshot-165.jpgScreenshot-167.jpg On the surface it was a cutthroat battle for survival and those who were still alive after what was considered by those, who were superstitious to be the Day of Reckoning, were left to fend for themselves in an ever present constant danger. Because if it wasn't thugs it was clones of the eight that had no idea of the mores of human civility and would sooner kill to get what they wanted. There were no rules in the wasteland other than Only the strong survive and its corollary The strong take what they need and nothing would prevent them from doing so.
    Screenshot-169.jpgScreenshot-170.jpgScreenshot-172.jpgScreenshot-173.jpgScreenshot-174.jpg Evidently there had been a shift in what governed reality; what could formerly be done and what could now. Things that were purely metaphysical were now possible in the realm of reality. For who would have thought that one could conjure up as if by magic, things out of thin air. Such was possible with the Lord Vladimir's Magic Cauldron. In fact two had been placed in there as large stew cauldrons. However those two cauldrons had been appropriated for their magical properties once it was learned that it could be used in that manner.

    So the eight set about to learning about how to use Lord Vladimir's Magic Cauldron and they learned that magic was taxing on one's body and that conjuring could certainly take the wind out of one's sails if one persisted in materializing objects out of thin air for far too long. Some of them learned that far too painfully.
    Screenshot-175.jpgScreenshot-176.jpgScreenshot-177.jpg On the surface, the survivors did their best to remain alive. They sought shelter as best as they could when the clouds laden with radioactivity arrived and the rad-counts soared into the lethal range. All they could do if they were able to was find the nearest place that could shield them from the radioactivity, even if it meant a subterranean parking garage and hiding in the nearest elevator; at least the concrete shell of the elevator shaft would protect them...somewhat. If they didn't; they sickened and they died.
    Screenshot-178.jpgScreenshot-179.jpgScreenshot-181.jpgScreenshot-182.jpgScreenshot-185.jpg River and Haruo took what minor solace that they could given the situation; they took comfort with each other's bodies. Social mores went out the window when it came to a survival situation. No, River and Haruo were not married and back in the world before the Bomb; such degeneracy would have been roundly castigated. But now there was no one to chastise them for such immorality - they gave of themselves to each other.
    Screenshot-186.jpg Phil, on the other hand, concerned himself with potions. One of his traits being insane, he wanted something that would go kaboom...but well, if he wanted that, he should have gone into inventing.
    Screenshot-187.jpg Horace, as usual, helped his Creator, Noel, build more nanites as Noel increased his bot-building knowledge to be able to reverse-engineer those nanites and get the various sizes of circuit boards that he needed to be able to create trait chips.
    Screenshot-188.jpg And well, the Eight would need whatever knowledge that they could learn to be able to survive.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    Lindsey has been having some pain problems and has been needing a cane lately, she sees her doctor who recommends a relatively easy going surgical procedure.
    The two of them camping at a local park.
    "Inquest finds killing of man during riot by soldier to be unlawful, soldier will be prosecuted for murder"
    In an unexpected turn of events, a judge has deemed the killing of a rioter to be unlawful. Judge Byrne stated that the case put forward by the soldier's defence team in regards to the presence of innocents was unlikely. Further he stated:

    "There is no doubt that no nail bomb was thrown or attempted to be thrown during the riot, while the riot was uncomfortable with some petrol bombs going off near the vehicles, it was not dangerous enough to induce panic. Although the soldier probably mistook a stone for a nail bomb, I still find the use of force more than was absolutely necessary as the rioter in question would've been too far back for the nailbomb to reach the soldier in question, as such for him to fire with so many people around the mistaken nailbomber put far too much risk against innocent lives(as the soldier can only fire if he has a reasonable prospect of hitting his target and nothing else), as such I find the shooting to be unlawful."

    The legal team for the Department of Defence has stated that they feel the finding was one-sided and setting a dangerous precedent. "The soldier in question came under the mistaken belief that his life was in danger by a nail bomber, and as such fired against the man. Soldier D admitted that the line of fire was only partially clear, but stated that if he did not act his life and that of his comrades would be threatened. The judge by setting a ridiculous standard of a totally clear line of fire is ignoring the fact that urban shooting and Internal Security will always present a risk to innocents due to the setting. He also analyzed the situation far too analytically for a decision that was made under pressure in less than 4 seconds. We think that both the prosecution and any finding other than a lawful course of action is both unjust and unreasonable."

    The solicitors representing the family view this as a positive "This inquest has shown Mr. Golding to be an innocent victim of a callous and brutal murder at the hand of soldier D, we're disappointed that he did not support the fact that this operation was clearly designed without any regard for the lives of the people around the rioters, but this prosecution and finding is a step forward. We will be suing the state with this finding and making them pay compensation for the murder. To those who say this is unfair, an innocent man has died, justice must take its course."

    This is the first time in two decades that Roseville has ever found the actions of a soldier unlawful, the soldiers were there to control rioting in the Hillside district of Roseville.
    Ryan's not happy, as he was the one of the lawyers representing the soldier. And he has been a soldier himself so he knows the dangers they face, he personally feels that the judge had no knowledge of that type of situation and clearly had sympathies towards the rioters and their plight.
    Lauri calms him down and consoles him about this. He feels a bit better.
    He's now been selected as one of the lawyers that will act as counsel for the defence.
    Both Lauri and Ryan visit his sister Evelyn. She's doing well.
    Since Mona's a doctor (a coroner/forensic pathologist, but a doctor none-the-less) Lindsey decides to ask for some advice as to whether she should do the surgery or not. Mona recommends that she does.
    Surgery went fine, Lindsey needs to rest in bed for 5 days and needs to be on the cane for 2 more.
    Alex makes Trip-Trip Steak, her favourite. She also needs to take a bubble bath every day for at least one week.
    They get to relax in bed together and watch tv and just talk (the tv is a spare and they moved it to her room).
    I just found this funny.
    Ryan is going to Rivertown to act as counsel for the defence for this soldier on charge for murder.
    Lindsey can finally walk without the cane, the surgery fixed her.
    They decide to go on a date together.
    "Murder trial of Soldier D beings in Rivertown"
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,239 Member
    @jonny522 - sounds like you got quite the save going on here. Looks like soldier D is going to need Ryan’s help badly. Ryan’s experience as a Judge Advocate in the Army is going to come in handy as a lawyer.

    Don’t know if you play with mods or not; but there’s a custom career for a military lawyer. Even though it is titled Navy JAG each branch has their own JAG Corps. So technically this career mod could be used for any branch of service.

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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,641 Member
    Thank you @emorrill @coco and @Nikkei_Simmer :smiley:

    I decided to take a break from Jules and Saoirse for a bit to play with Prosper and finally play an aspect of Pets that I have only played briefly: horses.

    Depending on how long this update is, I may split it up into separate posts

    So I changed some of Prosper's traits: he's now Lucky, Eco Friendly, Loves Outdoors, Artistic and Equestrian. His new lifetime wish is the Fairy Tale Finder which involves adopting a unicorn

    He lives in Appaloosa Plains with his three horses and cat:
    From left to right: Sol (female), Luna (female) and Eclipse (male). Sol and Luna are sisters

    I also tried to recreate TS4's Mayor Whiskers but I couldn't do his moustache or top hat :D

    The pets all immediately rolled wishes to sniff each other

    Prosper petted Eclipse then scattered some hay for the horses

    I decided he should learn to ride so had him start on Sol


    I love how worried he looks :D

    Meanwhile Mayor Whiskers was keeping himself entertained with the toilet

    Prosper made a salad for dinner

    Early the next morning, he insisted on going outside in only his underwear

    I brought him back inside so he could make waffles for breakfast

    The horses socialised

    Both Prosper and Mayor Whiskers rolled wishes to be best friends with each other

    He took Sol out for a ride to the beach riverbank

    Then went for a swim, where he got tanned

    He went home, where Luna nuzzled him

    And once again, he insisted on scattering the hay in his underwear the next morning after he woke up
    Not that it bothers me :p

    He put Sol through her paces as he had rolled a wish to enter a beginner's racing tournament at the equestrian centre

    Shep Fox came over to say hi

    Eclipse wanted to be friends with him but Shep wasn't having it

    Luna played with the horse ball

    Prosper had rolled a wish to learn the painting skill

    Will put the rest of the update in another post
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 748 Member
    Hello all, I am no stranger to "What happened in your game threads" as in I mostly post on the Sims 4 thread, but I need time away from Sims 4!......And instead went right to Sims the same drug, just a different dose.

    But anyways, this story starts off in a little place called Sunset Valley in this tiny really cheap house. Here we have, Ed Wexler, a random Sim I made that shares only my first name because I lack creativity when it comes down to names.
    He has just moved in good ol' Sunset Valley this very morning. Something tells me Ed hates this house already. I don't blame him.
    Forgot to get rid of those red eyes, we'll just pretend it's quirky and unique.
    Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, serving it up the Wexler way.
    Meanwhile this stupid mascot won't leave my property.
    Ed barely graduated high school, he's not going to waste money on college so you can waste your time all you want. Just let him eat his waffles in peace.
    Ed: "No, I don't want to hear about your recent heartbreak, you should just be lucky I can't kill you right now."
    Ed: "Interesting, apparently I don't know how to read!"
    Well Ed doesn't have the money to buy anything fun or exciting so I guess he'll just sit here and pass the time.
    Oh joy, neighbors have come to welcome Ed to the neighborhood!
    Apparently Ed just learned what a doorbell is.
    Ed: "You guys look stupid, I want none of what you have to offer."
    Ed: "Taxi, get me the hell away from these weirdos."
    Apparently Ed would go off and join the military instead of introducing himself to his undesirable neighbors.
    Sweet, time to get your drink on.
    Bartender: "Are you seriously going to drink ALL of these?!"
    Ed: "Shut up, you don't know my life."
    Ed: "She totally wants me."
    Since Ed's a military man now, he might as well bulk he's not already muscular, he just has weirdly crazy muscle definition for someone who's never worked out a day in his life.
    Ed: "'Ey girl, what your name is?"
    Has nothing to do with Ed but I scrolled the camera over here and hey look at that, the two preggos in the park.
    It is now suddenly night time, Ed needs to make himself a nice hearty dinner. Some Mac and Cheese.
    Ed: "Huh, this thing is making loud noises in my ears."
    Ed: "I like it actually."
    Ed: "Oop, that's fire."
    Ice Cream Man: "Hey everyone, who would like some ice cream!?"
    Firefighter: "I'm here to put out the fire, citizen!"
    Ed: "Too late, Ice Cream Man put the fire out. I'm already remaking my dinner, would you like some mac and cheese?"
    The Mac and Cheese was awful by the way.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,503 Member


    Sherman is a cute fella, hope she cheered him up good,
    with her singo gram.


    Hehe, I know the dormies always goes around like that unless they have
    class, I always have to dress them up.


    I enjoyed the recent updates a lot.


    Great update.


    Cute sims, I love his pink hair.
    Oh, bad kitty playing in the toilet.


    Thank you, I enjoyed the recent update, and the explosive shot before was

  • afai1261afai1261 Posts: 1,641 Member
    Oop looks like it's time for the second part of Prosper's update

    Prosper and Sol hurried to the equestrian centre to enter the race

    They won! Prosper got a trophy

    As they left the place, Prosper fell off as he was dismounting :D

    Back home, the animals were socialising

    He ate some leftover waffles for breakfast

    Then he continued on his painting

    The Mayor was playing in the toilet again

    For lunch Prosper made his favourite meal, autumn salad

    Then he went and found Mayor Whiskers to give him some love

    He rolled a wish to buy a guitar

    He made pancakes in his underwear. Seriously I have no recollection of how many days passed in this play session

    I let him ride Eclipse into town

    He went to the grocery store to buy a variety of things to plant

    He danced for a bit

    And started on a new painting

    Mayor Whiskers was being cute

    Prosper cleaned Luna's hooves and tended the garden

    Jacquie Miller or whatever her name is commissioned him to make a small painting

    She was at the dog park when he delivered it

    I had him collect some butterflies, then he whipped out his guitar

    It was getting a little warm so I sent him off to the pool

    And he got his tan back!

    Thank you @Silverofdreams30 <3
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