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The House in The Woods

CaleSimsCaleSims Posts: 196 Member
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Kelli said.
"Oh, stop being such a baby Kelli! It's just a house there's nothing to be afaird of." mocked Collin.
If your so brave, why don't you go first?" Kelli threatened.


"Fine! I will!" Collin started into the woods and hid behin d a tree, getting a better look at the horrid building in front of him. Taking a deep breath, he ventured farther.


After 10 minutes, Collin was still not back.


"I have to go after them." Kelli proposed.
"No! You could DIE! There could be a serial killer ready to MURDER you!" Devin was ready to leave. He just wanted to go home and tell his little brother about the creepy house in the woods.


"So? We need to make sure Collin is alive!" Kelli ran straight toward the house.


As soon as she was out of sight, Devin and Ryan heard an ear-splitting scream!


"Oh my god she's dead!" Ryan shouted. "We're gonna be charged for her murder, we going go to jail, and..."
"Shut up Ryan!" Devin said. "We have to go find her!"


They ran towaards the house, on to be met by...
"I;ve been waiting for you." he said.


Grandpa's story was interrupted by Lucy's crying.

"Dad!" Mom siad. Please don't scare Lucy right before her bedtime!"


"She needfs some excitment in her life!"



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