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Hey guys, I came up with this Legacy Challenge to celebrate 5 years of The Sims 4. I have now updated it to include the most recent expansion pack and re-named it PhDSimmer’s Ultimate Legacy Challenge.


Each Generation focuses on completing some of the features introduced in a Game Pack and/or Expansion Pack and works through the order of release.

You should start with one young adult sim, your founder, and not use any money cheats (or cheats in general). Feel free to start this using the rules of a traditional legacy if you wish. Any suggestions feel free to get in touch!

To complete this Legacy Challenge you will require the following packs:
Expansions: Get to Work, Get Together, City Living, Cats and Dogs, Seasons, Get Famous, Island Living, Discover University, Eco Lifestyle and Snowy Escape

Game Packs: Outdoor Retreat, Spa Da, Dine Out, Parenthood, Jungle Adventure, StrangerVille (and/or Realm of Magic).

Optional Stuff Packs: Kids Room Stuff, Toddler Stuff and Tiny Living Stuff

It's hard work and a challenge for sure! but we need that in the Sims 4 right? Enjoy!



I also have an excel progress sheet you can download if you want something to help you keep track when playing:


Generation 1 – Outdoor Retreat / Get to Work
Although you love your job and are determined to reach the top, being stuck at work all day has taught you to appreciate nature. You love nothing more than being outside no matter the weather – be it sunbathing, hiking in Granite Falls or indulging in your passion for photography. You love to spend a few nights camping among the stars.

Traits: Ambitious, Loves the Outdoors and one of your choice.
Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
Career: Complete one of the active careers from Get to Work.

1. Start off in either Willow Creek or Oasis Springs
2. Complete your career and aspiration.
3. Marry a sim also doing an active career from Get to Work.
4. Reach level 5 of photography skill.
5. Take a vacation of at least 2 nights in Granite Falls, find the hidden cave and befriend the hermit to get the fungal infusion fertilizer remedy.
6. Complete the insect collection.
7. Woohoo in a tent.
8. Have a Gold level Weenie Roast
9. Move to Windenburg when your Heir for Gen 2 ages up to a Teen.

*You don’t have to play the spouses career if you don’t wish to. If you can’t find a spouse you can download from the gallery or make your own sim as long as you give them an active career.
*If you have trouble finding all the insects I found this guide helpful.
*The Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy is obtained from the hermit once you’re good friends and is an unlocked interaction.


Generation 2 – Spa Day / Get Together
Moving to Windenburg as a teen gave you a fresh start and whilst your parents were always focused on their careers you were more interested in the arts and making friends. You are not as ambitious as your parents, and as long as you can make a little money from your hobbies and passions to get by you’re more than happy.

Traits: Insider, Creative, Dance Machine,
Aspiration: Choose either Musical Genius, Best Selling Author or Painter Extraordinaire
Career: Register as self-employed (painter/author or musician). This can be related to the skills you will develop with your chosen aspiration or separate if you want more of a challenge. You can also do the freelancer career in painting or writing if you wish but this is not required.

1. Complete your aspiration.
2. Create a club or take-over leadership of an existing club. Have 8 club members.
3. Befriend all your club members and marry one of them.
4. Have a weekly club gathering.
5. Complete the wellness skill and participate in a yoga class once a week until you reach level 10 of wellness (you can stop then if you want to).
6. Woohoo in the sauna, the woohoo bush and the closet.
7. Attend each of the themed bar nights at least once: Happy Hour, Bear’s night, Alien night, Ghost Nights, Knight Knight, Single’s night and Ladies/Guy’s night depending on your heir’s gender.
8. Max the dance skill and DJ skill and host a dance party at the Bluffs to show off your new talents.

*I recommend using the calendar that came with seasons to remind you about having the weekly club gathering and yoga session.
*I was going to make spot the loch ness sea monster (nessy) a task but that’s going to be hard so give your self a pat on the back if you see her!


Generation 3 – Dine Out
Although creative in the kitchen your parents were not very skilled. Sick of putting up with bad quality and often burnt food you took over cooking for your family at a young age and have found passion in the culinary arts. However, you become invested in your business and don’t realise your home life is falling apart until it’s too late. You end up getting divorced.

Traits: Foodie, Snob, Perfectionist
Aspiration: Master Chef
Career: Culinary (Chef) until Level 8 then quit and open your own restaurant.

1. Get married whilst working as a Chef. You can have children during this time if you wish (these will not be able to be the heir).
2. Once you reach level 8 of the culinary career (chef branch) and complete your aspiration, quit your job, move your family to San Myshuno and open a restaurant in the City.
3. Complete the cooking skill and gourmet cooking skills.
4. Host a Gold level dinner party.
5. Get your restaurant to 5 stars.
6. Get divorced whilst running your restaurant. Move out your spouse and any existing children.
7. Get romantically involved with a staff member and have child by them. The child must born whilst living in San Myshuno, stay with you and will be the heir to Generation 4.
8. Collect the 20 experimental food photos (see collections).

*You can demolish any lot in San Myshuno to make room for your restaurant.
*For task 6, make sure you move out the ex-spouse and kids and not your sim otherwise your restaurant will stay with them. You can then move again within the city if you want to get a smaller place. You can always put them back after.
*After playing this generation myself I realised the aspiration is fulfilled when you reach level 8 of the career, so I adjusted 2 to fit this.


Generation 4 – City Living
You’re the odd one out of the family and raised by your mother alone in the big city. As a chef and foodie your mother disapproves of your vegetarian lifestyle. You love it in San Myshuno though, especially since you befriended the guys who hang around outside your apartment and play basketball. They’re a bad influence on you though and you find yourself skipping school and getting into trouble a lot. Perhaps its just your way of getting attention from your mother who is busy running her restaurant? You eventually grow up and straighten out your ways and decide to pursue a career in politics enabling you to help kids growing up in the city.

Traits: Vegetarian, Kleptomaniac, Hot-Headed
Aspiration: City Native
Career: Politics – Charity Branch

1. Remain in San Myshuno your whole life and complete your City Native aspiration and attend all the festivals at least once and grab some swag to prove it.
3. Do not allow your school grade to go above a C, skip school whenever you feel like it and have two character values in the red by the time you age up to a young adult.
4. Steal items that add up to the value of £10,000, graffiti at least one pavement and wall in San Myshuno, join any protests you see happening and
start some of your own.
5. Move out to your own apartment as soon as you become a young adult and have at least one child before you are half-way through your young-adult life stage.
6. Have at least 2 enemies before you age up into an adult (full adult not a young adult).
7. Do not have a job until you reach adulthood (full adult not young adult) so make money any way you can including stealing (see task 4).
8. When you reach full adulthood join the politics career. You do not have to complete your career but must reach at least Level 5 and chose the charity branch.
9. Complete the snow globe and city poster collections.

*You can buy any swag you like at each festival.
*Getting your mischief skill up will help you steal more expensive items.


Generation 5 – Parenthood
You want to be the best parent you can because for most of your childhood your parents were absent. You strive to help your children in anyway you can and want them to live happy and fulfilling lives. You devote yourself to your children and have little time for your own career or hobbies. You spoil your children rotten.

Traits: Family Orientated, Neat and Childish
Aspiration: Super Parent
Career: None (stay at home parent).

1. Move out of San Myshuno to either Willow Creek or Oasis Springs (pick the one you did not choose for Generation 1).
2. Complete your aspiration.
3. Volunteer with your family 3 times and do 3 different activities.
4. Reach level 10 of parenting skill.
5. Get married and have 4 children – give each child a different aspiration.
6. Toddlers must get level 3 in all skills before aging up.
7. All children must complete their aspirations, maximise at least one character values and reach an A in both grade school and high school (I think this will be hard, sorry!)
8. Sunday is family day – take your kids somewhere nice and spoil them rotten.
9. Collect all the void critter cards (requires Kids Room Stuff*).
10. Host a Gold level Toddler Playdate (requires Toddler Stuff*).

*You can remove task 9 and 10 requirements if you don't have these stuff packs.


Generation 6 – Cats & Dogs
Surrounded by a big noisy family as you grew up, you found yourself preferring the quiet company of animals. You were spoiled as a child, and this continues as you grow up with your parents loaning you the money to buy your own clinic after you leave veterinary school. Soon you realise what hard work really is and you kind of enjoy it. You are determined to pay your parents back.

Traits: Cat Lover, Dog Lover and one of your choice.
Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
Career: Run a Vet Clinic

1. Move to Brindleton Bay and open up a vet clinic using £15,000 loaned to you by your parents.
2. Complete your aspiration.
3. Have at least 3 pets at all times* and one should be an adopted stray.
4. Reach Level 10 of veterinary skill and Level 5 of the pet training skill.
5. Get your vet clinic to 5 stars
6. Woohoo at the lighthouse
7. Remove £15,000 from your households funds to “pay back” your parents when you can.
8. Have a dog which has learnt all of the tricks and get a gold medal on the obstacle course.
9. Cook all the pet recipes at least once.
9. Collect all the feathers and assemble them into the bird sculpture.

*Once of your three pets for task 3 can be a rodent if you have the my first pet stuff stuff pack, but only one counts.
*You can use the money cheat for task 7.


Generation 7 – Jungle Adventure / Seasons
You are a generally happy and content person and love spending time in your garden and feeling the suns rays on your back. Not much gets you down. You love to travel and collect seeds to grow more exotic fruits and vegetables in your garden.

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Cheerful and one of your choice
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Career: Gardening – either branch

1. Complete your career and aspiration
2. Complete the flower arranging and the gardening skill
3. Grow a money tree and a cow plant
4. Take a vacation to Selvadorada, learn the rumbasim dance and complete a temple and complete either the omiscan artefact or treasure collection.
5. Collect an avocado and black bean from Selvadorada and grow at home.
6. Collect a coconut, cava, taro and pineapple plant from Sulani and grow at home.
7. Collect a mandrake and valerian root from Glimmerbook/Magic Realm and grow at home.
8. Woohoo in a leaf pile.
9. Have a beehive and bake the honey cake using your own honey
10. Befriend patchy the scarecrow and bring him to life!
11. Have at least two children, have your heir for Generation 8 join the after school drama club and have a different child join the scouts and earn the scouting aptitude trophy.

*You can live in any world you want
*You should grow as many different types of fruits, veg and flowers in your garden as you can including those for task 5 and 6.


Generation 8 – Get Famous
You loved after school drama club and the attention being the lead in all the school plays got you. You dream of being a famous celebrity. You’ve been so focused on your dream you haven’t really paid much attention in school – just getting by as best you can. Despite your parent’s advice to buckle down and concentrate on your school work so you can go to college you decide to relocate to Del Sol Valley and attempt to climb the fame ladder. You hope one day you can prove your parents wrong and make them proud.

Traits: Self-Absorbed, Non-Committal and Outgoing
Aspiration: Master Actor/Actress or World Famous Celebrity
Career: Film

1. Move to Del Sol Valley
2. Complete your career and aspiration
3. Have a social media account with over 1 million followers
4. Complete the media production skill
5. Have at least three failed relationships with other celebrities (3 star or above).
6. Marry a 5 star celebrity
7. Woohoo in the sleeping pod and the money vault
8. Have only one child


You can choose one of two options for generation 9 (Strangerville or Realm of Magic). If you want to do both you can.

OPTION 1 - Generation 9 – Strangerville
You’ve never really understood your parents desire to be in the spotlight, you’d prefer to hide away and be left with your games console and your books as well as all the computers and gadgets you like to tinker with. Somehow you think you’ve disappointed them by being their only child and not being interested in fame or fortune. You decide to get out of Del Sol Valley and relocate to Strangerville to focus on writing your first novel. This town is perfect as no one knows you or who your famous parents are.

Traits: Geek, Paranoid, Bookworm
Aspiration: Strangerville Mystery
Career: Tech Guru

1. Move to Strangerville
2. Complete your career and aspiration
3. Reach level 10 of the video gaming, programming and writing skill
4. Complete the postcard collection.
5. Write 5 best-selling books.
6. Have no romantic relationships until adulthood.
7. Marry someone in the Military career.
8. Get married in Sulani on vacation.
9. Get pregnant in Sulani. This doesn’t have to be at the same time as task 8 if you don’t want it to.

OPTION 2 - Generation 9 - Realm of Magic
You’ve never really understood your parents desire to be in the spotlight, you’d prefer to spend your time at the library reading books. You've always felt like the odd one out in Del Sol Valley with the alternative way you dress and your brightly coloured hair and little interest fame. One day you find an old book describing a place called the Magic Realm which has some connection to a world called Glimmerbrook. You tell your parents and they just laugh at you, telling you it's little more than a fairy-tale. However, deep down you know it's real and you feel a strange sense of calling so you immediately pack your bags and head off, determined to find the Magic Realm.

Traits: Loner, bookworm and one of your choice
Aspiration: Spellcraft and Sorcery or Purveyor of Potions
Career: Your choice!

1. Move to Glimmerbrook
2. Complete your aspiration
3. Complete the spell book and be-friend all of the sages
4.Find all of the familiars and bind them to you
5. Have a cat or dog familiar
6. Date a different occult sim (vampire/alien/mermaid*). You don't have to marry them.
7. Reach level 10 of the writing skill
8. Get married in on vacation in Sulani
9. Get pregnant in Sulani. This doesn’t have to be at the same time as task 8 if you don’t want it to.

*For task 5 you can date a mermaid if you wish but bear in mind you’ll marry one for Island Living generation 10.


Generation 10 – Island Living
You were conceived in Sulani, and were a surprise to both your parents. Perhaps this surprise pregnancy has something to do with the island spirits? It wouldn’t be the first time your parents were involved in some strange going on’s after all. Despite being born in Sulani, you grew up away from the islands with a love of music. But soon you felt drawn back to the islands and when you arrive you realise it’s your destiny help them to heal.

Traits: Child of the Ocean, Child of the Island and one of your choice
Aspiration: Beach Life
Career: Conservation - either branch

1. Move to Sulani and start off by living off the grid (you can change this when you want to if it hinders you too much, but do at least 7 sim days).
2. Complete your career and aspiration
3. Reach Level 10 of the singing skill and one instrument of your choice.
4. Host a Gold level kava party
5. Marry a mermaid/merman
6. Befriend all the coloured dolphins
7. Woohoo in the Waterfall
8. Restore Mua Pel’am’s environment to the highest level and enact 2 global policies
9. Attend all of the Sulani festivals at least once
10. Complete 5 odd jobs
11. Complete 2 of the following collections: seashells, buried treasure or underwater photos.


Generation 11 – Discover University
You love your parents very much, but you are sick of the beach life and want to do your own thing. So as soon as you can you head off to college to start afresh. You're not even sure what you want to study, you just can't wait to get to college and start your new life. Your parents are supportive and even offer to pay for your studies, but you want to do this on your own so you apply for scholarships, take out a loan and get a part time job.

Traits: Ambitious, lazy and one of your choice.
Aspiration: Academic
Career: Choose a degree programme at either University and then one of the three new careers that came with Discover University.

1. Complete your aspiration
2. Get a piercing, tattoo and change your hair colour when you arrive at University
3. Have a part time job whilst at University
4. Live in a dorm
5. Join an organisation and get to Level 3
6. Woohoo in the shower and with a servo you made yourself
7. Host a gold level keg party
8. Date at least two different roommate
9. Complete the robotics skill
10. Finish with an A grade
11. Marry someone from the opposite University and both you and your spouse must choose one of the new careers that came with Discover University.
12. One of your children (the heir for Gen 12) runs away as a teen to Evergreen harbour.

*Tasks 6 can be done after you finish Uni


Generation 12 – Eco Lifestyle
Your parents led a successful life and got their dream job through hard work and lots of studying.... you however don't care for that sort of thing, you'd rather be using your hands to make a living and take inspiration from your grandparents when it comes to caring about the community and to living a green, environmentally friendly life. Running away from home as a teen you wind up penniless and living out of dumpsters in Evergreen harbour. Eventually your parents find you and beg to take you home but you're determined to show them you will be just as successful as them ... but doing it in your own way.

Traits: Pick three from: Maker, Green Friend, Freegan, Recycle Disciple, Loves the outdoors, vegetarian
Aspiration: Master Maker
Career: Freelance: Simply Crafted

1. Set your funds to zero when you run away from home as a teen
2. Live out of dumpsters until you can afford a tiny container home in Port Promise
3. Complete your aspiration
4. Live off the grid, generating your own power, your entire life
5. Turn Port Promise's eco footprint from industrial to green
6. Marry a civic planner or civic engineer and give them the eco innovator aspiration
7. Never have a traditional job, make money from being a freelance maker and through other environmentally friendly means
8. Reach level 10 of fabrication and juice fizzing
9. Donate 500 to charity every Friday
10. Covert all lots in Evergreen Harbour to Eco Homes
11. Always live in a tiny, micro or small home
12. Max the friendship bar with 6 of your neighbours


Generation 13 – Snowy Escape
You work a boring office job but live for the extreme, always going for things even if you don't have the necessary skills. You dream of the slopes all day everyday. You are competitive and like to live on the dangerous side. You are like this with your relationships too, always juggling multiple romances. You're not well liked, people think you are a show-off and no friendships or relationships really last. You only have one true friend who's always stuck by your side despite all your mistakes. It isn't until later in life you realise that they are the one for you and finally decide to settle down.

Traits: Confident, Adventurous, Noncommittal
Aspiration: Extreme Sports Enthusiast
Career: Salary Person

1. Move to Mt Komorebi
2. Complete your career and aspiration
3. Quit your job the moment you reach level 10
4. Attend all the festivals at least one and grab some swag to prove it
5. Complete the snowboarding, skiing and rock-climbing skills
6. Woohoo in the mountain cave and bath house
7. Always have at least 3 romances on the go until you reach adulthood.
8. Every time you make a friend or get into a relationship you ruin it somehow and they end up disliking you
9. Complete the simmi capsule and spirit doll collection
10. Get married at the top of Mount Komorebi to your life long best friend who must have the proper trait. You can change the non-committal trait to someone of your choice once your sim gets into a relationship with this person.
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  • Sharebear67Sharebear67 Posts: 26 Member
    This looks like fun. I haven't done the Legacy Challenge yet but I've read the original rules. I would love to do it incorporating these challenges. Challenge Accepted.
  • PhDSimmerPhDSimmer Posts: 80 Member
    Good luck @Sharebear67
    Sul Sul! I'm a life long fan of The Sims! Come and join me on Youtube/Twitter. My videos are mainly LPs and Challenges, with a few other random things thrown in there too!
  • Sharebear67Sharebear67 Posts: 26 Member
    Thank you. I've been playing constantly when on the Sims and I just started generation 5
  • PhDSimmerPhDSimmer Posts: 80 Member
    Wow @Sharebear67 that's amazing! Have you come across any problems or rules that don't make sense/fit???
    Sul Sul! I'm a life long fan of The Sims! Come and join me on Youtube/Twitter. My videos are mainly LPs and Challenges, with a few other random things thrown in there too!
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member
    I recommend this challenge if you like the legacy style of play but have a hard time being tied down to the same lot for 10 generations. Another great thing about this challenge is that the rules take you through a lot of the pack specific features. I play this as my "just for fun" game - meaning that I don't do a story on my blog - I'm about to start gen 3 and so far I've had tons of fun
  • PhDSimmerPhDSimmer Posts: 80 Member
    That's great to hear @Onyeka001 glad you're having fun!
    Sul Sul! I'm a life long fan of The Sims! Come and join me on Youtube/Twitter. My videos are mainly LPs and Challenges, with a few other random things thrown in there too!
  • HannahLindsey3195HannahLindsey3195 Posts: 1 New Member
    Can’t wait for your update since the new packs! 😁
  • CupcakeIzDaShizCupcakeIzDaShiz Posts: 1 New Member
    I was curious, I just started the challenge but there is no one for my sim (I picked female, I didnt see the gender specifics?) To marry at her profession. They are all females and I wanted my heir to be biological. What do we do in this instance?
  • PhDSimmerPhDSimmer Posts: 80 Member
    Oh dear cupcake - could you delete some of the sims so the game spawns new ones to work there?
    Sul Sul! I'm a life long fan of The Sims! Come and join me on Youtube/Twitter. My videos are mainly LPs and Challenges, with a few other random things thrown in there too!
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member

    Any plans to update this for ECO Lifestyle? :)
  • PhDSimmerPhDSimmer Posts: 80 Member
    Possibly but it would be over 10 generations and have to be the 6 year legacy
    Sul Sul! I'm a life long fan of The Sims! Come and join me on Youtube/Twitter. My videos are mainly LPs and Challenges, with a few other random things thrown in there too!
  • Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 314 Member

    If I may suggest - You could keep it so people do all the different years if they want to or they can roll and see which 5 years they get out of all the possible ones - or they can simply pick and choose the 5 that fits the packs they have or whatever.

    I'm not suggesting because I want to enforce my ideas onto the challenge - I just think it's such a good challenge and I'd like to see it live on with your ideas for the new packs etc that we get
  • ErnesaTErnesaT Posts: 7,458 Member
    This looks really interesting. I can't wait to try it.
  • geordiescarlettgeordiescarlett Posts: 280 Member
    I'm doing this challenge now. Will you have an update for Snowy Escape any time soon? Not that I'm anywhere close to doing that, ha!
    Autistic Simmer B)
  • DivieOwlDivieOwl Posts: 1,161 Member
    PhDSimmer wrote: »
    Hey guys, I came up with this Legacy Challenge to celebrate 5 years of The Sims 4. I have now updated it to include the most recent expansion pack and re-named it PhDSimmer’s Ultimate Legacy Challenge.


    Oh, I love the name change! I have been wanting to play this challenge for a little while now. But held off because when I found it, I think you hadn't updated it in a while. I just came back from a simming break and started my save with it.

    Gen 1 just returned from GF and her daughter was born, though she is a level 8 in the doctor career. Waiting to deliver a baby. I think that might still be bugged, but, if she hasn't had the opportunity to deliver a baby by the time Parker is a child, I'll just cheat her to the next level. She's been at level 8 since before she got pregnant. So, it's already been a little bit.

    And I was just coming here again today to check something and found the link to the spreadsheet and seen you gave it a name change (which I love!).

    Honestly, I'll probably do both of Gen 9 options and just be a gen ahead of the actual challenge.
  • Broncos4lifeBroncos4life Posts: 11,798 Member
    I'm excited to start this challenge soon!
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    Link: here!

  • Jeshkaaa3Jeshkaaa3 Posts: 1 New Member
    Just dropping by to say this has been the best sims 4 challenge I've come across, I like structured gameplay and this helped me explore all the packs without getting overwhelmed. I'm also glad this was updated! I'm currently on gen 4 and I'm loving it so far!
  • AkiraDrekAkiraDrek Posts: 4 New Member
    I look forwarded to doing this challenge in the future!
  • ZaraAdamuZaraAdamu Posts: 1 New Member
    Love this challenge, just started gen 8! This is the longest legacy I've ever played and it's because of how much fun each generation is. Can't wait to see what is done with other packs :)
  • NextTrickAnvilsNextTrickAnvils Posts: 100 Member
    edited November 2021
    Started this challenge a couple weeks ago. Still on Gen 1but I'm excited to get to some of the other gens.

    Here's my founder, Thea Simms. ;)

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