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How to Uni rotation?

So, started playing Sims 2 again a few days ago, this time trying rotational play, for the very first time. I love it! Don't know why I didn't use this way of play before, honestly.

So, I stick to weekly play, so 1 week for 1 family, then switch families. 1 week feels very nice to me, because it gives me time to really play a family before having to switch to a new one.

There's just one little issue with this for me - University!

How do?? I'd really like to keep my weekly style of play going, but is that even possible when in Uni? I don't know how many days a semester translates into, so I don't know how many semesters I should play to make it a 'week' before switching to the main hood again. Any help or advice, please? I'd really appreciate it!

Further Info: I do not use mods to shorten Uni. I like it at its default length. However, I did use Sim PE to lengthen the ages of each lifespan (although I think I left Elders default), so I'm unsure if that'll mess with how Uni aging works somehow. I hope not, at least, but if anyone knows if that will mess it up, please tell me!


  • Rflong7Rflong7 Posts: 36,482 Member
    Hi :)
    I guess it will depend on how long you think a week is to a Sim - as in aging.

    I use a mod which lets me decide if I want to shorten Uni semesters. If it were me I'd be sending a Sim to Uni for a week time of the main hood. But, if you want Uni to last long to match up with your extended lifespans, chart it out.
  • Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 806 Member
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    I'm a senior in RL and I don't care for Uni in TS2. But it gives them extra want options and careers so I send all my Sims to college. I play rotational as well so what I do is 5 days for each family and one semester for the kiddos (I'm so boring - I make them study, all get on the dean's list, work on their skills and meet their possible mates). I do custom neighborhoods with only my created families in them. I start with 6 founding families and send the kids to college together. The reason I do the one semester in my rotation is that it lets the moms and dads age as well which they would do in RL.
  • KaronKaron Posts: 2,332 Member
    I play rotational too, 1 week each family (including Uni households).
  • M13VulpeculaM13Vulpecula Posts: 19,608 Member
    I think that Uni lasts too long in relation to the main hood, so I use a mod that gives them 2-day semesters.
    I play through 4 semesters each round, and half a season per round.
  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 4,750 Member
    One round in my rotation equals one season, but I'm still uncertain how many semesters that should translate to. I'm trying different uni lengths and different rotation round/uni proportions. Most of my college sims drop out after the first or second year, only the really determined reach graduation.

    That said, my most common setup is
    1 round = 1 season = 4 uni semesters (shortened to 2 days)
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  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 4,309 Member
    Karon wrote: »
    I play rotational too, 1 week each family (including Uni households).

    i do this too.
  • ashleyrenee210ashleyrenee210 Posts: 187 Member
    I play one season per rotation. (so like spring first, then summer, etc) for uni I do a whole school year since it usually rounds out to about 6 days for me (and a season is about 5 days) I find it best since anyone new that ages up to uni would start fresh on a new "school year" and be in line with everyone else. It bothers me when the times don't match up and some people are taking finals while others are not. (i also like to keep all the sims in one dorm building unless they want to move into a greek house)
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