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Let's all play a good ol' game of The Simmer Below Me


  • NahlhaNahlha Posts: 54 New Member
    Kinda, it depends if there is something cool I wanna try out in the actual game. If im doing a sim for a challenge or I have a cool storyline then I can spend way too much time on it.

    TSBM have too much CC.
  • pastelnarwhalpastelnarwhal Posts: 20 New Member
    It depends on how much you would say it too much, but for my standards it’s probably true, I keep downloading more rip

    TSBM has multiple game/expansion packs
  • SimerbratzSimerbratz Posts: 161 Member
    Nope tsbm has played the sims 1
  • karizzleskarizzles Posts: 263 Member

    TSBM has an idea for an expansion/game pack

  • StarstruckSimmerStarstruckSimmer Posts: 356 Member
    Aye. The Grilled Cheese EP!

    TSBM belongs to 2 or more fandoms
    old simmer whos just now getting back into it
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,925 Member
    Who doesn't? My fav is Vampires. If I had RoM, they'd probably tie.

    Same question.

  • yasi881998yasi881998 Posts: 22 New Member
    I think cats and dogs but only because i dont have RoM or Vampires yet, I think i would pick those.

    TSBM cant be bothered to build so usually gets houses from the gallery (guilty)
  • NahlhaNahlha Posts: 54 New Member
    Sometimes, if I have a good idea or im trying to do a specific house. Most of the time I just download a house though.

    TSBM plays with big families.
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,646 Member
    I sometimes do.

    TSBM has a household with money tree.
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,222 Member
    False, but I have been thinking about getting one from the rewards store. :smiley:

    TSBM has had sims end up with food poisoning.
    Bmso85's emporium - mysims4studios

  • EssentionEssention Posts: 22 New Member
    True. It was not fun. Not fun at all.

    TSBM always has the bedroom door open.
  • qwertypixelsqwertypixels Posts: 15 New Member

    TSBM has never attempted the 100-baby-challenge.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,202 Member
    I quit after baby #6 :sweat_smile:

    TSBM only plays challenges in the sims.
  • qwertypixelsqwertypixels Posts: 15 New Member
    True oops.

    TSBM often uses cheats.
  • the_greenplumbobthe_greenplumbob Posts: 6,101 Member
    I use build mode cheats, but apart from that I don't

    TSBM owns every piece of Sims 4 DLC
  • PurpleSweetTartPurpleSweetTart Posts: 160 Member
    No, I'm too broke.

    TSBM makes Creative sims because, they, themselves, are creative.
  • EssentionEssention Posts: 22 New Member
    True!!!! Absolutely true!

    TSBM has made stories with their sims.
  • TheRoseHorseTheRoseHorse Posts: 7,273 Member
    Sort of, but not really
    Same question.
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  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,222 Member
    I have tried, so somewhat true?

    TSBM has left the lights on all day.
    Bmso85's emporium - mysims4studios

  • qwertypixelsqwertypixels Posts: 15 New Member
    In real life yes, but it the Sims no, cause I always turn on auto-lights.

    TSBM loves occult Sims.
  • QueenarellaQueenarella Posts: 3,202 Member
    DeafSimmer wrote: »
    Yes! Occult Sims are fun to play with!

    TSBM doesn't like realistic gameplay.

    I like both, realistic and supernatural gameplay.

    TSBM didn't know some people still used ICQ.
  • the_greenplumbobthe_greenplumbob Posts: 6,101 Member
    What’s ICQ?

    TSBM is a Capricorn
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