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What do you hope University Adds?


  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 3,154 Member
    Rikurii wrote: »
    I hope they add a online study option. I know it kinda defeats the whole purpose of University... but it would be good if you don't want to go to campus. Plus it makes sense in the digital age. :)

    I kind of like online study especially if it's busy with the house full.
  • JoBass24usJoBass24us Posts: 1,622 Member
    I’m hoping they do it justice by bringing in some hijinks and general fun! Also I’d like options. I don’t want it only available to teens that graduate or just young adults. It would be nice for older sims to have the option to go back to school fir their degrees, maybe online?
    I’m looking forward to it and I hope the team dies it justice.
  • ofDDofDD Posts: 28 Member
    That has more major subject classes you can chose from.

  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 3,086 Member
    I don't want the university mascot showing up every time one of my teens age up to YA's.

    Honestly, outside of the classes themselves, I'm not sure what else they can add. They already have the partying nailed down, so...
  • akasevenakaseven Posts: 279 Member
    i love this ideas, and i agree with many of them. I love the system of clubs vibes of sims 3 could back, but i think we wont have because we already have clubs system in GT, but i just need more depth in teenager because i think that they are the same as young adults, so something I really feel like playing with a different age sim.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,485 Member
    So hear me out. You know those classes where you have to take care of an egg and treat it like your own child? How about we do that, but the egg hathes and you can also raise the baby.

    The twist: it hatches into a dragon.
  • ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,289 Member
    I played university a lot in TS2 so that is my frame of reference. I want a lot of the things that have already been mentioned like different types of scholarships and I guess loans. College admissions would make sense.

    There should be different ways to do university sort of like "La Fiesta Tech" vs. "Academie Le Tour (I think)". I haven't thought about that in ages. I agree with the ability to do online or commuter education at all ages. Maybe you could do a quick course online rather than going through full university with some sims.

    Other concepts I'd like:

    Post-graduate education and Ph Ds (I make hip and intellectual nerds, ok?)
    Professor career, this could add an early childhood education career for the Family players.
    Benefits resulting from degrees such as career networking, starting career advantages and unpredictable income bonuses. Maybe sims who have been to university can change careers more easily.
    Numerous majors, some that tie directly into careers and some that don't.
    We have a lot of careers in the game but I'd always welcome more.
    Advantages from university but they should be unpredictable.

    I agree that GT's social aspects would pair well with university.

    I guess that one of the main things would be that it needs to be very replayable and at the same time, not every sim will go to university. I do like the idea of bringing back private and non-private children's schools. It seems a bit strange to me that all the sim children are going to the same fictitious school at this point.

    I have a YA from my game who is on a group trip to Selvadorada and I'm saying that it's like a study trip. Playing them like that honestly seems like university.

    I should add that I'd like to add the ability to study abroad or study trips as well as internships.

    Yeah sure, I want some drinking, shenanigans and social or academic societies. I'm sure there will be sports.

    University could be a good way to sneak in some more middle-aged looks (professors) so that there can be more realistic aging transitions.

    Teens could be sent early to university? Graduations would need to come back.
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  • SeashoreLiviaSeashoreLivia Posts: 801 Member
    I hope we get bunk beds and that toddlers can use them too. It would be super helpful when doing the 7 toddler challenge in a small house.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,580 Member
    As I said, I’d like General school stuff (elementary, middle, high school).

    University is more for young adults, however I hope teens at least will have more stuff to do.

    For build/buy, I’d like mezzanine beds, space saving stuff, desks with walk shelving, school stuff so I can build classrooms.

    Gameplay wise I’d like an active teacher career, and being able to follow students to classes, hope we can use laptops everywhere. Also have university activities and sororities/fraternities.
  • lexus20lexus20 Posts: 1,284 Member
    Bunk beds and pool tables are a must for me. I'll be very disappointed if they aren't included since this is the perfect opportunity to add those objects and I really miss them. Some other things I would like to see:
    -More gym equipment (exercise bike, pull-up bar, weightlifting bench, etc.)
    -Soccer net
    -Standalone showerhead (like in TS2 University, with no walls around it, just the showerhead, taps and drain)
    -Roommates/dorm/apartment system (customizable, unlike CL apartments)
    -Vending machines
    -Ping pong table
    -Body hair
    -Mini fridge
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  • LMcGELMcGE Posts: 226 Member
    I think that the fact that universities are so different in different countries might make this a pack that causes lots of division amongst those who had wanted it. It's not high up my list, I admit, but I really don't fancy a US style uni, as I am Irish, yet I appreciate it will likely be like that since this is a US game. Sorry, I suppose it's just another thing stacked against it for me.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 4,623 Member
    Active teacher career
    Active student path
    Customizable dorms
    Bands, more music instruments
    Ping pong
    Rewards for doing well in school

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  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 4,623 Member
    edited September 2019
    New aspirations
    New festivals/campus events
    Ability for all ages to attend, even child prodigies
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  • IrdiwenIrdiwen Posts: 573 Member
    And facial piercings. I really, really want some sims to have nose studs, eyebrow piercings or lip rings.
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  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,762 Member
    LMcGE wrote: »
    I think that the fact that universities are so different in different countries might make this a pack that causes lots of division amongst those who had wanted it. It's not high up my list, I admit, but I really don't fancy a US style uni, as I am Irish, yet I appreciate it will likely be like that since this is a US game. Sorry, I suppose it's just another thing stacked against it for me.

    *waves from Ireland*
    You nailed it, this is exactly what I think will happen. Not only because the devs & the company are US-based but also because that seems what most people who look for uni are looking for (which is likely because there are more US-based players than others, at least on social media)
    So I'm guessing we'll get a campus as is common for big universities in the US, sororities/fraternities, kegsters, cheerleaders, etc. The stereotypical American college/university experience.
    Not that it's not a valid choice, I'm just gonna quietly hope for a little more variety ;)
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  • CAITLINX354CAITLINX354 Posts: 157 Member
    double majors
    graduate/advanced degrees
  • bloodydarkanglbloodydarkangl Posts: 74 Member
    Exclusive careers that require a degree. There are still a few careers we could have like law, journalism, architectural engineering just to name a few...

    It'd be disappointing if we had the basic old majors from past games with additional rank boost.
  • jcp011c2jcp011c2 Posts: 10,782 Member
    It's kind of sad that I have to point out that anything I say is only just my opinion and may be a different one from someone else.
  • cheescaekscheescaeks Posts: 900 Member
    some more adult and risque content in this one, still rated T but just toeing that line. being able to dance on tables would be awesome.
  • M1ss_PlumbumM1ss_Plumbum Posts: 189 Member
    Many great suggestions, you guys have!

    First and foremost I hope we get a feature that makes us able to have multiple households living on one lot! In that way, we can make our own apartments, communes and things like that. I would also like to new roof trim, so one can't see the white underneath the roofs. That would be a great addition, even though is itsn't university related per se.

    Other than that I hope for:
    - Active education
    - Dorms, college and communes
    - New fun activities, like nectar pong (beer pong)
    - New cheap second hand furniture in Buy-mode
    - New interactions, like romantic dancing
    - Teacher career
  • HolidayHoliday Posts: 610 Member
    I have no real wants or needs for this pack at the moment. I just really hope that the game comes with consequence. I don’t want it to feel like your sim ages up, goes to uni and then gets on with life, I want it to affect what happens after. Like I wouldn’t want to send my sim to uni, fail everything and then afterwards the game acts like nothing happened, it just seems pointless. We need some kind of memories system!

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  • InsaneStarInsaneStar Posts: 93 Member
    Looking the old idea that I'm looking and posted at one of the old threads about University ideas, but it's gone. Starting from scratch. (again)

    Build/Buy (Especially that involves space saving objects.)

    - Bunk Beds (A cheap and hopefully a expensive with better quality one cause in The Sims 3, all Bunk Beds have a bad quality.)
    - Mini Fridge (With more junk food [Cup of Ramen, Soda/Cola, Breakfast Burritos, Canned Soup, etc]. Plus, adding something on top for the fridge for deco or something else like a radio.)
    - Vending Machines (Not another GTW fridge like vending machine, similar to the ones in C&D that looked like a actual vending machine, but with human foods instead of pet foods. I don't mind if they re-use the same thing like animations or a paint job. Just make it for Sims who likes junk food.)
    - Air Fryer (See here for how this idea works. I remember some college students are having this cause it's more easier than traditional frying on a stove.)
    - A brand new laptop (The StrangerVille ones are too military like, and the one from the base game [that came in the Freelance Patch Update] is fine, but it's a little too modern. Just give a average looking laptop that is not too modern or too military like.)
    - Ping Pong Table or Pool Table (We need more bar games and activities. Though I get the feeling it would not add both. Just one for what fits better in University. Which is the Ping Pong table {more popular of course} cause of most college students like to play beer... oh excuse me, Juice Pong.)
    - More Small Dressers/Closets. (There's two of them. One for toddlers/kiddies and the other one is a very antique. Need a causal looking one.)


    - A decent sized world. (Maybe I don't want too many lots or too big like Winderburg. Just a normal one with fair amount of lots like Newcrest's or Brindleton Bay's.)
    - New careers (Teaching career and/or exclusive careers like Sims 3 has if you got a very high certain reputation. But in this case, I want exclusive careers if you got a very high grade in certain subjects.)
    - Dorms and House Renting
    - Rewards and Consequences (If you did things right in college like high grades or being helpful to someone, you get certain rewards like a new trait that ease your life if you graduate. However, if you things wrong like breaking rules or getting bad grades will give you negative traits or rewards to make your life harder or challenging.)

    That's all I could remember.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 7,207 Member
    that the whole family follows if the sim his a single parent with kids
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  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 4,534 Member
    - Active classroom and a rabbit hole option
    - Fraternity houses, dorms and apartments option to fill with unplayable townie roommates or completely with Sims of your own... players choice
    - Keg
    - Pool Table
    - Murphy bed
    - Skateboarding
    - Football
    - More romance interactions and new couple dances
    - Fraternity system
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  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    I hope it will restrict who can become a doctor...
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