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Willow Creek Collaborative Remake - Build Bon Temps?

So I searched the forums for a thread about this and the only stuff I found was old from TS3. If this is the wrong spot to ask this please forgive me!

I've had a craving lately to play out a True Blood type story in TS4, feeling nostalgic for the brief time I lived in Louisiana myself. It was also my mother-in-law's favorite series, she's been gone just over a year now so I can't help thinking about it. Because Willow Creek already has a vaguely bayou-ish feel to it and RoM is upon us, I thought it might be fun to bulldoze the world and rebuild it as Bon Temps and the surrounding area. Willow Creek has a total of 21 lots, 16 residential and 5 commercial, but that could be adjusted. It also has the tree that goes to Sylvan Glade, which would be perfect for the fairy world! I figure I can't be the only lover of this series out here who has entertained a similar idea but I also have outrageous ADHD and feel like this is a project that would be too big an undertaking to do alone. So I'm putting out feelers, would anyone be interested in doing a collaborative build on this?

Off the bat, I'm thinking Fangtasia and Merlotte's are essentials, and probably both Bill and Sookie's houses. It might also be fun to do the Fellowship of the Sun church. What places would you want to include in such a project? Let's brainstorm, if you're down. :)


  • bubbajoe621bubbajoe621 Posts: 86 Member
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    I'm in. I'm completely tired of all my Willow Creek builds except for one street of bungalows. I don't know much about the series but I think I would have liked it if I got into it at the time. Give me an assignment and I'll go check it out. Sunni did a great Merlotte's in Sims2
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