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unpopular opinions


  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 11,500 Member
    Simmify wrote: »
    Simanite wrote: »
    I don't like making Simselfs or even making Sims that "represent" me.

    When I play sims, I don't want any reminders of real life.

    Same here as I believe in Wright's thinking. :)
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  • SageOfGlimmerBrookSageOfGlimmerBrook Posts: 397 Member
    edited September 2019
    The new main menu is the most attractive one yet :)

    On a sidenote: The realm of magic looks so pretty on the main screen. The book of spells looks really cool.
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  • SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 1,729 Member
    I have two more:

    I don't like apartments. I don't like building in them. I don't really enjoy playing in them. I would have rather had the option to build my own and even townhouses.

    I like Newcrest. Sure it's similar to Willow Creek but I like it. It's not my favorite but I like it.
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  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,643 Member
    I like seeing premades as spelllcasters
  • Bluefairy286Bluefairy286 Posts: 254 Member
    I like the townies fashion style.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 4,069 Member
    I don't mind seeing the premades from other packs becoming spellcasters. Some choices are quite interesting!
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 4,172 Member
    DeafSimmer wrote: »
    @Evie0602 It's kind of what I thought, too. I'd like to be able to see the pets' needs sometimes and the real reason they're constantly begging for attention.

    In case you don't know this, there is a controllable pet mod. It's awesome. Just don't try to have your pet join a club, because it freaks your game out. Not that I tried that, of course. ;)
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  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 3,726 Member
    edited September 2019
    there is far too few long hairstyles with full normal bangs in this game and there should be more

    (or even just updos with full bangs)
  • Becka28 wrote: »
    I like seeing premades as spelllcasters

    Yeah I really got a hoot out of Eliza falling off of her broom. Typical Eliza :D
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  • 9 to 5 jobs and regular normal life is like watching paint dry. Work. Eat. Go somewhere. Rinse. Repeat. It's okay for like 1 or 2 sim days . But I can't play for hours that way.

    Now that I own ROM, Im not going near that type of play as much. I still will, but Im playing with these occults more.
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  • Fallenxroses7Fallenxroses7 Posts: 92 Member
    I think cats and dogs, seasons, and realm of magic were overhyped packs and not that great. just as I presumed witches are kinda boring and just a copy of vampires.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 4,069 Member
    edited September 2019
  • Fallenxroses7Fallenxroses7 Posts: 92 Member
    I'd prefer that they revamp some of the barely touched features from the old packs than make new packs.
  • StutumStutum Posts: 1,141 Member
    The eyeball ring doesn't bother me one bit.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 2,616 Member
    edited September 2019
    If I ever get ROM, first thing I do will be change the look of the sages, to match the ones at the second trailer( REALLY liked those two!). And for the one what did match, Morgyn, will get deleted. (sorry, I just disslike him so much, it is because all the hype for past 20+ days. more the hype the more I was annoyed by him)
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  • luxsylvanluxsylvan Posts: 1,918 Member
    I was (and still am a bit) excited for ROM because I like having occult Sims in my game, but I still think it's been watered down too much, so I don't have it yet. Why isn't the magic world the livable half :(
  • DentalchickJuliaDentalchickJulia Posts: 12 New Member
    I don't care to play toddlers, they annoy me...I said it. I wasn't nearly as excited as the rest of the world when they released toddlers in a patch.
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,431 Member
    (this might be a popular opinion idk) but I'm completely fine with all the occults being seperated into their own packs
    I like it too. I feel like each of them get proper attention rather than squishing them together into the worst zombies ever with the Sims 3. I didn't care for werewolves or vampires in that Sims 3 pack either. I think Sims 4 did a better job portraying vampires and witches and mermaids and aliens than the Sims 3 with the ability to make not only good ones but bad and anything in between.
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  • Paigeisin5Paigeisin5 Posts: 1,797 Member
    I don't miss having cars or an open world.

    I don't want a Uni-based expansion, not even with a new teaching career.

    I love game-fixing mods and gameplay mods. If the game didn't have issues that never get fixed, or had more complex gameplay, there would be no need for mods of any kind.

    Swimming in all the worlds doesn't interest me.

    The new terrain tools seem pointless when we have so few larger lots.

    Freeing the babies is not neccessary. My babies are aged up to toddler within 24 hours of being born.

    Teens should be teens, not look like a YA. We need a new lifestage for teens.

  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 11,500 Member
    Sims 4 has nothing on Sims 3 as Sims 4 is an lowballer. :)
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