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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    I usually break over the weekend since I know its silent on here
    then, but yes been very silent over here.
    Nice update a bit of drama is always fun.
    Got to love how sims want to have pool parties and not own a pool lol.
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    @emorrill I hope you are feeling better now. Also, there's no reason for me to be offended about any remarks regarding the Baylesses, because I didn't edit any of them, and all what happened to them was done by the game. I'm only responsible for Tay's new hair and clothing styles in the last two pics, and of course for putting them altogether into one house again.
    It's always nice to see something from Shang Simla. I love the place. On the other hand, I have done that starter dungeon that many times that I was relieved when the game forgot to reset the doors when I sent yet another family member along that road well traveled. She could just walk up to the main prize. Nice coming of age story.

    @Mikezumi I tried what the effect of more funds was. Tay returned home, I gave them their funds back that I had taken, Tay won at the lottery (110,000), and what surprised me most was how profitable the collecting stuff was for the family, as they got 23,000 simoleons on the first day from the consignment store (and decreasingly smaller sums every day thereafter, because, as a player, I cannot keep up with that pace). He also got another daughter with Bunny. When I went to the future again, Tay's descendants (completely different ones from the first time) lived in the wealthier part, and it was fun that the game now placed the Wolf's descendants (DeAndre's family, not related to Tay) into the Landgraab villa, because I left them with tons of cash when I split the family I'm usually playing from the Wolf household. It's all quite interesting.
    Yes, Jeffrey may not be complete pudding, but it's very close. It's a far cry from your distinctive family members in your game, which are always interesting to see grow up.
    Heh, that was the only male hair I have that covered the ears completely.

    @NIkkei_Simmer Those are great bird photos.
    And yes, let the doggies work.

    @bekkasan Good to hear that you and yours made it through mostly intact.

    @Brandontaylor Thank you, and yes, I think I found the culprit.
    It's always nice to see the kids grow up in this game.

    @Cadh20000 Great you got that fixed.

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you!

    @GraceyManor That's a great looking place. Is that custom content or just a place I haven't been to yet, like Isla Paradiso?

    @meerkattime Nice pics. Those "pool parties" are a pet peeve of mine. It's snowing, your house doesn't even have a pool, but we are all standing outside barely dressed.
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    Tianya is so cute

    If one day the elevator door open and see this
    Entrance to the abyss
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    Hank and Ava Update

    Hank spent the night in a cheap bed at base camp but surprisingly slept well. He just ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

    Once he had finished, he headed down to the adventure board in his pajamas, looking for an adventure. I then sent him on his first adventure to collect a relic for a Sim. I forgot to take pictures of this.

    Hank finished the tomb then headed to take the relic to the Sim but along the way he stopped to collect gems. Once he returned the relic, he slept in his tent on the Sims lot.

    Once he woke up, showered with a shower-in-a-can, and ate his high quality dried food, Hank took a water taxi to his next tomb.

    I've never really appreciated the size of the dragon head until I saw this. You can see Hank if you squint, this thing is massive.

    Using his detective skills, Hank found the secret to opening the door. He was very impressed with the ancient cultures ingenuity.

    The first room had a bunch of statues but Hank only had to move one to get to the hidden door. Inside were some ancient coins and a passage leading to another hidden door. These were just extra side doors and not really part of the mission but I always try to fully explore.

    Hank entered a room with mats and many different fires burning. He collected money bags, and a few cut gems as well as some mercury. He also saw a vision and was supposed to tell it to the Sim who sent him on the quest.

    Hank thought that he was done but the Sim asked him to find some platinum. Hank did so but did not have time to turn them in before going home.

    Ava fed Jason but the main reason for this picture is so you can see Jason's wings better.

    Once Jason was fed, Ava ate some leftover cake but Hank had gotten called into work so he didn't get to bed until after midnight.

    She left Jason with the babysitter so she could cut some gems. A gem cutting machine will be bought soon so she can do this at home.
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    Page 3663, continued

    @Nikkei_Simmer Wow, great picture of the bald eagle! We have a lot of them near the Illinois River. That one does look pretty mad about being divebombed.
    That would be nice for the game if there were, bald eagles are cool.
    Poor dogs, they're are gonna get sick.
    Glad you gave the dogs a nice place to sleep, when you let them, lol
    Good idea though, I bet the criminals hide their gems there. ;)
    Denali sure isn't helping find gems, lol. I thought the conversation between the fleas was funny.
    Great update, now get those poor dogs inside! :D

    @rubyskywalker Wow, sounds like a nice venue.
    Looking forward to the pics!
    Great update!

    @PalmArrow Thanks, it isn't doing too bad right now at least.
    Thanks, it was a pretty neat picture. He ran out so now Ava needs to give him more.
    Me too, and more than you can see at the moment. He needs to inherit a trait from both now too as I like to do that sometimes.
    Thanks for the comments!

    @meerkattime Thanks, I was really hoping he would be.
    Yep, gonna get rid of that thing. I don't want them in this save.
    He should, too. He deserved it since the first time I played him with Ava, he didn't make it that far.
    It helps a lot. I still get some lag but I deal with it.
    We try to have at least a couple in the fall, although this last fire did in the fire pit. Now my brother thinks that he'll get a permanent one to put in.
    I know, she really does. They must have fired her because last night they had a new one. :D
    Thank you, now comes the training. Think Hank will take care of that at first since he needs to build up their relationship.
    Thanks for the comments!

    @Cadh20000 You're welcome, Ginger. Looked like you had a good b-day.
    I like to have babies age up quickly too, I bet that on a long lifespan that they take forever to age up.
    That's what I like to do with genies, help the townies. (Although I sell their inventory, free money. :D )
    Testingcheats, I forgot what we were talking about before that for you to mention it though, lol

    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks, he really did turn out well. I forgot to edit him once he aged and I forgot last night as well.
    Yep, he needs to build the relationship up between them.

    @king_of_simcity7 You're welcome.
    I'm glad Simon and Tammy are getting closer, hoping they make it official soon.
    Spoke too soon, congrats on the new relationship.
    Hopefully things continue to go well for Megan and Jamie.
    I wouldn't trust Humara either, hopefully nothing happens between her and Taz.
    Great update!

    @Steamvarius You're welcome.

    @GraceyManor Nice job, Darren!
    Looks like they are having a great time.
    Love the Rainforest Cafe, it's really neat.
    Great update!

    @Karritz Wow, that gets irritating when they do that, doesn't it?
    Oh no, I hadn't heard about the fires, hoping you are safe!
    Sorry to hear about your cousins house.
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    I haven't checked this discussion for sometime and every time I return there's almost guaranteed to be at least dozens of pages full of screenshots for me to catch on... :D I'm off to re-reading those updates now.

    It's amazing to witness how there are still so many players out there enjoying sims 3 ten years after its release. :blush:
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    @meerkattime Thanks for the comments :smile: I will have another update up later

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments :smile:
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    I have some bonus picture of the Prince Albert where the group where in my update yesturday: :smile:






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    In all the muddle I actually have the next update ready but will post later as heading out now...
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    @Cadh20000 You're welcome, Ginger. Looked like you had a good b-day.
    I like to have babies age up quickly too, I bet that on a long lifespan that they take forever to age up.
    That's what I like to do with genies, help the townies. (Although I sell their inventory, free money. :D )
    Testingcheats, I forgot what we were talking about before that for you to mention it though, lol

    I think she did! :p
    Yeah, these Sim-babies can't do anything except wake the household up in the middle of the night so I want to get PAST that stage as fast as I can without it seeming like they are born as Toddlers. :p I try to have the Toddler stage set just long enough to complete the Toddler stuff without rushing through it so fast I have to ignore everything else. Child and up have many more options on things to do and aren't nearly as restricted so the max length on those life-stages works fine for me.
    Lol, I haven't yet done anything with any ensorcelled townies' inventory.
    Probably getting rid of that weird dark silvery-gray oval on the Gold's kitchen floor. :p
    My current Wishlist.
    My "Studio"

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    Working on a story with Supernatural's tonight. I created all my Sims tonight and have located a house that should work in Midnight Hollow. Basically a brother and sister take in three orphans to raise them alongside the sisters daughter. I'll be sharing them here but also I am going to create a story thread as well. I took screenshots of the characters so I'm going to introduce them now and also a bit of the backstory.

    First of all, we have Alfred Dusseldorf. Alfred is a highly skilled wizard who used to teach kids (any guesses who he is based off of?) but has since retired due to the school closing. Alfred is a brave, charismatic, bookworm who is also a genius with a great sense of humor.

    This lovely lady is Miss Huggins, Alfred's older sister and a vampire. I forgot what her first name is but I'll write it down later. Anyway, she was originally a normal human woman until an unfortunate event with a vampire she dated. The vampire turned her during a date, then left her pregnant with a daughter. Miss Huggins is a genius, natural cook, neat, has no sense of humor, but is also a party animal.

    This is Athena Huggins, Miss Huggins daughter. She is a second generation vampire and does not know who her father is. She's rebellious, but is also an artistic virtuoso. Recently, her uncle Alfred brought home three orphans, something that Athena is not happy about.

    Jacob Parrish is a werewolf who lost his parents when the evil wizard-vampire hybrid Vladimir destroyed his hometown. Jacob will be the first to reach out to Athena in the hopes of softening her up. He is an adventurous dog person who loves the outdoors.

    Jessica Anderson is a fairy who also lost her parents due to Vladimir's attack. She is good friends with the last child that I will mention in a bit. Jess is a bookworm, genius, and friendly. I'm not sure why, but I just feel most fairies would be friendly.

    Lastly, we have Brandon Taylor who is based off one of my first Sims. Brandon has a long history as he originally was a story character in a little story I was writing for fun but in that story, he was a man with super-strength and invulnerability instead of a wizard. He is the character/Sim that I named my forum username after. In this story though, Brandon was kidnapped by Vladimir to be raised as his son. Alfred dueled Vladimir and saved Brandon's life. Brandon and Jessica's parents knew each other so they basically grew up together until the kidnapping.

    So there we have it, the six characters of the story. They'll basically be learning their specific occult skills while also learning other skills that suit their traits. I hope I can come up with some good ideas during their child stage, I'm going to play this one on a bit longer lifespan so I can stretch the story out longer.
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    Page 3664

    @meerkattime Looks like Jared and Connor aren't getting along, lol
    Don't you just love no pool pool parties?
    That alien looks kind of old. :D
    Great update!

    @Turjan Glad to hear that you figured it out.
    It truly is, I always look forward to it.

    @Shadow_Assassin I like how Tianya looks tough then wears kitty slippers for her pajamas. :D
    Great update!

    @ChocoCub Wow, those sure are some interesting poses, lol. I saw them before they were blurred out.
    Probably a good idea so you don't get into trouble, although it didn't bother me any.
    It really is, I'm glad that so many people including myself still enjoy this game.

    @king_of_simcity7 You're welcome.
    Great screenshots of the Prince Albert!

    @Cadh20000 I feel like the normal seven days is a little too quick to get the toddler skills done so can't blame you there.
    Usually ensorcelled Sims only have a camera, a junk car, and maybe a few other items in their inventory.
    That's probably what it was. I'm not sure what causes objects or shapes to appear like that, wish I did though.

    ***Thread is a bit slow, hopefully that means everyone is enjoying life today. Hope everyone has a great day or night, I'm headed for bed so I'll catch you all later.
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    [Edited by EA_Mai - removing a quote]

    Hello my friends. :blush:

    I'm way too exhausted after such a LONG and BUSY day to give out individual comments (so sorry :( ), but I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who made such sweet comments on my newest Holland Family chapter:
    @bekkasan @coco @meerkattime @Silverofdreams30 @Brandontaylor @Mikezumi @Turjan @GraceyManor @king_of_simcity7
    ......and I'm drawing a blank on the rest of you (seriously, I'm tired! :weary: ), but to those of you who commented that I wasn't able to tag thank you as well. :kissing_heart:

    I luv you all. <3

    Enjoyed all your newest posts and handed out L&A's.

    Happy Simming! :)
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    @Brandontaylor The girl is Yulan, Tianya's bandmate Yutang's sister
    Entrance to the abyss
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    Given how busy it is here, I might as well post a few pics, even if they are not overly exciting. Several members of the Stout family spent time in the future again. They had fun in the park.
    Even Deeter was dancing.
    The interest here was rather one-sided.
    Lucas and Robi Stout showed some hearts though.
    By the way, the images make it look as if Marcus and Carla played together here, but as there are no common music pieces between the two instruments, the reality was some kind of cacophony. Anyway, the image looks nice.

    Marcus needed to collect a specific nanite and finished the crash-landed ship at the same time. If there's a way to watch whatever those pyramids contained on this projected screen, I didn't find a way to do it.

    The game told Marcus the bar was boring that night, but he went anyway, as the game also dutifully pushed a bunch of guests into the venue after him. That perfect mirror irritated me for a while, as I kept clicking in the wrong places.
    Well, the venue kept being boring anyway.
    Fiona was getting close to finally mastering Inventing. After this, she has to finish sculpting to get her LTW fulfilled. Phew. Now someone in the family has to find a Red Admiral butterfly to make a wish elixir, but as so often, that allegedly common butterfly won't show up when you need it.
    Marcus spent his time trying to fulfill some extra challenges.
    Lucas actually managed to reach level 10 in fishing in this very moment. That's the current family house in the background btw.
    The answer is "No!"

    The family visited a rather boring party of one of those pudding faces in town. A TV was the only "fun" object in that house, and it was broken, until one of my plumbots repaired it. Which means we saw lots of ghost stories.
    The girls are very close to reaching level 10 spellcasting (the boys are already done), which means the game made them throw spells around constantly. One of the other party guests with inappropriate clothing got beautified this way.
    It was love day, and Carla kept throwing love charms around.
    More ghost stories.
    Time to go home again.
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    I love the photo where Odessa has an apple in her mouth
    it turned out great.


    Looks like Hank had an eventful day with his little adventrue,


    The looked to have fun in the park indeed.
    The ghost story must have been intense.


    Hope you had a nice relaxing Saturday.


    Great updates


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    @Brandontaylor and @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the feedback :smile:

  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,919 Member
    Part 41A

    The next day Nick was still apprehensive about the planned party as he knew that he had to work for Simpson and would most likely be delayed leaving. Before he started work things seemed to be going reasonably well for him and Humara and he hoped that perhaps things might be working out for them as she was texting him and seemed to have no problems with him going to the party.

    Once at work he knew that things were going to go slow. Simpson was in a foul mood while Wes spent most of the evening mucking around. They had finally replaced Brett with someone else called Ryan who was also hostile and Nick was starting to feel like he was the butt of all the jokes. It seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong and things would get busier in the kitchen. Nick was caught checking his phone so Simpson demanded that he put his phone in the office.


    'You cannot have your phone in the kitchen!' complained Simpson 'I don't care what your plans are for after work but at the moment you are working for me,'
    'You don't see us with our phones do you?' added Wes casually.


    Nick obeyed and carried on working washing the dishes. Of course the last food orders where late which meant that Nick's hopes of an early finish were now even less likely. Eventually he managed to get everything cleared and managed to retrieve his phone and headed towards a taxi to get to the party.
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    I'm a bit jealous of the future world in the Bayless story. Even the random residents in the "base camp" look somewhat unique.
    Some of them may be displaced residents though, as the woman on the right is Lady Lannister Bannister. On the left, that's actually Bunny Curious in her sleepwear. What is it with people wearing glasses in bed in this game.
    Chase has her not so secret admirers.
    Tay went picking up some lottery numbers and practiced some chess in the park afterwards.

    The family went back to the present. One of the first things was that I got informed that Randall Elmore from the family I actually played in Twinbrook joined the vampire hunters. Here he is with Emerald (Greenwood) Castor, Jeffrey Castor's sister-in-law.
    If you think he looks familiar, sue me. I started from a completely different bin sim, but I ended up in a rather similar place. The nose is different though. I found it funny that there is a guy at university with the same hair and not too different looks who has his first name as last name. That's pure coincidence though, because none of my sims had ever been to university when I made this character.
    I also got the message that Notzo Curious, Bunny's brother, was up to something no good again. Here he is. The fancy car comes from the time when I had the Money mod installed, which I had to get rid of.
    Bunny and Tay leading up to the production of a new family member. To the left is Jeffrey Castor in his career clothes, where you can actually see his face.
    Unfortunately, that's also the case when Tay wears his job clothes.
    And yes, after going to the future and coming back, the game actually remembered that Tay has a job. Go figure. It's the exact same job at the exact same level with the exact same pay as his mother's, but it's something. He is co-worker with Amy (Bull) Elmore, which was the closest contact point the two families had. Amy was sometimes visiting Tay's parties.
    Chase being cute in the meanwhile.
    All the time, people were arriving through the time portal, here the head of the future Landgraabs.

    Tay went to the future again, this time alone. The game now only considered his core family (Tay, Bunny, their two kids). Nevertheless, the (again totally new) descendants also showed other influences. Here you see a clear Bayless on the left, but those micro-ears on the right come from the Castor side of the family.
    They also show on the guy to the right in this pic.
    The game had replaced the Landgraabs with the Wolf's descendants, which would be those by DeAndre Wolf and Gala (Ball) Wolf. I think the game used DeAndre's hair color as an elder for everyone :lol: Gala's nose is clearly present in the kid.
    This elder lady had a rather regal demeanor.
    And then the game froze...

    Bye bye, future residents.
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    I'm caught up both here and with most of my stuff in life. I'm starting at the top of 3664 with comments. Likes and awesomes (why does spell check hate me make awesome plural! :smirk: I was not a grammar major! ) were passed out as I read the previous pages. I will have an update later to post. :smiley:

    @meerkattime whoops! Looks like some crankiness going on between Conner and Jared. hehe
    Great picture of the alien!
    I think he is telling her how attracted he is to her in his own awkward way! :love:
    Great shot with the apple in her mouth! She still looks beautiful. Some sims are just made that way!

    @turjan Thanks! :)
    Great pictures from your future updates!
    It really is fun seeing how the future families change as their lives change in the present.
    I stopped sending sims though as it made my game glitch badly....that was pre nraas....but it became a habit not to go now. :D
    lol at Marcus dreaming of babies!
    I go in and edit those work clothes! He does make a great looking detective.

    @Brandontaylor Great pics of Hank and his trip. Looks like he had a successful trip.
    Jason is a cutie. I don't mind that hair on the kids, but do prefer a head full of hair most of the time.
    Your new story sounds great and look forward to seeing more of it. You know I love the supernaturals so will enjoy that for sure.
    Great pics and descriptions for each of the characters!
    Its nice to meet and see that sim that you based your name on for the forum.

    @ChocoCub :o:# Guess that was a bit suggestive. But considering everything else the game itself has, it amazes me that you had to blur the image for the forum.
    I think this thread is a testament to the love of Sims3 still present today.
    The names and avatars have changed over the years, but the love of the game is ever present.

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    Its a custom lot.The entire town I'm in right now is custom, but I downloaded the restaurant separately.

    I think as long as the bar has stools; they prefer to sit there for some reason
    not sure what the logic was there.Are you using a lighting mod in your game? The graphics
    are really nice! Your photos really pop.Good job Odessa winning the apple bobbing.

    looks like hank had a fun time on his adventure!
    Shower in a can are very useful items to have!
    They are having a super time! I love tropical worlds to visit.
    The little girl looks like Wednesday from Addams family!

    I caught up with the last two pages.
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    Metal trash
    Entrance to the abyss
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 17,936 Member
    Chelsea: You keep bumping into me...I swear you do it purposely.
    Darren: Maybe I love bumping into you.

    Back at the hotel; they decided to relax in the hot tub.

    Chelsea had plantines for breakfast, and Darren had a chocolate dipped pineapple.

    Darren: This is a little too pink for me Chelsea.
    Chelsea: Stop complaining, you said I could choose what we do today.And I want a spa.
    Darren: Ugh.

    Turns out he enjoyed the foot massage.

    Chelsea: Why would anyone want to bathe in mud?
    Darren: Why would anyone want to get pruny?
    Chelsea: :|
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