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Do you even want older content updated?



  • hevkerhevker Posts: 84 Member
    I wouldn't support it being in the form of a new pack. Like an active career pack add on type of situation. I have a couple of ideas though.

    1) Just do things properly from the start including pack integration and not just throw one feature in and call it job done. Eg look pets can go swimming.

    2)They could patch in updates for people who own the packs. I really enjoy the active careers. If a future career was just patched in for everyone regardless if they spend their money on the pack. I would be down right offended. Updates would be awesome though.

    3)Let's just flesh out packs and include the little details. Not just recycling stuff from other packs thinking we wouldn't notice or something? I adore IL and Sulani. I've played it exclusively since release but it doesn't mean I feel that stuff is missing.
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 1,651 Member
    I would like updates to past dlc. Obviously this won't be big things. For example a new active career will be in a new pack and not in an update, like they did for the acting career.

    What I can see updated is
    - up dating gameplay to new packs. For example allowing spooky stuff costumes to be used in the seasons holiday tradition, allowing aliens to copy clothing between their disguise and true form,...
    - new version of special gameplay objects, for example a new hot tub, a smaller clothes line that can be used inside, extra swatches for the toddler playground objects,...

    bigger things can be dlc for dlc for my part. I wouldn't mind a new pack with appartements for City living owners.

    The main focus however should be on fixing bugs (even better prevent them in the first place) and interactions between packs (update items to work with new packs).
  • HestiaHestia Posts: 1,997 Member
    edited August 2019
    I would like to see The Sims Studio revamp a lot of the current animations for certain interactions as a lot of them are re-used. For example: Turning into a vampire or mermaid, a ghost coming back to life from ambrosia, picking a trait, social interactions, etc.
  • Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,186 Member
    I would love to see them update past DLC. I do like it when they make a new pack that compliments other packs that we have. But I also feel that they're missing opportunities to update things we already have in game. Like with Get Together clubs, with each new pack they seem to do a great job at adding new activities for clubs. I'd like to see that same kind of update with the calendar in Seasons. We need new icons, maybe some new built in traditions as they add new content. For Dine Out, it would be nice to see new food items that we could add to a restaurant's menu. For GTW....I think it would have been cool if they would have integrated Strangerville with each of those active careers. For doctor, trying to find a cure for the virus or the detective working a case involving Strangerville. These are just examples, but GTW is a repetitive mess and in desperate need of an overhaul in my opinion. I do like that they are going back and revamping some of the gardening, fishing, etc. Those skills are much more fun now and not as tedious. So hopefully, we'll see some changes in some of the older DLC too.
  • HestiaHestia Posts: 1,997 Member
    Speaking of Get Together, when are we getting more club icons? :)
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,708 Member
    I am interesting in updating older content in a free patch.
  • StripedSimsStripedSims Posts: 23 Member
    I do think it's a huge money grab to give us a pack and make us pay to upgrade it. MFPS is really unfair to players
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 3,979 Member
    I'm all for older content updates seeing as I feel they have done a horrible/barebones basic job on everything we have got so far... There's three expansions I'd gladly pay for an update enhancement pack to go along with them... Get Together, Get to Work and Island Living are all great pack themes that were wasted and could of been so much better.. instead of sticking to the themes in those packs we got aliens mermaids and trash pick up its sad.

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  • jadonbakesjadonbakes Posts: 293 Member
    I was looking at the 2014 base game hairs and ugh are they ugly. They look so spongey. It's really awful. I would love for something like this to be improved. Also the lack of swatches for linoleum flooring is bizarre!
  • telemwilltelemwill Posts: 297 Member
    I really wish the Go to Work scientist career would be fixed to work as intended.

    The notebook is super glitchy. The plants won't grow which conflicts with several job requirements. Grass can't be transformed which is another job requirement. Why hasn't this stuff been fixed?
  • Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,024 Member
    Through bug fixes and free updates? Yes. Anything else? No.

    I'm still waiting for GTW to be fixed.... seems there are things they have forgotten about sadly.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 3,176 Member
    jadonbakes wrote: »
    Also the lack of swatches for linoleum flooring is bizarre!

    I agree that we could use a lot more linoleum floor swatches.

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  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,169 Member
    At this point, I want more content updated than not. EA only goes only so far, never far enough.
  • TurloughdudeTurloughdude Posts: 651 Member
    Some items from the sims bustin' out is what i need. Really miss that game.
  • Writin_RegWritin_Reg Posts: 28,907 Member
    edited September 2019
    This reminds me of Sims 3, where they'd release a pack and then shortly afterwards they'd release store content that thematically matched a pack. Of course there were complaints that they were deliberately withholding content from packs in order to make money from it later.

    I remember this. Back when the pack with content from decades like the 70s and 80s came out, shortly afterwards the store revealed items inspired by the 70s and 80s. Take stuff out of packs and sell it for more later is the standard now.

    The Sims 3 store and the Sims 3 dev studio were not even in the same state never mind the same place.
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  • GorgeoiousGorgeoious Posts: 116 Member
    I wouldn't be offended if they offered free content for all for a pack I already own. I'll take updates and improvement anyway they offer it.
  • lasummerblasummerb Posts: 2,744 Member
    edited September 2019
    I really don't care that they add expansion or game pack content to the base in a patch, but as long as it doesn't take the place of the content they give us in free patches. Just because I spent money on something and someone else is getting what a couple of pixel clothing items here and there? What do I care? They're not patching in the whole EP in the base. The gameplay isn't there. I'm not referring to photography from GTW that wasn't even the main draw of that pack. I'm glad they've improved photography in general.
    **** this only applies to me and how I feel I have no opinion on what others feel about this issue.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,250 Member
    edited September 2019
    Pegasys wrote: »
    And if so, what is the best way to offer updated content?

    I see two types of complaints:

    - "I already paid for [specific content] in [specific Pack] so I'm upset that they offered this for free in a patch!!" (e.g. adding Photography skill to base game, or previous pack-based CAS content to base game).
    - "I already paid for [specific content] in [specific Pack] so I'm upset they're asking us to spend more money to upgrade/enhance it in a paid pack!" (e.g. MFSP)

    The only alternative I can see is that they offer upgrades for free to only those who had the old Pack, but then I imagine we'd hear:

    - "I don't want the team spending their time/energy on upgrading/enhancing old content when there is so much more we've been asking for!"

    I will say I DO want older content updated though. For example I'd love for them to update some features in retail/GTW, etc.

    For me personally, it doesn't matter how they offer it (I was one of the few who was not offended by MFSP, and have ended up buying all the packs anyway) but I'm curious what others think about this.

    Uh, it's the same difference to me as adding in bug fixes for packs I don't have installed. Like a fix for Seasons and I'm over here screaming where is the fix for GTW. lol So, adding in updated features (such as lounge chairs in a pack) is the same difference as spending money and time for bug fixes for packs I don't even have. Still takes money and time to do that and won't benefit me. But giving away paid content to the base is a different matter and should be a no from me.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • HestiaHestia Posts: 1,997 Member
    If this game was promised to be patched in with fixes and updates for the base game or DLC by The Sims Studio, then of course it is something I expect.
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