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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 761 Member
    Hey Y’all! I am going to try and catch up on commenting on everybody’s stories today! Life has been difficult lately, my siblings and I have had to place one of our parents in a memory care home this week. Its been an ordeal :( Sorry if I sound like I’m rambling.

    Today, instead of the Villareal Mystery, I’m just posting some builds I have finished around Oasis Springs. I’m slowly remodeling each world.
    First the Sand Trap Cemetery
    This was inspired by a real church with a cemetery that’s about 150 years old near my childhood hometown, Pony Creek Baptist Church in Bluff Dale, TX. The real life version is really cute but, its supposedly haunted. I will say (I’m not into ghosts and stuff) after visiting that church a few times, it does have a very creepy vibe! I decided to recreate it in Oasis Springs :) I like using LittleMSSam’s graveyard mod. Its really good! I have a non-modded, no CC (generic) lot version on the Gallery if you want to download it for your game. You can find it as Old West Cemetery #oasisspringscemetery and my EA ID is sarabeth6701d


    I remodeled the Slipshod Mesquite lot in Oasis Springs (the one where Johnny Zest lives). I made it into a true trailer park this time. That lot is so under-used. EA always puts these huge houses on lots when you can fit more than one smaller house. I have moved a few of the premade sims in there from the base games too. Gladys Morse who married Vernon Morse (I aged him to elder so they are the same age), Steve Foley married Holly Vinedal, and Kurt Lumberjackson married June Kay. Its on the Gallery as the Slipshod Trailer Park or #slipshodtrailerpark

    Here is probably the weirdest family in my sim saves. And you have met some of my families already lol! I have a separate save that I play when I just want a no stress casual game. I try to play Vanilla in this save. This couple is Markus Crow (vampire) and his wife Jessica (regular sim).
    They are a disgustingly adorable couple together. Both have the Bro trait so they are Best Friends, Soulmates, and BroMates. They own and run a toy store in Magnolia Promenade with sections that include his wood sculptures and her paintings. Both have been getting Try For Baby whims like crazy so I have set them to work on that goal. No matter how many times they try, she never gets pregnant! So I sent her to the Wishing Well. Jessica threw in a 100 S offering and wished for a child. All this black smoke starts pouring out (no pics sorry but I may try to recreate it!) and out pops a GHOST CHILD!! I had no idea it could do that! I had heard you could get a child with the evil trait but never a ghost child!! His name is Darwin who loves music and wants to be an artistic prodigy. So basically, this family consists of a vampire dad, sim mom, and ghost son along with their pit bull. At least they all get along.
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    @sarabeth2984 I love that church.. that would fit very well in strangerville too..
  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 761 Member
    @siliclone Thank you! I have posted it to the Gallery if you want to download it. Its Old West Cemetery or #oasisspringscemetery (my EA ID is sarabeth6701d). There's two versions-that one and then a version with stucco exterior and larger windows. Strangerville is pretty cool and the story is fun to play on occasion but I LOVE the building elements. Totally worth buying the pack.
  • O-meezyO-meezy Posts: 164 Member

    @DoloresGrey Atlas and Ben are going to be fantastic parents <3 I hope everything works out with them!

    @SiliClone Seeing Caleb Vatore is so weird for me lol. I kinda sorta accidentally murdered him a long time ago in my save file :| Glad to see that he's living his best life in an alternate universe though!
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,585 Member
    @sarabeth2984 I already got it! i'm going to see if I can place it in Strangerville.

    @O-meezy I put him through a lot of plum in my stories, I kinda owe him a good life at this point...
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    @sarabeth2984 wowie that church does indeed look amazing!! Nicely done, will download this too, I've been looking for something exactly like it. Thanks for sharing!
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    edited September 2019
    Lilith has a preference for Morgana, maybe because they are so similar...
    fun fact, I did age Caleb and Lilith down to toddlers for a story, and I gave Lilith the indipendent trait and Caleb the clingy one, and that's exaclty what the game gave me back...

    Caleb can be a lot like his father sometimes,
    he's very strict when it comes to manners and responsibility...
    but it was winterfest, time to catch up with the rest of the family...
    and give them the keys!
    Lilith had a gift for her brother...
    and he liked it so much...
    you're so dumb!
    then Caleb tried to mend his relationship with Bella..
    and... he did it! he took the bar from half red to half green with 3 interactions... I don't know how he does it!
    time to open the gifts...
    Morgana got a violin... your parents are going to teach you!
    and now, Caleb and his father can finally argue about parenting!
    and no one wins anymore...
    Father Winter came like every year...
    And Lilith had something better to do than attend the party...

    She enjoyed her time with her nieces...
    and made some very needed upgrades around the house...
    this got both the girls very interested... they never saw a screwdriver in the hands of their father... and they never will...
    Cass still tries to be a good mother when she can...

    Then... Lilith had something to tell to her brother...
    she decided to stay in the city with Johnny..
    this made Caleb sad... they've always been together..
    Lilith tried to explain him that he has his own family now, and she can't intrude in it... and.. she wants to start her life, too...
    playing chess with his sister didn't make him feel better...
    and when he's sad, he plays the violin...
    Cass knows this, and came to lend emotional support...
    I think he's going to be just fine...
    Then, the dishwasher broke...
    Lilith is the only one with handiness skills in the house...

    Caleb spent some time with her... like old times...
    then, the washing machine broke...
    and the dryer too...
    i don't know how we'll survive without Lilith...

    Caleb keeps spoiling the girls..
    New year's eve... we didn't throw a party... we just spent time with the family...
    Lilith got obsessed by the globe, too...
    and this is pretty much the only handiness work Caleb does..
    also... without Lilith, I don't know how we'll be able to pay the bills and afford Caleb's expensive lifestyle...

    But then.... she came to say goodbye the following day...
    she promised to come back from time to time...
    and went back to the city...

    Now I have a problem with Caleb's household... I forgot to stock up packs for the winter... and i can't fish...

    Speaking of fish... I think.... I forgot something in the jungle...
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  • sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 761 Member
    Hey y’all! Catching up on comments. I have been reading posts and I love everyone’s stories so far!! OMG, I’m starting on page 416! This thread fills up quickly!

    @siliclone I love your Strangerville story! It looks like a really fun gameplay. Wolfgang is HOT by the way. I love the way he looks! Its so sad that he is still has a crush on Cassandra.
    Wow, your Strangerville is lacking in Townies! Mine is always crawling with them. And poor Wolfgang having to call Caleb for help. What does Yuki think of Wolfgang’s turning Morgan into a vampire? It also sounds like Morgan is not too happy with being a vampire. Hopefully she might find someone who can help her ;) Those vines coming out of the plumbing is so gross I’m having to get another group to go in to get rid of the ones in my game.
    I love your twist with Vlad and his cats lol! I’m glad that Caleb is training Morgan too. Vlad’s “I couldn’t care less” faces are hilarious
    OMG Caleb and Cass’ twins are so sweet! And they are identical too!
    Wolfgang and Leslie will make a cool couple. Looks like their weirdness is compatible!

    @doodlydoofus Gunner does have quite a few kids! I think my Griffin is up to 6 now, yeesh lol. The Arnold’s ghost cooking is too funny!
    Saw the post at page 417, More Babies!!

    @steamvarious OMG Hamish is such a cute toddler! How do you like the bees? I have a couple of sims bonding with theirs with mixed results…

    @becka28 I loved watching Rhys enjoy hanging out with family! I have played the painter career and it is totally worth it. Once you reach the top level, your sim can make a lot of money along with some great artwork
    I’m with you on Jacques. He’s so weird and definitely has some questionable habits. He has stripped down a couple of times in public but never in front of kids.
    I have so many Discworld characters running around my game its hilarious, I even have Death! He was acting as my game's Grim Reaper which was even better, but now its treating him as a regular sim which is fine by me. I was at the humor and hijinks festival the other day when I saw him floating by. His granddaughter Susan works as a live-in nanny for the Goths.

    @deafsimmer I love your story with Luna and Celestia! A trip to the jungle too!!
    The cliffhangers are awesome btw. What kind of Pose Mod system do you use if I may ask?

    @alwaysasking Those are some awesome names! I think Tristan (I’m getting Neil Gaimon vibes from his Star Dust graphic novel) Phoenix and Theodore are good male names. I think Willow and Rosalia for female names are gorgeous! I have a Mirabelle in my game too, although I spell it as Marabelle
    I look forward to reading about Hunter and Leo! I haven’t started back on recovering Strangerville just yet but I will soon. I actually play with aging off. I have seasons in my game and I think that its odd to have sims live for 2 or 3 in-game years. Besides, I like to level them up as much as I can before aging them. I think I need to move out one the members in Rachel and Clint’s (my alien sim) family before they go for baby #3. Rachel’s dad needs a girlfriend or boyfriend. I had actually intended for Rachel to meet and marry Griffin but Clint happened to come along first lol! I have an idea for how each of my sims’ lives will go but I’m letting the game influence me too:)
    You are also right, teenagers can be difficult in your later years. My parents were in their mid 40s when I happened accidentally lol! They can speak from experience
    I haven’t played with my simself lately but I think she just might go for the alien Vincent. If they have a son I’m naming him Spock lol
    Wow Bruce looks so much like Akira! Bruce and Walker’s house is gorgeous! Do you have it on the gallery yet? The toddler birthday party looked like so much fun!
    Oops sorry saw the post about the house not on the gallery yet lol! I love what you did with the painting and mirrors!

    Sounds like the clubbing did result in some bonding-babies!
    Also thank you for loving my story!
    I was just reading about when Pearl was about to have her baby! Then the bassinet disappeared? Crazy!
    Phew baby is ok!!!
    Baby Emmaline is going to be so cute. The pic with the Pancakes at the gym was hilarious

    lasummerb-I love your Castle family. They are beautiful! Ayana sounds like an amazing mom

    @countesskate324 The Caretaker challenge sounds like fun!

    I like your Vissers! Pania and Markus are going to make a cute couple.

    Your Babs looks so pretty! And yes, the names they have made for these premades is crazy. I have never really played with the Landgraabs but they can be so annoying. Nancy is such a flirt
    OMG Katrina and Jacques! Wow
    Oh it looks like she is causing so much drama! I love your MCCC tabloids too!

    @ldmarko Its so cute watching your sims’ kids grow up!!

    @daephene Your families are so sweet. I enjoy watching them interact!

    @angeliqueadelaide I love Aedion as a vampire. He’s going to be awesome. I can tell that Julia and Livea are going to be beautiful sims!

    @morkovka LOL!!! The look on the dog’s face! What happened? That is too funny!

    @O-meezy Your story with the kids in the maze and the monster (Zion:) was so cute!
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,585 Member
    @sarabeth2984 I knew that cat was plotting something.... I had a mod in my folder that prevented the townies in strangerville to spawn.. then I removed it.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member
    Hi Guys! Sorry I didn't get to comment on anything, but I did read my mentions this morning before I left for my day trip, so I just took a few minutes to find the name generator sites that a couple of you asked about (and I'm sorry I can't remember who you were right now) Maybe @BlueSeaWaves and @Becka28 ? I'll check and see when I get up later :smiley:

    Baby Name Generators:

    I used this site first, to generate names from prompts. It took a long time because So many of them would be names of premades, or names that you guys (or myself – I got Leo and Lawrence over and over) are already using.


    After I got at least 8 names for each gender I went to this site and entered those 8 names. Then I got tons more!!


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    DeeWhy Part 3

    Camden passed away – I sent Clovelly to check whether this generated an urn (it did).

    While she was there someone set the roof BBQ on fire. I worry that Camden’s wife was in her party outfit – was she celebrating his death?

    Clovelly is living it up as an elder – a certain special someone keeps calling and asking her out on dates.

    Not everyone is happy to see a ghost dating …………

    I was yelling at this man while playing during a visit from my parents. My mother also felt dating a ghost was disgusting even if it is your husband – she said they shouldn’t be allowed to act like that in public. So angry townie has some supporters. My father then started sulking because my mother wouldn’t date him if he was dead. LOL

    Drummoyne is very sad because of the deaths of Camden, Coogee and then Hayley the alien.

    Darlinghurst also is very sad.

    Clovelly takes up painting to help with all the losses in her life, Before long she has a higher skill level then poor DeeWhy (who does have to work and garden and cook instead of autonomously painting 24/7).
    DeeWhy wants to get started on a family but he and Madelaine get very little privacy at home.So they went on a date to Desert Bloom Park.

    Things heated up quickly.

    It looks like they had fun.

    And it was successful in other ways.

    Madelaine is happier than I am I think.

    The family needed to hear some good news.

    Clovelly jumped up and down while swinging her arms up and down in celebration (it is her first grandchild and if it hadn’t been for the lost urn, she wouldn’t have been alive for this.)

    In response, the aliens came and got DeeWhy (I do have the satellite dish on the roof set to prevent abductions – it is bottom right in the picture.) I was excited about a possible double pregnancy but it didn’t happen.

    DeeWhy tells Madelaine all about it.
    He is so excited about his child.

    Madelaine breaks the fourth wall when DeeWhy gets flirty, I think she is worried I might make her do something she is too uncomfortable to do. I am not that mean!

    Having the refined palette quirk and morning sickness does not make for pleasant mealtimes.

    Waiting…. Waiting …

    The upstairs master is finally finished.

    Don’t put the only stereo in the house in the master bedroom.

    That healthy dance session helped induce labour. This doctor looks like the son of Clovelly’s maternity doctor.

    New father panic and extremely low bladder make DeeWhy look very uncomfortable.

    Poor Madelaine was a sim who had a lot of pain.

    She was so excited to welcome her son Earlwood.

    The house so far – most of the top storey is still unfinished, I want to do a pool out the back and also add on a toddler room downstairs.

    I downloaded Moschino and called in some tester sims in my tester save.
    All the new photography stuff fitted perfectly into my old GTW photo studio building.

    I love that jumper and the slicked back long hair.

    They started a photo shoot – Malcolm Landgraab was sent to them as their model.
    At first he was awkward…

    But then warmed up

    Then the photography bug froze my game. Glad I didn’t test it in the drifter save.
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    Just as we head into the spring & summer holidays (The way I have my holidays set, Spring break rolls right into summer vacation, so they get almost a whole week & a half off) Alvin decides to enter the bear phase.



    And Nolan decides to start smashing things.


    But mom can make it all better.


    Spring Fest-The kids collected all the eggs & got a stuffed bunny for their prize.


    Then came the gnome convention. At least they're all happy.



    Even gnomes are addicted to the Kids Network.

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    So... I forgot Uku in the Jungle for one year.... and he became...
    a savage....
    yeah, look.. I'm... sorry...

    He decided that my rules were not valid anymore...
    And went deep into the Jungle...
    he got poisoned...
    he found...
    and got blessed with simoleons...
    found the temple...
    that... of course was decorated for winterfest...
    he got haunted...
    by visions...
    got into a fight with a giant mask...
    and won!
    went deep into the temple...
    survived poison..
    got blessed, again... just, how lucky is this man?!
    and luckily the temple was mermaid friendly...
    he found the treasure...
    while surviving on berries...
    the only thing he missed was a friend...
    we're not... going to hang out anytime soon...
    then he made it back to civilization...
    and spent some time toying with his findings...
    and finally, got himself some real food!
    and learned something new...
    he then sold all the artifact to the museum, and travelled back home (I had removed all his money)
    where with the money he got, he bought a house...
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    edited September 2019
    Ok 😊 once again I think I'm caught up on mentions. Now, finally, I can read the stories!!


    I wonder why they make the console and mobile phone games have such different plot lines from the PC?

    I can't figure out the logic in that 🤔

    Oh, wait, maybe it's because they want people to buy both. Console and PC. So they make them different to make each one interesting?

    How annoying that Dino is keeping Luise from getting a solution to her problem. Why doesn't he like it when she talks to other Sims?

    And ... I was actually wondering if it was because the elders who died had more data in the save (because they were pre-mades) than other random townies? Or would anyone's death help the game run better?


    Oh my gosh, Wolfgang is Soo awesome. In a messed up and vulgar way 😅😂

    He and Leslie Howard 😳 Who would've thought it?

    I love that his gloomy trait kicked in and he cried in front of her.

    And then she made him laugh and told gross jokes. She's perfect for him!

    And why do they always stand up and leave? I mean, is it different in Strangerville than it is in other parts of the game?

    Because I'm pretty sure that when they leave in the regular game it's because they have to go to work.


    Thank you for answering @DoloresGrey 's question about the spots. I just hadn't noticed that she got "whateverthehellthatis" ( @DoodlyDoofus 's) name for those crazy rashes. 😅😂

    I need to be close up to see those things.

    I'm glad your data renewed!! I saw that there is a new DeeWhy update coming up!

    Oh gosh, I need to look into the dates and info about Realm of Magic, and Moschino. I'm planning the bundle pack I will buy when RoM comes out! (Birthday present - a couple of weeks late, but what can you do?)

    The save with all of you guys' Sims doesn't have many toddlers in it. So the fact that I got 3 to come over was pretty good. I do love their interactions with each other.

    I posted the name generater links. Hopefully you can find that comment.

    I love Sebastian, but Salim Benali and Caterina Lynx's son's name is Sebastian. That is in the other save, so technically I could use it again, I'm not sure if I will though. Thanks for your opinions on the names. I need to write down the names that you guys picked and see if there's some names that all of you like. There's one special baby coming, and it needs the best name ever!❤️

    Thanks for your comments on my build 😊 I am hopeless about uploading my builds. I always want the best hashtags, and can't figure out how to pick them. Plus ... I'm trying to time the release of Ian and Lawrence's blog, to be at the same time that I upload the builds related to the story, and I'm going to try calling Maxis and get my gallery name back so that everything is cohesive.

    I make things way too complicated for myself 😅

    As for Lawrence, that's a really good question. I didn't change him at all from the Maxis favorited one I downloaded, besides taking off his glasses. But, you know what? Most people take their Sims and make families right away, so maybe other people aren't torturing him like I am. 😔

    You probably have a good idea about letting him have babies in the house now and then. I just don't know where I'd put them after he's had them for a while. 🤔 It absolutely shocked me that Ian had the same worried reaction this time, that he had when he saw Lawrence with Rose and Jack's baby Willis. I wasn't playing as them (obviously), so I didn't make an interaction like that happen. In fact, I don't know what interaction would cause that. And Lawrence's reaction to the baby was autonomous too.

    I will get to your update after all of my mentions 😊


    Mortimer certainly isn't doing himself any favors by even having more than one romantic relationship 😯

    Does he have bad traits? Or age up from teen without any perks?

    It really worries me that Alexander has no interest in any of his offspring except Jocelyn. I'd hate to think he's attracted to her.

    And ok about Octavia. Twins are a bit of a nightmare. But I do hope she trys to find him, or sends someone else to find him. I think people with amnesia are often distressed.


    Thank you 😊 I do like the inside of that house. Sometimes I get bored doing the inside, because I like building houses and gardens more.

    And the majority of the Sims at that party belong to other people, or are pre-mades 😅

    I know that my Ian and Lawrence were there, but even Lawrence is a Maxis favorited Sim that I downloaded 😂

    I'll be getting to comments on updates asap


    Oh duh!! I knew that! I had to get rid of that residual non committal trait tense issues in another family. It was ridiculously unrealistic for the story.

    But you're right, it doesn't sound as fun as the IL way! Plus you don't have to spend reward points on it 😅


    Tristan is definitely one of my favorite names from that list. I feel like I have a relationship with the name, but I can't think of where/why 😂 because I've never read or heard of those books 😅 nor can I think of any book I read that had it.

    And yes, mid forties is a bit late for an infant. 😮 So you're at least 60 when the kid is in highschool.

    I have quite a spread in my kids. First one was born two weeks after my 17th birthday, and the last one when I was 34. 😄

    I have always played with aging off also. I'm trying a save with aging on, (it's my first try) but so far I keep turning aging off because my Strangerville Mystery is in that save, and I don't want my toddlers aging up without skills because Malcolm, J, Don and Penny are off running around Strangerville. 😅

    Plus, now I have Hunter and Leo in that save, and they are so fun that I've been playing them a lot, and again, I don't want toddlers aging up without skills because of a love affair 😊 I'm going to move them to my other save. They fit in better there anyway.

    I think it was @Becka28 who discovered that meeting future love interests is much more likely at Geek Con than the romance festival these days. So maybe Rachel's dad could meet someone there? 🤔

    Oh my gosh, I sure hope your simself and Vincent have a baby then! There has to be a Spock in the game 😂

    Last, I'm trying to make sure that people know that a lot of the Sims I play in one of my saves are not actually mine. I've downloaded them from other people in this thread. So, Bruce, Walker, and Athena are @Daephene 's Sims. But wow, you're right. He does look like Akira 😅 I never see facial features when Sims wear glasses, so I hadn't noticed.

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    Took one of my sim's sister out on a date.
    Tried to order for the table, but the waitress somehow couldn't get there despite the wide and open area, so old bug returned. Yay...
    She resorted to her flirting skills to ask the guy out. Not that crippling of a returning bug, but still inconvenient.
    I'm trying to get that sim's sister onto a rental property so that I can be prepared to have her in the camp I designed for when the magic expansion releases. (It looks a little magical, but currently has more science going on, so as to fill up that empty space.)
    It's still only a rental property next to a volcano, so I'm not exactly certain if it'll function as I designed it to.
    Will have to see how that turns out.
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    Decided to try my first Legacy Challenge in the Sims 4, built walls, decided to scrap them as it was a waste of the 1800 starting Simoleons and she got struck by lightning.

    Most been playing different saves, families and games since I recently got The Sims 4 after deciding to give up 3.
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    edited September 2019
    I didn't get around to playing a ton this weekend and I'm a bit too tired to write about everything I did, so I'm gonna keep it really short and just tell you that the military's got new recruits! And just in time because those three elders (top left row) are on the verge of moving on to their next lives ;) The guy and girl on the bottom right are, respectively, my new scientist (I got lucky with the CAS story feature :D) and doctor. The rest are, as usual, in the normal military career. But the other girl did actually have a successful career as a tech guru before she decided she'd like to join the military's cyber defense team. Looking forward to continuing the military with fresh faces :)

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    Things for the Cole's are going well as Ryan maxed out the Programming skill and is a level-2 celebrity for the video games and phone apps he's created. He and son Ryder have aged up and Mom Katherine becomes an adult in less than a day while Madison becomes a teen in 9 days. She's also an A-Student.
    (she got grounded for this next pic)
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    Sims 3 Username
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    I wrote a super long update, only for my computer's battery to die its final death, taking two hours of typing with it. I am too tired to start over tonight, so just keywords:
    1. a vacation
    2. Christmas,
    3. a beach wedding
    4. a lifeguard
    5. a divorce
    6. a makeover
    7. a failed romance
    8. coffin woohoo
    9. an engagement
    10. a pregnancy announcement.
    Good luck with figuring out a right person/people for everything :D A hint: most of these people are vampires
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  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,585 Member
    @AlwaysAsking she was not controlled, I asked her to hang out to make her stay longer but in the end she just went home.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member
    I wrote a super long update, only for my computer's battery to die its final death, taking two hours of typing with it. I am too tired to start over tonight, so just keywords:
    1. a vacation
    2. Christmas,
    3. a beach wedding
    4. a lifeguard
    5. a divorce
    6. a makeover
    7. a failed romance
    8. coffin woohoo
    9. an engagement
    10. a pregnancy announcement.
    Good luck with figuring out a right person/people for everything :D A hint: most of these people are vampires

    Awwww, I’m so very sorry. I had this happen to me once. I don’t think it was two hours but it was over an hour. Since then I have always written my updates in Word or in a “notes” app on my phone, and then copy paste them to the forum. You can save those frequently. And not lose so much.

    It’s so disheartening when that happens 😔

    If I could rewrite it for you I would 😅🤗

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  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member
    SiliClone wrote: »
    @AlwaysAsking she was not controlled, I asked her to hang out to make her stay longer but in the end she just went home.

    Yeah, I figured that you weren’t controlling her, it’s just my observation that whenever a non controlled sim leaves so abruptly it’s because they have to go to work. It’s like that overrides any other queued action.

    I actually just figured out how to check this with Hunter’s Leo. He left/walked away from Hunter every single day, and I couldn’t figure out why. Weirdly, when I opened Hunter’s relationship panel with him it showed Leo’s working hours, and they were 1pm to 8 pm, 7 days a week. It was a horrible schedule. He was a Strangerville scientist, so I never took control of him because he’d have lost his job.

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  • OhMyHemsworthOhMyHemsworth Posts: 8,246 Member
    I started playing Johnny Zest after I gave him a makeover and let me just say... That boy be CUTE! I am officially in love y'all.
    And then, Chris smiles and it's all ok.
    -Tom Hiddleston
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