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5 Years of The Sims 4 - When was the “Best Year”?



  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,681 Member
    Before 2019- Only REAL occults: Aliens, Vampires

    After 2019- Only REAL occults: Aliens, Vampires, Mermaids, Spellcasters, and possibly something in EP08 if it comes out in 2019.

    Easy peasy.
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  • ThePinkBookGirlThePinkBookGirl Posts: 437 Member
    edited August 2019
    2017 rocked, but 2018 had two amazing expansion packs that totally revolutionized my then current saves and created whole new ways to play. Especially the Fame/Reputation system, I get so much use (and drama 😜) out of it.

    Also, I never had Seasons in the Sims 3(my computer couldn’t handle it at the time), so I was thrilled to be able to experience in4. The holiday system opened up a whole new way of playing and customizing my game to what I want per save.
  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 10,910 Member
    For me there was no best year as all packs had not provided me the best fun as other versions had.
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  • logionlogion Posts: 1,713 Member
    edited August 2019
    or more like around 2016-2017, at the end of 2015 we got 64-bit support. Before that my game was so slow and laggy.
    Then we got Dine Out (granted it's very buggy now but it was great when it was released) and City Living, I think they did a great job with San Myshuno and the apartments.
    We also got CAS clothes available for both sexes and copy paste functions for build mode.
    We did get tons of stuff packs also though...Romantic Garden stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Backyard Stuff and Vintage Glamour Stuff
    And in the beginning of 2017 we got Toddlers.

    The rest of 2017 was great as well. Vampires and Parenthood and the Maximum Sim Count option.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 18,621 Member
    edited August 2019

    These three packs finally got me playing TS4 instead of just sampling new packs.
    I rebooted all my never aging, young adult sims by turning them into toddlers and giving them parents.

    But now that my first few sims are children and teens, I have stopped playing them and I am back to sampling new packs with alternative sims.
    This is because I am waiting for University before I begin to progress my favorite sims again.

    2019 may be another great year because of Get Famous (not perfect, but I like it) Realm of Magic (fingers crossed for it to be good), and hopefully University. But 2017 is my best year because of the packs that got me playing and enjoying TS4... for a while.
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  • Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 499 Member
    edited August 2019
    Toddler year & Parenthood!
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  • Iguess66Iguess66 Posts: 105 Member
    Hmm. Still waiting for the best year tbh
  • JACKIEJOYJACKIEJOY Posts: 787 Member
    Vampires, toddlers, pets.
  • icftlduicftldu Posts: 147 Member
    Other (Comment)
    TBH, before it released, and the day it finally ends. IMO
  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 772 Member
    this year so far, mermaids and soon witches, also the wacky strangerville.
    Good year for anyone loving occults and anything weird, out of the ordinary.
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  • HestiaHestia Posts: 1,997 Member
    2015 was my favorite because they released two Expansion Packs and two Game Packs within a year. I enjoyed both Get to Work and Get Together till this day. It just seemed like the team back then were all about trying to flesh out some content but didn’t last very long till the coming years. The forums were a lot more active with feedback and suggestions from players. We had a lot more SimGurus engaging with the community as well. Less bugs adds an additional reason why I voted for 2015.

    Seasons is my most favorite pack but it came way too late - I felt the same for toddlers. It is difficult for me to vote on a year only because of a single aspect.
  • stellanovastellanova Posts: 57 Member
    Seasons, Get Famous, Jungle Adventure & Laundry Day!
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  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 65,407 Member
    edited August 2019
    Either 2014 or 2015 cuz the game was so free of bugs at the time before the patches rolled in and created a mess. I had more fun playing this game with just the base game than all the packs I have now due to the bad performance. Quality over quantity for me, I guess. 🤷‍♀️
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  • LustianiciaLustianicia Posts: 2,202 Member
    For me, 'Seasons' was the most exciting announcement in The Sims 4! :heart:
    Favorite Packs
    Sims 1: Hot Date
    Sims 2: Seasons
    Sims 2: Happy Holiday Stuff
    Sims 3: Seasons
    Sims 3: 70's, 80's, & 90's Stuff
    Sims 4: Seasons
    Sims 4: Backyard Stuff
    Sims 4: Dine Out Game Pack

  • MarioCoxMarioCox Posts: 15 New Member
    2018 Is my favorite.
  • SPARKY1922SPARKY1922 Posts: 4,806 Member
    Other (Comment)
    Torn between 2018 & 2019 because I started to take more notice when seasons finally arrived but 2019 has given me my beloved tropical world back and magic is coming so I could not choose between the 2 years exactly :)
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 19,257 Member
    DeKay wrote: »
    Either 2014 or 2015 cuz the game was so free of bugs at the time before the patches rolled in and created a mess. I had more fun playing this game with just the base game than all the packs I have now due to the bad performance. Quality over quantity for me, I guess. 🤷‍♀️
    I wouldn't say free of bugs. 2015 got hit hard with multiple incest bugs which I and others had to report. I got an odd cupcake machine but that would crash my game making it unplayable. I am so thankful towards SimGuruBChick back then filling in as a temp CM. I do miss talking with her. She had a great sense of humor and made me feel welcomed on forums then. The alien patch was rough too and broke many save files including mine that didn't get fixed until the gender patch and I got a warning on forums for reporting it to the Gurus. Made me appreciate the streams so much more now on Twitch that are much better organized and moderated by the Gurus themselves. Sorry it was the hardest year for me with bugs.
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  • Zeldaboy180Zeldaboy180 Posts: 5,700 Member
    Sigzy05 wrote: »
    2018 because Seasons, Get Famous and terrain tools.

    The toddler year was also pretty good but only because of toddlers, the paid content was not that great imo.

    Vampires was arguably an incredibly well done pack, regardless if it fits your personal tastes.

    Parenthood was also great, but I can't remember what expansion came out. Cats and Dogs? Meh.
  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 304 Member
    2019 has been the best year for occult fans! The only purely mundane pack we've had was a stuff pack! Otherwise we got some awesome weird alien plant mystery stuff, mermaids in this year's expansion (not the best mermaids in the series but better than no occults at all imo), and Realm of Magic looks AMAZING and I'm so excited to play it! From the info. that SimGuruRomeo and SimGuruNinja are sharing on twitter, I know RoM is going to be my favorite pack of the series since Vampires! <3

    Occult simmers have been ignored for SO LONG and I only even bought Sims 4 when they finally released Vampires to the game. After the Vampires GP release, they just kept ignoring us again. Even though this was my favorite year, I hope in the future we have more of a balance between content for realistic fans and occult fans like me.

    I hate that sim fans in comment sections are typically pitted against each other because either one side of the fan base is unsatisfied or the other side is. Occult fans have been disappointed for years, and realistic simmers won't stop screaming about University this year. If they make more of a balance then there would be something everyone is excited about and no one else's hype would need to be ruined.
  • BluelleBluelle Posts: 238 Member
    2019 only because we're getting witches which is something I've been dreaming about for years
  • Winifred_WillowWinifred_Willow Posts: 366 Member
    Other (Comment)
    I can't say one year stands out more than the other for me in regards to "The Best Year". I think each year had something good happen for the game. I like a lot of the packs and updates provided over the years but I think what I'm most excited for now is Witches (Spellcasters) and magic in general in the game.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 2,398 Member
    CK213 wrote: »
    I rebooted all my never aging, young adult sims by turning them into toddlers and giving them parents.

    This is such a fun idea! I don't let my Sims die, so maybe I'll do this at some point. :)

    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,146 Member
    We're finally getting better games.
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