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    Soooo... I got a few more mentions and comments done yesterday, but then I went off on a tangent looking at baby names for some babies that are expected in my game.

    I used these cool name generator places. One of them asked you a bunch of questions and based their names on the things you wrote down. I picked almost 20 names from that place, but that was out of probably 80 some names that they suggested.

    And actually, I couldn't choose a lot of the names that were generated, because either a premade already had it, or it was a name being used by someone here in this thread.

    Anyway, then I found another site, and you could put your 8 favorite names into their database generator, and it would generate a million more names that were similar to the names you put in.

    So these were my results:

    The first lists are from the first site. I have the meaning of the name written after the name, because I had time to look those up.

    Then there are huge groupings of names under that. Those are the names that were generated on the second site, when I put in 8 of the names that I had liked while looking at the first site. Those names are a jumbled mess, because I just read them outloud, off of the page, into my phone.

    (I actually put most of them here so that you guys can see that a lot of the names that you have chosen for your Sims are on these lists as names that I would like too 😅 )

    So.... I could use some opinions on some of these names. I'd particularly like to know if any of them make you think of a premade, or a horrible person in history.

    Please let me know!

    Girl's names:
    Aria - Song or melody
    Lilliana - Symbol of purity
    Willow - Slender or graceful
    Tiphanie - Manifestation of God
    Rosalia - A beautiful flower
    Victoria - Victory
    Mirabelle - Lovely
    Kalila - Beloved

    Boy's names:
    Jules - Youthful
    Benjamin - Son of the right hand
    Phoenix -Rebirth
    Timothy - Honoring God
    Simon - He has heard
    Donovan - Strong Fighter
    Shane - God is gracious
    Theodore - A Gift from God
    Phillip - Friend of horses
    Tristan - Noise or sorrowful
    Lief - Loved or heir

    James Henry Felix William Sebastian Oliver Arthur Asher Atticus Caleb Milo Elijah Jude Messiah August Finn Emmett Ezra Leo Silas Oscar Miles Theodore Tilden Archer Tobias Theo Peter Lewis River Orion Arrow

    Violet Iris Ivy Eleanor Aurora Cora Genevieve Grace Juliette Elizabeth Charlotte Claire Amelia Nicoletta Josephine Emma Clementine Olivia Scarlet Daisy Caroline Angelina Rosalie Victoria Ella Audrey Pearl Cordelia Colleen Hazel Luna Olive Clara Beatrice Juniper Pearl Adelaide Anastasia Arabella Serafina

    And then, here are just a few more comments that I had (mostly) written yesterday before I left to go babysitting.

    I know that a bunch of you have written me back again, and I am going to look at those posts now, and try to respond before my appointment at 1.

    This whole "name searching" thing, took over two hours last night! and I just needed to go to bed 😄


    I think it's fun to do some graying hair on the adults, at least the ones that I think of as older adults. I don't play with aging on though, so that's totally up to me if/when it happens.

    Also, the fact that they don't have it for red hair, yet they have 4 red hair options, kind of bothers me 🙄

    I don't use CC because of what it did to my Sims 2 game. Soooo many crashes, lol. But at least back then I had people who could talk me through repairs. I don't have that now, so I'm staying completely vanilla, though it gets pretty boring to say the least.

    I can understand a toddler choosing to play rocket ship over going on a slide 😂

    And you're very right about Don. If you have any desire to slip a few more pics of Grandpa into an update, I'd be ok with that 😅

    Good luck to Leilani, although this post is so old she may have gotten pregnant and has a toddler by now 😄

    And thanks for the birthday greeting! 😊


    I like your update about getting to be friends with Jade Rosa. She's pretty as a teen!

    Also, it almost sounds like Gracelynn has a crush on Ethan.... I wonder if that will go anywhere 🤔

    And yeah, I always find it funny that Sims will go into a room where people are sleeping at all. And then he goes in there and complains about them 😅


    I'm sorry, I don't even know if I said anything about your game and it's penchant for messing with your family trees 😔

    I hope you can figure out a way to keep it from happening ☹️

    I quit without saving when one of my Sims dies (in my non aging saves) but I don't know if that works for your problem. Unless you are present when the Sim dies you might not be able to keep the family from being messed up. 😢

    Thanks about Hunter and Leo. 😊 I really love them together ❤️

    Mostly I love Leo. He might be too good for this J. This one gets the tense moodlet from being stuck in a relationship, while the one with Raj never gets it. And I actually left the trait on Raj's J, but removed it from Hunter. 🙄

    And I wonder why our J's are different. Although your J had a life before he began dating Alana, because of MCCC, right? Maybe that's why he could sing 🤔 because mine certainly can't 😊 And the one with Raj never sang a bar. This one constantly sings in the shower. He must be trying to keep Leo happy.

    But that's really funny that Alana couldn't break up with him because he sang so beautifully 😅

    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way for a Sim to be mentored for singing?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds regular parks etc difficult for those important love related questions. I never thought of Sylvan Glade or the lost garden of healing. What great ideas!

    The Sim who got the embarrassed moodlet was actually Leo. He jumped out of bed once right after woohoo and swirled into his clothes.

    I'd wanted to get more pictures so I had Hunter ask him to change back into his sleep clothes and that's what popped up.

    After a while he was willing to do it. I just thought it was really odd 😅 And no, he's definitely not unflirty lmao. Before he was my controlled Sim he was constantly kissing Hunter on his own. 😍

    Actually, now that I'm talking about it, I realize that at the time I had no idea what Leo's moodlet or thoughts were. He was still an NPC then. Maybe he was having that one about not doing a good job at woohoo? 🤔

    Also, apparently that hair bow is an integral part of your game and Must Stay!! 😄


    Lmao, another great update. "whateverthehellthatis" should be the official name of these ridiculous Sim illnesses. 😅


    Omg!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    You just made me soooo happy! A swing set! Oh geez! Realm of magic needs to come out today!!! So I can make a bundle pack to buy! 😅

    And big congratulations on your extremely quick resurrection of Noah!

    I should have remembered that you had the perfect Sims to get that job done ❤️😊❤️


    Ahhh, well yes, you'll have to leave Cass's trait if it's going to be part of the story line 😊

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    Pearl and her new daughter in law do not get on very well
    Pearl got a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious idea! These two are going clubbing so they can bond! (= to find Ilona a boyfriend to get her out of the apartment for good)
    Hm, it seems like we have found the right man!
    Wow, the Pancakeses can party too!
    Pearl was sure that her marvelous plan is going to work so she left the party place to do some bonding as well ;)
    Look! These two are bonding too.
    This is the result of Ilona's bonding.
    And here you can see the same result on somebody else's body
    Doubble pregnancy! Yay!!
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    @AlwaysAsking How do you do it? How can you remember everyone else's stories and also the names? I am terrible with names. And that's why I have Benjamin, Celia, Miss ❤️❤️❤️❤️... I am a name stealer.

    I like:

    Theodore (though this one ends with an e and that makes me feel like it is a name for a female)

    Ad. Benjamin -
    I like this name and here in Czechia we call the youngest member of the family Benjamínek = little Benjamin. So that is why I used it for Bob's son. I knew they were not going to have another baby. Though Marie is crazy and she has these whims to have another baby like everytime. I cancel and another one pops up :D

    No, they do not make me think of any premade nor a historic person. That's probably because I am also terrible with history and with shame I admit I am even terrible with Czech history. Like really terrible. I really like WWII from Jews POV though.
    One name I absolutely hate is Victoria. It is so common here in Czechia it makes me want to IDK. Every other little girl who is up to 6 years old is named Victoria.

    The other names
    I like
    Felix, Arthur (I prefer Artur), Atticus, August, Finn, Oscar, Tilden, Peter (my husband's name is Petr so how could I not love this one <3 ), River (this one is also a female name for me) , Orion

    Violet, Iris (aww, I had a family in TS3 and they had twin girls named Aleysha and Iris. My favorite family <3 ), Eleanor, Aurora, Grace (great mini series called Alias Grace), Pearl (of course), Arabella (this one is from a czech faritale series, very lovely), Serafina

    Yeah I like many of them :D

    I am going to highlight the ones I like the most.
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    dina callinte is a vampire and her mom is dating the merimad sim form the trailer
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    @BlueSeaWaves thanks for your feedback on the house. The hallway after picture I posted in this thread is different than the way the hallway is designed in the house on the gallery because I have added on another bedroom and a second bathroom, so I had to widen the hallway and change somethings around, but it's pretty much the same and the layout didn't really change.
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    Hello everyone.

    I have two saves, my family save is my regular game since that is the one I have been playing for over two years now. But I have a million Sims and some of my married family Sims I wanted to continue the singles life, so they exist in my single game along with at least over 120 other active Sims. I don't play with all of them, but most. Anyhoo, as I have been concentrating on adding more of my Sims to the family save and building houses for them, I have mainly been playing with families.

    These are the Castles. They live in the big penthouse in the fashion district. Ayana Dinha, the mom, she was originally Yana in TS3. She is married to one of my friend's Sims, Ezekiel Castle and they have three children, Cree, and twin toddlers, Christian and Cai. They're my first family of TS4.

    Chris and Cai enjoy beach life for the first time in Sulani.

    So Zeke was helping Chris build a sand sculpture and they did a really good job (as do all TS4 Sims, even when toddlers are doing it alone)

    Out of nowhere comes this wha*ck ha*ter kicking and destroying the sculpture Zeke and Chris had just finished.

    Ayana was chilling on her beach towel. As soon as she saw this going down, she sprang into action. Ayana is the sweetest Sim ever, but DO NOT MESS WITH HER BABIES! She got the mad ha*ter Sims together real quick and sent her packing. LOL. Ayana is too classy to get into a fight and especially around her kids and other children, but she went off so bad on that Sim, she left the lot LOL.

    Ayana ended up fixing the sand sculpture, she's such a good mommy.

    The child Sim is Cree, Ayana and Zeke's firstborn and my first baby in Sims 4. I was so happy she wasn't born until after the toddler update in 2017 so I got to experience the life stage with her. I keep my kids young for a long time as I do toddlers. It was the same in TS3.

    Cree is chit chatting with a couple of my other toddlers that are the daughters of two of Ayana's friends, Parminder and Ekko. Su*k*i is in the dark swimsuit and Lil Miss Kamiko is too cool for these other kids.

    Later, I followed Cai and found her on the pirate ship. She has the clingy trait so she is pretty shy and gets very sad talking to ppl she does not know. Some of my others toddlers do as well, but Cai especially. She knows Su*k*i and Kamiko of course because their moms often get them together for playdates. But this is the first time Cai has met my little Lourdes.

    Poor Lourdes, both her parents are major crime bosses as they were in the story I was writing last year. But if the wrong ppl found out who Lourdes' father was, would mean imminent danger for both her and her mother Lupita Noriega, acting boss of the Noriega Crime Family. Here's the kicker, Kamiko's father Marquez Flex (also Lourdes' father) is a crime boss in his own right and his organization had war with the Noriegas. But still, somehow he and Lupita managed to make a baby, although not by choice. As much as Marquez and Lupita "hated" each other, underneath lied heated pass*ion. Lupita was never the mothering type, but she wants to protect her baby at all costs, even her own brothers don't know who Lourdes' father is, Lupita would never trust them. She knows her older brother, Carmine Jr hates her because their father, who is awaiting trial in jail, left the family business to Lupita because she is the most intelligent and capable. Lourdes and Kamiko don't know they are half-sisters. They have been in daycare at the same time, but don't know each other. Yes, Marquez cheated on Ekko, Kamiko's mom. She and Lourdes are only a few months apart. Kamiko is older.

    This is Lupita Noriega. This pic is from my singles game when she just randomly popped up at the bar in Sulani.

    ****eta, I have to add all sorts of characters for Su*ki's name. Even when I save my family to the library, it warns me that one of my Sims has a name that is not permitted on the gallery. Of course I would not share my family anyway. But the sad thing is, Su is half Punjabi Indian and her name is a real Punjabi Indian name with meaning. So, it's pretty messed up the forum and the gallery sees her name as something that is inappropriate. I get the first few letters and why, but still, it's a shame.
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    I just stared the Caretaker challenge... Lately I've really been into using the pre-made sims for challenges so I chose Bella Goth. I got rid of Morty and the kids, gave her a makeover, and changed her last name back to Bachelor. I'm pretending this is an alternate reality where she never met Mortimer so now she runs an orphanage :p

    Playing since 2002--The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4!
  • lasummerblasummerb Posts: 2,752 Member
    @countesskate324 What is the caretaker challenge? I never do challenges, and I never of this one. The title sounds interesting. LOL
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    Yuki was still grossed out by the vines in the bathroom...
    and by Morgan's non existent guitar skills...
    so she spent all day playing videogames...
    Still no townies in Strangarville... the only one around was a stray cat...
    and... who the plum are you?!! where's Erwin???!
    Then after a shower and some animal crackers, yuki was feeling better
    and Wolfgang came out from the grave...
    so we tried the archive again....
    and it was... so empty....
    no other choice than... going to the townies again...
    now Leslie... has a soft spot for Wolfgang...
    she got the vampire lover trait from my mod, and she feels flirty around vampires...
    they have problems in the bathroom, too..
    Leslie got attacked by the only townies that populates Strangerville... an evil stray cat...
    That's Strange that evil stray cats started spawning as soon as I opened the Lab... maybe... the evil cats socitety is behind the Mother Plant... I wonder if that has someting to do with Vlad's cat.. Lord Ruthven...
    Anyway, Leslie was very much into Wolfgang and she flirted with him...
    he accepted the flirt and replied as he always do in this case... with a gross joke...
    but then she got bold...
    and he told her off...
    why are you like this, Wolfgang?! She's cute, you're not even unflirty! You need to get over Cass, she's married!

    My only chance to get thigs done is Morgan, because the other two are both loners...
    plus Wolfgang is hard, he's mean, loner, gloomy... he got the unfeeling trait and undead aura... plus, he's always like this...
    Leslie infection kicked in...
    Wolfgang tried to talk to her and then snapped her out of it...
    so to thank him, she complimented his appareance...
    and the fact that she's infected must have changed his mind about her, because suddenly, he was flirting back!
    why are you so weird?! Why?!!
    then he got thirsty (he also has insatiable thirst) and she went to wash dishes in the bathroom...
    and he got no problems doing this...
    and apart from the fact that he loves her blood...
    OMG it's true!! he got infected from it!!
    she likes him not less...
    so our investigation tuned into a very weird all night party....
    I have no clue of why Mark and Alice were dressed like that...
    Wolfgang went talking to the plants...
    and got back to himself just in time to run away from the sun that was rising...
    the party went on a bit more...
    then I had to bring them home because Yuki was tense for a lot of reasons, and their needs were low...
    I'm still not making any progress...
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    lasummerb wrote: »
    @countesskate324 What is the caretaker challenge? I never do challenges, and I never of this one. The title sounds interesting. LOL

    @lasummerb It's relatively simple. You have a YA, single sim and they run an orphanage, adopting a new baby/toddler/child every sim-week. You get points for skills gained and how good their grades are and things like that. I found it while roaming the forums lol. https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/932510/caretaker-challenge/p1
    Playing since 2002--The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4!
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    Spending Wednesday evening with the Vissers....

    It was time for Brittney and Herman to age into elders. Brittney continues to be heavily involved in the fashion world while Herman still enjoys spending his time playing the piano and cooking.

    As the winter drags on, Markus has been spending more and more time in his room chatting with Pania.

    The family loves to cook so they spent Winterfest eve watching a holiday cooking show. It seems only Markus was truly into the show.

    The next day it was Winterfest and the Vissers spent the day together giving each other gifts and enjoying each others company.

    Soon enough it was back to school after Winterfest and Markus was as excited as you can be!

    Markus finally worked up the courage to ask Pania out on a date. They went to a local diner and really connected on the date. It looks like they will be spending even more time together going forward.

    It was time to end the date and Pania seemed a bit worried that Markus might just head home without saying good night.

    Nope - an awkward first kiss good night. Markus completely missed her lips but it was a good first attempt and the date still ended well. Nothing like an awkward first kiss to start their romantic relationship.

    That was it for tonight. Always nice to get some game play in :)...enjoying reading everyone else's stories when I get time to go through them!
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    Hey Y’all! Hope you are having an awesome day! I have another posting today. I have a fun story planned this time!
    The Villareal Mystery: “I have a cunning plan”
    It was a nasty night. A severe storm had stirred up from the bay and was currently blustering across Windenberg Island as it made its way to the mainland.
    Newly turned vampire, Bjorn Bjergsen had learned from his cloned “brother’ Bjorn2
    that Jacques Villareal had been acting inappropriately around his young daughters.
    He was walking around in the nude in front of everyone!
    Thankfully Bjorn2 kicked him out. Jacques had always been a menace around the neighborhood but he crossed the line this time! Besides what was it the guy did for a living? There were people coming and going at his house all hours of the day. His wife Celeste had gone missing a few months before according to the rumors.
    Bjorn was naturally nosy. This came in handy considering he worked in covert operations for the military. He sensed something was going on. Time to put those skills to good use.
    Don’t worry Bro. I have a cunning plan!
    First, he needed to tackle those pesky under-the-bed monsters :)

    An hour later, a bat fluttered against the front door of the Villareal house. With a whoosh, Bjorn materialized. He cast his newly developed power and opened the locked doors. Why hadn’t he turned ages ago! These new skills will come in handy at work
    Stepping through, it appeared no one was home. He remembered his daughter Elsa telling him that Jacques’ children were on their annual summer camping trip to Granite Falls. Max had been upset as their mother had always gone with them. Not this year
    Bjorn poked around. Everything was pristine
    Nothing suspicious here either
    Where does this door lead? Its locked!
    No problem!
    Bjorn makes his way downstairs and finds a tiny room.
    What the…?
    That’s definitely suspicious
    There didn’t appear to be any obvious doors in the room besides the one he came in. However, the room was suspiciously drafty. He’ll have to investigate further
    Wait. What was that sound?!!
    Jacques was back home. He apparently had heated up some dinner
    Bjorn transformed
    He reformed in front of Jacques. Only one thing to do I guess. He was getting thirsty anyway
    While Jacques was still out of it, Bjorn took the opportunity to plant one of the new sub-dermal microchip trackers with a nano-microphone. Science is Cool
    With a poof, Bjorn made his escape

    A few hours later, Jacques came too. He must have fainted. Why did his neck hurt? He was so light headed. Could someone have gotten in?
    He dashed downstairs and pressed the secret panel next to the bar. With a popping sound, the bookshelf in the wall opened slightly. He made his way through. He walked down the tight hallway and stood in front of the massive metal vault doors. He entered the code and they slowly opened.
    Everything seemed in order
    He checked the cash vault too
    All was good in the world

    Til next time!
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    Morgan called Erwin because he was still missing from the shop...
    we managed to befriend him...
    and he pointed us to the military personnel... then decided that he'd rather talk to the gnomes...
    we went to the bar in the desperate attemp to find someone...
    where Angela was being bullied by humans...
    but... but... what do I see....

    I sent Wolfgang to talk to the military...
    but... people in Strangerville just hate vampires...
    more evil cats...
    Erwin was back to work, talking to the gnomes must have helped him...
    we got the suit and Wolfgang was possessed again...
    while Yuki was working on the military, Morgan tried to bring Wolfgang back...
    not easy when the possessed one is a very strong vampire...
    and the Military just.... ignored Yuki attemp to impress him and ran away...
    btw, it was halloween... so, we waited for Wolfgang to come back..
    we need help from someone who can make friends easly, someone charming able to convince people to do things... a smooth talker.. do you know someone like this? I do...
    and so does Wolfgang but..
    he was not in a rush to call him...
    still he did...
    and Caleb too, was not in a rush to anwer him...
    he didn't want to go, but Cassandra talked him into helping her friends...
    so he agreed for her, but was still not happy to leave her alone to care for their twins...
    like this, Caleb Vatore joined us in Strangerville...
    he and Wolfgang can't still stand each other...
    but he didn't know Morgan or Yuki, so he introduced himself..
    and proved to be what I know he is right away!
    he got an hug from Yuki despite she's a loner... he's just so good with people when he doesn't plum them off flirting with their loved ones...
    also, an amazing chef...
    so Yuki and Morgan got some real food!
    and Caleb was alredy calling home to ask about his daughters...
    so, right on the job... we tracked down the military...
    Caleb introduced himself and made a good impression right away...
    and then...
    he seduced him ino giving the scanner... and caught a scientist too...
    still, he refuses all flirts because despite all, he's very faithful...
    he went back to Morgan and Yuki to give them the scanner and then, back to the trailer...
    Morgan thanked him...
    he said goodbye to his new friends...
    and went back home...
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    @countesskate324 that sounds really cool!. Sometimes I use a mod by Little Ms Sam called foster family and you get calls to take in kids and other Sims will inquire about adopting and you interview them to make sure they would be good parents.

    The challenge sounds like fun and it's something I could probably do in a new family save. Thanks for the link!
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    So, my legacy save is at the point I will wait till next patch to continue it.
    I needed something fun to do, new save, this time I did not delete the premades (ONLY have basegame and GT worlds).
    I want to see what MCCC will do with them at the backround :)
    I grabbed this sim from library, Babs L'Amour (seriously, what name is THAT??!!) Tiny makeover , still she looks like a barbie doll.. maybe those eyes, and if I would planned to play her for longer , I would change her mouth also.

    SO, my plan with her was to complete aspirations I would never do in my main save, as I love those families too much, lol. So, that one romantic aspiration and the mean ones :)
    AND to destroy Nancy Landgraab! That is nro uno priority! Because Nancy almost destroyed my Milla's relationship with Mikael, at the point it still was very beginning and fragile already (cause of Mikael's traits). Result: I deleted all premades.

    Good idea for a challenge, but it ended to a catastrophy, if considered my original plan XD

    (pics under spoiler , as there is many, to avoid lag for those who have no interest of looking at these :) )

    Babs week 1:
    I used one of the 20x15 lots from library, that starter one from Oasis Springs, I put it to 20x30 lot, to have space for plants.
    As that is what she has to do, I do not allow her to get a job, as I do not want work schedules :D
    Gladly she enjoyed fishing, good way to build fun.
    To that bar (I do not know english name of it) , she went, as this and gym would be the most obvious place to meet Nancy.
    Not a long wait, LOL
    So easy! AND LOL !! I did not even realise that the wussy husband of hers was at the same lot!
    Easyer than getting Don Lothario to woohoo in Sims2.. so that should tell something :)
    Oh! Geoffrey was at her doorstep the next day, he was mad :D
    Nancy invited herself over later.
    Babs: "Your husband stopped by, he was pretty mad."
    Nancy:"Oh did he?? He is discusting fool anyways, ugh!"
    Nancy and Babs had something else to think about than Geoffrey (oh boy how that will change in the future, lol)
    Several days later, Babs was gaining logic at that small park at Windenburg , Geoffrey companied her, and looked like the hate he had for Babs had pretty much gone.
    SO.. an idea... to distroy everything Nancy has, by seducing her husband too! (BAD idea for the challenge/aspiration hunt! I wish she would of not done it, lol)

    News from Sim City Tabloid , net version (MCCC) , from the first week:
    Marriages announced:
    Katrina Caliente and Jaques Villareal! Who would of guessed????
    As Jaques moved at Katrina's, he also took her surname, there is enough Villareals to continue the familyname. And a way to make sure Caliente name will survive. Max and Katrina arent getting along, tho.

    Mila Munch married Dennis Kim
    Someone aint happy about it!

    Gunther Munch married Summer Holiday, who fished a dj boot at her first fishing try..
    .. what made her addicted to the thing.
    What levas the housework to Gunther!

    EDIT: crying out loud.... how many typo can I make!!??

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    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
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    @Ellupelluellu from my experience seducing Geoffrey is not an easy task at all... Also, Wolfgang is never happy when his mother marries someone... In my game too (he actually killed a random with bad pufferfish in one of my saves because he had married Mila) I like Gunther and Summer.
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    The weirdest things happened today; not creepy weird, but funny weird. It could practically turn into a mini-meme.

    So I was playing casual today and well...

    This is waaay too real.

    My sim is going to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ for laughing at this, or at least get coal instead.

    I finally know what Wilson Luchador looks like without that ugly mask.
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    @sarabeth2984 I loved your story about Jacques and Bjorn so much!

    @Ellupelluellu Jacques and Katrina? What a perfect match actually!

    @Dust_Bunny2010 Mama doesn't love you anymore, well that is very sad and cruel :( And lol to the Father Winter :D:D:D
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    With the scanner Caleb got us, we're able to proceed...
    but then... people in Strangerville suddenly realized we're here and came to welcome us...
    Morgan tried to talk to them with no luck...
    all this fuss woke up Wolfgang...
    and they put a fruit inside our fridge...
    still no luck interacting wih them...
    but they seemed to understand each other, so...
    Morgan thought that maybe by eating the fruit she would be able to understand them, too...
    and she was right...
    Then, they left.. and Morgan ran away to talk to another infected...

    coming back home, Yuki found a surprise...
    The sims in black took away the fridge and the plants...
    and she could only watch...
    more evil cats...
    and weird things...
    coming back to herself, Morgan befriended a scientist..
    while Yuki was playing a game and Wolfgang was...
    then the night came, and...
    he had to prove that Caleb is not better than him...
    by getting a scanner... his own way.
    he snapped Jess out of the possession...
    and fought her for the scanner!
    she was not happy to hand it over...
    so... night Jess..
    the fight got Wolfgang a mood swing... (he also has uncontrolled emotions, don't take it on Mila, she had to work!)
    then he was thirsty and... this random was just standing in a dark halley alone at night...
    that's asking for a vampire to feed on you!
    back home, the scientist was... hanging around for no reason...
    so Morgan talked to her a bit more, and other randoms joined... while Yuki and Wolfgang went to scan around...
    well, Yuki went to scan, but as soon as she started, Wolfgang got possessed and attacked her...
    she ran away from him... she can't trust him or her girlfriend, they're both infected...
    so she called someone who is not.. and asked him to join the team...
    he tried to snap Morgan out of the possession... but she's very strong, too..
    meanwhile, Wolfgang came back to socialize with her...
    not the best situation...
    Yuki and Erwin went to sleep, while Morgan and Wolfgang kept socializing about... possessed stuff..
    and when they came back, Wolfgang realized something....
    Morgan is not only one of his few friends, she's his best friend...
    they shared everything since childhood and.. he doesn't want to lose her...
    so without asking, he just turned her.
  • gothiclandgrabbsgothiclandgrabbs Posts: 94 Member
    @SiliClone where did you get the morgan and yukis hair do you have a tumblr
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,585 Member
    @SiliClone where did you get the morgan and yukis hair do you have a tumblr

    I absolutely don't remember... Those are one of the two hairs I have in my folder since forever.... I think I got them on Lana CC... It was still active then and that's where I used to shop for CC. I do have a Tumblr yes... I'll post a link when I'm from PC (on mobile right now)
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 831 Member
    Look at Luz taking care of little Bruce.....Now she passes him off to Gunnar so she can get back to her Simstagram page.
    Gunnar: "Now this is a story, all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air. This is a real gripping story."
    Huh, Luz isn't feeling too well today.
    Might as well check.
    Well congrats on that.
    Luz: "Hey check it out, I'm pregnant!"
    Gunnar: "Oh boy, and this house isn't big enough for multiple kids! We'll have to move! yaaaaaaaay."
    Wow look at that, my first family picture with these crazy Sims.
    Bruce makes a mess to a beautiful soundtrack.
    Huh, don't think you should be jumping like that when you have a bun in the oven.
    Luz made Bruce some chicken nuggets. He took them straight to his room. Plenty of couches for him to eat them on....but he picks his bed....nice.
    Luz: "Now Bruce, you can't make a mess in here you understand?"
    So he'll make a mess in the kitchen too!
    Luz: "At least I decided to eat out here during Spring."
    Meanwhile, might as well throw a nice house party. Here Bruce gets to meet Aunt Rainn.....Yes, now she's Aunt Rainn. They grow up so fast.
    Oh here comes a bat, who could it be?
    Well looks like it was Anastasia, here in a pretty sour mood.
    Oh great another bat.
    Gunnar: "'Sup nerds."
    Kala: "And I am back to see my grandson."
    Now she can actually hug him. Life is nice.
    No no it's cool, they'll just stay outside.
    Oh what's this? Luz's sister is pregnant? Looks like Luz and Gunnar's kid will have a cousin in their age range!!!!
    Abraham and his mother are reunited once again. However, pretty sure Ghost Zelda isn't a fan of Abraham walking through her like that.
    Gunnar: "Oh hey I had a brother, I completely forgot about you. Was I seriously the only one that didn't get Mom's ears?"
    Jax: "Yeah, most people forget I exist most of the time. And yes you were the lucky one to not get these ears.
    Oh hey, Bruce got to meet his older brother, Rico for once. How cute!
    Bruce: "Wow Mom, you got fat!"
    Luz: ".............................................Thanks."
    That night since Gunnar was, again, the only one awake (curse being a vampire). He invited some nocturnal company.
    Hela: "I just have to say, I loved you in Total Recall."
  • gothiclandgrabbsgothiclandgrabbs Posts: 94 Member
    luna and sofia are dating they are form windenburg townies
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,390 Member
    edited August 2019
    Well, I’d had high hopes that I was going to completely catch up on the thread tonight.

    Apparently that’s not going to happen, though I am close.

    Everyone’s stories are great, and I always want to understand them as well as possible, sooo I get bogged down sometimes.

    Hopefully I can finish in the morning (well, later in the morning, it’s already 4:30 am here)

    If there are weird spelling errors, or things that make no sense, it’s because I can’t see the writing on my phone very well, so I can’t make corrections until I actually post the comments in here.

    (I write my comments in note apps)


    Yes, your experiment to compute the time equivalency with Sim time does sound like an exercise in futility. And I can't help you with that math because I can't do math 😄

    Also, I have to ask who Cecilia is? I don't remember ever hearing of a Cecilia that belongs with Alexander. I'm assuming you mean Alexander Goth?

    Anyway, on to your legacy save.

    It sounds like an intriguing story. I've never thought much about building a story line around romantic garden. Actually I didn't even know that there were Sims related to romantic garden. Where did you hear their story? And where would I find them?

    I'm finding it very funny that Dino has not figured out that she is a girl yet 😅

    The conversation at the bar they went to during Winterfest is pretty funny. 😄 "If you're into that kind of thing"

    I can see where this can easily be three chapters because there's an awful lot of information that we never see LOL. Because she starts off being homeless and not even being able to take care of Major Whiskers, but I have no idea where she lives or what she's up to at the end. And why is she so interested in the wishing well 🤔

    Oh wow @O-meezy

    This is such a cute update!

    I guess Avery is going to figure out that life with children is not the same as it used to be for her. It's hard to paint the scenery when your little boy runs off and tries to be naked 😅

    They are super cute hugging each other like that, and super adorable doing yoga!!

    Talia did turn out extremely good-looking. And you're right she looks an awful lot like Avery. Looks like the exact same nose and mouth. But I'm not sure about the shape of the eyes. 🤔


    Awww, your Vatores are very adorable! And wow! You made it hard on yourself getting them with no skills 😳

    I've always liked that masterpiece, but I like the colorful one of a woman in a dress the most 😊

    The dancing scenes are so nice! I guess I've never seen that colorful dance floor! (I've only had Get Together for a few months and I haven't done much there)

    Johnny and Caleb look very cute together ❤️😍 I'm glad Caleb cheered him up.

    And how fun! It sounds like you might be excited about the Realm of Magic pack coming out! 😅


    Well I had to go back all the way to August 23rd to see what's up with your family. They've moved again and had another little boy!

    So you ended up with two blondes and two redheads 😊 They are all so cute

    Now I see the fire that you were referring to. It does look scary, so I'm glad that Leo quit his job and they will be home together with the kids.

    Ok, now they're taking their trip to Salvadorada ❤️ it looks like they had fun, and I'm glad that Kira got through the jungle easily to get the treasures. But the back floating skeleton is definitely the best 😂

    The gnomes seem to be so annoying for harvest fest. I don't have Seasons, so I've never had to deal with it. But I love your picture where you said you weren't sure what the gnomes were doing. Yeah I have no idea either. 😄 And what a good idea to teach the kids about being thankful at Thanksgiving, LOL which is harvest fest apparently, and then we have to have Killian again LMAO "will someone please pay attention to me?" At least he was very polite about it! 😄 He's the cutest.

    Okay, now I've gotten to Alvin's birthday. The tree that Alvin and Leo decorated is really beautiful. Does that come standard in the game or is that CC?

    I'm glad that everybody liked their presents 😊


    Thank you for the birthday greeting! 😊

    I have been following your whole Marcus / Laura / Dwight love triangle, but just never getting a chance to comment on it.

    I actually did the same thing in a love triangle. I did the old "who gets her pregnant first" thing. But as far as I remember, I have never had a time when the Sim didn't get pregnant on the first try, so I guess I basically chose who I wanted her to be with by having them try first! LOL

    I find your insight about Lucia and how many mood swings and rage she experienced after the divorce to be extremely interesting. I've never had any of my Sims divorce, so I can't make a call as to whether it was a coincidence or not, but knowing the gamemakers I kind of doubt that it is a coincidence. The things that happen as results of different situations are just amazing to me. And I can see where they would have built that into the game mechanics.

    It is good that she aged up and is out of the house now, hopefully she is feeling better.

    The tribal update is cute. You're right! That is such a fun wedding, and I love that wedding arch. I'm just waiting for the realm of magic to come out so I can make a bundle pack of Island living, Realm of magic and perfect patio (I'm finally going to get some hot tubs! 😅)


    Oh cool! Then Happy birthday to you also!

    Yes, my simself had a nice time at the festival. It reminded me of the dozens of times I've seen Ian and Lawrence there. Sometimes they are in the most awful outfits, but they are always cute together 😄

    Yeah, the Judith - Marcus pairing was rather spontaneous. I've never played either of them. And I don't even have Get Famous, so I just went by what people say about them here. They both seem to be self centered, and think they are better than everyone else in the stories here. Kind of like Lily Feng, except Victor is really nice.

    😅 I adore J (Hunter) with Leo, though, as I told Becka28, I think Leo is too good for Hunter, but he seems happy with him, so we'll just go with it 😄

    Yes! I was very surprised to see a pony tail under George Cahill's hat! And I was so lucky, he ran into a townie that I had already done over, so she had nice clothes!

    Well, as for your update, for a minute there I was worried that Christopher was going to be really upset about Isabelle 😢

    But hey! He was mature 😊 That's so nice to see. Maybe because he knew that Adrian was going through problems at home?

    But wow! Two fires? 😳 I had no idea that microwaves could set you on fire 😄 I remove them from my houses because everyone seems to get so unhappy about their microwaved food 😉


    Well yeah, that's very true. They were Orange's first and best friends. So it would be difficult.

    And that's wild that it gets that cold on Sulani!

    Your update is crazy.

    It's so funny that she admirers herself in a mirror, but she doesn't have a reflexion 😅

    And hmmmm, I guess it's nice to be that in love. It's rather unfortunate that they are siblings 😄

    But it seems as though the recessive genes that get passed on in real life when this happens, don't happen in the game. So, most likely it's fine.

    I'm confused about what Fiammetta did to Orange though. Because I do not have the vampire pack I never remember what most of the things mean. So she was afraid that he would lose all of his memories but then she agreed to help him and you say she helped him by draining his life spirit. That sounds pretty awful. Did it work like it was supposed to? Because I would have thought that it meant she killed him.

    it looks as though Caterina has really caused a lot of problems with the Vampire community.

    Unless, of course, Caesar and Fiammetta can keep Aedion hidden.

    And, oh my gosh, Fiammetta is going to have a baby. I think she is too young and immature to have a baby, but, that's just my opinion LOL


    Awww ❤️😊❤️, I'm just seeing your update when the baby Julia was born. It's all so cute. Johannes has ended up really really nice looking 😍. And I find it very funny that he was friends with his great-grandparents and not any kids his age. I'm glad he met Leela and wanted to impress her, by the looks of it he really did! 😉

    Anyway, all of your dialogue is so funny. Gideon is really something isn't he? But Jorn is also. That's so funny 😄 he's upset because they keep talking about Johannes 😂


    Dang! I didn't follow you when I grabbed your other Sims. what is your gallery name again? Because I definitely want him. 😄

    Hmmmm... Who can I match him up with?

    Ahhh.. ok, I'm sure I've seen that “age played families only” setting in the options menu and never known what it was trying to accomplish 😅

    But does that mean that the townie's families never age?

    Bruce still gets royalties from his books all the time. I know I smile when I read the titles, but I can't remember any of them right now. I guess if I want Welcome Back Kotter in my game I'll have to have him write it here too 😅

    How do you get your Sims through the criminal career? I can't make them do the necessary things to get promoted (yes, me, the softy that had to make another story line because a random Sim that shouldn't matter was upset at how my character used him 😄) But yeah, aliens and computers sound right together.

    I have issues with so many careers in the game. The secret agent one has way to much "homework" and scientist has terrible hours, business is boring, the Dr career is tough in everyone's game. I could keep whining but I guess I'll stop 😅

    And I completely understand about complaining to your co-worker. I don't know how long an elder is supposed to live, but clearly you thought it would be longer than 2 weeks 😔


    Okay, that's interesting that the name came from the neighbors dog 😊 I really love the name Dahlia, and I like the name Darlene, but that was my dad's second wife's name. So I don't think I would ever use it in the game.

    It's fun watching Hamish grow up. It's kind of funny because my youngest son's first words were his older brother's name also.

    Roddy and Sophia are certainly having trouble with their theater teacher aren't they? I'm thinking they might be trained beyond whatever she can offer them 🤔

    Ahhh, yet another update, and I see that Roddy and Sophia have had enough of their drama teacher. I didn't realize that you could have the kids decide whether they wanted to go to school or drama club, I would have thought they had to go to both 🤔


    Ahha, thank you for the update on the Landgraabs!

    I was able to identify the evil Landgraab Fernando! 😄

    I knew there was one in this family tree somewhere.

    And I remember when Cornelius decided to have his daughter move in with him, it seemed to be a turning point in his life. He'd been pretty self-centered before that, hadn't he?

    It sounds like the Jim Landgraab tree is doing well. Is senior a secret agent on the good side or the bad side? I've heard that there are two ways you can go, but I've never made it that far so I don't know what they're called 😂. It's nice that there is going to be a junior. I wonder if there will be a 3rd and a 4th, etc.

    I worked at Target many years ago, and a man came through the line and gave me his credit card and he was actually the 16th! That was really crazy.


    You know, I can't make myself play as Bob or Eliza, even though I had them have a toddler together. They just are not interesting to me.

    But, seeing how adorable you made Bob makes me think that perhaps if I change their appearance I could manage to play as them 😂😂

    Well, and the fact that you don't have Bob with Eliza probably helps a lot too 😄

    I always do what you did with the proposal also. I almost always add people to the family before they actually get married or move in together.

    The only time I haven't done this (that I can remember) is with Leo and Hunter. I couldn't play as Leo because he was a NPC with a job, and I didn't want to put him in the world anywhere because then he would immediately lose that job.

    And okay, I totally get what you mean about the difference in Pearl and why Opal couldn't believe that it was her.

    I had actually noticed that in your update about her moving in with her husband. At first I couldn't tell which Sim was her, because in the picture above she'd had the crazy colorful hair, and then in the next picture there were two women, but neither of them had blue hair. But then I was able to figure it out and it's nice to know that she isn't going to be so wild anymore!

    Thank you for your comments about Leo and Hunter. I do think that the J that is with Raj might be a slightly more emotional J then this Hunter is.

    Or maybe he's just different in his own way. I think it's interesting that the premades don't always act the same way, and I wonder how that happens.

    Anyway, I might have to move Hunter and Leo into a different save, because I'm spending too much time with them and that's supposed to be my save that's all about the actual premades, and all of the babies that they are having. So, because Hunter doesn't really look like J, he doesn't belong in that save, and they're taking up too much of my time anyway 😂

    LOL I just saw your update about both of the women getting pregnant after their “bonding” activity. That’s kind of ironic, because having all the emotional ups and downs from pregnancy is definitely not going to make them get along any better. Hopefully that nice man they met is going to take her daughter-in-law off her hands 😅


    Yes! That’s the name of the house. I couldn’t think of it. Agave abode. It’s a good idea to put a second story on. It was rather hard to expand that house, but I did, and I ended up using it in Willow Creek all surrounded by flowers etcetera. Turned out very lovely.

    I remember reading that the game only takes the family relationships to the first level. So second cousins would not show up with these game mechanics. Which is kind of strange because apparently they will be able to get married, and I'm not sure if that's a good idea in real life. But hey, this is a fantasy world, so who cares right? 😄

    And yes, Nasira's fan club called Nasira is our God is the funny thing that I remember about her 😂

    Wow, is that the only way you can get the laid-back trait? It's only from the beach life aspiration? Because I've got a few Sims that I really would like to give that trait to! 😂

    I guess I will find out how strange Sulani is when I finally get Island living. I'm going to get it when realm of magic comes out. Because I'm hoping that they will still have the bundle pack option available.

    I don't know if anybody else Googled "she's so high", but I might have to do it myself, because I can't remember when it came out or who sang it 😄


    Gosh, I'm having trouble keeping up with your posts. Right now I'm reading the one where Raj and Nalani are at the gym and everybody is surprised. Apparently Lilith is having fun with Candy so I think they are old friends. Johnny has ended up landing his dream gig as a pirate. He certainly looks perfect for the role, so I'm glad he was named for an award. It looks like he actually got one, which is good because I heard that the award show was very glitched.

    But, now you've changed households so that Yuki can start the Strangerville mystery. This looks like it will be fun!

    Oh my gosh, I just read the first update about it, and you've brought Wolfgang into the crew. Wow! he is really good looking as a vampire, (that's a pretty scary sentence 😄)

    I do wonder how you're going to be able to do the actual mystery though, because your townies won't spawn, and your lab isn't going to be the actual lab. 🤔

    You might have to do what I did, just save your crew to your library, and in your case you could go to a different save and put them in and have them do it there, just make sure you change whatever settings you need to change before you start it. In my case I just downloaded the same set again, into the same save, because I needed the extra ones to do the flirting.

    Anyway, Wolfgang really makes the story funny. He certainly has a lot to say, and I completely love what he says to Erwin after he almost killed him 😂

    okay wait, I just read a update where it looks like everything is working just fine in your strangerville! They got the key card and they got into the lab. And Wolfgang has become possessed, LOL, funniest thing ever. I like like how Morgan just stands there smirking at him waiting for him to be okay again. And she's pretty funny when she says "why didn't I call Max instead?"

    I never planted one of the fruits. Have you done that before? Why do you need to do it?

    And my gosh, poor Erwin. You need to find someone else close enough for Wolfgang to have his constant snacks, and not always be picking on the poor guy. 😄

    He and Cass together are sweet. I understand how you can feel bad about that. But then you see how in love she and Caleb are, and it feels right. There has to be someone else out there for Wolfgang.


    Awww, I just read your little story about your family's trip to Sixam. You took such awesome pictures! I always find your pictures to be amazing. I don't think I've ever seen something you could hunt for in the foliage. But then again I just recently learned how to use the tab key to get pictures from a lower angle. It's been life-changing LOL!  And yes, isn't that clone interaction adorable? I've made three clones so far, and I don't remember which one did it, but I remember laughing and thinking it was really cute.


    Your story just keeps heating up further and further. It’s weird how Luna has a dream about the gang and wakes up and finds out that they had escaped. And it looks as though they are going to be going to the jungle no matter what. I hope they can find someone reliable to take care of the girls. I kind of think that they shouldn’t be left at any house that the gang knows about but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see


    Thank you so much for the birthday greeting. And yes I definitely plan on playing Hunter and Leo after my Strangerville story. Because technically my Strangerville story is complete (as far as screenshots). Now I’m just having to write the story and fit the screenshots in LOL.

    I don’t remember who I told but I think I’m going to transfer Hunter and Leo to a different save. I already have J with Raj in this save. And this save is meant to be about all of the pre-made Sims. Hunter and Leo do not fit in that grouping, and they are so cute they will do well in my Ian and Lawrence save. 😊

    I'm glad that you still have some of your first team's equipment. hopefully that will make the job of cleaning up strangerville a little bit faster.

    and yes, I think if you're going to have Clint and Rachel have another child you may want to do it now, because dealing with teenagers when you're an older person definitely isn't going to be very fun. You say that you think of aliens and mermaids as living longer than regular Sims. Do you play with aging on or aging off? Because if you're playing with aging off you can certainly make it turn out that way LOL

    And yes, "Plays Sims, forever" is my dream life 😂  I'm glad you are having a interesting simlife. It's fun to be able to make some kind of a life for yourself that certainly hasn't happened in real life.

    It does sound as though Griffin's younger brother Vincent might be the way to go. ❤️😍 And yes, the military fatigues in the game are really cool looking! And the saluting makes me giggle every time.

    Oh okay I found an update!
    Vlad and his countess are about to have their baby!

    Okay! baby is here! good! She's born! A little girl, and Vlad the dad (LOL) is taking care of her the most. See, I always knew he was a decent guy (lol I'm not sure about that)

    Now we're with Griffin and Agnes. Oh my gosh! Engaged ❤️ I wonder when and where the wedding will be!?

    Griffin is teaching his son Bjorn all about being a vampire. And apparently he is of the "good vampire" philosophy. Nice to know.

    It's super funny how Clara is so crazy about Bjorn now that he's a vampire 😄 And you're right, that is pretty stupid for her to stand outside in a thunderstorm and not go to work.

    Ahha! and I see you left us with a cliffhanger. Old man Villarreal has come over and caused problems! What a dirty old man. (And yeah I thought that they couldn't be naked in front of children or teenagers also 🤔)

    But original Bjorn says he has a cunning plan! Good


    Yay! DeeWhy part 2

    Well, what an up and down update. So much joy. Even just going to the spice festival made everybody happy (ok, almost everybody). And then Madeline and DeeWhy had their first date and everything went well.

    But then Rhys died. Oh my gosh, I can just imagine how emotional it gets! To hear the others crying in the background, and see how upset and sad he and his mother are. It must be hard to go through, over and over.

    It is funny though that his mom and his girlfriend both comfort him with food 😀

    Then comes the wedding, and it seemed as though everything was going to be fine. The picture of he and his brother hugging after the ceremony is very nice, and no I’ve never seen that either. You got a good picture of them feeding the cake to each other, I’m starting to get that more often. Darlinghurst looks happy and pretty. I’m glad that you picked someone nice for her to marry. (I’ve never seen a townie show up in a police uniform before either. I have people showing up to the romance festival etc. wearing police caps, but never an entire police uniform.) All the dancing pictures are so cute.

    And then you say that Clovelly died with no urn anywhere. So does that mean they had all left the wedding venue already? But you couldn’t figure out where she had been when she actually died? Did he just received a phone call or something saying that she was gone? I don’t know, I am thinking maybe you shouldn’t use that wedding venue anymore LOL

    Losing the paint from reference picture is very sad, but definitely worth getting Clovelly back so you can put your family tree back together again. So I’m glad that you went ahead and used the MCCC settings


    Omg! That’s crazy about your gardener! Is he still wearing those clothes? Lmao. The game makers are getting silly.😅

    I have a guy in the entertainment career, and I didn’t think it was weird that he went to work like this, but I was told that it is weird, and hasn’t been seen before 🤔


    I loled at you saying his wife won't miss her shoes, she's always barefoot. Hey - works for me 😊
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    So after the presents were opened it was time for the feast.


    All that food made the kids sleepy, so they all went straight to bed.



    The next day was a day for chilling around the house. Literally, since it was like, arctic out there.





    Alvin braved the cold to go battle the pirates. Or be one, I don't know. It's his imagination, not mine.


    Oh look, a mermaid running a food stand in Willow Creek in subzero temperatures.


    Alvin took pity on her & bought a hot cocoa.



    Meanwhile back at the house Leo triumphed over some little pixelated blocks. It was a good day

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