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deep conversations mod

anyone have it? i just installed it and....................... it doesn't even make sense.

this is what my pool partner said, and look at the responses it gives me. what?

it doesn't even make sense! xD
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  • cocococo Posts: 2,692 Member
    Maybe it's asking if you want your response to be positive or negative? It doesn't really make sense I agree. I believe that @Emily4331 and @GraceyManor have played with this mod :)
  • simmerLellasimmerLella Posts: 590 Member
    I installed it and my game started lagging so I took it out. I saw one comment about someone else getting lag but that's all I know about that. I hope a future version will be smoothed out around the edges. I can live without it, but I'm keeping an eye on it.
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  • McToshMcTosh Posts: 560 Member
    yeah its an interesting concept! will keep an eye on it, deleting it for now though because they just aren't making any sense. its like the choices dont line up with the 'convo' right.

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  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 681 Member
    I thought that too myself... it adds a little drama I think.
    1. If you use it when sims are sitting they stand - through the chair - in order to play the animation
    2. If used on a toddler they stretch.

    I enjoyed it at first, but I can't decide right now whether to keep it or not.
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  • budewarminbudewarmin Posts: 338 Member
    I played with it, but it was trying to violently make 2 of my sims get engaged while its not time yet.
  • McToshMcTosh Posts: 560 Member
    budewarmin wrote: »
    I played with it, but it was trying to violently make 2 of my sims get engaged while its not time yet.

    "violently make 2 of my sims get engaged" :D lol!!

    i agree tho that'd be bad if it's forcing you down certain paths.
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  • suetoopsuetoop Posts: 9 New Member
    I installed it last night and found the response choices very confusing. I must have answered incorrectly because within 15 minutes my "eternally faithful" sim couple were divorced and heartbroken. I have since removed it.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,021 Member
    edited August 2019
    I’m afraid I’m not help here as I don’t play sims 3 as much anymore.I dabbled a little with the mod though.basically it’s asking if you agree with them if you say no it negatively effects the relationship if you say yes it will do something positive.Sometimea I completely ignore them
  • StephStebStephSteb Posts: 2,007 Member
    I was wondering about that mod as it looked fun but thought it might be a drain on the game, which as I see, it is. I'd still be interested in trying it though once the bugs and such are worked out. It really does look fun (if it made sense, lol)
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,389 Member
    As @coco guessed, the reactions don't actually always make sense so you'll have to go by which is positive and which is negative. I uninstalled this as I didn't feel like it added much and a lot of the dialogue didn't make sense. It is in its infancy, though, so definitely one to keep an eye on even if it isn't the best in its current state. :smile:
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