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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,752 Member
    @Daephene, page 408.
    Thanks for the feedback!

    @sarabeth2984, page 408.
    Thank you! I enjoyed my birthday. Looking forward to Realm of Magic. Annoyingly, it releases when I'm on holiday in September.

    Recently, Roddy and Sophia practised their lines:
    And Shine's not having a pleasant experience.
    A lot later, Shine enters the second trimester:
    Sophia feels the baby:
    So does Roddy:
    He and Sophia are excited to be getting a new sibling. Shine gives Roddy a big hug:
    Later, Shine has a relaxing bath to ease the pain.
    Benjamin, Wendy, Tiffany, Roddy and Sophia go to Sulani. Here, Roddy and Wendy are playing in the water:
    A fish poacher finds herself surrounded by a disapproving Benjamin and one of his employees.
    Sophia and Tiffany make a sand sculpture:
    Benjamin finds another fish poacher. He kindly asks the ne'er do well to leave, to which, they do.
    Back home, Benjamin upgrades one of Roddy's digital photo frames.
    Aunt Berry Bliss comes over for a while. Benjamin tells her the exciting news:
    Later, Benjamin tells Shine that he's got a good name for the baby:
    'That's a really nice name! I like it!' Shine said, smiling at her amazing husband:
    Outside, Roddy rakes the leaves:
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,752 Member
    edited August 2019
    Part 2. Because this update is quite long.

    Roddy starts the 3rd gathering of the Order of the Pink. Jessica greets him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, as usual:
    Carol and Roddy have a chat:
    Jessica talks to Benjamin in his and Shine's bedroom:
    Later, Carol practices bar tricks:
    Shine enters her third trimester, and invites Roddy and Sophia to feel the baby:
    Downstairs, Wendy and Tiffany kiss:
    After Roddy ended the gathering of the Order of the Pink, he played on his computer:
    Benjamin gives Shine a much needed massage.
    Sophia plays on her computer:
    Shine and Benjamin go to bed:
    Roddy gets changed into his sleepwear dress and falls asleep:
    Sophia gets changed into her pyjamas and takes her glasses off, putting them on the dresser. She climbs into bed and falls asleep:
    Wendy and Tiffany go to bed as well.
    As does Chloe:
    In the morning...'Cripes, the baby's coming!' Shine said, obviously in agony.
    'You're doing fine, my fair maiden! I'll take you to the hospital' Benjamin says, rushing to Shine's side.
    So they did. Shine checked in:
    A few sim seconds later, Shine was in one of those special robotic surgery stations. 'You're doing fine, Mrs Furystrykar. Breathe, nice and easy' the doctor reassured Shine.
    A few minutes later...'Congratulations, Mrs Furystrykar! It's a boy!' the doctor said smiling. Shine looked fondly at the new-born.
    Once Shine was out of the surgery station, she held her new son for the first time. 'Hello, Hamish! Time to get you home and meet the rest of the family!' she said, fondly.
    Once back home, Shine used 'Super Efficient Baby Care' to take care of Hamish Furystrykar's needs:
    Roddy came up to the basinet. 'Hello Hamish! Welcome into the world, little brother!' he said, cooing at his baby brother. Hamish made happy baby noises:
    Sophia's turn!
    Benjamin gave his new son a kiss on the forehead and hugged him:
    Wendy met her new nephew:
    Tiffany cooed at Hamish:
    Chloe gave Hamish a kiss on the forehead:
    And hugged him:
    I then aged Hamish up to Toddler. Everyone watches as he takes his first steps:
    'That's the way to do it! Well done, Hamish!' Shine says, lifting a happy Hamish:
    Time to give him new outfits, but first...THAT FACE IS SO ADORABLE! *SQUEE!*
    And black is his favourite colour!

    That brings the total Furystrykar members up to 8 in the current generation, 12 if you count Advarius and Laura Furystrykar, and Lucy and Berry Bliss.
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    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Be Kind Online and Stay Safe
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,026 Member
    A young couple, named Jonathan and Daniella Rivodor, adopted Lamia after contacting an adoption agency. The social workers mentioned the toddler’s unfortunate background.


    “Ready for your new home?” Jonathan asked.

    The toddler said nothing. Jonathan figured that Lamia must be shy. He took her inside the house. Daniella had just finished changing into her everyday outfit.


    “I’ve always wanted a child,” Daniella said. “We’ll raise her as our own.”

    “That’s right. Her biological parents might have wanted to give her a worse childhood, but it won’t happen,” Jonathan replied.


    After Jonathan put Lamia into her new bedroom, he returned to the living room. He watched a movie with Daniella for the rest of the morning, and whenever Lamia needed something, they would give her the attention.

    Back to the police station…


    “Any other information on Katrina Caliente’s unfortunate demise?” Celestia pressed.

    “They hadn’t informed us yet. But she was a good officer, which was the reason Dina wanted to follow in her footsteps,” the black assistant explained.

    “Oh. I wonder if this is the reason Dina is late to work.”

    “Speaking of whom…” The black assistant turned her gaze to the entrance.


    “It was awful!” Nina exclaimed.

    “Yeah, I know. Can you return home? I’ll see what I can do,” Dina murmured.

    “Won’t you attend Mom’s funeral?”

    “I don’t have time today. Sorry.”


    Celestia heard the phone ringing and proceeded to answer the call. The black assistant had gone to the restroom, which meant she could cover for the assistant.

    “Hello? Mrs. Rivodor? Oh, hi. How is Lamia?” Celestia said.

    “She’ll take some time to adjust. Lamia is shy and fearful,” Daniella replied.

    “That can happen if a child doesn’t grow up in a good home.”

    “I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

    When the black assistant came back, Celestia walked to her office to continue her reports and the investigation. Should she start taking risks? She hadn’t captured the gang in a while. And the way they treated her sister was awful. It made her blood boil.
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 647 Member
    Silly quick update.
    This is Alexander Goth marrying Sibylla Vatore (at night because Vampires).
    Everyone is happy (Mortimer is sleeping though, but he's an Elder, let him rest).
    Ezra is happy, Morgan is happy, Lilith is happy, Hella...
    What's wrong? Ah, I see...
    Alexander! Where the hell did you get this ring???

    Gonna check the updates and mentions tomorrow!
    Happy simming, everyone! <3

  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,269 Member
    edited August 2019

    Oh my gosh! I'm so excited that I spurred you to do an experiment 😅

    And wow! What a result 😯

    It's super interesting how the powers of both parents are manifestating! So weird 😳 but yet really cool!

    Did you know they were both things when they were kids? I don't know what age the plumbobs change.

    I'm glad Selena got a mermaid tail! It looks beautiful!

    It's great how you Incorporated it all into a story! Now you can keep going with them if you want too.

    And lol at Captain Eddie. He's quite a character 😂

    It would be fun to add another type of being into the mix, perhaps an alien 😅

    But really, I would like to see what traits pass on if they have kids of their own.

    Thanks for sharing 😊 It's really interesting!

    Lol! I feel your pain about Strangerville 😄 When you take so many Sims along it becomes exponentially more complicated 😅

    I'll tell you what though. I put a beautiful home up on the bluff in Strangerville and set it as generic. My teams always stay there at night, rent free! Lol plus, as an added bonus, for some reason dirty dishes disappear on generic lots. So, no dishes to do!

    The Bjorns sound really fun! Lol, maybe fun isn't the best word, but entertaining for sure! What happens when the mystery is solved and Bjorn the first goes home to wife and kids? Will Bjorn 2 tag along?

    I have a couple in every single save too. They are invaluable to the worlds as they are master painters and master cooks, and master exercise people ( I can't remember what that's called) but they help host all my parties, paint portraits for all the homes, and mentor everyone in physical activity.

    I don't have the vampire pack though, so I just play with aging off.

    It's nice that yours will be foster parents. It sounds like they are helpful. And yes, being able to influence the children is really nice.

    Thanks for the link to the pre-made's stories. And I so totally agree about the game generated NPCs.

    Thanks for your comments on my Romance Festival update. We are not quite that cute of a couple in real life, because there aren't any Romance Festivals in real life I guess. 😄

    But, he's a pretty great guy, and he can make me laugh, so that's good.

    And I'm sure your simself is interesting, especially if you get her wrapped up in all of the drama in this game! Dogs are good too, of course 😅


    I guess I can see J's side too. 🤔 It's just easier to blame the one who knows for a fact that they are deceiving the other person. I like to give the other one (the Leo type person) the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they really believe that the other person (the J type person) actually cares about them.

    Perhaps the Leo type person should be a lot more careful though. Never trust anyone that much when you first meet them!!

    And yeah, I've noticed that many other languages have their sentences structured differently than ours. Which makes me think that ours is probably the odd one 😂

    I'll write nudes here and see if it gets "plummed" because that would have been a much easier thing to say! Lol

    Lol! 😄 Thank you. It was really fun to watch "myself" at the Festival. Especially because we acted so much like we did the time I actually took our younger selves to the festival and played them myself. Although a lot of that was autonomous too.

    I used to play us in Sims 2, and I would set him as an Aries, because that's when you could just set your traits by using a zodiac sign. He acted exactly like himself in that game 😂 It was really funny.


    Ha! Your bad luck with fps lag is funny to read about, probably not fun to deal with though 😅

    I can't figure out which Sims you're referring to though 🤔 I don't have all of the expansion packs, so maybe that's the problem.

    Trying to think of the premade's with the most desirable genetics makes me think J Huntington III, and maybe Johnny Zest? But neither of them show up in the game with girlfriends, so I'm probably wrong.

    Anyway, I think you're right, starting off with someone who is already involved with another Sim is probably not the best way to go 😅


    Awww, well, if there aren't any little Father Christmases running around he probably didn't have any luck, lol!

    But your plan seems good! A big garden and a big family! You could fill a couple of aspirations that way!😊


    Lol! If only it were that easy to forget a pregnancy in real life!

    Congratulations on getting a doctor who didn't remove her heart 😂

    And yeah! Oh my Gosh, Dre is adorable.

    They'll do great with 2 kids, no worries! I had 3 in my 20's, lmao. You have more energy when you're young. 😉


    Lol! That's so funny 😂 a satellite dish!

    And I did guess the secret! The toddler bed kind of gave it away! Lol

    Very fun! A third child 😊

    And Happy birthday to you! I hope it was a good one!


    Lol! I'm always very wary of those pear shaped Sims. But you say your guy's descendants weren't pear shaped? That is very good news!

    Question about your library though. How many Sims are in it!? If you're saving all 100 babies (as young adults) from the challenge, and then those Sims children too... My gosh! That's got to be a zillion people! 😯 Lol 😅

    That's super nice that Cabarita's husband showed up one day! Does their daughter show up as Clovelly's niece in her relationship panel?

    Rhys .... what a guy 😂 Yes, very Kaenu Reeves. But yeah, forgivable, as I've read your update and seen how helpful he's been. Not to mention the update when he was walking around naked 😄

    I'm going to look at your houses on the gallery! They looked so cool in your stories.


    Hmmm, yes, J does seem to be losing his grip on reality, doesn't he? 🤔

    Interestingly enough, I didn't change Leo's J's face at all, in case I needed him for any other Strangerville pictures, all I have to do is give him his hair style and color back, and remove his forehead wrinkles, and he'll be J again... So .... something could happen there for sure. It would still be his doppelganger, but, as you say, in the story he's the same man.

    Perhaps he will feel compelled to "check on" Leo, and make sure he's ok, after the mystery is complete 😉

    Lol, yeah, I remember you mentioning that you get your guy to play with you when I first put the one up about us when we were younger.

    I don't think I could ever get my husband to play. He sits and watches me every once in a while, but has no idea what's going on, or why it's fun for me 😂


    Thanks for your comments on my Strangerville story 😊 I've never played premades much before this, so it's been fun getting to know them.

    And that's good that your pastor is saved. He sounds like a great guy 😊


    Yeah, I don't think Luka or Orange are going to be a good match for Fiammetta 😄 Everyone in your game seems to be slightly insane 😅

    I'm going to try to find all of the links to my Strangerville story and include them as a spoiler when I post new ones, because I'm sick of trying to find them myself 😂 And yes, my Malcolm is amazing. It took a sh - t load of work to get him that way, but it was worth it.

    He and J were not high on my list of pre-mades to play either. But when I had almost every pre-made have toddlers together, as a grand experiment, I had to deal with Malcolm as an older brother to Nancy and Geoffrey's twin sons. And he was interesting, and a pain in the backside, so I ended up playing him and making Peony for him. He's turned out well.

    I ended up playing J because I couldn't find another Sim suitable for him to marry and have children with. I'd already matched Don with Summer, and none of the other premade's seemed suitable for him. Plus, that's when he was being such a pain with @Becka28's Alana, so I knew how awful he could be.

    That's why I tried him out with a couple of Sims, and he fell madly in love with Raj. So he's been fun ever since, because he's been so uncharacteristically devoted to Raj, and crying about him, and never getting tense moodlets from being with him, despite his non committal trait. Soooo ... my J is deep, lol 😄

    I haven't had them have a child together yet though, because I'm waiting to see if his devotion lasts before I force Raj to have a baby with someone he wants to get away from.

    Interestingly, my Don, with Summer, hasn't gotten tense moodlets about being stuck with her either. So they might be a good match.

    It's funny, I see Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab, Cassandra and Mortimer Goth, and several of the Bjergsens around fairly often. I don't see the other Goth's ever. And other pre-made Sims are hit and miss.

    Anyway - your update! Holy cow! I love how you decided who could and who couldn't attend the wedding. It all made sense though. 😅 Particularly Victor Feng.

    Were the 3 cakes enough to feed everyone? I made 2 cakes for one of my infant to toddler age ups, and then forget to serve them because the infants can't blow out the candles 😂

    It sure was a beautiful ceremony though 😊 and it looks like a really nice venue.

    The reception was crazy! All those guests! Wow! Alexandre and his sons and grandson are all so good looking! 😮 And how cute that those 2 played their instruments! They did that autonomously? It is cute to see the children there, but I think several of them are their own children, right? 😅 A grown grandson, but still children of their own. No thank you. (Though technically I had that myself, my oldest was 16 when we adopted our youngest, who was 2 months 😂)

    Soooo interesting that the discussion regarding murdering Agnessa took place at the wedding 😅 And that Alexander was rejected because he's too crazy.

    Anyway, questions:

    How do you fireproof a fireplace?

    Do you have to max the gardening skill before you can max the flower arrangement skill?

    Did Amara and Anastasia dance spontaneously? And did they get sad moodlets from their mother's death?

    And you're totally right about Sims mourning people they don't know. I've only had it happen once so far, because I just started playing a save with aging on. It was Gunther Munch who was mourning some random townie I've never heard of. I just exited their household and played a different one for a while. It was so dumb, lol.

    Anyway, their new home is just beautiful! And looks like it has enough room for everyone. 😄

    Lmao at the constant sauna woohoo, sounds like Becka28's Sims who were addicted to hot tub woohoo 😅

    I don't have saunas or hot tubs, but those who have rockets or observatories like using them now and then. 😂

    And lastly, poor Alexey, no girlfriend ever, after his little fling. I think he deserves someone of his own. There has to be some unmarried relative that he could nab 😅😂😄


    Awww, thank you on your comments about my simself. And my experiment. It's to bad that the Romance Festival is so useless now. And lol at your teen and young adult. I have that in my game too. But it's Malcolm and his Peony. He's busy in Strangerville, but as soon as he gets home there's going to be a big party for her birthday so they can be together again. ❤️


    It is kinda annoying that the unmarried offspring of Sims always get the mother's last name. Although, irl it's mostly like that too. I suppose you could change their names in CAS, but in your case the story is about Athena and her children, so it works out well for you.

    And yeah, I've had tons of townies with the last name Mounib, but most of the time I go into manage families now and then, and change names and appearances of townies. I'm so tired of the endless black haired, brown eyed, crazy named Sims in my game I could scream.

    How many Gengis do you need in one save?😂 There's one last name too, I can't remember how you spell it, but I think it's Chouhan. I'm so sick of it 😅

    And I can see how you fell in love with Lucas and Alexander in your save. They are both so funny in their own way.


    Lol, so funny, he was back to Boba Fett again. Yeah, I think you should add more people/ghosts to his club instead of deleting it.

    Milla is really pretty! And apparently very patient 😄 until the encounter was over 😅

    Your dialogue for the "ask to leave" interaction is so funny! They are really dramatic about it, aren't they? I never thought about it that way. I always looked at it as the host telling the guest that something terrible has happened and they really need the guest to leave so that they can deal with it. Which is funny, because I'll be playing the host, and know perfectly well that nothing dramatic has happened. 😂

    Then I really had to laugh at your observations about the pricey gifts in Sims 2 (I'd completely forgotten about them) and the super expensive things that they catch while fishing in Sims 4. Lmao! I have to go fishing in the spot you mentioned. I swear I've never caught a violin! Much less a string quintet of them! Mine get apples most of the time. And occasional cow plant seeds too.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of Milla. She has a great sense of humor 😂

    Ok, sorry to everyone else, I'd really hoped to at least catch up with mentions, but I'm babysitting the grandkids pretty soon and have a lot to do before that!

    I'll be back later!! ❤️❤️
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  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,752 Member
    @AlwaysAsking, page 409.
    Thank you! I enjoyed my birthday. Got some money, a creeper lunch bag for when I'm volunteering at the animal sanctuary, a lego technic first responder and Hollow Knight for the Switch. I ordered a lego train set from amazon with my birthday money. Good deal, too.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
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  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,710 Member
    have to leave in a few mins so Just wanted to show you some sims I recreated from memory, Ayana and Leon Savalani are so old I eventually lost their pics to pb no longer being free. Most the guys, and Leon were killed during lag from ice cream..dragons breath at least it triggered back then. The girls ran out, one Ayana, was pregnant with his youngest son, aside from that they were a normal family.

    I used story mode or whatever and got this base for Leon, forgot Ayana's but still lol.
    I wonder if their first born will be a guy again

    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    Hundred baby reached ten

  • jpdrpepgirljpdrpepgirl Posts: 66 Member
    Ha Ha; I'm doing the 100 baby challenge and twice now, just after I aged up a teenager to adult, they have passed. One died by embarrassment and the other by anger. I guess I'm not checking their mood closely enough. Drats.
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,544 Member
    Cass is pregnant, she got pregnant on her wedding night...
    And Caleb is empathizing with her way too much...
    That's ... going too far even for a compassionate...

    Also, I took him home to his parents for a couple of days to tell them about the vampirism..
    The real problem was feeding, because it was winter, Cass has all the packs, he couldn't fish... and the fish market was always closed...
    Luckily he has the regained humanity trait...
    It was nice to have the family back together..
    and I'm glad to see that he still starts arguments with his father every time they are in the same room.. even though, now they argue about career instead that about the house rules (maybe because they're both ambitious...)
    Still loses every time, too...
    This is how he got the mediator trait I guess, by getting grounded by his father...
    he was here for 3 days and still didn't want to split it out, so I reminded him why we were here...
    so he told them...
    And they... didn't take it so well...
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 450 Member
    @Becka28 , I do have the option just to "say goodbye" , but I dunno if it is a bug or what in my game, but that does not make them leave , if invited in :) So I have to use the "ask to leave" interaction to make them actually leave, and that animation comes up every time :)

    @AlwaysAsking , thank you :) I started with just one sim, Milla, then when she finally found a man of her dreams, after some pretty dramatic moments, I made her MAYBE future hubby as playable too.. on the road they both met new people, who they and I became fond of, so I made those as playables also.

    At that point I put both, Milla and her maybe-hubby-to-be to hiatus. I wanted those sims they met and became friends with,who I made playables, to have some kind of history of their own.

    Like mini challenges, this sim shall archive this and this thing, meet someone.. get married eventually and have kids, one sim at the time. After marriage I stopped playing them, family went to same hiatus as Milla. Then the next sim, same story. Currently I am playing Noora, who Milla met at park at Winderburg. Her goal is to collect and grow all the plants without cheating :). And Noora found her future spouse too.

    After I have done all the sims Milla and her maybe-hubby-to-be became friends with, (both at my avatar, btw) , I will once again delete all game created townies/NPCs, and mark all the families I played, except Milla and her maybe-hubby-to-be, as unplayed , and let MCCC take care of their future.

    A long journey, but when I do start the legacy, I have "townies" who have their history I know, as I played it all. (Maybe super silly)

    And to the club part, lol, I made a test, I added one female sim of mine to that group, and started the event :D

    Those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.
    I am the mask you wear, it's me they hear.
    My spirit and your voice, In one combined.
    The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind..
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    @Becka28 Thank you so much for the compliment on Michele!

    @AlwaysAsking Thank you so much! The house was so cheap because it was so run down. The cost of the actual house was like 14,111 and the lot I built it on and placed it on was 1500, so it was about 15600. I used the beat up cabinets/counters from CL, the cheap doors, worn carpet, the DIY wooden bath and toilet and very cheap furniture. I think with the 3 Sims I moved in they got maybe 24k for starting funds? They were able to upgrade and renovate a lot, but had to save up for other things like newer appliances, cabinets and, nicer bedroom furniture, decor, a dryer, etc. There was already the cheapest single bed for a child and then a cheap double futon bed from CL. The new tile didn't cost anything because it was the same price as the beat up title and worn carpet that was there previously. Here's some shots for before and after. I have more of the before shots on my blog linked in my siggy. Also using landscaping objects and some decor items from JA in the new debug menu didn't cost anythinG. It's much easier to make a nice affordable starter house with a lovely garden now that we have access to all those world objects.



    Yes, Kellan is a hard worker. Michele earns a little money on the side by selling collectibles and her photos from time to time via a mod called Simbay like Ebay by LittleMsSam LOL. Kellan does take the time to upgrade all the appliances when he has time. The family has a good amount of money saved now, but eventually they want to get another fridge and finish landscaping the backyard by adding their "winter grass" and going on vacation. I lived in Phoenix for several years so my inspiration for this house was from my time living there and I remember when I lived in Scottsdale, the realtors would talk about them getting in new "winter" grass. As someone born and raised in Seattle, adding seasonal grass was a new concept for me :D
    Thanks again for your comments!
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 688 Member
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    Today I fell in love with this Father-daughter alien photo shoot. Parent and child poses are my favorite part of the new Moschino pack.


    And yes, @sarabeth2984 most of my recent photos have been taken with the camera and tripod from the Moschino pack. I'm also using the Get to Work studio for some individual and couple portraits, but mostly the new tripod and a combination of Moschino and Get Famous backdrops.
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,210 Member
    While the boys are sleeping, Hallie plots to take over the household & become the Favorite Child in Mommy & Daddy's eyes.




    Alvin tries to set her straight when he wakes up. "I;m number one around here, sis." "Yeah, whatever."


    Meanwhile, Kira & Leo finally try out the rocket ship.



    There is clearly something in the water.

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  • MaxieMixMaxieMix Posts: 194 Member
    Lol at your fused person! That always happens to me when Sims go get something from the fridge at the same time 😄

    Your family is so cute and close knit! It's great to see.
    I can't believe toddlers can wake people up 😂 I've never seen that option. Although, when they cry from nightmares it wakes people up, right? 🤔

    How unfortunate that Olivia always has a dirty diaper 😣 But she can get changed by an adult in the house, right?

    Iona and Kai look like they're doing well in all aspects of life 😊 That's nice to see.

    Isn't it funny when that "play" glitch happens? I've never had it happen long term in one Sim though. I always think it's something about how much room there is to play

    And I laughed at Olivia stealing the toy. It's good to know it's not just my Sim toddlers who do that 😂

    They are all so beautiful as children ❤️ and they got great traits too. I keep forgetting about that voidcritter game. I need to have some kids in my game try it out!


    Oh my 😳 How are the prisoners doing?

    And are they sick of salad?😅


    Oh my gosh! I love your Prescott family ❤️❤️

    That's cute, they are fishing, painting, and treasure hunting to earn money to make their house bigger!

    And good thing too! Alvin is so cute at the park with Leo, and they are all adorable at the beach ❤️

    And you're totally right, Killian is the cutest!!

    (And how did Father Winter do at the Romance Festival? Any Romance in his future 😂)

    Oh! Another update!

    What a fun little trip to Granite Falls! I think Killian did have a good idea. A kiddy pool is more fun than a fire on a hot summer day 😅

    It's always so cute to see the adults in those little pools.

    And yay! New baby on the way! Maybe a girl this time? It'll be fun to see if the baby gets the red hair or the blond hair.


    Lol! Your outtakes are awesome.

    They definitely do reflect their personalities 😂

    Lucas is so awesome! I can't wait to have him grow up in my game 😊

    The photo bomb lady looks totally lost. Maybe she couldn't find the exit 😂


    Lol, why did they have a birthday cake if no one was having a birthday?

    I think it's just called "cake" then 😂

    Perhaps you should have saved it for Mariah or Wolfgang's birthday? 🤔

    Lol 😂 sounds fun though


    Lol, I've been enjoying your questions and answers about ghosts, clubs, and Star Wars lol

    But seriously, I'm glad you asked, because I had no idea that new clubs would start if you deleted the premade ones 😮

    Did you wait for him to show up as Princess Leia or not? 😉


    Your simself is incredibly pretty! So shhh, don't tell anyone that you don't look like that 😂

    Is the dog Indie perhaps a Indiana Jones reference? 😉

    She and Duane certainly did get along well!

    Goodness! Whirlwind!

    Date, wedding, baby!!

    And oh my gosh, she is sooo adorable 🥰❤️ Her face when she's by the turtle is so cute! And she and Indie look like they get along 😊


    Your funeral post is so emotional 😢

    I'm amazed at what mods can do. But it sounds like the pastor that you made was a big part of the success.

    I'm very glad to see Declan thinking hard about his emotional behavior. It's hard to lose someone when there are still unresolved issues there. But I know Reed always understood, so Dec shouldn't feel bad

    And now they're back! Things will be interesting.


    Wow 🥺 this game is pretty amazing, isn't it?

    Is there anything different about an alien death? Does Grim still show up?

    And do they come back as ghosts? 🤔


    Ohhhh! Congratulations to Leilani and Laura!

    And my my, Leilani's father is very young looking! Very nice looking too 😂

    I'm glad they got him back on his prank 😅

    Laura looks like she'll be a good vet! And maybe don't fix the male uniform. You might get more customers with him dressed like that 😁

    Isn't the future parent freak out animation awesome 😄

    Curtis looks very happy once they got him home 😊

    And their made over bedroom is gorgeous 😍 I love the color scheme! And you found so many things to match! Sometimes that's very difficult.


    Oh gosh, Amersham does sound pretty creepy 😯

    What kind of traits does a weirdo like that have?

    I'm looking forward to the story, and the flashback panel 😊


    My gosh! Talia's Christmas outfit is to die for! Sooo cute 🥰

    And wow, Zion can make a great evil face when he's devious, can't he? 😅

    Their Christmas celebration looks adorable in every way. The snow pal is one of the nicest I've seen!

    And that last shot of Talia and Stix is so perfect! It's too bad Avery can't make it into a painting.


    How nice that Roddy met Princess Cordelia! I saw the beautiful home that you made for her. I'll bet they'll be friends 😊

    I laughed at him watching all those shows 😂 I think I'd be confused too


    Oh, ok! Good, I'm glad it's not who I thought!

    And hmmmm, I'll have to go look for the Realm of magic announcement!! Yay!!


    I feel your pain 😅😂


    Oh my gosh! I think your Sims need to stay away from Caleb Vatore!

    He is a bad influence!

    Lmao at her crazy cat lady dark form too 😂

    It seems to me that she is going to like being a vampire, and perhaps not change back like her sister did 🤔

    Ah ha! I see that she got her Great Reputation honor now too. How funny.


    Ahh yes! Cesare is the name I was confusing with Romeo. I knew it was Roman 😅 So, Luka is still lurking about? The famous, jealous about nothing, and we only have a 10% pink bar anyway 😂 Sheesh

    Funny about Orange. He's probably stuck in a bathroom somewhere talking to himself 😅

    But oh my goodness! Yes, we need an update. This I gotta see!!


    Ahhh, ok, plotting is good! 😉

    And hmmm, yeah, now that you mention it, J is acting a bit over the top 🤔

    I blame lack of sleep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it 😂

    I'd wonder if it was Raj or Leo that J really cared about too, except that wasn't Raj's J 😂 He was the "stunt double" J. Because Raj really did show up at the bar in Strangerville, as did Summer.

    That's when the party got their stunt doubles. It was way too close of a call with J. Summer actually showed up when Don wasn't flirting, so they were fine, but if I hadn't noticed J's whim to kiss Raj I wouldn't have known he was there looking for J 😯

    Story wise, I think J is finally realizing what a pr - ck he's been all this time, and that he really doesn't deserve Raj. I'll have to see where it goes after Strangerville. Because all the screenshots for that are done already 😂

    Awww, Wolfgang is in his final days 😣 Your comment about CC is so funny 😂

    And yes! He is a good looking elder, and still out jogging? What a guy!

    And what brother is that at the end? He doesn't look familiar.

    I need to get over to your Harp's thread! Seriously, there aren't enough hours in the day!

    Darn! A couple more of you to get through, but I need to go to bed! It's after 2 am here.

    I'll be back!! (Tomorrow lol)

    Actually they did have a birthday she just ate the cake before the candles

  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 688 Member
    Okay y'all, sorry for the double post but I finally finished the family portraits and I just need to show off the pictures on Athena's walls. Some of the portraits show up pixelated in the screenshots but that appears to be a known issue.

    The front hall features on the top left: Athena and oldest son Bruce, bottom left twins Cordelia and Amelia, in the middle twins Derrick and Erick, top right twins Gillian and Finnian, and bottom right twins Holly and Ivy.

    Athena's oldest five children and their spouses. Top row from left to right: Bruce & Walker, Amelia & Pierce, Cordelia and Wolfgang. Bottom row: Derrick & Evie, Erick & Billie

    Athena's youngest four children and their spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance. Top row: Finnian & Morgan, Gillian & Cassandra. Bottom row: Holly & Lucas, Ivy & Alexander.

    Grandchildren! Teens Maximilian and Bo (both Bruce & Walker's); Children Klaatu, Cornelius and Charlotte (all Cordelia & Wolfgang's); Toddlers Darius (Derrick & Evie's), Esau and Jacob (both Erick & Billie's); Infants Farrah (Finnian and Morgan's), Adam (Amelia & Pierce's), and Isabella (Ivy & Alexander's).

    On the weekend I'll make a longer post with some of the pics themselves instead of screenshots of the in-game copies. They're much crisper that way!
  • VGN34DVGN34D Posts: 9 New Member
    That I am unable to manually pick out colors like in The Sims 3. I'm surprised no one has noticed an issue where you can't pick out colors yourself from clothes, hairstyle and even skins. Just why?
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,434 Member
    Daephene wrote: »
    Very cute idea!! 🥰
  • Paulmarch76Paulmarch76 Posts: 41 Member
    My vampire drank from a infected sim from Strangerville.
    Grease is the word!
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,157 Member
    Clovelly Part 4

    In the last part Rhys had been abducted by aliens – Clovelly was waiting to find out if Rhys had become pregnant – its difficult to tell – I haven’t seen his stomach glow…

    Now its more obvious – something is happening.

    Pregnancy does not seem to agree with Rhys – he has lost all his self motivation.

    Clovelly is excited about the new family member but Rhys tries to convince himself its just weird weight gain.

    Then Darlinghurst aged up.

    At the party are Cabarita’s husband and the red haired teen is her daughter.


    Clovelly discovers that the simray is good for cleaning up after parties “hey you – you couldn’t even be bothered to dress nicely for my child’s birthday party – clean up”.

    The first thing Darlinghurst does as a child is play the violin badly.
    I am relieved when Rhys goes into labour. Clovelly does a lacklustre panic and then kissed Rhys on the cheek – so sweet. Never seen a sim do that one before.

    It was like she was reassuring him that it wouldn’t be as bad as he thought. He looked so happy.

    And it was alright – welcome little alien boy Drummoyne.

    Sunsetti needed an age down treat and got all her zing back.

    Her parents are still regular visitors (as are Peanut and Waffle’s ghosts).

    Bondi is a fitness fanatic even beyond the grave.

    A house full of alien screams is awful – Clovelly escapes for breakfast when Coogee invites her out.

    And escapes to explore space

    And to improve logic.
    And then Drummoyne was a toddler – oh the relief.

    He is adorable and one of the most facially expressive toddlers I have had. He also talks – a lot!

    Rhys autonomously reading a rocket science book. (don’t have a TV and computer and sims are forced to read and garden and exercise etc autonomously)

    Clovelly likes her new work uniform.

    Can’t wait until we reach level 10 and get to Sixam.

    And DeeWhy is a teen (how time flies).

    Like his Grandfather Steven – he fancied a hat for his party wear.
  • pnr8555pnr8555 Posts: 18 Member
    So this is my first post here on this thread. Still no images or fancy stuffs yet. If you haven't seen my self-introductory post on the off-topic forum yet, please read that one first before you'll understand me more in a couple of times. When I becomes full member, I will post it in a thread of its own. Sorry if it isn't suits the main interest of this thread.

    For your understanding, most of stuffs you'll see from me in this thread won't be sims during their usual daily lives, socialising or going out, but rather a story of a rotational player and game tournaments between sims. And as they are real-life celebs sims, I would stay neutral on dramas and international politics. If there are anything to correct with the celebs, such as their appearances or nationality, let me know.

    Time to get into this massive Simming life catch-up. To keep it brief, I won't go all the way since 2016, but rather just what happened in my game in the last few weeks...

    I usually do games tournaments in different levels in the game. Like world level (with households playing), and international level (with countries playing). So this may be the first Foosball World Cup from me on this forum, but the next one will be my tenth, the first one dates back to April 2017.

    The tenth edition of the Foosball World Cup (a better name will be given soon because someone else might already did it, even I used this name from the beginning) will be held in December this year, as a Christmas edition.

    16 countries will compete in this edition.

    The winners from last edition, Italy, and the last edition's runner-up, Australia, are automatically qualified for the tournament.

    The top teams from each of the regions from the last edition are placed in the priority pentagonal round-robin tournament. The teams are Norway (last 3rd place), South Africa (last 4th place), Japan (quarter-final), Colombia (quarter-final) and Canada (quarter-final). Two teams will go directly to the tournament, and the third placed teams goes to the repechage, to be held after all regions qualified their teams, and the bottom two teams will play in qualifiers with the rest of the teams.

    It was Japan who got four out of four wins off that one, with Canada coming in second with three wins. Colombia gets into the repechage.

    Final Standings
    Japan 4 wins, 28 match points difference (MPD), 12 points
    Canada 3 wins, 1 losses, 11 MPD, 9 points
    Colombia 1 win, 3 losses, -7 MPD, 3 points
    Norway 1 win, 3 losses, -11 MPD, 3 points
    South Africa 1 win, 3 losses, -21 MPD, 3 points

    I will introduce you to my savegame, teams, players (sims) and how my tournaments work later in this post.

    Shortly after that, the Asian qualifier started, which is a round-robin of 6 teams, top three teams qualifies directly and the fourth place goes to the repechage. China, Hong Kong, South Korea, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) and Thailand competed.

    The three teams that qualifies are Thailand, China and Chinese Taipei. South Korea went to the repechage.

    Asian Qualifying Final Standings
    (I haven't play the last one between China and Chinese Taipei yet because we all know who go though, but I will)
    Thailand 4 W, 1 L, 23 MPD, 12 pts
    China 3W, 1L, 10 MPD, 9 pts
    Chinese Taipei 2W, 1 draws, 1L, 34 MPD, 7 pts
    South Korea 2W, 1D, 2L, 0 MPD, 7 pts
    New Zealand 1W, 4L, -35 MPD, 3 pts
    Hong Kong 1W, 4L, -41 MPD, 3 pts

    Then comes the Americas+Africa qualifiers, where six teams competed and everything works the same as the previous one.

    Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, USA and Uruguay competed in this one. South Africa comes here as they couldn't qualify in the pentagon.

    After an evened out penultimate matches for all teams that led into last match dramas, Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay qualified with USA going into the repechage.

    Americas+Africa Qualifying Final Standings
    Mexico, 4W, 1L, 8 MPD, 12 points
    Brazil 3W, 2L, 15 MPD, 9 points
    Uruguay 3W, 2L, 5 MPD, 9 points
    USA 2W, 3L, 5 MPD, 6 pts
    Argentina 2W, 3L, -30 MPD, 6 pts
    South Africa 1W, 4L, -12 MPD, 3 pts

    I hope to update you on European qualifying, which will start soon.

    Eight teams will compete in this one, Norway, Ireland, France, England, Sweden, Russia, Ireland and Scotland. I have to divide them into two groups, then top two teams qualifies for the tournament and the third placed teams goes to play-offs for the repechage.

    Time to introduce you to my world.

    I used an empty world save with world renamed by someone on a modding site when I started this save back in 2018, so please don't stalk me with question "what is this world?".

    So the name of the worlds are:
    Willow Creek = Sterlington
    Oasis Springs = Cactus Valley
    Newcrest = Ashvern
    Magnolia Promenade = Foxbridge Village
    Windenburg = Kingswood
    Brindleton Bay = Driftwood Port

    San Myshuno and Del Sol Valley, since they are installed later, are not renamed.

    Most of the tournaments are in Kingswood, where a main tournament league called "Kingswood Challenges" are located. There are eight households, called teams, named after eight Southeast Asian capitals, which has no relation to the sims in the household whatsoever, with four men and women in each one, participating.

    Time to list the names here. They are all real-life celebs. If it's unacceptable on this forum to talk about sims based on real-life people then let me know.

    Bangkok (BKK): KSI, Perrie Edwards (from Little Mix), Troye Sivan, Lili Reinhart, Nichkhun (from 2PM), Seulgi (from Red Velvet), J-Hope (from BTS), Zoella
    Phnom Penh (PNP): Niall Horan, Lisa (from Blackpink), Martin Garrix, Ellie Goulding, CaptainSparklez, Hyolyn, J Balvin, Nayeon (of Twice)
    Singapore (SGP): Shawn Mendes, Hailee Steinfeld, RM (from BTS), Rosé (from Blackpink), Jacksepticeye, Jade Thirlwall (from Little Mix), Baekhyun (from EXO), Alissa Violet
    Jakarta (JKT): Luhan (from EXO), Bebe Rexha, Harry Styles, Miyawaki Sakura (from Izone), V (from BTS), Yuna (from Itzy) Ten (from NCT), SuperwomanII
    Kuala Lumpur (KUL): Cole Sprouse, Dua Lipa, Kuanlin (from Wanna One), Camila Cabello, W2S, Dove Cameron, Suga (from BTS), Jennie (from Blackpink)
    Manila (MNL): Kygo, Loren Gray, Jin (from BTS), Zara Larsson, Bambam (from Got7), Jisoo (from Blackpink), Caspar Lee, Iggy Azalea
    Hanoi (HAN): Logan Paul, Sorn (from CLC), Jungkook (from BTS), Sofia Carson, DanTDM, Tzuyu (from Twice), Madeon, Olivia Holt
    Naypyidaw (NPD): Zedd, Taeyeon (from SNSD), The Weeknd, Sana (from Twice), TheMasterBucks (Australian YouTuber), LaurDIY, Jimin (from BTS), Trisha Paytas

    Kingswood is for the real-life people. They are either created by me as a whole, revamped from a gallery sim, or used the gallery sim as it is. I'm more of a builder than CAS stylist.

    The other sims, either fictional gallery sims or auto-generated sims, are placed in other worlds. They are for walking by the lots and competing in national teams competitions.

    I won't give too much details or going through every single sim in my savegame, so I will highlight some of the sims from the rest of the world.

    Apart from the eight competing Kingswood households, the rest of the housing lots are for other real-life people waiting to rotate into the main households.

    In the Asian qualifying teams as well as Japan, K-pop idols are scattered across these teams. And to let you know that Rosé is not playing for Korea or New Zealand, but Australia, where grew up in, and actually managed to win the foosball world cup last Christmas (if I use the term Christmas, you should know that it's in real life calendar. If I'm talking about in game, I will call it Winterfest).

    Obviously, Canada are partly represented by Shawn Mendes, who won it twice back in 2017.

    I would like to end my first post here. If it's too long or you're annoyed of real-life people, then I will post it in a separate thread when I'm allowed to.
  • telemwilltelemwill Posts: 258 Member
    @telemwill Hi! You can put the link into this "code" [im g] INSERT YOU LINK HERE - without spaces [/i mg]

    or you can also put the link in the little picture piktogram above the box where you type your post. I mean where you make your text bold, italic, emoji.

    I use imgbb dot com and I just simply copy and paste the BB full code :) I hope I could help.

    Thank you! I finally got it to work, and though it was several pages ago, edited my post. I couldn't get Flickr to work for me, but imgbb is great!
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,026 Member
    The next morning, Luna told Celestia to explain the whole situation. She couldn’t be kept in the dark forever, not after what had recently happened. After all, the gang could be after the two sisters and their family.


    “I should have told you earlier. I just didn’t want you to be upset-” Celestia began.

    “I am worried, okay? Sometimes I had dreams where I lost you,” Luna interrupted.

    “At least I’ll come back as a ghost… if that happens for real. I want to keep you and your daughter safe.”

    “I understand. We grew up together, which is why we’re having this conversation.”


    Celestia pulled Luna into a hug. “I appreciate your concern, but I can handle this on my own. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

    “That’s why you’re the best sister I’ll ever ask for.” Luna smiled. “Okay, I’ll attend a self-defense class in thirty minutes. I’ll get ready.”

    “Just be safe.”

    Celestia walked to the master bedroom, where Finley was waiting. He was on one knee, holding up a ring. At a time such as this? She arched her brows and stepped closer.


    “Celestia, will you marry me?” Finley asked.

    “I don’t think this is the right time. It’s still too soon,” Celestia murmured.

    “You’re the only woman I’m attracted to.”

    “I know. Besides, I’ve got to work soon, and the proposal can wait.”


    “Oh, man…” Finley murmured.

    “If I broke your heart, I’m sorry. I still love you,” Celestia assured him.

    “It doesn’t lessen the rejection.”


    Celestia turned away. What was a woman to do? Her sister’s relationship seemed more simple. Was it because Discord and Luna knew each other for a longer period of time? Did it have to be like that in order to take the relationship to the next level?

    “I’ll change my clothes. You can go home,” Celestia whispered.

    “I won’t force you. We can wait,” Finley replied.


    Celestia went to work, still feeling guilty over the rejection. She wondered if she was too afraid to leave her comfort zone. She approached Daniella, who was just fixing the computer.

    “Is there any indication as to where the gang has gone?” Celestia asked.

    “I’m not sure,” Daniella said. “Maybe it’s the warehouse, but they’re rarely home.”

    “So they’re out and about most of the time?”

    “Could be that.”
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,544 Member
    @Becka28 I lost half of Bondi run and I can't find it...
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,544 Member
    Next morning, Caleb woke up quite tense about the situation...
    And his father (Angelo, btw) too...
    So they had breakfast like this:
    suspiciously starring at each other in silence. His mother had already forgot the whole question (she's cheerful and family oriented so it's not a surprise)
    Seeing his son taking the mail half naked in the middle of the snow like nothig didn't help Angelo, either...
    Caleb's still a good housewife btw...

    Later, Angelo asked his son some information about vampires and then told him that everything was alright...
    so, in no time, they were back arguing about something way more important for both of them: career!

    Then, before taking Caleb home, I invited both Lilith and Cass for new years eve since we don't have a tv in FH... and Caleb told Cass that he's finally a Sous Chef!
    Cass had the chance to socialize a bit more with his parents...
    and Lilith kept trying to eat all the cake Caleb had baked...
    slices number 3 and 4
    All this half eated cake is her doing...
    I don't understand why humans are obsessed with plasma janes and vampires with cakes...
  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 361 Member
    edited August 2019
    I am sure that there must be someone somewhere who is completely sane, but I haven´t come across them yet :D
    Your J sounds reallly interesting. I came across mine yesterday, he was... shiny :D
    Three cakes should´ve been enough to feed everyone,, but some people must´ve taken more than one slice, because there were no leftovers.
    Arianne always carries her violin with her. Aedion had been practicing before the wedding started and brought the guitar along, he randomly decided to flip it out at one point.
    Several of Alexandre´s and Antoniette´s grandchildren are older than their younger children.
    You click on fireplace - upgrade - fireproof.
    I can´t give my head, but I think gardening is not connected to flower arrangement skill. But you need to be good at gardening to graft death flower, if you don´t get it by other means, for example, from the wishing well. Antoniette´s had tons of death flowers in her inventory since Andrey´s bad experience with death, so she didn´t need to spend time on that.
    Amara and Anastassia were both enemies with their mother, sims like to celebrate outliving their enemies. They got sad afterwards, though, after the exitement wore off.
    I don´t have any plans for Alexey. If he wants to find someone, he must do it on his own.

    News from Willow Creek:
    Nina ended her relationship with Darren, because there are so many interesting people around and it had been wrong to settle for him while still so young. Besides, she had seen the way he and Lucas looked at each other and gave Darren her blessing to pursue him. She is struggling with keeping her club together, because the members keep pairing off and leaving.
    I sent Nicolas to live with his uncle Alexey, because both he and his father Antony are goofballs and I fear that their love for making jokes at each other is going to prompt another visit from Grim.
    Nala aged into a child, dyKFQ1m.png
    while their youngest sister Madeline aged into a toddler 78dautQ.png

    Orange started his quest to become a real boy. He met a nice girl called Nalani and made a spontaneous descision to move to Sulani, with barely enough money in his pockets to buy a tent.
    The first night was horrible. It took Orange hours to catch a single fish and the rain kept extinguishing the fire, which meant that he couldn´t grill anything. He managed to find some pineapples, though, which saved him from starving too badly.
    The weather was slightly better next day. As Orange still had no luck when it came to fishing, he had to make do with a hot dog. wUIHmV7.png
    Afterwards, he went exploring and found a sapphire dd1pFYr.png

    Fiametta came to visit PJVu4Vb.png
    She thought that it was insane of him to be living at beach with no shelter and just bare necessities, he didn´t even have a shower! Winter was not far, he was going to freeze to death.
    Fiametta made Orange promise that if he won´t be able to save enough money to afford a shelter, he would return to Del Sol Valley and spend the winter with her and Cesare. There was no need to let his stubbornness kill him.
    They spent the night together kZDp5N4.png
    Orange is still very much in love with Fiametta, he kept getting whims to both ask her to be his girlfriend and get engaged to her the whole time they were together. I actually felt bad about not giving him what he desires, but their traits and aspirations make them a bad match. Fiametta wants to be famous, Orange exiled himself to Sulani to escape the fame he never wanted; Orange hates children, Fiametta is both childish and adores her younger siblings, and so on.

    Orange worked some odd jobs and was now able to buy a shower and replace the bush with a toilet. I don´t know if it is Sulani or his loss of a celebrity status, but he hardly ever gets tense anymore. I am starting to really like him.
    Making friends NBLeEEJ.png
    He had some extra cash, so I let him buy a guitar to entertain himself K79qbDu.png
    Nalani stopped by one night when Orange was sleeping to drink milk 2A0DpsH.png

    Cesare invited Orange to the spice festival. Nice, free food! 65wyNQ8.png (Cesare got sick, because he is allergic to human food but too dumb to not eat it)
    No idea what got Antoniette so happy XFAeBhE.png
    Could be the horror Victor Feng was wearing. There are many, many things wrong with this outfit VAJvIIG.png
    @AlwaysAsking , here´s my J ue5Ebfi.png

    Orange started working two part-time jobs, lifeguard and diver.
    He got a nice tan 4zsgcJX.png
    and caught a nice fish qgncy6z.png
    He went to explore the cave, hoping to find a treasure, but all he came across were some strange fruits that weren´t even good enough to sell. As he was very hungry, he ate one, thinking that the worst that could happen is that he gets sick. He got something else instead 4MtdHXk.png

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