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Is the Realm of Magic Protagonist Male/Female/Other?


  • Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,952 Member
    Judging by your comments, this sim will probably be Caleb Vatore all over again in terms of how many fangirls he has. Personally, I never got the hype for either one though.
  • OEII1001OEII1001 Posts: 3,652 Member
    Seems non-binary and/or genderfluid to me. That's a good thing.
  • KaeChan2089KaeChan2089 Posts: 4,944 Member
    why...does this have a thread? LOL
  • mikamika Posts: 1,719 Member
    Looked like a boyish man to me. Anyways, he was unattractive to me. The two female spellcasters are the ones I want in my game.
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 7,483 Member
    Gordy wrote: »
    I thought female at first. But seeing them in action, and looking at the game cover, I'm getting Newt Scamander vibes.

    This :D
  • IcewolfIcewolf Posts: 674 Member
    Most definitely a male to me. He got a male body and his voice was deep as well.
  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,950 Member
    I think that sim is male. Regardless of gender they're gorgeous.
    I'm thinking genderfluid, personally. Also I have a seriously huge crush on the Sim. They are mine. You can't have them. Sorry.

    What no they're obviously mine!
    Proud black simmer 🖤

  • poltergeistpoltergeist Posts: 1,411 Member
    looks male to me. i don't think he was meant to be a sim that is outside the gender binary or anything, but they did add a trans sim in island living so who knows.
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  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,580 Member
    Man, I don't see any boobs. Anyway, he or she reminds me of Newt Scamander.
  • suzyl3suzyl3 Posts: 513 Member
    Honestly idk but my guess is male. We'll know for sure when they upload these sims!
  • VamprisVampris Posts: 1,127 Member
    Honestly he looks very much male to me. Like I don't see the androgynous look others see, perhaps some are used to male premades not having eyeliner or a fattish face? The only other premade in the game with those is Caleb Vatore, the rest have a killer jawline and zero makeup.

    And I'm guessing like Caleb they're going to be a heartthrob after seeing the other answers
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 4,623 Member
    My Sims adore Caleb, so this man/woman/both/neither/other will probably be very popular too. :)
    Ooh Be Gah!! Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! :smiley:
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 5,612 Member
    Probably a teenage boy.
  • PegasysPegasys Posts: 1,135 Member
    Androgynous male. Flat chest, male voice. Interesting looking sim.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,760 Member
    I'm feeling that if the Sim was female the dark haired Sim in the trailer wouldn't be acting like he does as he looks a definite alpha male type. :D
  • SeashoreLiviaSeashoreLivia Posts: 801 Member
    At first when I saw a teaser picture on twitter I thought the sim was female, but then the trailer changed my mind.
  • CAITLINX354CAITLINX354 Posts: 157 Member
    I thought NB because maybe the pre-pack patch will release gender neutral pronouns in CAS? either way they better be a single townie cuz I got some sims that would like ;)
  • WaitWhatYTWaitWhatYT Posts: 512 Member
    edited August 2019
    The ROM protagonist is... pretty.

    I never thought they were anything other than just a pretty guy (which I love making so I'm probably used to the aesthetic, lol). I'd welcome NB, genderfluid or something similar with opens arms tho
  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,623 Member
    edited August 2019
    He doesn't look female at all imo
  • SAEldarinSAEldarin Posts: 409 Member
    edited August 2019
    I chose "other" because I saw him as male the first time. It wasn't until I saw the question raised in some other post that I thought, "hmmm." My first thought at that time was, "really? This question matters? We are getting The Sims meet Harry Potter and this is a question we need to ponder?" BUT, I admit, once the question was raised, I had to go back and take a second look. That second time I watched the trailer, I could definitely see female. It is what it is.
  • LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 3,379 Member
    edited August 2019
    Definitely male given the voice and the outfit is also worn on a male sim. Usually male outfits on female look pretty wonky. Also worn on Simguruninja's sim now in a header. :p He just just a pretty, young face male sim to me.

    His hands are also thicker than the females as well walking next to him. Theres just no doubt.
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  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 91,388 Member
  • HowGreatThouArtHowGreatThouArt Posts: 1,640 Member
    Adorable guy, like a puppy in human form.
  • NotSoLuckyNotSoLucky Posts: 4,680 Member
    I think the sim was male... not much else for me to say lol
  • IceyJIceyJ Posts: 4,575 Member
    The voice gave me the impression that she was female. Now you have me re-thinking my assessment.
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