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When the game starts working against you.

Ok, so I don't know if it's just by accident, but I've had this happen in my Sims 2 game too. Basically, I usually play one family for years, (like literal, human years). They're my fav sims to play. I somtimes move town to start over, etc, but basically it's the same people, just new saves here and there (to keep early backups/different timelines etc, like one where they have kids and one where they don't etc)

But, lately, it feels like my game is pushing it's own agenda. I have story progression on.

For example, my sim guy is a performer and was doing the sing-a-grams. He caught fire. I had no means to put it out where he was, so if I did not just exit the game, he would have died. Nobody came to his resque (he was with tons of people!), there was no shower etc and he was at someone elses house far away.

I go into the game where I last saved. He got a new request to make a sing-a-gram. He caught fire again! This time at a public lot where I had a usable shower.

So a few days later, my sim couple. They are happily married, have been for ages. No jealousy what so ever, they have never ever flirted with anyone.

They go to a friends house. Mutual friend with both.

The friend is family oriented and did the "brighten your day" thing to my sim woman. She responded as if he flirted. The sim guy got furious. I'm looking at what happened like.. what??? There was no indication. Just "Have day brightened", she starts thirsting suddenly, like being all gooey with the friend. She is not a flirt at all, btw.

So I exited the game, went to the last save.
I have a lot of sim points of course, so I got them both the "no jealousy" thing.

No more happenings latetly. All is well. I had them chat a lot one night, deep convos, all that good stuff.
Next day, sim guy is at a vendor doing a live show. Sim wife is there cheering. They go home.

She has the option to "apologize" and "kiss and make up".. FOR WHAT?? Firstly, I've NEVER seen that option before and I've played this game for years. Secondly, for what? There's no indication. She's got some dogs and teenagers as friends, and that mutual friend of theirs.

I swear this game is like, "that's enough" and starts messing with you.

I had the same on Sims 2 when I had played a game for "too long". It kept trying to kill my sims, they would resond out of order, etc, as if pushing me to do something new.

Has this happened to you?

Are there any good ways to really solidify the marriage even more? (I don't have Generations, it's the only pack I'm missing except for some lame stuff packs)


  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,317 Member
    edited August 2019
    I mentioned this just recently in a different context, but the romance system tends to be a bit flaky in my experience. One of my guys got dings for a lot of harmless interactions, like giving the butler a friendly(!) hug - this several times - until he ended up with a "cheater" reputation, while the wife started a romance with another guy in the family and kept her "eternally faithful" moodlet. I used "no jealousy" and "stone-hearted" on the couple and went on and killed most relationship-related reputation dings with NRAAS Story Progression. Regarding those conversation options, I just ignore them.

    By the way, in my case, the scrapbook listed some old "romance" from sometime before the guy met his wife as "longest running romance" with 337 days. That was one kiss, and the family had moved out of town, but the game somehow still remembered. It's also not fixable, as the "romance" partner doesn't exist in the game anymore - except as "longest running romance".
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,456 Member
    edited August 2019
    The one where she watched the show is a bug.It is highly recommended not to have family watch their performances otherwise their relationship suffers.Its been around for ever and I’m not sure if there is a fix.i use a mod to disable the attraction system cause it was annoying
  • shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 504 Member
    The one where she watched the show is a bug.It is highly recommended not to have family watch their performances otherwise their relationship suffers.Its been around for ever and I’m not sure if there is a fix.i use a mod to disable the attraction system cause it was annoying

    Ohh!! I see. Maybe because she threw some flowers, it was like, "oh you gave flowers to an artist" but the game fails to see the artist as the husband himself. I mean, it makes sense even though it's flawed.
  • IreneSwiftIreneSwift Posts: 5,945 Member
    What happens at the ST performances is that the audience will make requests. If you don't watch the requests, figure out what it is they want your performer to do, then do it within a set time period, everyone in the audience, including spouse and family members, will get a negative relationship hit. I've had ST performers with 100% relationship with the spouse have the spouse refuse to allow the performer to kiss them after the performance because the spouse is mad at the performer because he/she didn't do what the audience requested. I've dealt with that one with NRaas Retuner, by setting the time limit for requests to longer than the performance itself. So nobody gets angry with my performers anymore.

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,456 Member
    Thanks for the tip about retuner. Didn't know you could do that.Def will give that a go.
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