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What do you think it's the funniest thing in Sims2 that was removed in Sims 3 and 4?

Dida_QuickswitchDida_Quickswitch Posts: 269 Member
TS2 have lots of little tweaks, like toddlers sleeping in pet beds. washing babies in the sink, kids and teenagers getting embarrassed if they walk in on mum and dad while they are making out etc. What is your favorite one?

Mine I discovered by accident, I was very poor, but I had caught some fish and wanted to make it in to a dinner, so I bought a grill instead of an oven as it was cheaper. I placed it in the kitchen, and it took me forever to realize that you will ALWAYS start a fire if you try to use a grill inside. The fun think though, was that I had a toddler. And there was no chance of getting the mother to try and put the fire out. She went straight to the next room, picked up the toddler and ran outside. A bit annoying as I think she could have put out a bunch of these fires, if she had just tried. But it's kinda cool, she didn't freak out or anything, just went straight in to get the toddler and refused to do anything else until he was safe.


  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 3,703 Member
    Chance cards with serious consequences. You never know what is going to happen to your sims at work.

    Not sure if it made it into 3 or 4 but the maid taking stuff when you don’t have enough to pay them.

    I will never forget when Don Lothario lost all of his money at work because of a chance card and the maid happened to be at his house cleaning and was very upset to find he could not pay her and stole something on the way out. LOL
  • Demery27Demery27 Posts: 182 Member
    Checking Sims out
    Goosing each other
    Sims actually being furious with others
    Sims greeting you on community lots
  • ddd994ddd994 Posts: 258 Member
    I dunno if these are the funniest lol..

    The little videos that would play during different events, mostly woohoos lol but also birthdays, weddings, alien abductions, going to uni etc.. They were fun lol

    The social bunny and whole nervous breakdown scenario, you could really let your sims mental health go (perhaps a tad controversial these days)! You would end up befriending a paper cup and cradling a bag of flour thinking it’s a baby, then a shrink would turn up lol. I can’t remember if the social bunny is related but he was funny too.
    Sims 2 had a good aspiration system with fears as well as wants.

    Plus the whole lore that came with the game. You can tell someone put a lot of love into creating the townies and Premade sims. Like the Romeo and Juliet-ness of Veroniville, lots of fun and diverse characters with all sorts of storylines playing out, not just boring sims with vanilla lives lol Strangetown was my favourite, Olive Spectre the serial killer trying to get with Grim, the couple that took olives baby and now experiment on him in their basement! The scientists impregnated with aliens (ok alien abductions are still a thing), the mystery of Bella Goth? Like it’s still fresh and outside the box today, let alone 10/20 years ago. Sims 4 could never lol
  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,341 Member
    Definitely all the old NPCs like the Unsavoury Charlatan, the Social Bunny, Mrs. Crumplebottom etc... They added so much life and unpredictability to the game!
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,864 Member
    Failure states. Those times when your Sim is going to have to persevere to survive and move on and want to go to work again, love again, get married again, have children again, eat again, have fun again. Without failure states there really is no point in playing all happy all the time. How can you have success without failure, light without darkness, ,,milestones met and adapt and overcome? The games are boring if it's all happy and the Sim never experienced the hardship of life and what it means to gamble in life and take a leap of faith.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • AleksandraAleksiaAleksandraAleksia Posts: 20 Member
    Neighborhood stories, and adult family bios.

    Firstly - Neighborhood stories were the absolute best things ever, because you could build your town from the ground up and add all the details in those stories about your townies. It made the game much more customizable, and more story friendly that just 'here, play this.' It added much more depth and life to the game.

    Secondly - The Sims 2 was much more mature and realistic than 3 and 4. The old lady in Strangetown who had a graveyard full of her old husbands, all of them being rich and dying mysteriously after just marrying her... The couple who basically stole the son of that old woman and was using him as a living science experiment in their basement... The dad of the Pleasant family in Pleasantview cheating on his career driven wife with the maid because his wife wasn't giving him any love?
    I absolutely loved these premade bios, because they added realism to the game that we just don't have anymore. When Sims 3 came about, the game got a whole lot more kid friendly, and less people friendly as a whole. I was a child when I played Sims 2, and wasn't traumatized by the bios at all. They made me appreciate the mature story telling, and it was honestly fun to play around with those mature themes to make fun stories. Sims 3 and 4 make it seem like children are just stupid and need to be sheltered from the real world, so they leave out mature details. or they force you to pay money for it, in the master suite stuff pack.
  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,380 Member
    Everyone pretty much already mentioned the things that came to mind for me first.
    I also liked the little things they did like opening cabinet doors and pulling out the stuff they used. Stepping over lights in the yard. Looking at the camera and making faces or shrugging at you when you told them to do something they didn't really want to do. When you told them to pose for pictures, their eyes would follow your camera movements (creepy and funny at the same time). They cuddled and spooned in their sleep. I even miss some of their idle actions- tapping their feet, rocking on their heels and clapping their hands together, making faces and raising their eyebrows, doing hand motions that reflected their strong interests.
  • Rhiannon58Rhiannon58 Posts: 737 Member
    I haven't played TS2 for a while and pulled it up yesterday on my laptop to see if it would run. It does so-so. Anyway, I only play TS3 as well and I don't remember the funny expression when someone proposes and the proposee is going to decline. They make the funniest face. It's like "you CAN'T be serious..."
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 1,528 Member
    edited September 2019
    The cinematic camera mode was so awkward for me. When I was younger I didn't know how to turn it off and the scene for whohoo always embarrassed me. I also couldn't woohoo if my family was in the living room since the scene was so dramatic.

    I love how some mean neighbors will steal newspapers and run. I also made a drone in OFB that attacks them. It also zapped my nanny and tried to attack my toddler, lol.

    The creepiest things were when the Sim would look at you and react to what you tell them to do lol
    Ms Crumplebottom was awesome, too
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  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 3,138 Member
    edited September 2019
    Dates with Fortune sims: Normal sims follow a talk-flirt-kiss-make out-woohoo series of wants. For my Fortune sims it is always talk-flirt-kiss-make out-buy painting worth 4500 simoleons instead.

    Recently a sim finally had 10 kids, his wants rolled anew and I saw a twenty appear. Do you seriously want ten more? I thought, but then I read the description: Have 20 grandchildren. Like, "I've done my work, it's your turn now".

    And one funny thing was mod related: I had placed a door that changed all sims passing through into swimwear at the local public pool. One day the charlatan spawned on the lot and went towards a victim... passing that door. Cue to the charlatan in pink bathing trunks intimidating an equally bathing trunk wearing guy into giving him money.
    (Edit: Admittedly that was not really removed, we still have kleptos, but they do not have Charlatan's charm).
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