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Making a mall. Dos and Donts

shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 470 Member
Hi folks.
I wanted to make a big mall for my sims.
But I can't think of what I can place inside to make it both look and feel like a mall without just being total chaos.

I will make some stores just "fake" stores, either look like forever closed, or just like, you to to browse but nothing more.
I think I will have one or two of those food court things from Seasons inside.
And maybe one of those consignment cashiers.

My main Q's are
1. If I put down a rabbithole-rug for the movie theatre, will this jumble up some of the other things on the lot (being a rabbit hole), or will it work like normal / have no effect on like, a cashier etc.

2. If I put down a performance stage, where they can have performers etc, will this affect anything else? Like, make the lot a venue so some things will not work?


  • KatyFernlilyKatyFernlily Posts: 366 Member
    Here is a very large shopping mall. The author doesn't say if it was tested or not but I see all the cash registers have sims behind them. Maybe this will help with your planning? If's nice to look at ; )
  • shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 470 Member
    I didn't dare try the cinema rabbit hole rug yet, but I put in a cashier register for General items, except it was empty? But perhaps it takes a few days to roll? I've usually never had issues with the registers, but I've mostly given them a few days before I've tried them I believe.

    I'm also uncertain what it the best lot category. I've pinned this as "market" so far.
  • ThetfordThetford Posts: 290 Member
    The General Items one only works in WA worlds, if I recall. The others should be fine.

    Also, I tend to build department stores with the function of salons, that way, sims will come in and you can change their outfits as if they were clothes shopping. Though I'm not sure if Ambitions lot assignments conflict with registers which I've read about before, but I think, if I recall, the consignment (and alchemist one) tend to get a bit fussy if other registers are on the lot.
  • shakeninsaneshakeninsane Posts: 470 Member
    Thanks for the heads up!
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