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New Sims in the gallery and why this whole story thing is half baked.



  • JoAnne65JoAnne65 Posts: 22,929 Member
    Cinebar wrote: »
    lisamwitt wrote: »
    So you don't have an imagination and flesh out the story how you want?

    I think you are misunderstanding what it is people are complaining about. In Sims 2, the townies had stories that were written for them. They also had memories, skills, jobs, and relationships that matched the stories. The stories weren't as extensive with townies in Sims 3, but what stories there were, again had skills, jobs, and relationships that went with the stories.
    What people are complaining about here is that Sims in the gallery have been given stories, but there's nothing backing them up. As an example, Maxis made and offered Olive Specter and her niece Ophelia in the gallery, along with the original story from Sims 2. But, when you download them, they aren't even related. There's no skills, no job, no background of any kind. And her original story was a fun one! It's like giving someone a box of Lucky Charms, and when they open it, there's nothing inside but air.

    We all have to have some imagination to even have fun playing Sims. And I'm sure most of us are capable of coming up with and playing out our own stories for our sims. I always play my own Sims, and just interact with and marry townies.
    But, if EA is going to put Sims out there for us and claim they already have a story, then they should back it up with substance. Or they shouldn't bother and leave it completely up to us.
    I think the CAS story feature was an attempt to address this complaint, in a roundabout way.

    Well said.
    Let me rephrase that I mean you don't have an imagination not to use CAS to tell a story? I must not get it because I don't play the premade sims in the game I only use them to marry my sims.
    When you suggest a sim (or sims) comes with a story, you deliver that sim with not only the story, like some random sticker you could slap on any sim, but also with the skills and relationship(s) to back it up. It just shows total lack of commitment if they haven’t.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,860 Member
    edited August 2019
    Cinebar wrote: »
    PreCiious wrote: »
    I’m sorry but does that mean you need a game to tell you how to play when you use that function? The story you tell still is yours and I think it’s a cool idea if you don’t want to think up backstories for your sims.

    Writin_Reg wrote: »
    I’m sorry but does that mean you need a game to tell you how to play when you use that function? The story you tell still is yours and I think it’s a cool idea if you don’t want to think up backstories for your sims.

    Actually my own preference is for Sims not in my rotation. I handle the stories for all the Sims in my rotation - but that is a good idea to add a few more Sims I don't plan making a story for. I like to have a lot of Sims in my games but not all of them do I care about playing regularly in my rotation.

    I wasn’t singling you out @Writin_Reg because you said you liked it. I said mostly for the people who think it’s half baked. I mean I’m still playing the family I made for Strangerville. 😂


    What function are you talking about? CAS Story, at least it randomizes a skill and a job, which maxis doesnt even do.
    I am talking about the gallery Sims from Maxis. Its written that for example Marco Russo is a painter but he has no painting skills, while the sims from the Base cover have actually skills and jobs. Its not even half baked, i think its lazy. We are talking about a professional studio here, geez.

    This is exactly why some feel this is half baked. Their stories aren't even real, as you point out they don't even come with the skills they should have to be a painter or something else, and the rest like IronMan contest is imagination etc. We do this all day long in CAS, why would we cheer Maxis for doing it when they have the means, the tools and the codes to make it all true. lol It amazes me how much this game is left to pretend rather than depth.
    So you don't have an imagination and flesh out the story how you want?

    I think others have explained it pretty much. But since you quoted me, I will break it down.

    These are special Sims created for the rebrand. I don't recall if other Maxis Sims they put up for download on the gallery came with any skills or jobs all ready in place etc. because I never bother to download Maxis Sims. However, these are special Sims. Maxis has advertised CAS has a new feature. Stories! Not just a Bio for a Sim. It's a main feature of the rebrand.

    The descriptions of these new Sims tell their profession, their relationships, their skill sets, and what they want or are preparing to do or are doing in their lives. However, this is just a bio, and not a major update feature to CAS as players thought it would be since Maxis went out of their way to say it's a major new feature in CAS. But it's just set dressing (like we always do in CAS) because the couple isn't even in a relationhship, one isn't even in a 'contest' because no such contest exist, one doesn't even have the skill set to be painter, you would have to build those skills, and one doesn't even a job they say it has.

    Players expected when they downloaded these Sims they would be in a relationship, more than just an aquaintenace or known Sim, and or have the job, and or the skills they were promised. It doesn't actually work and or it's just set dressing as usual. So, again, Maxis announces something that doesn't even do what they said it would do, and that was to offer substance rather than set dressing. The whole point was they would already have relationship points to be in a full relationship, and or already built up skills to be a painter and be in a painter's career, none of that is actually possible and or will happen when you install them. They actually have less than the skills etc. players put up for others to download and plop into an existing household. Even less. Like ziltch.

    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • surlybadgersurlybadger Posts: 111 Member
    @pepperjax1230 Now, this might just be me here, but you just claiming people have no imagination in varying different sentences when people try to fully explain their complaint is trolling at best, and downright rude at worst.

    That out of my system.

    I do like the new story CAS, and hope it's something they develop further either in sims4 or in 5 when that finally becomes a thing. And like someone mentioned I hope they give us more starting CAS relationships like cousins and such, for added depth and gameplay, because like someone also pointed out; it's not cool when "cousins" are flirting,

    I have to agree that while this addition is a great step and I do love using it, EA uploading sims with these backstories and nothing to show for it, feels lazy and a missed opportunity to really showcase this update.
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