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Feeling Positive for TS4's Future



  • DragonCat159DragonCat159 Posts: 1,841 Member
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    Simburian wrote: »
    the1akb wrote: »
    Simburian wrote: »
    If Sims 4 comes to an end before most of us want it to can we all thank you? ;)

    Fixed that for you - and sure, why not :wink:

    In all seriousness though, whilst I fully believe that we should put our foot down and vote with our wallets, I know for a fact that virtually nobody would actually do that, sadly. Be assured, The Sims 4 will be around for several more years yet.

    I think you are overestimating your powers. Nice try though :)B)

    Lol, you think EA or any corporation would stop production of a game because people ask them too? Honestly, it doesn't really make sense when it's EA we're talking about, greedy driven giant. They do sacrifise monetary when it requires effort (TS4), but shutting it down isn't one of them.
  • CynnaCynna Posts: 2,135 Member
    Sk8rblaze wrote: »
    Simburian wrote: »

    The majority being object modelers and art designers.

    Because that’s totally what The Sims 4 needs right now. /s Looks like they’re just doubling down on trying to sell more DLC for this buggy game.

    At least the one thing that I was looking for is there. They're going to hire more animators. At last!

    I hope that this next batch doesn't mind animating Sims who can actually do things together.
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,650 Member
    I like the game. Sure I get bored sometimes but then again I am used to MMO's where there are other people to play with. The reason my boyfriend got me this was because it would give me something to play when he couldn't play with me on SWTOR. I never played the others so for me it is a good game. All I hear is how this game doesn't have this like (fill in the blanks) but it is like everyone thinks every person playing this game has played the other ones, which is not true.

    I don't know why you would think TS4 would fill the bill for an MMO player such as you. Shouldn't you be playing other multiplayer games instead when your boyfriend can't play? SWTOR isn't the only one around.

    Maybe EA is trying to introduce the idea of MMOs in The Sims series either for this iteration or the next, but they need to accept that the genre just doesn't draw that type of person. Most simmers HATE the idea of having their sim game become an MMO.

    Maybe you just assume what type of player I am which is a wrong assumption to make. Sure I like MMO but if I can also like other types of games, whether you can accept that or not is another story. I have played other another MMO but that one was SWG and it closed. I enjoy building and decorating but I guess for you that is wrong because you have already determined what type of person I am. Thankfully EA (whom is also part of SWTOR) doesn't seem to mind that I play both.

    I seriously doubt they are pushing MMO on Sims as this is probably not the type for MMO, though it would be nice to play with someone, it just wouldn't work. Oh I am very aware of how some simmers hate it becoming an MMO but I am also aware of how some players like you seem to jump down MMO's players throats when you hear that they played an MMO just like you did mine. So maybe you might want to stop jumping to conclusions about MMO players as MMO have varied interest but I guess that is hard for you to accept since you seem to be hating on MMO players.

    I don't hate MMO players, I do play multiplayer/co-op mode for shooter games like the Borderlands series and Payday 2, but this is not the forum to talk about that. This is why I don't talk about them in my posts.

    I get the impression that you're pushing the idea of adding a multiplayer mode (oh HECK no!) because you mention MMO's while talking about TS4 quite often in your posts, which is rather strange. You'll say something like "I'm so used to playing games with other people...." and then talk about TS4 as if it should have that ability (PLEASE no, EA - it will fail just like Sims Online, and SimCity!).

    A lot of other people here love other genres of games, but they don't talk about them often and not in the same breath as the Sims as if to associate them together. I've seen people post their favorite RPGs in their signature sections to promote that game, but not actually give the idea of adding an RPG mode to the Sims. And their actual posts have relevant content pertaining to The Sims alone, not to some other game or game genre. I myself, love first-person and third person shooters, but I rarely ever mention it here except in my own profile page, and that is only if I'm playing one currently and when I do it's only to talk about whether I like the game or not. So really, you're the only one who does that and why it looks like you're pushing the idea of making The Sims some sort of MMO.

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  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,650 Member
    Not surprised to see such a gloriously slanted article coming from that website.

    On the positions, they would be exciting if Maxis didn’t already have the capacity to produce plenty of objects/animations. Where are the engineers? Are those contract workers now? Is that why we are seeing literally next to nothing new and just rehashed systems from previous DLC?! It’s ludicrous to say this will change anything at all about Sims 4 or fix it’s problems.

    Good insights! I also think that TS4 only has two years left of content at the most - university, magic, and farming. I don't believe the devs when they say they have years and years of content planned for it. The game engine won't be able to handle much more and they know this. They just want people to keep buying it until TS5 is finished.

    I'm putting my hope on TS5 (and Paralives, and other sim games that will compete). I've saved a good amount of money just for those games, ready to throw them at any game company that makes a great one like previous The Sims games!

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