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CatsRuleCatsRule Posts: 355 Member
First off I just need to say - I have no idea where to put this. Please don't yell at me for not putting this in the right place. I know it's not the right place but I'm not sure there is a right place.

I'm having a problem with the gallery where I am unable to see all the sims/lots/rooms/etc that people have uploaded. See an example here (read description).
I went to answers hq to post my problem but when I hit submit, it just wouldn't upload. I tried removing the video attachment, thinking it was too big to submit. But when I did that for some reason all the information that I had just vanished.

Please help me. I just want to be able to see and download all the creations on the gallery.

EDIT: I tried to submit a bug report on answers hq and it worked this time. Not sure what went wrong last time.
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  • GageaGagea Posts: 600 Member
    Have you got a full adult account?
  • CatsRuleCatsRule Posts: 355 Member
    I would think so. I looked it up and I can do all the things you can do with an adult account.
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