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My Legacy Family (Gen 9)

MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,266 Member
I've blogged about various challenges before but I have never shared my 'pride and joy': my legacy family. Well, I call it my legacy family but I'm not treating it like a proper legacy challenge with all the strict rules and point counting although I don't use cheats if I can help it.

I've been playing this save for over a year and it is by far my favourite game. So, I decided to finally get around to posting about it.

This is my 'just for fun' save so I will only do one blog post per generation. I have been writing a little summary of each generation as I go, each of which I have converted into a single blog post.

Just as a heads up: There won't be much writing or many pictures in each post but there will be enough to give the gist of what is going on. Also, some of my pictures are from the time when I didn't realise you could use the Sims camera in CAS so they are literal screenshots. Where possible, I have replaced those poor screenshots with proper ones but a few still remain.

For the family tree, see:
My Legacy Family Tree

Now for the posts (my 11th gen heir has just been born but the posts so far will only go up to the 9th generation. I will post the 10th generation update once the 10th generation is over, which will be when my 11th gen heir is a young adult):

Generation 1 Founder: Scarlett Black
Generation 2 Spare: Zebedee Black
Generation 2 Heir: Lettie Black
Generation 3 Heir: Edward Vatore
Generation 4 Spare: Renesme Vatore
Generation 4 Heir: Loki Vatore
Generation 5 Spare: Celeste Vatore
Generation 5 Heir: Mathilde Vatore
Interlude: Mayor Whiskers
Generation 6 Heir: Alek Vatore
Generation 7 Heir: Natasha Straud
Generation 8 Heir: Damien Black
Generation 9 Heir: Ariela Black
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  • BandakBandak Posts: 62 Member
    I truly enjoyed reading this! An exciting family, and I appreciate that you are doing a kind of legacy but without keeping score. After all, we play for fun, don't we? I look forward to the last chapter. (Might there be more than one...?)
  • sueplayssimssueplayssims Posts: 125 Member
    I've just followed your blog so I can catch up on your story! Look forward to seeing what you've done with your Sims. I love playing through generations and seeing genetics change, relationships develop etc
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,266 Member
    Thank you @Bandak that’s very kind of you. There will definitely be more than one more chapter. I haven’t written a chapter for my gen 10 heir yet (but I will do once gen 10 is over - which will be when my gen 11 heir becomes a YA). I’ll have to do a chapter for my gen 11 heir (who is currently a toddler) too. And I suspect there will be more generations after that since I can’t see myself ever completely abandoning this save unless or until it gets corrupted.

    @sueplayssims thank you very much! I think watching the genetics change is what I love most about playing generationally. It’s also weird how long some features stick for. For example, Vlad’s eyes have been around for ages - my gen 11 heir even has them, and Vlad is his great great great great grandfather.
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