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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    @AbellaKellaher , the wagons look stunning! Did you make them using the ConstrainFloorElevation cheat? I never even attempted to understand that one!
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    @AbellaKellaher What an awesome camp, reminds me a bit of the stalls in Sims 1 Makin Magic, just a bit more colourful.
  • AbellaKellaherAbellaKellaher Posts: 842 Member
    @DeafSimmer Hopefully Nebula's rebellious antics will give her some valuable life lessons before she ends up on the wrong side of the law! :# Beautiful night shots in the canoe!

    @GraceyManor you could always try saving the night clubs you like and then adding them to the new town one at a time. When you're sure one is safe then you can add the next? I don't know, I'm always adding the pre-made clubs and then revamping them :lol: That stinks about your Darren and your save :( How frustrating when you've invested time and energy into a play when something is borked like that :/

    @stephenhamburg I love that you took your ss back to toddlerhood! I've been considering loading my SS into a game and turning her into a super hero :lol: I mean, why not, right? hehe

    @CravenLestat can you design my real self next life around? :lol: You make some seriously incredibly beautiful sims <3

    @PalmArrow AHHHH! RUN! It's invasion of the mascots! :lol: Got a cow plant handy? :lol:

    @Mikezumi Keanu has certainly grown into a gorgeous young man! lmao at him dancing! Mikezumi looks adorable behind the wheel, with the proper lean forward for you considering your rl height!! :lol: love it! Also, who brings a toddler to a tavern and then let's them crawl on the floor?!? :no_mouth: 🤢🤮

    @king_of_simcity7 Poor Simon :( I hope either Humara gives him a chance or he finds himself interested in someone else. Unrequited love stinks lol

    @Silverofdreams30 have a great vacation!

    @jonny522 Yay! Good riddens to the pirate organization. What a fun time they looked like they had on the camp out! I didn't know sims could take baths together! Or is that a mod you're running? I also love the shot of Lindsay snoozing on the beach towel while he's grilling! What a slice of Americana right there in that screenie <3!

    More comments later!
  • AbellaKellaherAbellaKellaher Posts: 842 Member
    edited July 2019
    @jonny522 Believe it or not MM is the only Sims expansion I never owned :( I missed so much! But thank you! :)

    @PalmArrow yeppers :) A lot of it was trial and error with a little frustration thrown in for the mix. @soocoolsim answered a call for help I posted on the builders forum, and voila! It's actually pretty simple once I got the hang of it. I must have remade the twins trailer 10 times before the advice but only once after and from that point on the rest were easy as pie. And thank you so much for the compliment! :)
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,870 Member
    @AbellaKellaher Nebula may learn from her mistakes soon. And Celestia is a ruler in this story, sort of like on MLP: Friendship is Magic. Luna could teach Nebula a lesson. The canoe shots are indeed gorgeous, too. Sometimes I think like a professional photographer.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,953 Member

    Humara had gone inside with Anna to the female toilets and started complaining about Simon.

    'He is getting clingy now,' complained Humara.
    'Tell him to back off then,' suggested Anna.
    'I don't want to sound harsh though,' replied Humara 'he just seems moody when he cannot see me,'
    'You are not his girlfriend though,' added Anna.
    'I know,' replied Humara.
    'Do you still like him then?' Anna asked.
    'Not sure,' replied Humara 'I like him but I don't know if he is going to get funny with me if he cannot see me as often as he wants. It is not my fault that he is on a work placement that he does not like. He should just quite it if he does not like it,'
    'What about Nick though?' asked Anna 'you seem to get along well with him?'
    'Don't know,' said Humara 'I am not saying anything yet,'



    Humara eventually returned with Anna. Tony had now appeared outside and was mostly with Nick as he did not know many other people in the group. Anna called him over and he went up to her.

    'You having a good night with us?' she asked Tony.
    'It would be better if you did not hang out with so many weirdos!' he joked.
    'I am not a weirdo!' replied Humara.
    'I am talking about those goons,' said Tony referring to Warren and Dom.
    'Oh, those two,' said Anna.
    'We should go somewhere else, just ditch this lot,' suggested Tony. By this point Simon had gone inside to get another drink.
    'Maybe do it without Simon seeing me,' said Humara.
    'Don't worry about him,' said Tony.
    'I don't want to be mean though,' said Humara.
    'Let's just go!' said Anna.
    'I am meant to be staying with Tammy though,' said Humara.
    'Well I am meant to be staying with Megan,' replied Anna.
    'Invite them both then?' suggested Tony.


    Humara and Anna then went up to Tammy and Megan and suggested going somewhere else although they were happy staying at the bar with everyone else.

    See more:
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    edited July 2019
    @AbellaKellaher The taking baths together is to get 1 sim to take a bath. Another sim sits down using the picnic, and then use moveobjects to move the sim taking a picnic into the bath, and also use NRAAS mastercontroller to change their outfit to naked. I'm revealing all my secrets here, but it's better that way so people know how to use it so they can do it themselves.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,426 Member
    The family enjoyed waffles for breakfast before the boys headed to university :)
    Shannon's waking wish was to play a game with Keanu so Mikezumi and River did the gardening while Shannon got his wish :)
    Keanu was having a hard time of it ;)
    Mikezumi and Shannon waved the boys off :)
    I had packed some perfect produce in Keanu's inventory so the boys could eat perfect meals while away. He planted a few seeds while River took the luggage in ;)
    River's waking wish was to prepare a meal which was perfect because I wanted them to have something to eat before their morning classes :)
    The boys got a little loving in before heading to the Meet and Greet.
    They got to Connors Student Union Building early because they both had wishes I wanted to get out of the way. River wanted to meet a Nerd and Keanu wanted to meet a Rebel.
    They were out of luck! This hideous pudding was one of several who were there :#
    I had them play ping pong while waiting for other students to show up so the pudding sims wouldn't bother them.
    It was a very close match but Keanu won :D
    When a pudding sim appeared in River's queue for a game of ping pong I sent them to the arcade game table.
    When it was obvious nothing but pudding would be at the Meet and Greet, I had the boys collect some freebies before hitting the town to find resident students.
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,426 Member
    Page 3595

    @Silverofdreams30 Beautiful scenic shots of the university world :)
    I hate it when all my sims end up clustered together in the pool!

    @ciane Wow! That burglar really went to town! I don't think I could stand watching my sims' stuff being stolen! Good luck with your apocalypse challenge :)

    @Emily4331 Thanks for the lovely comments :) I loved the way that Keanu looked at his dad when they first started singing. So typical of the way kids react when they see their parents trying to be cool! :D
    All my sims have maxed Karaoke skills so I don't have to listen to bad singing! ;)
    You should never have shown me AiPortraits! I wasted the better part of a day there! :D:D

    @PalmArrow Congrats to Belinda on her job at Plumbob Studios :)
    The lighting mod looks great!

    @GraceyManor Good luck, Darren! I hope he saves enough money for college soon :)

    @bekkasan Thanks for the lovely comments :)
    I love getting to know new people who actually interact but, otherwise, I am not interested in what others are up to unless I like them and interact with them.
    Pappy is not the Pappy you think. That's Pappy Phoenix not Pappy Wolff :D

    Page 3596

    @sassygray5 Thanks for commenting :) I don't normally use the multitab for skilling but I wanted the boys to get some skills in place before they went to uni.

    @emorrill Sorry you had problems with the TSM conversions since you like them. If it's something else in your game that is causing the problem, I hope you get to the bottom of it so you can use them at some point.

    @PalmArrow Thank you :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,426 Member
    I could see several tags over The Grotto so sent the boys there. Keanu met Jeffrey Dean and got his wish to meet a Rebel and River met Mahmoud Yavari and got his wish to meet a Nerd :)
    When Waverly Chen joined the conversation, Keanu walked off and started sketching.
    I checked on him when he was nearly done to see what he had drawn.
    Jeffrey is irresistible so I wasn't surprised that River wanted to chat with him too.
    He discovered that Jeffrey is also a daredevil :D
    I sent the boys home and River played his guitar. I need to buy him a prettier one :D
    Because the boys arrived with a huge hit to their fun bars, Keanu's first wish was to buy a hot tub. River wanted a dartboard but I don't think there's enough room in the house.
    I sent the boys to the diner for dinner.
    Several sims came and went while they were eating but they were still arriving while the boys watched the stars.
    I got excited when I saw Cid Serverus and had to have Keanu introduce himself :D River discovered he had a trait incompatability with Justin Cronk. You can just see him in the background.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,944 Member

    @DeafSimmer Those are great pictures of Cadence and Shining Armor in the rowboat.

    @AbellaKellaher Awesome job on the trailers. Look forward to seeing the story.

    @PalmArrow I like the way your pattern transformed the outfit! I like the pattern she is wearing at Waylon's on the the shirt. Is that one of yours?
    Bummer she didn't make it into the room, but silly no one else was there. I took out several of the bars and lounges so there would be more sims in the ones I left in the world.

    @Mikezumi Nice to see them at uni. Strange that none of the students showed up except ea sims.
    No fair that they got to ditch the meet and greet. :grin:
    Jeffrey looks like he is kissing River's hand in that picture. :lol:
    I like the grotto and usually had a nice crowd there. I put the karaoke set up in there and it pulled lots of sims in. :smiley:
    lol.....well no wonder he looked so good being the wrong Pappy! :lol:
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,389 Member
    Some comments while my game loads! :3

    @PalmArrow Kai Leiko! :3 I love him!
    Oh yeah, whoever is in charge of making townies for Night Life went a littleeeee overboard with the eye size slider. :lol: And, honestly, the breast size slider too. :lol:
    I think your makeover of Lala is lovely! :smile:
    That lighting mod does look pretty good!

    @GraceyManor Is it just me, or is Darren a lot skinnier in the first pic compared to the rest? :lol:
    Sorry to hear that your game became corrupted. :(

    @emorrill Thank you :kissing_smiling_eyes:

    @Mikezumi Hehe I love the confident chopping animations sims do.
    Okay, brown haired vampire toddler is pretty adorable. :3
    I love utilizing podcasts! So handy.
    Emma's like, "It's about time someone played with me grumble grumble grumble." :tongue:

    Okay, game is loaded. I'll comment more later. I made sure to keep my place open in another tab. :tongue:
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  • sassygray5sassygray5 Posts: 541 Member
    @GraceyManor Darren is very handsome ;) That stinks about the issues with the firefighting. I love that career though I haven’t done it for a while. My plan is to have Cameron be a firefighter when she ages up.

    @DeafSimmer beautiful canoe pics. Makes me want to go canoeing. Nebula up to pranking again! B)

    @PalmArrow that’s crazy and kinda funny about the uni mascots :D They REALLY want to talk to your Sim! They won’t take no for an answer! :D

    @AbellaKellaher WOW the camp looks amazing. Really great job!

    @Steamvarius I like the fairy family. :)

    @Mikezumi good luck to Keanu and River at uni! Your comments about avoiding the pudding Sims made me laugh :D
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,035 Member
    Ted always liked to be brushed before Darren went to work.

    First day at work(finally got it working) I think Darren has bed head and I'm gonna change it XD

    nice to see co-workers helping Darren thought as he worked on the truck, trying to level up his handiness skilled.

    Afterwards he worked on his athletic skill(shirtless of course XD)

    He was about to get in the shower when the alarm sounded.bad timing as always

    It was a small fire, but the residents were still scared.

  • cocococo Posts: 2,692 Member
    pg. 3598
    @PalmArrow I never thought about the possibility of there being more than one llama mascot. I wonder what they were doing. Maybe Belinda's flat is also where the service or homeless sims live. They really want Belinda to go to university :lol:
    Oh now I see why the mascots were so interested in Belinda's building. Eeek I think she can do better haha. Where did you find all the cool handbags? Belinda's formal wear is beautiful. That's a bit annoying that all the bars were empty.
    @CravenLestat I like this challenge. I was thinking maybe something Charlie's Angels themed since there are three girls. I will change hair colours and you will have to guess who they are! :smiley:
    @Emily4331 I didn't know about this new feature, but then again I usually leave Nvidia stuff alone for fear it will mess everything up. Does it effect the UI? That's really the only thing that stopped me from using Reshade.
    @stephenhamburg Good luck building your new computer. The game looks fantastic with all settings at max. What a fun way of playing your simself in a new way :smile:
    @bekkasan Isn't that the way when you really want something to happen and it doesn't :lol:
    @Steamvarius Rachel can be very scary when she wants to be! At least Hunter isn't around to hurt anyone else again. I just hope they can live in peace now :smile:
    I wonder if Rachel told Drake and Iris what happened with Hunter Cottoneye. So is Rachel still writing her Princess Loveheart books or is she on something new now?
    @GraceyManor I can't think of why houses with foundations would cause issues with sims not getting paid. I just want all of your game issues to stop :frowning:
    @DeafSimmer Lovely pictures of the sky. It must have been nice for them spending that time with each other. I hope Nebula's spell doesn't come back to bite her.
    @AbellaKellaher I attempted a curved bridge once and it took me ages so I have no idea how you got the roofs to look so good. I would love to see the wagons lit up at night :smile:

    pg. 3599
    @king_of_simcity7 Humara is probably just feeling a bit overwhelmed and having someone constantly texting you can get annoying. I think she's trying not to hurt him by gently brushing him off but it's just making Simon feel more and more uneasy. He just needs to tell her how he feels about the situation with Nick. Maybe she will appreciate his honesty.
    @mikezumi Keanu is a martial arts expert but he's afraid of getting hit with a ball :lol: I like it when sims wave goodbye. So I guess they won't be eating a lot of junk food like I did at uni? :tongue: I bet you are sick at the sight of puddings by now. Too bad no one else showed up.
    I can never get over Mahmoud's ugly yellow hair. Jeffrey Dean is alright though. Keanu's sketch is pretty. River looks so shocked lol. You could always put the dartboard outside if there is enough room. I haven't heard of Justin Cronk before, but I can see on his wiki that he hates the outdoors which is what must have clashed with River.
    @GraceyManor I'm glad you finally got the career working! Ted is a cute dog. Is this your non cc save? I like Darren's current hair on him but I wouldn't mind seeing other options too. He saved the day like a hero :smile:

    So close to 3600 :smile:
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    @bekkasan , that pattern isn't mine - I saw it while browsing the exchange and it instantly caught my eye. It's here:

    I think I will follow your example and remove some of the Bridgeport bars, and replace them with apartments so that I can have more residents.

    @coco , the handbags Belinda is carrying are two recolours of this one:

    And she also had this one in a previous picture:

    I can see how handbags can easily get annoying in a regular sims game, but in this save where I'm basically just playing with Belinda as if she was a Barbie and trying out different clothes on her, they are exactly what I needed!
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    edited July 2019
    And my game crashed, luckily saver saved from at most a week before, but still. Oh well I've got enough(I didn't think that 6 rows of items in the family inventory would bug the sell all but apparently it did).
    Mona and Ryan both got jobs, Mona as an apprentice in the sciences, while Ryan got a job as a cadet(doing the education for officer training, he passed the fitness test).
    Now I may be crazy, but I think they love each other? :hushed:
    An election is running soon for a representative for Riverview, Lindsey is suggesting to vote for the independent this time(she liked the current mayor but she's retiring).
    Lindsey congratulates Mona about getting the job, she appears to show a strong interest in the sciences(no one told her to get the job, she got it because she wanted to)
    Evelyn's genius painting and Ryan's first day of cadets and officer education(which means that if he joins the Army after high school he can go straight to a commission).
    Evelyn is thinking of maybe going into forensics, her interest was spiked after reading a murder mystery. She just reads a book in the park as she considers her future in the back of her head.
    They go on a date, as you can see Lindsey is enjoying it and feeling in love already.
    They see a movie, Lindsey enjoyed it and shows him, Alex enjoyed it to. :wink:
    Lindsey and Alex dance in the gazebo afterwards, the dance gets closer and eventually turns into a kiss. Which is followed by sitting down and... yeah.
    Lindsey has a meeting tomorrow so she practices her presentation.
    A cooking fire! The standard procedure is that Alex stays and fights the fire while the rest of the family run to away to the Bray household a little bit down the street(they're friends). Alex is trained in fire control so it's logical.
    "Ok so the man who's replacing the cooker is coming at 11, I've got training all day today so I can't come"(A)
    "Well I've got a meeting today, they normally want us to stay"(L)
    "I'm sorry dear but if I miss this they'll bite my head off, the new Private is still being checked up, so I have to stay with the training"(A)
    "Fine, I'll come back from my meeting and stay for replacing the cooker, you're lucky I love you"(L)
    "You do? I didn't know"(A)
    Evelyn leaves the room to give her parents privacy, too lovey-dovey for her taste.
    The cooker is replaced, and Alex praises Mona on getting a new job. (Ryan has kept his job mostly secret from his father, he wants to surprise him).
    Out for a jog that turns to rain.
    Alex gives his lovely wife a good morning kiss, she thought it was lovely to.
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    @Mikezumi , LOL, Keanu's face looks so serious while playing ball!
    I'm surprised that there were only pudding sims at the Meet and Greet! I'm glad River and Keanu found the real residents later.
  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 684 Member
    edited July 2019
    out of curiosity for those of you with Praaven... what parts would be missing if I were to download it and use it without Ambitions? I'm getting WA + Generations sometime soon and Praaven seems interesting.

    I probably won't try it until new computer... probably won't play with WA until then either, but might try.

    Tomorrow I'll play with my sims... should I focus on The James Family, The Wests, Ruby + Jared? (Saving Sirena & Frostine, my Disney Gen 1, for when I get Generations... currently all I can do is have Sirena make Frostine cook, clean, go for groceries, garden, and stay home & read while I go taunt the neighbors... The last thing happened on my first simday with those two [it crashed, sadly] Sent Sirena to meet her neighbors while Frostine stayed home to read a cooking book. Sirena rolled a wish to insult the neighbor. Let's just say I don't think the neighborhood will like Businesswoman Sirena Queens! lol)

    Just occurred to me that Generations adds the Daycare Job... I have a sim in mind for it I think... but it'll call for a house remodel and nautical or beach themed cc)
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  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,389 Member
    @coco It does affect the UI, yeah. But unlike Reshade you can change it on the spot to make sure the game looks good to you and that the menus do too.

    Also, you can toggle it on and off as you play. If one of your settings (like bloom or exposure) make it really hard to read notifications and what not.
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  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 6,750 Member
    Hey everyone. :)

    My parents have come to visit for the next couple of days (and a half :p ) when I haven't seen them in 18 months and I've missed them SO SO MUCH!! <3

    So y'all can understand why I won't be on here during that time. ;)

    I'll read and give out L&A's when I can. In the meantime...

    Have fun Simming my friends! :mrgreen:
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,426 Member
    @emorrill Have a great time with your parents! I always enjoyed coming home to visit my mother each year and missed her terribly between visits.
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,767 Member
    @coco, page 3599.
    Rachel hasn't told Drake and Iris yet. I think the next session, I will have Rachel talk to them about what happened. Princess Loveheart will make a return, but after Rachel's done 10 fantasy books and a third masterpiece.
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  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,944 Member

    @GraceyManor Glad you got things going! He's a very handsome firefighter.

    @palmarrow Thanks very much!

    @jonny522 Bummer about the crash, glad you had the save.
    The kids are growing up and getting jobs! Ryan following in Dad's footsteps.
    I like the science career and using the science machine to create and clone things! I hope Mona enjoys that.
    I've never seen that green and purple painting before, kinda cool.
    Fire! Glad to see they have an evacuation plan. :)
    Love how loving Alex and Lindsey are.

    @emorrill Have fun with the parents!

    Adam becomes so good at meditation that he can now zenaport.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,035 Member
    out of curiosity for those of you with Praaven... what parts would be missing if I were to download it and use it without Ambitions? I'm getting WA + Generations sometime soon and Praaven seems interesting.

    Not sure, but I wouldn't try it without them.The creator used stuff from every expansion plus heavily CC'd, so if you want to look like what you see in our pics you should have the expansions otherwise some funky things may happen.
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