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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 652 Member
    Last.... Do you think it is only possible to use the new Story Creator in new saves? I swear that when I read about it it said that if you even added a Sim to one of your existing households you could create the Sim that way. It certainly didn't work that way for me
    I used it in an existing save, but in a new household.
    You can use it in an existing household as well, but you can't use genetics then and I'm not sure if the quiz outcome overrides the household funds or not.

  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,366 Member
    edited July 2019
    Morkovka wrote: »
    I used it in an existing save, but in a new household.
    You can use it in an existing household as well, but you can't use genetics then and I'm not sure if the quiz outcome overrides the household funds or not.

    Ugggggg! That's so frustrating then! Because I tried making a new household, and it didn't work there, and in an existing household, it didn't work there. Only when I opened a new save was I able to do it. I promptly deleted the save after that though.

    Have you noticed a new spot to click in CAS? I saw one in the new save, there was a little book icon down to the left of the guy's traits (at least I think that's where it was). But I can't see a way to make that thing appear if it's not there already.

    I hate patches .....

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  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 652 Member
    Have you noticed a new spot to click in CAS? I saw one in the new save, there was a little book icon down to the left of the guy's traits (at least I think that's where it was). But I can't see a way to make that thing appear if it's not there already.
    It appears if you complete the quiz and reflects its results.
    It disappears once you re-enter CAS.

  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,366 Member
    edited July 2019
    Morkovka wrote: »
    Have you noticed a new spot to click in CAS? I saw one in the new save, there was a little book icon down to the left of the guy's traits (at least I think that's where it was). But I can't see a way to make that thing appear if it's not there already.
    It appears if you complete the quiz and reflects its results.
    It disappears once you re-enter CAS.

    That's the problem, the quiz doesn't come up. I just tried again

    Do you know a way to make it appear?

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  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,767 Member
    @AlwaysAsking, 369.
    Thanks. Sophia's trait is Angelic, just like when Roddy was a toddler. When Sophia has a potty accident, Roddy's the first one to rush up to clean it up and comfort her.

    Today, Benjamin got Sophia started on the thinking skill:
    Chloe worked on her second travel guide. This one was on Brindleton Bay.
    Wendy and Tiffany kissed:
    As it was getting hot, Roddy cooled down in one of the kiddy pools:
    Everyone watched as Sophia played in the sprinkler:
    Roddy joined in:
    Shine and Benjamin went in the fountain to play:
    Tiffany and Wendy woohooed in the Hot Tub:
    Meanwhile, Shine and Benjamin joined in playing with the sprinkler:
    Then the family had fun playing on the slip-n-slide:
    Benjamin then played with Sophia:
    And then taught her some more thinking skills:
    Sophia then gave Roddy a hug:
    'Love you, brother!' Sophia said. 'I love you too, little sis!' Roddy said, giving the toddler a peck on the cheek. Benjamin and Shine smiled. 'Come on, time to get you indoors, sweetheart. Don't want you to overheat now, do we?' Benjamin said, as he picked up Sophia:
    When Benjamin and Sophia were inside, Chloe gave Roddy a big smooch on the cheek. (first person view):
    Then Tiffany gave Roddy a big smooch on the cheek:
    It was Wendy's turn:
    And lastly, Shine gave Roddy a big smooch on the cheek:
    Roddy blushed. His cheek was covered in big lipstick smooches. 'Awwww, that's so cute!' Shine said, smiling sweetly and batting her eyelashes at Roddy. Roddy giggled and washed his face.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Let those smiles spread!
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 652 Member
    edited July 2019
    That's the problem, the quiz doesn't come up. I just tried again
    Do you know a way to make it appear?
    Hmm, I have it right there, in that little book icon.

    When you start a new household it doesn't pop up the quiz right away but gives you a random Sim, like before.
    You need to check the quiz option adding a new Sim.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,366 Member
    edited July 2019

    Lol, of course I’m up in bed now 😝 It’s 4:07 in the morning here.

    But I’ll check first thing in the morning ! Thank you so much!

    I figured I was just missing something somewhere. The eyes, not so good here 🙄 lol

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  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,379 Member
    so much to answer- I cheated Allyson's hair - it was black too. The game just doesn't want to give the kids Brock's genes.'
    The crazy clothes restaurant is a boring restaurant which didn't really have a character but a nice layout that I downloaded from the gallery - so I set the uniforms as very loud clothes from CAS and my sims dress crazy too. Gives it a story purpose.(like the fancy restaurant and the experimental food one and the cheap, dirty pelican one)

    I usually cheat read to a child - it just happened to work that time. Its just luck if you don't have autonomy off its so hard to work.
    Alana and Brock have several aspirations soul mates, fabulously wealthy, big happy family, successful lineage to name main ones - I swap depending on whats happening in the session.

    I blame Alalna for exhausting Brock because she does. Poor Brock - they had just had autonomous fun, his needs were all yellow and red and this was his whims:


    He would have drowned if they had tried. And she still runs around autonomously posing until he passes out.
    At least they still find each other attractive she is just about to become an adult (he is a bit younger than her).

    At everyone else: awesome updates - no time for comments today

    Alana and Brock continued….
    I did have an age up party for Marissa and Allyson with all the extended family there
    Rainbow! Don’t be the reason my sims can’t have nice things.
    Soulmates aspiration needs lots of dates
    Alana – the most attractive woman Brock knows.

    More hot tub ahead
    That’s better.
    Romance festival came around (more work on soulmates aspiration) – compared to last time they both enjoyed it a lot.
    They didn’t realise the festival had ended (over a sim hour ago).
    I wish I hadn’t taught them about the hot tub because now it is number 1 on their autonomous fun list.
    Everytime I see this part, I am terrified Alana will drown - they need to swap roles but they never do.
    Allyson just wants to ruin her own childhood. Thankfully she missed the main event this time.

    Beautiful morning in Brindleton Bay

    Alana has always been a fitness fanatic. (Just a few push ups while you wait for the toddler to eat.)
    Don’t snap it. They’re expensive!
    She has Brock on a diet
    Although I discovered he had been going outside and grilling one of these after dinner – no wonder he was getting fat! (look at his poor miserable face – I am a mean sim controller)
    Even though I was making him do this ( making him sad again)

    Just picture heavy
    Well despite her manic exercise , high fitness level and salad diet the game decided she would get fat. She was about to age up in a week and I wanted her to look lovely. She was asking Brock over and over again for a baby (there is one space left in the household.) I decided to make her trim down first (plus 3 kids is too many to control well – 4 would be a disaster)
    I want a baby.
    A baby would be great.
    Wake up! I need a baby now! (I never realised how maternal she would turn out to be).
    Thankfully I get to cancel autonomous things they try and sneak past me.
    Poor Alana – why did the game do this to your lovely figure.
    Basketball helps
    No Brock – what are you doing!??? Why? This is not the most attractive display (and he is strangely hopping around on his tiptoes.)
    Good – put your clothes on and play basketball.
    Finally they went to the Narwhal arms and a strange glitch meant it was totally empty except for them They had an awesome time.
    Brock is not sure he is impressed at these moves but Alana is dancing as if no one is watching because no one is for once.
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,748 Member
    @Becka28 aww, poor Brock is on a diet. I feel with him. I chose to stay fat and enjoy all the lovely food :D
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,379 Member
    @DoloresGrey so do i - brock on the treadmill is me all over. I love that he was sneaky eating - who wants salad every meal.
  • PrincessAmyPrincessAmy Posts: 225 Member
    edited July 2019
    @DoloresGrey Luckily I haven't seen it happen in my game again so I hope it is just a one off haha but to be honest I just thought it was a part of StrangerVille because of how everyone is so weird and creepy.

    @Morkovka Haha I am glad you like it, I also found it really funny!

    @AlwaysAsking Thank you so much! I really hope that I get in too. The one with the refrigerator happened right after the Welcome Wagon went so I was wondering if maybe it is connected.. I feel like they might have done something to the fridge haha

    Sometimes the fruitcake is really nice in my game and the sims are really happy but the quality of this fruitcake was only "normal" and was given to me by possessed people so I decided that it might not be the best idea haha I feel like the fruitcake is a bit mysterious, I always wonder why it is chosen for the welcome wagon.. maybe because it is so hard to make and the chance of it being bad is quite high haha

    I found out that it is a glitch, hopefully it won't happen again! The way it looked I thought he underwent some experimentation so it added a bit to the StrangerVille story line for me haha

    To the topic:
    I have received internet today so yay, it is much easier to upload, post and reply now! I don't have to use mobile data and hot spot for everything anymore. I will be uploading more of my StrangerVille story and progression with photos soon, I have really been enjoying the scenery in StrangerVille and made some photos of that. I will show those too! The game is getting more and more creepy, I am honestly worried for Lana.
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,767 Member
    Who wants some more screenshots? What Roddy and Sophia sees when using the toddler play equipment:
    Arrr, Land ho!
    Where's Sophia? Hmm, wonder where she could be....
    There she is! Peekaboo!
    Sophia having fun with Tiffany:
    Later, Benjamin, Wendy, Tiffany, Roddy and Sophia head to the Base Station. Roddy and Sophia play in the sand:
    After cleaning up the area where the lava meets the ocean, Wendy and Tiffany give each other a well earned hug:
    Benjamin finds an invasive species on the Base Station's fishing sign:
    Wendy and Tiffany have a kiss in the water:
    Roddy gets a big hug from Benjamin:
    Wendy builds a sand sculpture with Roddy, whilst Benjamin keeps an eye on Sophia, who's playing in the ocean:
    Yay, finished!
    Benjamin and Roddy watch as Sophia playfully chases the waves:
    Later, the whole family decide to go to Studio PBP in Del Sol Valley. Roddy is wearing one of his dresses and makeup. Note that Chloe's wearing a new dress:
    The dress is by itsleeloo on TSR. Sophia is wearing a dress too!
    Nothing was going on, so they went home:

    And of course, the game generated Klepto Paparazzi as usual when they were in Del Sol Valley. I had to sort them out as they had the pear shaped body and some were elderly. This game's silly like that. Thankfully, I disabled autonomous swiping.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Let those smiles spread!
  • Rizzy394Rizzy394 Posts: 21 Member
    So, first I created a family businessman Sim named Richard (though he's single for now). I moved him into an apartment in San Myshuno. He started glitching out and his arms were moving up and down on his sides. Then after he was done glitching, he went to make himself breakfast (a microwave pastry). It was of poor quality for some reason, but he ate it anyway. Then Richard began to hurl over in the toilet from eating a poor quality meal, which is about when the Welcome Wagon event started. His neighbors came over with a fruitcake as usual in any game and he ate some. I'm not sure how since I walked away for a moment and forgot to pause my game, but Richard and one of the neighbors got into a heated argument. Then they fought each other and I'm sitting there all confused like, "What is going on?" while the two other neighbors are cheering him on. The event ended soon after that and I was having Richard make mac n' cheese for dinner. Of course - the stove catches on fire. Half of the kitchen is destroyed because he won't listen to the command to extinguish it or himself. Then before he can go to bed, the next thing you know, the ol' Grim Reaper shows up and takes him away. So long story short, I basically had a Sim who lived for one day and one day only.
  • KoteykaKoteyka Posts: 520 Member
    edited May 2020
    @AlwaysAsking thank you! <3
    Lol that you have them pay insurance. Where does the money go?
    The money covers various expenses like surgeries and broken bones we don't have in the sims, car crashes we don't have in the sims, etc... ;)
    Thank you for the links to your gallery, I will go and grab those in a moment!!
    No prob! Almost forgot to mention - you can size the photos down for better quality :)
    Steve, you're the sweetest thing to ever live ❤️
    Sweet, kind, thoughtful and yet dangerous when someone tries to mess with his family. Tony sure found the perfect boyfriend. 😊
    as absolutely darling as Peter is, I'm not sure that he should be a model or actor unless that's what they really want for him. Or what he really wants for himself, for that matter.
    I absolutely agree! Peter deserves a normal ordinary life and that's why Steve and Tony are trying their best at keeping him as far away from the industry as possible.

    @RedDestiny92 thank you!
    I think their little guy would make a nice child star at least for a little bit
    I'm incredibly torn between keeping him normal or turning in a little star! Right now I'm figuring a way to do both since either of these storylines could go in an interesting direction...

    @SimTrippy thank you so much! 😊

    The party has ended. While most celebrities quickly left with the help of security, Tony, Steve and Peter were blocked by a bunch of reporters and journalists.

    "Hi mr Stark, I need to ask you some questions for the Simlebrities gossip magazine about your relationship with-"

    "Mr Stark, how did you keep your adopted son in a secret for so long?"

    "Uh, guys, we kinda need to get home..."

    "Mr Stark, is it true that your son wont be attending any high-qualified preschool?"

    "I'm waiting 3 hours to get an autograph, why do you mean you "kinda need to get home"? You celebrities are all the same, you only think about fame and money!"

    "Preschool? Who's talking about preschool? We're not planning preschool yet-"
    "You are planning on homeschooling your child, is that correct?"
    "What? No!"

    "Well, fellow viewers of my "Celeb Speculation" channel, as you can see mr Stark is quite nervous and not wearing a llama ring... I smell a conspiracy here, he possibly may be a well-hidden vampire... Leave a like if you agree!"

    "Sup, I'm from the "Parent like a star" TV show, do you have any parenting tips you'd like to share..."

    "Really, people, if you would just step aside-"

    "In what ways did fatherhood change your life?"

    "Tony, Peter's not feeling so good, he's about to throw a tantrum..."

    "Do you even HEAR my questions!? Gosh these stars are annoying!"

    "Oh look! Security's here! Sorry folks, time for you to leave!"

    "Mr Stark!"
    "Mr Stark, please answer-"
    "Mr Stark, what's your opinion on-"

    "This is going to be a long night..."

    Gladly, the long night had to be over eventually. To prevent all of that madness from continuing the next day, Tony once again muted his phone and threw it in the cupboard. There was only so much questions he could handle, especially on a hot day. And today was a very hot day.
    More under the cut:
    "Seriously, Tony? I'm out there fighting conspiracy theories about us on the net and you're relaxing in the kiddie pool?"
    "Geez, how can I make up for that... want some ice cream?"

    "Nah. But you do have something I want."


    "No, Papa, you wanted me!" shouted Peter, feeling a bit disappointed.

    Obviously, Steve wanted to spend some time with Peter too.

    The sand may not be from Sulani beaches and yet it still resembles the wonderful times they had there.

    "Come on, nothing to be afraid of, I'll catch you!"

    Swimming lessons...

    "See? Just like the ocean! Almost аeels like we're back on the islands!"

    Time for a romantic massage.



    The weather was so hot they decided to have dinner outside.

    It's getting pretty late...

    Wishing Peter goodnight...

    And now it's time for a little bit of romance in the sauna.


    |Beginning|Previous update|Next update|
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  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,980 Member
    @DoloresGrey he was lucky he didn't start a fire making dinner too ha.
    @AlwaysAsking mmhmm can't help it I think it's a sickness...lol, I thought so but still always plotting :smiley: yeah it's the worse I think every year when it starts getting cold that next Summer it wont be so bad but I'm always wrong. Then I meet older individuals that have lived here longer...of course, and even they say they haven't gotten used to it meh. They were made for the 17th anniversary I think we were just given the option to keep the original pancakes or download them when you download them they have those shirts on for the occasion as they are official and Iggy is pretty cute I don't think I"ve ever used him. Just had them as a background family before with him. I like to do it sometimes, or even on a rougher scale sometimes, I think I shared some here where my sims raise a few kids living in a place that is falling apart and they have to make money on collectibles through winter I'm all about the story so whatever works ha. I like that cheat too.

    Also you weren't asking me but try repairing your game if you still don't see the icon it should be there in new saves and in new houses as far as I know.
    @Becka28 she really made the right choice being with Brock they'll be good till the end, meh I should be on a diet but my laziness involves such tasty bad for me options lol.
    @Koteyka oh sure thing

    Okay awesomes out I finally saw that the sims mobile was added to google play and decided to try it out i might just create the sims i have in there on pc cause why not.
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,366 Member
    edited July 2019
    Flirt your way Through Strangerville Part 4

    (Sorry all, I’m rushing off to the dentist (yay) but I’ll be back to respond to everyone soon!)

    Part 1 is here:


    Part 2 is here:


    Part 3 is here:


    The next morning Malcolm told his little crew that they had to step up their game. “Suit up guys, we have a keycard to finagle.”
    J put his “s-xy guy” suit on, and went out to conquer Strangerville.
    It didn’t happen.
    He wasn’t getting anywhere with anyone, and that was no surprise. He may be good looking, but without his silver tongue, he’s just another pretty face.
    Penny was doing her best work, as always. Sadly, she hadn’t come across anyone with a keycard.
    She couldn’t help but notice how halfheartedly J was playing his role.
    And she let him know that she wasn’t pleased. “J! Do you want to go home to Raj or not? Because I sure as hell want to get home to Emmaline and Thorne! Don and I can’t do this alone! Put some effort in!”
    She stalked off, leaving J to ponder her words. What, exactly, was wrong with him? He should have these people eating out of his hand, and showering him in keycards…….
    Don …. Don was having some trouble. There weren’t very many women around today, and J was being useless. So he was trying something new.
    He certainly did his best, nobody can say that Don Lothario isn’t charming.
    However, his sort of charm only seemed to work on women.
    This is stupid! He said to himself. Where the hell is J? He had a thing or two to say to him.
    “J!” Don yelled. “I can’t do this Man! There’s some people I can sweet talk, and some I can’t. You need to be sweet talking the ones I can’t.”  
    “What are you talking about?” J yelled back. “I’m sweet talking everyone I can find! You and Penny need to get off my back!”
    “Well, what do you know?” Don said. “Penny is noticing too now. Hey, if the shoe fits …”   
    Malcolm came walking up to see what all the drama was about.
    Don reiterated his frustration to Malcolm, “J isn’t doing anything! He’s not even trying!”
    “Calm down Don,” Malcolm said. He waved J off, and J walked away.
    “Yelling at J isn’t going to solve anything,” Malcolm said to Don. “We know he can do it. He just needs to realize he isn’t getting back to Raj until we’re done here.”
    “Please,” Malcolm continued. “Try to give him a break, I don’t think he knows how to handle this. As far as I know, he’s never been in a relationship he actually cared about before.”
    Don just closed his eyes, and took deep breaths. He was in the same situation with Summer. This was the first time he actually cared about - no, loved - his girlfriend. However, Don is not a complex man. He did what he had to do to get home to her and Sonny.
    In the meantime, their luck was finally turning.
    Penny had found someone who said she had a spare keycard. She also said she wasn’t authorized to give it to anyone.
    But a little sway of the hips, and risqué question later ….
    made all the difference. “I have the card in my office,” the woman said. “come with me, I think we can work something out…..”  
    The guys got a text message from Penny: Got Card. Change n meet me by the car.
    Time to rock and roll …
    They made their way back to the lab, all of them hoping that Penny was right, that the spores wouldn’t be that bad.
    The keycard worked perfectly! The door opened right up!
    And the spores were everywhere
    They went down a level, hoping the spores would lesson if they got further away from all of those strange plants outside.
    They didn’t.
    They headed back upstairs again, very discouraged. It looked like they were going to have to get the filtration systems, and hazmat suits after all. And there was no website that was going to get it to them quickly enough.
    The good news was… it looked like J was back. The poise and charm…
    Beautiful smile, and silver tongue intact. He was going to get that stuff right now, today. Or die trying.
    Up next: Who’s in the biggest hurry to get home?
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  • HoveraelHoverael Posts: 960 Member
    So first thing i did today is start a new game up assign a few households from the list, create a new sim for Garry Burnside to marry and be happy with. got the Tormen family into the usual familial "trouble" (something disgusting), and then made sure Summer was off limits before MCCC could anything by marrying her to Tobias Lancaster.

    With all that stated, MCCC did its thing and people started pairing off as expected. Gerard Tormen ran off with Sofia Bjergsen and got married as teenagers because MCCC assigned a terrible man to marry Alex and Gerard wanted nothing to do with him or having his Tormen family name taken off him either.

    Game assigned a family called Torgol as a random household to the mix, adjusted the daughter to look and act in a certain manner her parents wouldn't approve of. I plan on getting Chris Addsion and Riley Torgol together later on today, and i also plan on putting a few more households in the mix. After all that only Cassandra Goth, Luna Villareal and Yuki Behr will be available but with no one to be with, hence new households.
  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,366 Member
    edited July 2019
    Morkovka wrote: »

    When you start a new household it doesn't pop up the quiz right away but gives you a random Sim, like before.
    You need to check the quiz option adding a new Sim.

    Lmao 😆

    I found it right away

    Thanks so much 😊❤️😊

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
  • MidagereMidagere Posts: 66 Member
    @Morkovka He does, that's true :lol: He's Fluffy and Talkative, but I can't remember the third one :lol:
    @AlwaysAsking Thanks! Right :lol:

    Okay, so for today, the twins were born! Named Alexander and Cassandra. They both look like Clarissa when she was a toddler, Cass just inherited the natural blonde colour of hair from her dad. And I can't get enough of them, they are so cute :heart:
    Victor himself has three younger brothers, so he's already used to taking care of kids :smirk:

    Selfie with the toddlers was needed, this pose is made by myself (*proud tune hehe*) :blush:

    Clarissa is taking a rest from the vet career to take care of the twins.
    But Alex doesn't seem very happy of his mom taking pictures wherever she can.
    After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible, yes. But great.
  • BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,069 Member
    After being on the island Broly disappeared. I wondered where he ran off too so I panned out and found him on a canoe he snatched from someone.
    Bmso85's emporium - mysims4studios

  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 464 Member
    edited July 2019
    I love how you dealt with your toddlers, maybe I should try it one day.

    Previously... Antoniette is pregnant with her eight child. Her grown- up daughters Adelaide and Aelin came over for a family dinner.

    Antoniette was forced to bail, because crimes need committing even on weekends. Who wouldn´t fear a heavily pregnant crime boss? Ytu7UFj.png
    Instead, they were joined by her niece Anastassia, who had decided to come over to visit. Dinner was as noisy as ever lmV3NCM.png
    Alexandre played the piano to entertain the guests. MsuAtKv.png
    Anastassia adores music, that´s just how her resting face. Afterwards, she must´ve stepped outside for some air, because when I started to search for her, she had already made a new friend. Hey, Luka, fancy seeing you here vkHucZJ.png
    Aedion decided to join them, because you should totally go outside at night to talk to strangers. Well, half of Aedion´s friends are vampires anyway, so he is probably not new to that stuff rq7t4zI.png
    When everyone else had left, Antoniette´s sister Agnessa showed up. Alexandre let her in, since she had always been nothing but nice to him. Antoniette wasn´t thrilled, especially since she found her talking to Aedion. AXRR6JE.png
    Antoniette:"Which part of me never wanting to see you again did you not understand? You say that I am a witch - next time you come anywhere near my children, I´ll show you a witch."
    Agnessa: "The nerve of you! Like you haven´t been spending time with my daughters, telling them who knows which lies to turn them against me!"
    Antoniette: "Are you for real? Like they need a reason to resent you. Does the name Alexander Goth ring a bell?"
    Agnessa: "That´s none of your business, especially considering that your daughter has been sleeping with her brother since they were old enough to."
    Antoniette: "Again with the same old story. Angelique knowingly made her choice, unlike your daughter, who got herself trapped into a marriage with her father, all because you refused to admit how badly you had messed up. I was horrified when the truth came out, what were you thinking? Poor Amara has been putting on a brave face, but everyone can see how miserable she is. No wonder both she and Anastassia want nothing to do with you. Mother would be proud of you."
    Agnessa: "Since you really want to go there... Do you really believe that mother is never going to find you? Oh, she will, and then you are going to pay. She will break the spell you put on Alexandre and your precious toy is going to hate you for ruining his life."
    Antoniette: "Get. Out."
    They are now officially enemies.

    Alexandre - who was blissfully unaware of the fight that had occurred - invited over some of his grandchildren another session of family dinner (he has five more, four of them toddlers, it is impossible to deal with them all at once)
    The black-haired ones are Luke and Leia, Aelin´s older pair of twins. The blonde boy and girl are Nicolas and Nina Antonia, Angelique´s children. Na79eh6.png
    (Group meal is the best way to get everyone sit down for a moment)

    Aedion and Luke, whom he had become fast friends with, went to park together. There were many children there, since Oasis Springs is very popular during the cold season.
    Stefan Vatore is a hotheaded little devil and doesn´t play well with other children img]https://i.imgur.com/bhlVb2O.png[/img]
    This is Helena, Cassandra´s and Salim´s daughter gC9ClPf.png

    Being a high level criminal, Antoniette works only three days a week. Which means that she has lots off free time in her hands. She had a whim to attend to a club meeting, so I had her invite her friends over. Antoniette and Alexandre are rather private people, so they have hardly any friends outside their family.
    Antoniette: "Hold on, didn´t you have a baby only recently?"
    Lucrecia: "Don´t mention it. My birth control sucks."
    Aelin:"I wonder if mother has noticed that Lucrecia is a vampire. Either way, It wouldn´t probably be polite to point it out."
    Amara: "Aunt Antoniette´s new friend is weird. She fits right in."
    Aelin: "Speaking of weird - how is your father?"
    Amara: "Don´t make me stab you with this fork."
    Amara: "Attention, please. To end the questions once and for all - Alexander and I are divorced. I got both the children and the money. That´s all."
    Lucrecia: "I like your family."
    The children returned from school. Aedion had invited Luke to come hang out with him, neither of them had expected to find a good part of their extended family also there.SXxC4j2.png
    As it was time for Adaline´s birthday, Antoniette decided that they may just as well celebrate it now. 8rL8a16.png
    Birthday girl´s selfie with her brother r0wNBr3.png

    To be continued...
  • PrincessAmyPrincessAmy Posts: 225 Member
    edited July 2019
    Hello everyone!

    I have decided today to use the laptop to play so I can experience the new story feature which console doesn't have yet!
    I wanted to create a very boring, snobbish family.. and I think I succeeded haha

    I have put everything in a spoiler to make it easier to view!
    Meghan the mother:
    Harold the father:
    I also need to share his default party costume that the game decided he should wear..
    I couldn't get myself to change it haha

    Beatriz the daughter:

    The first day of the move was quite normal, Meghan decided to read Beatriz some stories outside right before the welcome wagon came to visit.


    The Pancakes family came with the welcome wagon offering a fruitcake, being very excited Meghan grabbed a slice for Beatriz as well as herself and her husband.

    Later, however, everyone started feeling ill because of the fruitcake.. I think this will cause some rivalry between the Pancakes and the Hillman family lol

    After the Pancakes left Meghan finally had a few moments to talk with her husband, considering how big the day of the move has been she has only had time to take care Beatriz and hasn't had time to talk to Harold.


    Later Meghan took Beatriz to her bedroom and read her to sleep

    While Beatriz was asleep Harold came in before going to sleep to tuck in Beatriz.

  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,980 Member
    edited July 2019
    @AlwaysAsking J's really lost himself in this relationship it's like he can't be himself and doesn't know who that is anymore, they should ease up on him they want him focused now that they have the keycard. I bet Malcolm is in more of a hurry he really evened out growing up and he has a solid relationship to get back to though it's nice seeing him hang in there for the job. It makes me wonder about when it's over, if Penny will be happy getting back to Thorne and if Don really values what he has with Summer or if some excitement might change some things.

    so awesomes out and I'm kind of slow as I was all over the place I just went with ideas as they came to me I'm just supposed to be playing looking for bugs and such but you know how that goes.

    So I changed their traits with the potion for fun, Bob is already feeling it, getting uppity hearing whispering he's still moody seeing it's only his wife trying..and failing to teach Iggy to talk.
    I just like the lighting there...the bear is coming for you..even though he's the chosen one...lol
    Eliza is feeling it too and soon has to eat next to Bob as a bout of insecurity convinces her she didn't actually see him go upstairs.
    Iggy was too tired to finish his snack so he left it in the bathroom and Eliza snagged it...yep.
    Moving on I popped into Strangerville just to play and chose Meredith and Ted here and put them in one of the houses I touched up here.
    "By golly woman hurry inside I can see your ankles."

    "Yes Ted."

    "Dressing like tthat but I don't have a child."

    "You said you didn't want one."

    "Well now I do."

    "Yes Ted."

    See Meredith is good, and Ted is evil and crazy if you have Strangerville he should usually be one of the infected right off so he's not all there even if he is capable of loving his wife she may just stay by feeling it's her duty as his wife knowing that's not the man she married. It's tiring though.
    "Getting a little thick around the middle aren't ya?"

    "I'm pregnant Ted.."

    "What? Who told you to go and get yerself pregnant??"
    She sighed.

    "You said you wanted a baby...leave a legacy behind."

    He grunted.

    "I would say that...fine..set the table and get my dinner then."
    "Ooh smells real good strudel..dish it up."

    For his faults..simple caused by being not all 'there' so to speak sometimes the brief glimpses of who he used to be were enough to keep her going.

    It was all she could ask for.
    "You better turn in early you look tired."

    She only nodded waiting for him to get moody again.
    Moving again, I decided to let Venessa join Partihaus, I was just looking for something random for the rotation turns out I've played a lot of the premades couldn't be sure which one got attention this time ha.
    Venessa got her friends a round realizing they were missing someone and called Marcus while things were as quiet as they were going to get.

    "Hey Mr. Flex you're late."

    "and boring." Paolo said.

    "Partystopper." Jade added.

    "And tell him his gym back stinks up the whole place too!" Eva called...why are you so far away?

    She laughed as he grumbled, how was he supposed to admit he was getting too old and keeping up with his younger friends was an issue.

    "I was sleep I have to work." he replied as Venessa put him on speaker.

    "Boo, call in you hate that job anyways." Jade muttered.

    "There is thatt office job you wanted I could help you get it." Paolo offered.

    "Look at these problem solvers..come have a drink with us at least? Pleeeeeeeeeeease?" Venessa cooed, he was awful weak with her.

    Which is why they made her call him, he grumbled again.

    "Just come to the apartment then.." he dropped a lot of his inheritance on it, Venessa still lived alone but it had plenty space, more than they really needed but he wanted to be comfortable.
    "Ha, found you."

    "I guess you did, where is everyone?"

    "Upstairs, let's have a drink then maybe I can chase them off."

    He might have liked that too much, Eva and Paolo were obviously into one another and Jade couldn't be bothered with relationships he always thought this group would be enough for him, then Venessa came along, she could perk up anyone. At least he thought so.
    She gets nervous all the same...but fits right in.

    "Okay let's get going then" Marcus started as they cheered turning on the stereo.

    "Old man flex is in the house." Paolo teased.

    "You're so lucky I'm tired." which only got more teasing but..this was life and he didn't mind it one day they would need to replace him with a younger member he knew but today wasn't that day.
    back to the pancakes Bob is real proud of his short morning shift...
    ....who are you people?...get off my lawn.
    "So did you find a new job?" Eliza asked.

    "Did I tell you how pretty you look in yellow?"

    "Don't change the subject, you need a new job."

    "Don't want one."

    "...I'm gonna kick you."

    "I'd like to see that since I'm faster...ow!" he started as she got him in the ankle under the table.
    "You had two??"

    "I had two <3 ."

    "She had two!" clearly tthe baby is ahead of his time....lol.
    I aged them up cause that's how I do, I think they were Identical but I changed them up a little as you see, Devan is the eldest he's the one with the bowl cut and Ty is the cutie hugging the kitty..and Iggy doesn't care about either of them. Lol no he's a charmer so he's happy to have new friends.
    "We should celebrate."

    "What do you have in mind?"
    afterwards... I mean not many activities for a couple with such young nuggets, Ty seems fascinated by what mommy is doing but doesn't know how to say it.
    And then....

    "So guess what?"

    "Eliza you're killing me...we can't even afford a plumber..or another nightlight."

    "You're at fault too, now we've been over this.."

    "Uh yeah....woo?"
    "I'm gonna kick you.."

    "Girl you better stop threatening me...ow !"

    "hush and get me some sardines an icecream."

    "Ugh...yes dear."

    Lol...okay my humor is off but I was being silly....so yeah..and then at least the serious drama is there too....yep

    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    All the sims err'day
    She's good for you? Lol
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,788 Member
    Victoria and Salim just got back from a 'weekend get-away' to Sulani for their honeymoon. After four failed attempts at conceiving- the first fail was because I forgot I flagged Salim to be unable to marry or have kids through MCC- they're soon going to find out they're expecting twin boys!
    (they'd visited Sulani once before. It's where Salim proposed. That's why both have darker complexions.)
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything[/center]
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 777 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Shouldn't be that frequent. Sims mourn a lot but never to the point where any time I take my eye off Abe and he's off crying at the graves. Probably Abe regretting his failure the most. Womp womp.

    Anyways, Hela's still at the Bailey home fighting the boxing machine....something she shouldn't do while pregnant.
    At least it was her head and not stomach.
    Meanwhile Gunnar has decided to follow the Entertainer career. If he's immortal he's going to spend his life becoming the greatest musician that mankind has ever seen. Here he is practicing the piano.
    Kala: "How nice, all my kids are grown in time for me to have another baby!"
    Kala's mother came over to party on 'Murica day....but ended up staying long past 'Murica day and ended up staying for Talk like a Pirate day as well. Kala decided to take part in the Pirate Day and talked like a pirate to her mother.
    No joke, this is how Kala's mother laughs apparently. Just a simple 'Ha'.
    Kala: "Hiss YOU MOCK ME?!"
    Might as well meditate to build up your vampire energy.
    Kala: "Well since your brother doesn't really know how to be a master vampire, like I do, I'll train you!"
    Then the girls played the video games.
    Later that night, I finally gave Anastasia an actual workout outfit and had her get to the yoga mat.
    Then Rainn joined her.
    Abraham: "I still can't get over this! But at least I have a way to relive my stress I have from the failures of my life!"
    Abraham: "I'm glad I dressed this machine like the mother plant. Because now I can kill you over and over again."
    Abraham is well justified for doing this, but still that is a blood red flag right there.
    Ooh that looks like it would be painful.
    Abraham: "SHORYUKEN!"
    Oh and what's this Abraham is doing?
    And that's the killing blow folks!
    Now for something more relaxing and calming.
    Abraham: "I feel so much better!"
    It seems like Hela never leaves because she shows up every night now.
    Abraham: "Just letting you know, bathroom's to the left."
    She can use it when Kala's done over there.
    Gunnar is back from his first day at work. It looks like it went well.
    That's when the angry ghost of Bruce Willis came to visit again.
    Bruce: "Hey, I don't look too bad actually. I pull off the ghost look quite well."
    Rainn: "Mom, Bruce Willis is possessing the mirror again!"
    Bruce: "YIPPIE KAY YAY KID!"
    Now that Gunnar is home and an adult Abraham had an idea.....Guys night.
    Guys night.
    And yes, Abraham invited....the crew.
    Sylvester: "Ey yo, good timing, Arnold over there just got married. We gotta celebrate!"
    Igor: "Your technique amazes me young bartender. But do know that your skills behind a bar are no match for the might of a master vampire."
    Sylvester: "Ey yo kid, be careful. That drink hits harder than Apollo Creed in Rocky II."
    Gunnar: "I literally have no idea what you're talking about over there."
    Abraham: "Alright boys, time to do what we've been practicing for these last few weeks. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The Action Hero Shuffle."
    And Pose.
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