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Best Game Pack - as of yet


  • ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 3,846 Member
    Though I don't have them in all households, they're fun to play and they also were really successful which I think is helpful for the magical users/witches that will most likely be in Realm of Magic!

  • rinre33rinre33 Posts: 693 Member
    Parenthood and vampires are on par in terms of quality, but I play with parenthood is much more integrated in my day to day gameplay
  • davina1221davina1221 Posts: 3,415 Member
    edited June 2019
    This was a very hard choice for me. I love parenthood. Making toddlers fight and the many things it adds for them, is probably what I like about it. I have always liked the vampires and things about Jungle adventure, even though I haven't played it all the way.

    What made it hard was I liked Dining Out. I love having my own restaurant fixed the way I want. I also loved having my own store and having a restaurant was kind of like that. If you enjoy running your own store, then you would love Dining Out.
  • StutumStutum Posts: 1,043 Member
    Vampires, definitely. I've had enough with sims who lose all energy before the day is halfway over. Despite that dark meditation doesn't work anymore, it still takes a long time before they need a shuteye, and they regain energy fast. :)
  • ZussageZussage Posts: 115 Member
    Parenthood was a really close second though!!!
  • MilutinMujovicMilutinMujovic Posts: 1,076 Member
  • ThePinkBookGirlThePinkBookGirl Posts: 437 Member
    I had created the perfect Sim for StrangerVille before it ever came out. Once I heard about the pack, I stopped playing her for a while and once I got it, off we went! It has been a fun adventure to play and I am loving all the items that came with it.
  • marcel21marcel21 Posts: 12,134 Member
    1 parenthood
    2 vampires
    3 spa day
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  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,443 Member
    GPs are where TS4 really shines, I think almost all of them are great, even better than most EPs. Personally, I like StrangerVille and Jungle Adventure best - unpopular opinion, I know, but they both offer beautiful worlds, careers, and gameplay elements that I'm interested in. In the end, StrangerVille wins because you can actually live there, so...

    01. StrangerVille
    02. Jungle Adventure
    03. Vampires - the most elaborate vampires we ever got in The Sims and the closest thing to magic we have at the moment.
    04. Parenthood - arguably the best GP of the bunch, just not very useful for me personally because I rarely play with families.
    05. Spa Day - cool wellness activities that can easily be integrated into everyday life, but nothing else, feels like a glorified stuff pack.
    06. Outdoor Retreat - beautiful and unique world that unfortunately you can't live in, there's little to do and the bear isn't even real.
    07. Dine Out - restaurants should have been base game or GT venues, owning them a feature of GTW. I don't see the point in this pack.
  • BradyGalaxyBradyGalaxy Posts: 305 Member
    I love them all! It's really hard to choose, but it would probably be Parenthood. Parenthood has made the biggest impact as a game pack to my gameplay. It really makes the life of your child sim, teenager sim, and toddler sim more meaningful.
    Proud simmer
  • Katara11Katara11 Posts: 17 Member
    The best Game Pack for me is Parenthood. However, I do not like the "trait-system" with that.
  • MoaMoa Posts: 33 Member
    Dine Out
    It's fun, although it takes a long time to get the food, so go to the restaurant early lol
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 585 Member
    telmarina wrote: »
    It depends on your gameplay style. For families I think Parenthood is so complete. It brings a new system for toddlers to teens, that can lead to new traits in adulthood (traits that actually have a big impact in gameplay), it brings new great objects, like the bulletin board that allows to set a curfew at your liking, a parenting skill that from a certain level allows parents to punish kids in a lot of different ways (you choose), like forbiding to use the computer for 24 hours, forbiding to leave home and other options. Take a look at simsvip guides or any other guides. There's much more to it.

    Totally agree.
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,361 Member
    It's Strangerville for me. I love the whole theme/feel of it, the stuff. I needed the military, the paranoia.. that retro beat the aliens feel (or join them) and the world it came with. I've had such fun with it overall and continue too.
    I use them all pretty regularly except Parenthood. Mostly because I get tired of playing with kidlets fast. Just not a big family player. I do love the build/buy in that pack though.
  • PricelessSimsPricelessSims Posts: 3 New Member
    Parenthood is one which it makes family gameplay more interesting.
    The content and gameplay is fantastic.
    For who is a family player go for it.
  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 2,711 Member
    edited July 2019
    Jungle Adventure
  • lemonade578lemonade578 Posts: 75 Member
    Jungle Adventure
    I love how this pack brought in World Adventure aspects from the Sims 3, but still feels like a new idea. Although I do have to admit, my love for this pack is based on, like stated in the last sentence, my unpopular love for World Adventures!
  • Felicity1169Felicity1169 Posts: 564 Member
    I was about to say vampires due to my obsession with them but I have to pick Parenthood. I actually hated playing with toddlers and even kids a little in the Sims 4, but Parenthood made them so much more fun. I love the values system and parenting interactions. They feel essential for gameplay to me at this point.
  • Hyper_KeyHyper_Key Posts: 26 Member
    In terms of least buggy, definitely Parenthood.
    Also still enjoy playing with its dynamics. Added a lot of valuable gameplay.
    Something not even 40$ expansions are able to do these days.
  • JanlJanl Posts: 19 Member
    I nearly always play with families so my favourite is Parenthood.
  • IceyJIceyJ Posts: 4,346 Member
    Whoops. I didn't realize Parenthood was in the list. I choose Parenthood.
  • badxwolfxrisingbadxwolfxrising Posts: 68 Member
    Jungle Adventure
    So many people voted for Parenthood, I'm honestly surprised. Now I feel obligated to check it out. I really want Strangerville as well, but the wallet says I must wait. I have both Jungle Adventures and Vampires, but I think I prefer JA of the two, I like that you can actually explore the jungle and ruins rather than just disappearing into a rabbit hole. Vampires are cool in theory but the Forgotten Hollow neighborhood barely qualifies as a neighborhood, it's so tiny.
  • PlumbobGrandmaPlumbobGrandma Posts: 438 Member
    Cupid wrote: »
    I wanna say vampires but not with all the bugs. So then I'd say Dine Out but again, not with all the bugs.
    I think the best made one after those two would be Spa Day.

    Why do you like Spa Day? What parts of it did you like, because for me, I really don't know what I'd do with the additions given in the pack

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  • LiesSimLiesSim Posts: 358 Member
    My favorite game pack is definitely Parenthood, but the vampire pack was so fleshed out and well done that it is the best one in my personal opinion.
  • NoirStasisNoirStasis Posts: 243 Member
    I cant choose!

    Outdoor retreat gives your Sims a break from thier regular schedule to go camping. Love the fishing and collection of bugs it has to offer. Wish players could choose to be residents in Vacation worlds.

    Spa Day if you have it you'll put a handful of the build/buy objects in your venue or your Sims house. Some of the best build/buy objects in game.

    Dine out gives resturants which enchanes get to work owning a buisness and you cant live without the resturants once you have them.

    Vampires is one of the most fleshed out game packs not only with the Victorian objects, but the world and the vampire rank system.

    Parenthood makes kids more realistic, and being able to influence how they will turn out as a young adult.

    Jungle Adventure I love the culture, the Latin and Latin Pop music stations, the new food, and all the collectables

    Strangerville is the only game pack I dont have. Im waiting on a sale. It looks cool and I love the objects and the hairstyles in this pack. The story aspect that comes with this town is cool and you can choose to play it or ignore it.
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