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Is the Forum Always So Negative/Unhappy?

I'm pretty new here, so I'm kind of curious about the forum. I have experienced a surprisingly large number of threads that seem to be unhappy or negative about every aspect of the game, including the logos, loading screens, new packs, and overall mechanics. Do you also experience the mood as negative or unhappy? Does this happen every time something new is announced, or every time a new pack comes out? Has the forum been overall positive/happy about any of the previous packs?
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  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 321 Member
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    There does seem to be a slight uptick in negativity lately, although I've only been on here for about a year so maybe it's just a summer thing.

    Every pack and new feature seems to draw out the people who have issues with the Sims 4, but generally there are just as many positive posts as negative ones.

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  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 332 Member
    I've been here for a little while and I think the forum has always had its share of negativity, but lately I've been seeing WAY more negative posts. I took a break from the forums a little while back (around when Get Famous was released) because my laptop broke and when I returned was surprised at how negative the forums had become. Around Get Famous, the community was overly positive about the new features coming out and discussions were more insightful. I was shocked to find that these discussions were now few and far between once I returned. Sorry @Rouenpucelle it seems you may have picked a bad time to join the forums. I hope it gets better in the future.
    On a positive note, there are still plenty of threads that are less negative. I find the video haven subforum to be really positive overall, so if you like Sims 3 or 4 videos, you could go check that out :)
  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,791 Member
    As bad as it has been lately it’s no where near as bad as it was back before toddlers were added to the game. It was a sheer nightmare for a positive player around these parts back then. With almost every thread positive or negative devolving into a topic where people demanded them. Now at least there are the occasional positive posts that stay positive and actual gameplay related posts like the Happy Play thread and Last Screenshot.

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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 2,967 Member
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    @Simburian I also like TS4. I’ve played TS3 and TS2 as well but TS4 is my favourite. Am I disappointed with some aspects of TS4? Absolutely. I do wish there was as much gameplay added in packs as was added in TS3 packs and I do miss some features from earlier iterations. But having played TS4 I cannot go back. Probably my favourite aspect of TS4 is how the sims look and how different we can make their appearances - it’s so much more interesting to see how genetics are passed on in families this time around. And TS4’s graphics are just stunning - I was shocked by the difference when I had a look at TS3 recently since I didn’t remember it being so bad. I play TS4 much more than I ever played TS3.

    I will say that I’m not a big fan of the new look that rebranding is taking but I’m not outraged by it. It may grow on me anyway.
  • Allison18Allison18 Posts: 393 Member
    I've been here since the release of the Sims 3 in 2009, but I don't comment all the time. Looking back I felt there was less negativity overall in the S3 days but there were still a lot of complaints (rightly so) about how buggy the game was, lagging, crashing, unplayable, etc - less about missing content and dissatisfaction with content, at least how I remember it. I personally had a Mac at the time and was on the forums nearly every time I wanted to play the game looking for tech support/workarounds for Mac issues which was super frustrating. The reason I think the forums became more negative, or you could reframe it as more critical, is because of the way the S4 started - missing features, major changes from S3, mediocre content, (all a matter of opinion of course) etc. But there was then, and now, a lot of support for the game and I've only seen that grow, especially since the Sims team seems more involved with the community than they were with S3. I suggest looking at discussions in the creative corner (where I used to go a lot in the S3 days), you're more likely to find threads with players just enjoying the game and sharing game play. Cheers! :)
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 4,648 Member
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    @MaggieMarley I suppose everyone has their favourite iteration of the game and that's fine with me. I've spent thousands of pounds literally over all the years since The Sims in 2001. That's including the expensive wifi charges, very slow downloads and extras. I've enjoyed all of them on the way but don't want to go back to the ones before. They don't look right to me now.

    This iteration just suits me better. I like the graphics, I like the worlds, I like the D&C CAS and the Sims themselves. I also like to play on the slower speeds and plan their actions ahead and enjoy the scenery. I love the easy building, nearly getting to 10,000 downloads slowly over the five years cheers me up. It works for me. I don't even mind Origin as I check the game is up-to-date before I play it every time. Runs perfectly on my laptop too.

    Enjoy your game. <3
  • WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 1,005 Member
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    Yeah, the forum is definitely slanted more toward negativity these days. I try to avoid most of it, choosing my threads carefully lol. And whatever you do, say your piece and be done

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  • BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 207 Member
    These were my thoughts exactly. I signed up years ago but only recently started coming on here to connect with fellow simmers. But all I see is endless complaints and negativity. I have nothing against complaining or expressing ones opinion. But I think it's really extreme here.
  • EA_RtasEA_Rtas Posts: 2,015 EA Moderator
    Hey folks I edited one or two posts in here and removed one, discussing negativity in the community is totally fine it makes sense you wanting to discuss it, but let's not refer to groups of forum users or specific users. People are entitled to be negative if that's their opinion and we don't want to start any arguments by generalizing other forum users.

    As I've said before in a similar thread I want to make it very clear that constructive feedback, negative or positive is always welcomed. But at the end of the day we are all Simmers and no matter what everyone should respect each other. This absolutely also includes respecting others' right to voice their opinion but also respecting others enjoyment on the forums.

    If you feel someone is being rude or attacking another member of the community then please report this behaviour and we will deal with it.

    On another note if you folks would mind leaving out any off topic discussion in here and keep the thread on track that would be great.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 1,088 Member
    Well people give their feedbacks and express their disappointment, but that doesn't mean there aren't things we love about the game.
    I love TS4, but the thing is, after 5 years it's still missing things TS3 had.
  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 23,314 Member
    This place is no where near as bad as it was in 2014-2017 but i mostly only stuck to TS3 areas which are relaxed and Spec and Rumour which can be more optimistic. I will not set foot in the TS4 GD and have not posted there in a long time now.
  • JosieAnglinJosieAnglin Posts: 539 Member
    I mean.. Anywhere you give people an outlet to voice their opinion, it's going to be mainly negative. Usually positive posts aren't written, so the negative posts outweighs the positive posts in numbers.

    We're not all negative though!

    You probably just joined at a bad time though, if you haven't heard The Sims is re-branding, so a lot of it is negativity on the rebrand and people always complain about new DLC that comes out.
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  • DarkSlayer1331DarkSlayer1331 Posts: 428 Member
    Like most everyone else said, the negativity is going to be around because this is the outlet for people to air their issues. I'm not a heavy poster, but I've been around since TS2. When I was playing TS1 I wasn't on forums or anything. While I do notice that there are a lot of complaints, they're generally about bugs or features working in a way that they don't like. I haven't noticed quite as much about missing content now as there was back when TS4 first launched. Now I definitely remember the days of a large number of people losing it over having no toddlers. I think that was THE BIG issue.

    Also, in a lot of threads, people seem to be asking questions about things happening in their game, wondering if it's supposed to work this certain way or not. Then there's a vocalization of their frustration, but I don't notice things being as nasty now as they used to be. Either that or I've just grown to take things with a softer tone.

    With the re-branding, people will get over it I feel. All that's really changing is the aesthetic in packaging/promotional materials. Plus they're adding a ton of free content. Sure, the main screen looks different. But the game will generally stay the same. I think once they've had a little bit of time after the changes, they'll settle and everything will be fine on that piece.
  • AlexcielAlexciel Posts: 38 Member
    edited July 18
    Like most everyone else said, the negativity is going to be around because this is the outlet for people to air their issues.

    Its not the game, its the people. I also roam the Spanish TS4 forum and that problem doesn't show there, at the least I don't start to fell sick with negativity there.

    People can't complain, it is not a bad thing. The problem here is that people make their complaint and then proceed to Rant about ALL the negative things, then to make things worse another user will join in and add to the rant. Its not only unconstructive, its toxic.
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  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 3,593 Member
    Yeah. And some of it's gone too far, and I've certainly felt attacked for it. I won't point names, but when IL came out I made a thread on the same topic (but didn't word it as well as you) and people though I was telling people who DO give constructive criticism to stop, when really I just wanted to stop people "attacking" each other in here. As a result, I ended up being "attacked" myself. Just try and stay away from the negative discussions, some people here are just plain rude. Those threads are practically their breeding grounds.
  • Rizzy394Rizzy394 Posts: 18 Member
    I believe the the forums and the games themselves have ups and downs, but not everyone is grouchy and miserable. I still play the game as it is because it's entertaining and the Sims games are something I've been playing since I was a child. And I come to the forums to find challenges as well as see what other people's games are like, such as what glitches they find in their games or if something hilarious happens. I also love seeing other people's creations.
  • PrincessAmyPrincessAmy Posts: 225 Member
    edited July 18
    I have seen some negativity, I always try to be positive on the forums. I am not a person who is disappointed in The Sims, I don't mind people giving criticism because it helps the forum have many different opinions, but I have seen a lot of bullying of other members and rudeness which is really awful to see. Of course the moderators delete those posts but the fact we have such negativity to the point of some bullying and being mean to others isn't okay. Sometimes I am a bit scared of saying that I really don't mind how the game is and enjoy it and that I don't see EA as an awful company.. (I do think they made mistakes in the past but in terms of The Sims they are really trying) because I seen people get very aggressive about others having different opinions. I think the forum just needs to work on how users express these opinions, because aggression and rudeness is far from a good way to do it.. I have sometimes even seen people use caps and shout their opinion.
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  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 4,648 Member
    I'd suggest any General Discussion which is starting to go negative should be moved to the feedback section. That is where they are more likely to be taken notice of by the gurus.The original poster would probably have given up!
    The Gurus were quick to respond to the re-brand light sensitivity issue as they were overwhelmed by so many Twitter, Reddit followers and those here on the Forum so they do listen. It was a health issue and worth referring back to EA politely and in numbers.

    I expect Maxis have given up collecting feedback and ideas otherwise. They've probably got more than enough for five years or more but it would be a shame if a fantastic idea was lost amongst all the negativity. :)
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 1,625 Member
    Sadly it's gotten really negative in the past few months. I used to love these forums but half the threads now are full of people attacking each other. I've started posting less now since I play sims for fun and don't like drama.
  • storyystoryy Posts: 336 Member
    garapoes wrote: »
    People who are happy are just playing, people come to a forum to complain.

    This exactly.
  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 4,648 Member
    Yes. I just got a Conservationist in Story CAS! He, his young brother and two dogs are now in Sulani. Happy playing. <3
  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 524 Member
    If TS4 was better and EAxis improved it instead of adding more stuff that added more bugs, this forum would be a lot more positive.

    It's only getting more negative because people are losing patience with the devs not addressing the major things that are still buggy for so many years.

    If EAxis wants the forum to be more positive, all the have to do is fix all the bugs first. It's pretty simple.

  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 7,836 Member
    I'm pretty new here, so I'm kind of curious about the forum. I have experienced a surprisingly large number of threads that seem to be unhappy or negative about every aspect of the game, including the logos, loading screens, new packs, and overall mechanics. Do you also experience the mood as negative or unhappy? Does this happen every time something new is announced, or every time a new pack comes out? Has the forum been overall positive/happy about any of the previous packs?

    For the most part yes I see the forums as negative. I really enjoy my game personally and would love to have a place to share that. That's why I came here in the first place. It didn't work out exactly, but there are people that love the current game here also. I also know there are lots of simmers that just won't post here or hang out here and .. I don't blame them. I don't really go to the creative areas frequently even though they are usually positive because I usually find them to be showcases for a simmers work... and that's all well and good when I'm in the mood to read someones story or see what they built but it's not a sharing of general gameplay or day to day excitement.. it's more niche than that.

    I've found that in the general area threads have to be set up in a specific way if you want to share positive things and have the thread remain positive . Like you can't just say "Oh I love IL, what do you think of it??" The person writing something like that probably want's camaraderie and to share excitement but it's open to people to say.. "Yeah I'll tell you what I think of it".. while spitting verbally and guess what... they are well within their rights to do so because the topic invited them in. You can't flag someone for being off topic if they aren't.

    Also yes ... every time something is announced there is a negative tailspin here... and no I've never seen where the forum is overall happy about anything.
    My advise to you is to step back from the forums if you need or want that positive surrounding but it's just making you feel bad or it's a bummer to be here. If people tell you why should you feel bad .. you love your game. Don't worry you know what you feel and it's pretty normal to feel it. I lived with a very negative mother and didn't even realize how bad it was until I left home. It impacts you... so protect yourself from it if needed.
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  • MeeshelbyMeeshelby Posts: 1,879 Member
    The world is full of negative people. And they like to sit around and come up with complaints. Especially online when they can be anonymous behind the screen. Internet brings out the worst in people. We can't change them, so we ignore them. But something we can do is to post positive things...that just seems to be harder to do than complaining for some reason!
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