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TS3-Pluto Mars in Lucky Palms

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Took a little detour from my story over in Riverview for now. I actually did a little bit of playing with my Pluto Mars the other day as I was trying to do some research on a question that someone had asked over in an older thread titled "What does hb mean??" as someone had revivied that old thread asking that question as they were playing over in Oasis Landing. And even though there were some answers in there stating that it means a half bath, the person just wanted to know what it meant in the ITF EP.

So the gameplay begins with Pluto Mars going over to the time portal to check it out and out comes this crazy looking mysterious man that goes by the name of Emit Relevart. Pluto was startled at the strange man coming through the portal so much, that he jumped back a few feet away from the portal.

So while Pluto was trying to regain his footing and getting an introduction from the strange visitor, the university mascot had also paid Pluto a visit and to leave a bucket of university goodies for Pluto if he ever decides to attend the university.

After Emit had introduced himself to Pluto, he asked him if he had seen any powercells scattered about his yard stating that he needed them to fix his time portal. So Pluto went to search his yard to see if what Emit was looking for was there and if they were, he needed to collect 5 of them and return them to Emit. Pluto did indeed see many powercells scattered about in his yard and proceeded to look for any undamaged ones in hopes to be able to help Emit fix his machine. So after he finds the 5 unbroken ones that he needed, he returns to Emit handing over the powercells and then proceeds to ask Emit what the machine does. Emit takes this opportunity to explain the machine and what it does. He also gives Pluto a book called The Almanac of Time and explains to him that it keeps track of different events that takes place over time.

After Emit was done explaining the book and answering any other questions that Pluto might had asked, he activates the portal to leave. So once Pluto's strange visitor left, he decides to take a leap of faith and go through the time portal himself to see what lays in the future.

Pluto arrives through the portal but was unsure what he would see there, so he closes his eyes and sticks his hand out first to feel if it was safe to step out of the portal.

Once he's certain that there wasn't any danger lurking about, he steps out quite surprised that he made it through the portal in one piece.

Once he's out of the portal, he takes a quick look around to check out his surroundings and likes what he sees... :)

He was then approached by Emit giving him a big welcome to Oasis Landing. They talked for a few minutes and then Emit gave Pluto his first assignment which was to use the jet pack which Emit handed over to Pluto... :)

Emit then takes his leave on a hoverboard so that Pluto could go and get started on his "future" education... :)

Pluto finds the tube elevator which he is familiar with since he has some of those in his house and gets in to it... :)

And even though he has these tube elevators at home, he's still not quite sure how to step off of it as he falls flat on his face... :#

And since Pluto loves the outdoors, he's taking in the beautiful scenery in front of him.

Once he's done taking in the scenery, he then checks the sky around him to make sure that no one else is using their jet packs as he doesn't want any little accidents to happened while he's using his.

Once he sees that it's all clear to go, he turns on his jet pack and takes off for the skies... :)

Pluto is so amazed by the fact that he can now hover up in the sky and the fact that he can now go traveling around town while not polluting up the air as he is also eco-friendly... :)

While Pluto was trying to get the hang of flying around, he got distracted and loss his momentum and fell head first into the ground... :#

After his fall, he pulls himself out of the ground in hopes that he didn't break anything.

Pluto felt nauseous after his test flight and hopes that he doesn't throw up out in public making him look like a wimp or something.
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    Pluto's next assignment is to go over to the Bot emporium so that he can go and introduce himself to a plumbot. So he sees ED-90210 and goes over to give a friendly introduction... :)

    Once introductions were made, he asks ED-90210 what it's functions are.

    ED-90210 replies back with:

    After ED-90210 explains their functions to Pluto, Pluto then asks ED-90210 if he can adjust their trait chips and ED said yes.

    But after giving ED an adjustment, Pluto ran for the men's bathroom as he was still nauseous from his jet pack flight so that he can throw up.

    He finds one of those all-in-one bathrooms and heads into it doing his deed... :#

    Once he's done throwing up and cleans himself up, he goes back upstairs to give ED-90210 a high-five to finish up his next assignment... :)

    His next assignment is to go to the cafeteria for a synthesized drink but before he goes and does that, he goes and checks out some of the plumbots on display... :)

    He goes over to check out this one but 5P1R17 is giving themselves a self-adjustment while Pluto watches him/her... :)

    Once 5P1R17 was done with their self-adjustment, they move on so that Pluto could check out this model.

    Then Pluto decides to go try to design a nanite using the bot building machine. He ends up creating a Lepton nanite... :)

    Then he decides that he want's to take a tour at the Stellar Observatory and to experiment with Zero-G... :)

    After Pluto was done at the Stellar Observatory, he flew back to the community housing for Future visitors... :)

    He then wants to learn about bot building, so he purchases some bot building books and goes to sit down to read the first book.

    But while he's sitting there reading, he hears some strange noises in back of him, so he gets up to go and investigate and sees some strange lights as well.

    But then Pluto notices the strange lights beaming down on him as they start to pull him up into them... :s

    So after about an half hour goes by, the alien ship brings him back to the community housing lot.

    After being returned from the ship, he felt nauseous. He's just hoping that they didn't do any sick experiments on him... :#

    He then goes inside and uses the tube elevator again. And again, he falls out of it landing flat on his face. How embarrassing!... :confounded:

    He then goes over to the food synthesizer to get an organic salad.

    But as the door opens for him to grab his salad, he gets squirted with water and has to sponge himself off... :#

    He sat down to eat it but it tasted nasty as it was bad quality.

    After he was done eating, he goes out to the chess board to practice playing chess... :)

    A few scene shots of Oasis Landing as the sun was doing down for the night... :)

    A few more pictures with the sun coming up... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,090 Member

    So after Pluto practiced on the chess table, he decided that it was time to go to cafe, so he heads to the tube elevator to leave... :)

    Once he arrives there, he goes and places an order for a synthesize drink as that was his next assignment to do while he is in the future... :)

    Once the drink is ready, he reaches for it... :)

    The drink that he's drinking is called "Hello Yellow"... :)

    While he's there drinking his drink, Vroomba the waiter was playing for tips... :)

    Vroomba is drawing a little crowd to the cafe... :)

    Carmen Lavishe places a tip in the Vroomba's tip jar... :)

    In the meantime, Cassandre Chandelace goes over to the stage and picks up the guitar and starts playing it... :) I guess she just wanted to have a jam session with Vroomba... :p

    After Pluto finished up his drink, he heads on over to the Legacy Park as that is where his next assignment awaits him... :)

    His assignment is to read the epitaph of a legacy statue... :)

    When he got done reading the epitaph, Bayerd Orey comes over to do the Shaka Bra with Pluto... :)

    Pluto then asks Bayerd about the weather in Oasis Landing as he's interested in what the weather is like in the future... :)

    Then Pluto goes over to the Mercury Stellar Observatory to experiment with the Zero-g. (No picture of him entering into the building.)

    So while he's inside having fun, Cr1sto is outside playing the drums while Amanda Mere talks with her sprite... :)

    While Pluto was inside, this pops up stating that Pluto has some unexpected weight gain. So I guess no traveling for a couple of days for him... :smiley:
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,090 Member
    Pluto is done with his Zero-G experiment and now feels nausea afterwards, so I send him back in to take a Space class... :)

    So while Pluto was inside taking his class, Neel Das and Mychelle Bannister stand around listening to Cr1sto play the drums. Neel was dancing to the tune... :)

    Neel so enjoyed Cr1sto playing the drums that he tipped him 3 times and Mychelle tipped him once... :)

    Once Pluto was done with his class, he exited the building to a small group of people outside watching Cr1sto on the drums... :)

    Pluto Mars learned how to Moon Bounce during his class... :)

    Pluto then went to the bookstore as he has a wish to go there. Once he got there, he saw Vroombo playing the drums outside of the store. Them plumbots sure do like playing their instruments every chance they

    Pluto brought a book in Handiness skill as he wants to get his handiness up. So after he was done inside, he came outside only to see Rowley Wilkins who is a zombie as it is a full moon tonight... :#

    It would seem that Rowley is hungry. I just hope he's not hungry for brains... :#

    Rowley approaches Vroombo after she was done playing the drums. It would seem like Vroombo is trying to flirt with Rowley unless she thinks that it's cute that Rowley wants to play with her, scare her while ToB3 is walking by... :s

    And since Rowley failed at scaring Vroombo the first time, he tries again...

    But was unsuccessful as he couldn't take the pain of being a zombie.

    Rowley then decides to try to scare Pluto while Pluto also thinks it's cute that the scary zombie wants to

    So Pluto plays along with Rowley back making the same movements as

    Then Pluto has a good laugh about it while telling Rowley that he's so funny and fun to be around... :)

    But Rowley wasn't having any of that and proceeded to try to scare Pluto again which he did this time around while Pluto was experiencing some weird sensation going on in his stomach.

    Then Rowley goes over to ToB3 and scares him as well... :#

    Pluto had enough fun with Rowley for the night and decides to head back to the Oasis landing Community Center for the night. He's not too happy riding in a car as he is Eco-friendly and not too crazy about wasting natural resources.

    After he goes inside, he goes to sit down so that he can read his book on bot building as he also has a wish to improve his Advance Technology skill... :)

    Stela 105 comes over and starts to do a Power Drain on the drink synthesizer... :)

    Pluto then receives one of those annoying telemarketing calls and hangs up on them... :s

    So Pluto goes back to reading his book again until he gets yet another phone call.

    So Pluto answers the phone only to find out that it's the same phone call from that annoying telemarketing wanting to finish what they were trying to tell Pluto but Pluto wasn't having none of it and tells them to stop calling him. Even in the future, you're still going to be bombarded by annoying scam phone calls... :s

    So after Pluto hangs up, he goes back to reading again while AFR2000 does a power drain on the drink synthesizer while Amelia Hartley tells a ghost story... :)

    After AFR2000 was done with their power draining, they ordered a can of oil from the synthesizer and then proceeds to squirt the oil over their head and the rest of their body... :)

    AFR2000 then goes to sit down on the floor to listen to the rest of the ghost story... :)

    Pluto decides that since it's been a long day, that it's time to go and claim a bed for the night.. :)

    Pluto then changes out of his clothes and into his long johns for the night... :)

    He then programs the dream bed to allow him to dream about strangers as that was his wish to do... :)

    The next morning, Pluto wakes up and goes in to use the all-in-one bathroom which he was happy about as he was able to save on water instead of wasting it... :smiley:

    Pluto then heads to the tube elevator so that he can get himself something to eat but falls out of it as he's trying to exit it... :#

    Pluto goes over and grabs himself a plate of Apple Cobbler that someone else has made and takes it to a table to eat it. That's Jade Zogg in the background yawning while Tyson Bannister has his back to the camera... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,090 Member
    Jade Zogg had also grabbed himself a plate of Apple Cobbler and sat down next to Pluto to eat it... :)

    Pluto was telling Jade how good the Apple Cobbler was while Jade had some stuck in his throat.

    After Pluto was done eating, he decided to go to the imports gallery to see what they had for sale there and ended up falling out of the tube elevator yet again... :#

    The first thing that Pluto looked at and brought was the Oculo Holo-Computer after trying it out... :)

    And because he really hates wasting natural resources, he decided to look into buying himself an X-75 Hover Scooter as he doesn't get a negative moodlet when using it... :)

    After he was done there, he hops on his new hover scooter as he needs to go out to the Wasteland for his next assignment to investigate the crash site... :)

    He seems to be happy with his new scooter as it doesn't waste any natural resources at all... :)

    Once he gets to the end of the road, he jogs the rest of the way down to the crash site... :)

    Once he arrives at the crash site, he goes and looks around the area so that he can complete his assignment... :)

    He then notices some debris next to the crash site and starts to dig around it to see what it is... :)

    After finding some type of fragment, he hops on his hover board so that he can go back to the community lot so that he can show the piece to Emit to see what Emit knows about it... :)

    Once he gets out of the wasteland and back on the road, he goes over to the building that has the monorail system so that he can take that back to the community lot. And of course, he ends up falling off of the hover board... :s

    Once he gets to the community lot to see Emit, he falls yet again off of the hover board... :#

    Pluto doing the pregnancy walk... :p

    So Pluto tracks down Emit and shows him the fragment piece that he found. So Emit tells him that it looks like it's a part of something bigger, something like a puzzle piece. Then Emit wanted to know what it was the Pluto was eating as he had noticed that Pluto's clothes seem a little tight on him as well as a thicker stomach.

    And just as Jade Zogg walked pass Emit and Pluto, the 2 of them turned around and both started laughing at him at the same

    Once they got done with their laughing at Jade, Pluto turns to Emit to wave at him and thank him for explaining the fragment piece to him... :)

    Pluto notices that there was a chess tournament taking place over in the Reflective Park and decides to head on over there to see who was there. So even though he didn't have his logic skill up yet, he decides to challenge Bennett Obi to a chess tournament. Pluto won the 1st round but while they were playing the 2nd round, Bennett had to get up to use the bathroom... :) Carmen Lavishe is playing the Laser Rhythm-a-con while Gregor Planeson watches the chess game... :)

    Then this pops up stating that Carmen finds Pluto hot... :smiley:

    And since Bennett had ended their chess game a little early, Pluto heads on back to the community lot where he sees plates of Chocolate Mini-Gnomes, Plum Pie and cookies... :)

    So he sees the Chocolate Mini-Gnomes and grabs one on a plate for himself... :)

    He then goes and sits down to eat it... :)

    Jade Zogg that sits down next to Pluto to eat his dinner roll... :)

    Pluto then goes upstairs to play some pool while Jade dances to the music playing... :)

    Pluto then rolls a wish to try out the Putt Putt Gnome trick, so he sets up the pool table with the gnome and pool balls... :)

    But he was unsuccessful in achieving the trick as the ball hit him in the face. So he tries it again for it to hit him again in the face... :s

    He's had enough of the pool table and decides to go read a book about inventing... :)
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    A unicorn at one of the little parks up in the hills... :)

    After Pluto got done reading, he pulls out his multi-tab and listens to a tabcast on the handiness skill... :)

    After he finished listening to his tabcast, he tries his hand again at the Putt Putt Gnome pool trick but was unsuccessful again as he got hit in the face twice... :)

    He then decided to go practice his chess game for a little bit... :)

    3 wild horses in Oasis Landing... :)

    After he was done practicing his chess game, he decides to go over to the Bot Emporium for a little bit... :)

    Once he gets there, he goes over to the bot machine to try to design a nanite...

    But was unsuccessful at it... :#

    Then Pluto goes over to the city hall to check the lotto numbers but there wasn't any to check yet.

    He then goes over to the Legacy Park and spots Edwin Archibilt, Lilah Turni and Bend0 having a water balloon fight... :)

    Edwin making faces at Bend0... :)

    Lilah is about throw a water balloon at Bend0... :) They were all having fun in the park today... :)

    Pluto felt another sensation in his stomach and put on some more weight... :)

    Pluto then searches the sky for something. Who knows what he's looking for unless he saw something of interest to him... :)

    Pluto now has to rush back to the community lot as he felt some labor like pains... :)

    And of course he falls off of the hover board when he's trying to step down from it... :s

    Pluto has another sensation again but only, it's different this time around as he feels some intense pain with it... :)

    Pluto then produces a baby girl in his hands... :)

    Meet Kira Sa'Sithuvod. She loves the outdoors and is artistic. Her favorite food is fruit parfait, favorite music is classical and favorite color is spice brown. Her mother is Vofura Sa'Sithovod.
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    Pluto goes to seek out Emit to show him the baby that he just had since Emit had wanted to know why Pluto had put in so much weight since being there. He told Emit that he thinks that Kira will like classical music... :)

    Then Pluto starts to talk to Emit about his adventures that he's had so far... :)

    After their little chat, Pluto feeds Kira a bottle as she was getting hungry... :)

    Then it was time for some snuggles from daddy... :)

    Pluto noticed that Kira was getting a little tired, so he goes to his room trying to figure out where he was going to put her down for a nap and noticed that Emit had placed a crib in his room for the little bundle of joy... :)

    Pluto decided to relax for a little bit on his bed as he was worn out from his little ordeal... :)

    Pluto started daydreaming while he was relaxing. He's probably daydreaming about what Kira is going to be like and what she's going to do when she gets older... :)

    Pluto was a little hungry but didn't want to leave Kira alone all by herself, so he eats the Gooey Nut Log that he got from the university goodie bucket...

    But it wasn't all that appetizing to him... :s
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,090 Member
    Pluto was ready to pick up Kira for a little play time... :)

    Pluto giving Kira a little kiss... :)

    Since Pluto was still hungry after eating that nasty Gooey Nut Log, he takes Kira down to the kitchen and places her in the little crib that was set up for her by Emit... :)

    Pluto saw a plate of Baguette on the table and grabbed himself a plate and went to sit on the couch to eat it... :)

    He then turned on the TV to check the weather... :)

    Then he turned it to the kids channel for a little bit... :)

    Emit came in and sat down next to Pluto to watch the gardening show that Pluto had on... :)

    Emit asked Pluto if he was going to take a class in gardening... :)

    Pluto then noticed that Kira was hungry, so he picked her up to give her a bottle... :)

    He then took Kira back to their room so that he can get their things together so that they can go back through the portal to go home... :)

    Pluto and Kira made it through the portal safe and sound... :)

    Pluto puts together the stroller that he brought for Kira and placed her in the stroller to push her to the door to their home... :)

    Once they got inside, Pluto took her up to her room and put the crib in there so that he could put her in it... :)

    Pluto was hungry, so he goes down to his kitchen to get something to eat and ended up falling out of the elevator. At least when he has Kira, he's more careful exiting the elevator... :smiley:

    He went to the food replicator to get a hot dog but it went awry... :#

    So he ended up getting squirted with water...

    And ended up sponging himself off before he could get his hot dog... :s

    He takes the hot dog from the replicator and goes to his table to eat it... :)

    He goes back upstairs after cleaning up his dishes and picks up Kira for a little snuggle... :)

    He takes Kira outside and places her in the portable crib and then sits down to write Kira's mom a letter in hopes that she will come and see her daughter... :)
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    After Pluto ate and cleaned up his dirty dishes, he goes up stairs to use the bathroom and ended getting yet another annoying telemarketing phone call... :s

    He then used the sonic shower for a quick cleaning on himself... :)

    Then he went to the mirror to practice his speech... :)

    Then it off to play some computer games... :)

    While he was playing on the computer, he heard Kira crying so he went in and gave her a bottle... :)

    He then put her on the changing table to change her diaper... :)

    After he was done changing Kira's diaper, he lifted her above his head...

    And then gave her a kiss...

    And then blew raspberries on her little tummy which she liked... :)

    Afterwards, he rocked Kira for a little bit in the rocking chair... :)

    He then put her back in the crib and went down to the kitchen where he fall out of the elevator yet again... :#

    He had some synthesized French Toast for breakfast... :)

    He then took his empty plate back to the food replicator so it can be cleaned... :)

    Then he decided that since it was a nice day, that he would take Kira for a walk in her stroller... :)

    Kira was enjoying herself on their little walk.

    Because Pluto was going a little uphill, he took Kira out of the stroller so that he could carry her up the little hill before putting her back in the stroller... :)

    Once he get away's from home and got tired of walking, he summons his spaceship to come and picked them so that they could go home... :)

    After they returned home, he took Kira to the Regency Arcade as he had a wish to use the slip-n-slide that they had on their lot. (I placed the 40x30 lot on a 40x40 lot and added some things to the outside of it... :) )

    I added a playground for the little kiddies as well as any adults who may want to swing or use the see-saw, a mechanical riding bull as well as the kiddie pool up next to the swimming pool, the kiddie ball pit, a crib, some picnic tables and grills and a trashcan... :)

    So after they get there, Pluto heads over to the crib to place Kira into it so that he can go have some fun... :)

    So Pluto changes out of his clothes for his swim trunks...

    And goes in for a slide on the slip-n-slide... :)

    And despite the fact that he had the wasting water moodlet, he still had fun using the slip-n-slide... :)

    Then he headed over to the swings for a little swing time... :)

    He also enjoyed swinging on the swings... :)

    He then called over to Darren Dreamer asking him if he wanted to play on the see-saw and Darren said yes... :)

    So Darren comes over and sits down on the see-saw opposite of Pluto... :)

    Pluto is having fun on the see-saw as well... :)
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    Evangeline Finch comes over to the 2 guys on the see-saw like she was waiting for a turn or something... :)

    Pluto and Darren talk to each while they are see-sawing... :)

    After the guys got done on the see-saw, Pluto headed over to the mechanical bull for a quick ride... :)

    Pluto also had fun on the bull... :)

    Pluto nearly fell off of the bull but stayed on... :)

    Pluto then stood on top of the bull when he was done with his ride... :)

    Then he did a flip off of the bull and landed on both of his feet... :)

    It getting late as it was 7:00 pm, so he goes over and gets Kira out of the crib and puts her into her stroller so that they can go home for the evening... :)

    He summons his spaceship so that they can get home a lot quicker... :)

    The return home from the arcade... :)

    He gets Kira inside and places her in the crib in the living room...

    While goes back outside to pay his bills so that the repo man/woman doesn't show up and start taking things from the house.

    Pluto then gets today's newspaper and takes it to his deck to read it... :)

    He then goes inside and orders a synthesized bowl of mac and cheese for dinner buts gets squirted with water again... :#

    He then needs to sponge himself off again... :)

    He goes over to his kitchen table and eats his dinner... :)

    He then watches some TV after cleaning up his dishes... :)

    Then he went to practice his chess game for a little bit... :)

    Then it was off to bed for the night as it was after midnight... :)

    He then programs the dream pod bed for him to dream about rushing water. Now why anyone would want to dream about rushing water is beyond me. I guess whatever floats his boat... :p

    So he dreams about rushing water through the night...

    And then the dream pops up a toilet. Well if you're dreaming about rushing water, why not dream about a toilet as thinking/dreaming about water is going to make anyone want to go to the bathroom... :p

    Then this pops up when he wakes :p

    He then goes back to the bathroom to use the toilet and then it was a quick cleaning from the sonic shower... :) He changed the light to the turquoise setting as that is his favorite color... :)

    Then it was time to feed Kira another bottle... :)

    It was time for Kira to age up to a toddler, so Pluto brought her a cake and some balloons and then placed her on the floor... :)

    Happy birthday Kira... :)

    Pluto then goes over and picks up Kira and tosses her in the air... :)

    Then he holds her for a little bit... :)

    He then does the claw with her...

    And she loves it... :)
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    sorry for necroposting but the question was about moonlight falls not oasis landing
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,090 Member
    Wainwrong wrote: »
    sorry for necroposting but the question was about moonlight falls not oasis landing

    @Wainwrong, no worries... :)
  • lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 15,090 Member

    So I placed this dinosaur on my due to a thread that someone created asking about a dinosaur pack as the OP of the thread said that they saw a dinosaur and thought that maybe The Sims 3 had a dino pack out.

    I've turned it around to face Pluto's house so make it look like it's looking at Pluto and the house.

    After Pluto had put Kira down and went out to get the newspaper, he came back inside so that he can go and read the newspaper but he still hasn't mastered getting off of the elevator yet and landed face first into the floor.

    One the birthday gifts that Kira got for her birthday was a activity table for her to play on as well as some hair and a change of clothing.

    Of course when Pluto had gone out to get the paper and to get his gifts out of the mailbox, he had deactivated the time portal and had it moved behind his garage. But the time portal had reactivated itself and 5 future residents came through.
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