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Speed Build Videos!

Everybody sharer your speed build videos!! I'm trying to get better and draw inspiration from other channels as well :)


  • comstarhatesucomstarhatesu Posts: 53 Member
    Hi fellow simmers! I'm not the greatest at building, but I was playing TS3 World Adventures and I was inspired to build the Landgraab Chateau from Champs Les Sims. It took me over 8 hours (not a once) to do, so it's a 6 part speed build. Hope you like it!
    Check out my YouTube channel, ComStar Sims: Thanks! ~ Brittney
  • kaiwrysimskaiwrysims Posts: 569 Member
    A fancy restaurant for rich and famous sims to replace the museum lot in DC

    I do let's plays, builds and cas on my Channel

    Check out my twitter and tumblr

  • ThestarletPlayerThestarletPlayer Posts: 63 Member

    I did this video a month ago. Some times speed builds with voiceovers distract me and thought music would be better. I hope you enjoy it!
  • nufusimsnufusims Posts: 41 Member
    @comstarhatesu @kaiwrysims @ThestarletPlayer thank you so much for sharing and keeping this thread going!!
  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    Hi everyone!

    I created a Artist Tiny House with a winter garden which serves as an atelier :)

    Thanks for your support and your feedback!

  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    Hi everyone! I use the new sims 4 pack to made a speed build video.
    Hope you will come to watch it!
  • roroprincess1229roroprincess1229 Posts: 201 Member

    Giveaway instructions:
    Watch vid + sub + links
    Additional entries for following me on twitter, twitch, insta, tumblr
    Comment (vid) on content you would like to see
    Comment first + last name & social media handles
  • ToastPlaysStuffToastPlaysStuff Posts: 38 Member
    I love doing small builds! This is one I did for a freelancer with a green thumb!

  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    This build is made with the base game and island living pack only.
  • Slayer_RoseSlayer_Rose Posts: 56 Member
    Wow there are some amazing builds here! Im checking them out! My latest one is here:

  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 351 Member

    My latest speed build is this library! I'm super happy with it and would be grateful if anyone wants to check it out <3
  • whimreaperwhimreaper Posts: 351 Member
    @siminette Nice video! I thought the style was very relaxing and unique! I think my favourite part of the house is the kitchen :)
  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    Come to check my channel if you like my video!
    I do slow motion speed build

  • Slayer_RoseSlayer_Rose Posts: 56 Member
    Another one!

  • LilBopBopsLilBopBops Posts: 3 New Member
    I make some speed build on my channel go check me out if you want Lil bopbops (the name is a long story lol)
  • Slayer_RoseSlayer_Rose Posts: 56 Member
    I'd love it if you guys could check this out!!

  • TheSimsFlixTheSimsFlix Posts: 23 Member
    Hey pals! I recently did a botanical garden speed build inspired by 'Le Jardin des Plantes' - the oldest botanical garden in France! It was super fun to do so I highly recommend giving a garden build a go if you haven't already! Thank you for your time :)

  • nuttynic39nuttynic39 Posts: 2 New Member
    amazing!! i love watching these! keep it up!
  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    I made a speed build video in slow motion using the new stuff pack Moschino.

  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    Hey guys! Here's my two lastest video! Come to check out!

  • LilacxLilacx Posts: 76 Member
    I am still very new into doing speedbuilds and I am still learning to make better builds, but I have a few on my channel and I really love how this one turned out.

  • LilacxLilacx Posts: 76 Member
    edited October 2019
    I did an apartment make over video on my channel!

  • Slayer_RoseSlayer_Rose Posts: 56 Member
    If you liked Buffy...
  • siminettesiminette Posts: 131 Member
    Hi everyone!

    It took time but I finally put my video on. I buit a tree house and It's a speed build in stop motion. If you're interesting, come to see my channel! :)

  • LilacxLilacx Posts: 76 Member
    edited October 2019
    A few days ago I uploaded a new speedbuild to my channel! It is a tiny house for one sim and it has everything you could need!

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