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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    I decided to try to make Sims 3 versions of TS4 Island Living premade characters Nalani (the mermaid from the trailer) and Makoa (a very cute but, sadly, married human sim. But my sims 3 version won't be married!)

    I'm slow at this, so Makoa is still a work in progress.

  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 3,932 Member
    @Mikezumi , Keanu's homework face made me laugh! He is truly suffering.

    @jonny522 , love the scenic pic!

    @coco , I completely missed the point with "Chair" and "Sherlock"! Thanks for explaining! :smiley:

    @Silverofdreams30 , Tricia is beautiful, and I like the screenshots from Praaven!
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,944 Member

    @coco I was excited to see an update from you. Jem and Artie are so cute playing together. That is sweet he wants to help his little brother.
    One of your images and it must be the one of Saville teaching Artie to walk is missing for me as that is the caption. :(
    I know exactly how Saville feels but it sure is exciting seeing the men they become too.
    Jem and the puppy bonding over food and playing together, so precious. I think the name is great...Sherlock! Funny how he associated and came up with the name.
    Love that read the book animation. Most of the time mine go to a big bed and not there own, so I don't do it very much.
    What a great story to read. I love the romantic ending.
    Love the pics under the spoiler!

    @Silverofdreams30 Tricia is very pretty. I love her dress.
    Beautiful Silas picture....err.....scenery picture. :lol: Well, they are all beautiful especially Silas. :love:
    The kids are adorable!

    @Brandontaylor Happy 4th to you also. I usually watch fireworks from the comfort of my living room chair. :lol:

    @GraceyManor Happy 4th to you as well.

    @rubyskywalker Happy 4th!

    @DeafSimmer Cute pictures. Sorry the world is not working as you wanted it.

    @PalmArrow Your sims 3 version is very handsome.
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    "Enough Morgana! What have you done?" Merlin demanded as he stormed the dungeons.

    "You old fool, have been a thorn in my side since day one.As soon as my potion's complete, I'll be rid of you once and for all."
    "Morgana, you're young.You don't know what kind of magic, you're dealing with.."

    "One where I'll get the respect I deserve.Now out of my way old man."

    "I think not Morgana." She turned to find Arthur with his knights...."How?" She managed to get out.She eyed his sword."Excalibur!"

    Morgana desperately tried to disarm the king.But Excalibur would not budge."Maker why isn't this working." "Morgana, your power's up, lass.I told you you didn't know what you were dealing with.With every spell of that book, you lose more and more of your power.If you had actually studied the contents, you would have known."

    Morgana chucked nervously as everyone gathered around her."Dear, half brother...You know I was just teasing right? Like a little half sister does?" She said to Arthur." "Of course, darling sister.And I know just how to repay you." Arthur beckoned for his guard."Send her to Endmonton" "Maker! Not the witch's prison!" She screamed."They'll torture me! You can't do that." "He's King, he can do what he wants." Sabrina chimed in."My judgment is final.Get her out of here." "No...please...I'm sorry...not the prison...anywhere but that..."

    "I'm glad your okay Sabrina." He hugged her tightly."Thank you, if you didn't keep at me, she'd still have control." Sabrina smiled."Still think I'm crazy?" "A little.." "What?" "But I like that about you..."

    "I'm ready to go home Merlin...." "Merlin just looked at the ground."About that lass...I'm afraid I can't send you back." "Why not?" "Well, firstly it requires opening that book of black magic.And like I've said.Not even I with all my magic, would dare turn one page.Secondly, remember, I have trouble seeing the future...I could probably send you further back in time, but not forward to your time."

    "You mean I'm stuck here?!" Sabrina begged and pleaded."Merlin!" "I'm sorry Sabrina..." Arthur finally spoke."You don't have to go...I don't want you to leave."

    "Perhaps." Merlin spoke."It's not a bad thing for you to stay?" He pointed over at Arthur, who was standing alone in the corner."It seems everyone's taking a liking to you lass." Sabrina looked away."What about Guinvere and Lancelot? He's suppose to marry Guinvere." "Perhaps not..."Merlin said.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 8,944 Member

    Midnight Hollow, The Ballan Story
    Adam's Quest
    Wisteria's Fate

    As the household sleeps, someone else is stirring. A fairy appears in the back garden coming out of the little fairy house. The fairy changes her form once she is a safe distance from the little house. She looks to the main house and realizes someone is living in it. She senses other members of the occult society as well as a human. Her senses tell her the new neighbors are a witch and two werewolves, a fairy and a human. 'How interesting' she thinks to herself. What a strange combination of peoples. She feels a disturbance in the air around the house but does not know what it means. Her curiosity gets the best of her. She sneaks into the house in fairy form and reverts once safely inside. She finds the fairy first as he is sleeping in the room downstairs. Her heartbeat quickens as she watches him sleep. He is very handsome. She trembles and feels faint. She does not understand the disturbing feeling she is getting in his presence. She leaves the room as swiftly as she entered it. She slips upstairs and finds the others. Moving quietly she peers into the bedrooms upstairs. How strange, it seems that one of the werewolves and a witch are together and the other werewolf is with the human. Both couples are snuggled in bed so close together that she can't tell where one begins and the other ends. They are definitely lovers and she smiles at the romantic vibrations that they give off even in their sleep. She leaves the house avoiding the room with the male fairy since it disturbed her so much. She flies silently in the night to the community garden. She has made it her job to work with the plants in the community garden, weeding them, talking to them and keeping them happy and watered and fed.

    Meanwhile, back at the house Adam is awakened by the sounds of someone trying to enter the front door. The house does not have an alarm system, but with two werewolves and a witch in the household it is really not needed. By the time the others got downstairs Adam was already in a fight with the burglar as well as getting hearts with her! Yes....her. Equal opportunity burglars around this town! No police showed up and Adam let her run off since she didn't even get in the house to take anything. Hopefully word will get around town that the newcomers are not to be messed with.

    The fairy finishes her job and tidies up the loose seeds lying around and goes back home before the sun rises. She is very shy and even though most communities accept fairy's readily she is a bit timid so she prefers to work at night and sleep during the day. She goes through the woods and slips into her home before the others are stirring. She sips on some pineapple juice, does a few chores, takes a quick shower and tucks herself into her bed and falls asleep quickly. Her dreams are disturbing instead of restful. A grey eyed fairy chases her through the valley and into the woods, laughing as he catches up with her, taking her hand in his and swinging her around and around as he dances her around the trees as the music of the woods surrounds them. Her heart beats wildly and he pulls her into his embrace. The kiss starts softly and tenderly and she puts her arms around his neck pulling him closer wanting more......she wakens, her heart still beating wildly realizing it was just a dream.....just a dream.

    She sits up on the side of the bed breathing deeply trying to settle her heart and nerves. "By the fates", she moans. "I am not ready to meet my soulmate even if he is cute!" After the dream the disturbing sensations she was feeling made complete sense. She moves over to sit on the couch to think about how this is going to change her life. She wonders if he is aware of her. She keeps the fairy house under spells to keep anyone out so they might keep him from sensing her. She realizes it will do her no good to run though. They are destined by the fates to be together and some will say she is lucky to have found him so early in her youth. She wonders how old he is. She thinks from what she saw he is not much older than her. Should she go knock on the door and introduce herself? Should she just keep hiding. Should she just run as fast and as far away as she can? Her mind is whirling with thoughts and she can feel herself start to hyperventilate. She tells herself to stop panicking, she tries the slow breathing again, and suddenly feels a soothing aura that settles her mind and calms her breathing. She curls up on the couch, and lets the aura do its job and she falls fast asleep.

    Dedric feeling restless decides to go to the attic where Adam and Marshall set up the martial arts equipment. He cannot figure out why he has been so unsettled since they moved into this house. He has not been to Moonlight Falls in years but never experienced this before and it worries him as to what it could mean to Adam. He senses someone nearby is upset, but cannot tell who it is. He says the words of calm and soothing and an aura surrounds him and feeds out to all those nearby. He hopes it helps the one who needs it the most.
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    Mona and Evelyn's pictures respectfully.
    They both dreamed of their honeymoon, perhaps when he comes back the entire family can go to a summer vacation.
    Baxter makes every single moment count.
    Ryan becomes a master of logic.
    His father congratulates him over his achievement. It's something which Alex himself hasn't achieved. He's very proud of Ryan.
    Ryan's certificate.
    The day is coming soon. Even in Alex's dreams.
    Alex is informed that he goes tomorrow.

    This is a map of the current situation in Pirate Archipelago(all credit goes to Far Cry 3 Wiki).[Red=Pirate, Yellow=Contested, Pink=Army: Circles indicate bases, star indicates probable location of hostages].

    It's the last day he's has with his family before the tour, they take a photo together. Both he and Lindsey knows it may be the last time as well.
    He gets a phone call, Lionel will pick him up and then they head straight to the airport.
    Bye to the kids.
    Bye to his wife.
    He leaves.
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    How the heck do you get a sim to sit on the ground? :o I was just zooming around and noticed this guy sitting.I clicked on ground but no option.
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  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    @GraceyManor Tis autonomous, but the way you can get it for photos and such is to use them on the picnic and then use moveobjects cheat.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,035 Member
    I never seen sims sit on the ground autonomously before and I been playing since 2009 XD.
  • jonny522jonny522 Posts: 179 Member
    @GraceyManor For some reason I feel like I have, but now that I think about it I'm not sure if I have either. And I've been playing since 2005.
  • cocococo Posts: 2,692 Member
    @GraceyManor He might be meditating or brooding.
    @jonny522 I didn't think of it before but those might be good ways of getting a sim sitting down. The picnic blanket option was a great idea from Mikezumi :smile:
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,035 Member
    He has the brooding trait(I created him) so that's probably it.
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    edited July 2019
    Mikezumi reached level 5 of the Daycare career! I won't have her quit straight away because I want to see how many kids will show up!
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,426 Member
    Keanu isn't a handsome sim but he's got something about him that I love! I could look at this boy all day :)
  • MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,426 Member
    @coco Always exciting when you update! :)
    Poor puppy will get used to his new home soon, I am sure :)
    Adorable pics of the boys playing at the block table and it's a great way for them to get to know each other better :)
    Wanting your kids to stay small forever is not an uncommon wish I am sure. I am so glad that my boy has grown up but I do miss the cheeky little monkey that he used to be :D
    That's good that Jem will learn responsibility from looking after the puppy :)
    Jem watching puppy eating is so cute!
    Chair as a name is just too weird! :D
    Sherlock is a great name!
    That would have melted Saville's heart knowing that Jem still wanted him to read to him :)
    What a lovely story!
    I can see how Saville is reminded of Sun with that story! I loved her time as a vampire!
    Adorable bonus pics!
  • cocococo Posts: 2,692 Member
    pg. 3572
    @Mikezumi Keanu's painting of the kittens is very cute. Oh my gosh even the lady's dress is poo green. Definite pudding family :lol: It's lucky for her that pudding toddlers are still cute for now.
    I think you have to be fearless to break boards with your hands. I remember I had to do it once as part of a self esteem boosting exercise but it's very difficult. Seems odd that she would only have one toddler to look after while being this far along in the career, unless it's a weekend. I find it hilarious that you can sell certificates for money. Pfff Keanu doesn't really need his driving licence anyway :lol: Oh no Jeffrey why, he needs a makeover desperately. Maybe you can just rewrite him with one of your bin sims so he's not pudding anymore :smile:

    pg. 3573
    @mikezumi I think cookies is the last thing Jeffrey needs :tongue: Yeah Keanu better build up some strength in his arms to be able to beat Shannon. I can't tell if Darwin is meant to be a girl or boy since Jeffrey also had that same hair. I like Virginia, you have made her look very cute with her green clothes.
    @rubyskywalker Congrats on the twins. I think negative traits can be really fun. Good luck with the Absent Minded trait, that one bugs me so bad :lol: The plan for Alex sounds fun. Showtime is a fun expansion, you can have him start off in the musician career to gain some basic experience and maybe he can branch off into his solo career when you get the pack.
    @jonny522 Cool picture of the rainbow and balloon. I like that there are flowers for every grave. Alex is sweet for visiting his mother. Aw Evelyn is still having nightmares. It seems like she was dreaming about Alex dying. That does sound like a nice date and hopefully it won't be the last. 4 days isn't too long thankfully. I can't imagine how hard the fitness expectations are to do what Alex does.
    @meerkattime I'm kind of embarrassed with how bad the vanilla version looks haha, but thank you for downloading. You might want to tweak his nose and eye level to make him look a bit better. I download cc when I procrastinate which is such a dangerous habit! But I've got a good computer so I hope the game can manage :lol:
    @karritz I hope you have a good time visiting your son. You looked after those dogs for a long time so it must have been hard adjusting to life without them around. I'm sure they will be very happy to see you :smile:
    I don't have the time to watch the video right now but I'm curious about the big birthday party :smile:
    @bekkasan Your sims need a science version of that portable desk that sims can work from, I forget which career or trait it's from lol. All of my sims usually become nerds because it only takes one sim to learn it at university and then it spreads like wildfire :lol:
    @GraceyManor I'm glad we were thinking the same thing :lol:
    @Silverofdreams30 I will wish you a proper happy birthday tomorrow. Your new sim is pretty and I like her medieval dress. It would be interesting to see how a world manages without any schools :smile:
    Such a pretty sunset. Praaven looks like a real place but not anywhere in Australia lol. The men are pretty, I like the other guy's face on Silas' body :lol: Adorable kids too :smile:
    @Brandontaylor That's annoying that the storms interrupted the fireworks. Hope you had a great night.
    @DeafSimmer I haven't heard anything bad about Ellacharmed's fixes so I would try hers next. You could always try putting StoryProgression on a slower setting. I have mine set to Snail not because it impacts my computer but because I don't like things happening too fast. I'm not sure how genetics work in TS4 but that is frustrating about sims not properly inheriting unnatural hair colours.

    pg. 3574
    @PalmArrow I like the look of Makoa very much, what a pity he's not single in TS4. You did a good job recreating him. I feel like due to a limitation on TS3 CAS you can't make sims look as 'sharp' as they are in TS4. Do you ever play your Sunlit Tides Surfing sims? I feel like he would be a great surfer :wink:
    @bekkasan Thanks for the lovely comments. I'm not sure what happened with the missing pic as it was there when I went to bed but when I checked in the morning it had disappeared. It's not even in my postimages account anymore, very bizarre! Oh well it wasn't that important, just a picture of Artie standing up and beginning to walk to Saville. I have so many pictures of Jem and the puppy playing together it will hard to choose for my next update. I love that sims can read their kids a bedtime story. It's adorable when the child nods off to sleep at the end :smile:
    Ooh I like this introduction to Wisteria a lot. I wonder why she has such a strange feeling about Dedric hmm. That's sweet that she tends to community garden while the townsfolk sleep. Wait Adam got hearts for the burglar? I thought Adam was a werewolf and Dedric was the fairy or am I getting confused. Such sneaky burglars thinking they can steal from renters. Wisteria is so pretty and I love how you dressed her up. Ohh I think I see what's going on. My guess is that she's dreaming about Dedric. Maybe fairies can sense their future partner because her dream sure sounds romantic and intense! It must be a great shock for her that her soulmate is so closeby. I think I would be panicking too and thinking of running away. I feel that they are destined to meet no matter what. Awww so Dedric was the one that sent the aura. Funny that he came to Moonlight Falls to help Adam but I think he will gain something important for himself instead :smile:
    @GraceyManor It's hopeless to talk Morgana out of her plans. She's gonna get what she deserves sooner or later. Arthur looks impressive with his knights. Haha it turns out Morgana didn't bother reading the spellbook properly. That witch prison sounds like a scary place. Aww I'm so glad that Arthur remembers everything from both lives, it would be heartbreaking if he forgot about Sabrina after all that. Oh no so she can't go back to her own time. I don't think Arthur will be falling in love with Guinevere anytime soon but I'm curious what their part is in the story :smile:
    @jonny522 Mona's painting is very interesting. I think the kids would enjoy a vacation, great idea. That's very impressive for such a young sim to master logic! Wow you have put a lot of thought into this map. You captured a very nice picture of the family together. I see this is why you needed to kids to sit on the ground. Saying goodbye in the rain is sad enough, I hope Alex will be alright.
    @mikezumi Congrats you made it :smile: I wonder what the 'Joys of Children' and 'Admonish Child' interactions look like. Somehow I can't see Mikezumi driving around in the van :lol:
    I don't know what you're talking about, I think Keanu is very handsome and I love looking at him too :love:
    If you are open to suggestions I would love to see your take on a young Tom Hanks someday. I've started to go through his filmography in order and he was quite cute in the 80s :smile:
    Thank you for all the wonderful comments, I always enjoy reading them. The next group of sims you have should be named after household objects :lol::tongue:
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    coco wrote: »
    pg. 3574
    @PalmArrow I like the look of Makoa very much, what a pity he's not single in TS4. You did a good job recreating him. I feel like due to a limitation on TS3 CAS you can't make sims look as 'sharp' as they are in TS4. Do you ever play your Sunlit Tides Surfing sims? I feel like he would be a great surfer :wink:

    @coco , I have not played my Sunlit Tides save in a long time , but I definitely do want to return to it, and I will add my versions of Nalani and Makoa to the town.
    I don't miss the sharpness of TS4 sims in TS3 because I think that real people are much less angular, more like TS3 than like TS4 sims. But my TS3 Makoa has very deep-set eyes compared to the original, although I actually moved the slider so that they are pushed almost all the way to the front. That's one thing I won't be able to emulate. (The eyes also need to be a little bit lower, but that's easy to fix!)
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    Wow that's so kind @meerkattime :smile: now I feel really special. I had a lot of things going on irl(nothing bad, just a lot) so that's why I've been away from the forums. + I had problems with my game so while being busy I didn't have a time to fix those problems. But now it's summer and my game is fixed :sunglasses:

    Anyway back to the game: Zelda is about to have her second child in my game. I think that after she has her kid she needs to fix her life a bit and go to uni. I don't wanna take her there alone( I'm terrified of playing with just one Sim because what if he/she dies and I get game over :open_mouth: ).
    So do you guys have any suggestions which premade Sims from Sunset Valley should go with her to uni?
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,767 Member
    Today, Rachel started work on Princess Loveheart and the Fairies, the 24th book in the series:
    Drake watched the Fishing Channel:
    Back upstairs, Rachel finished typing up Princess Loveheart and the Fairies:
    She joined Drake and Iris in front of the TV:
    Rachel then took Drake and Iris to the Spa:
    They arrived safely:
    This was when I found out why the place was called Sunflower Spa:
    After a few sim hours, Rachel, Drake and Iris came out, feeling refreshed. Their fingernails and toenails were trimmed.
    Then it was home time. Drake and Iris climbed into Rachel's car and they set off:
    They arrived safely back home:
    Rachel went up to her study and started work on Princess Loveheart and the Stray, the 25th book in the series:
    A few sim hours later, she finished typing the book up, earning a promotion to Ghost Writer:
    Rachel then went downstairs and got the mail:
    Iris was in Rachel's bathroom, having a nice soak. Rachel allows Drake and Iris to use her bathroom, as it's the only one with a bath.
    Downstairs, Rachel put on her bright pink raspberry scented lipstick and smiled. She then gave Drake a big loving hug and several big smooches on his face:
    Rachel then blew several big kisses towards Drake, which landed on his face:
    Drake went bright red and giggled. Rachel had covered his face in big bright pink raspberry scented lipstick smooches. 'Thank you for taking me and Iris out to the spa today, and thank you for the big loving hugs and lipstick smooches, Mum!' Drake said, still blushing but smiling brightly. 'Awww, you're so very welcome, my cute, adorable and kissable son!' Rachel said, smiling sweetly and batting her eyelashes at Drake:
    Rachel then used her demigoddess powers to magically clean Drake, removing the lipstick smooches from his face:

    Feedback/Responses to mentions, later.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Let those smiles spread!
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    Will give feedback tomorrow since today is my birthday.
    I hope everyone in America had a great 4th of July.
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 1,767 Member
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    Happy Birthday! 🎂
    Hey, cool. Emojis work!
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
    Let those smiles spread!
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    @GraceyManor Love that Morgana actually lost powers messing around with the bad magic! I'm also glad Arthur did not soften and sent her away. She can't go back home? She needs some Ruby slippers!! Well, actually she and Arthur are so cute together. :love:
    He looks very comfy sitting there! :) It looks like the laptop pose, without the laptop.

    @jonny522 Congrats to Ryan on mastering logic so young!
    I like the family portrait, great you were able to figure out how to do it. I had not thought of movie cheats as I've never messed with movies. I do use the pose player to get some of my family portraits and moo them into position. I save before I do the moo pics and then do the pics and then go back to the previous save because moo can mess sims up sometimes.
    Such a sad goodbye! I remember how I felt when my Dad went places we couldn't go. Luckily that only happened twice but twice was too much. I'm saying an extra prayer for your sims safety! :wink:

    @Mikezumi Congrats to Mikezumi!
    hehe, what is the saying 'a face only a mother (creator) could love'. That is probably very true of most of our sims.

    @coco Thanks for the comments! :smiley: The business portable from university! That would be interesting to try transmogrify on it. I have the mod, but, have not used it on anything yet. I'm chicken that I will mess something up.
    Adam is the werewolf and Dedric is the fairy. In that one picture Adam is still fighting the burglar so he is inside the dust ball, and Dedric is watching the fight. :) Adam does have fairy genes though, his mother was a fairy and of course he found out he might have them from his real father's genetics as well. They are dormant because in my story the were genes are prominent ones. I found a mod that removes wings from fairy's but, it removes from all fairy's so I didn't like Adam in game has to stay a full werewolf, he cannot be a hybrid as I don't want him to have wings, but, I want the other fairy's to have wings. I used the mod briefly when Shea first came to Barnacle Bay in the Sinclair branch of Midnight Hollow story as I was having her hide her wings in case that dastardly Craven came after her.
    Wisteria is so pretty and fun to play dress up with! She looks great in everything. I'd be a bit scared too of the sensations and feelings for a complete stranger and she is shy which surprised me that Craven chose that trait for one of his sims. I left it though as I rarely use it and should be fun with her having that trait and seeing if it changes much in her relationships.
    Yes, I think Dedric will find something very important in Moonlight Falls.

    @ItsJanier I don't play in SV very often but I do like Christopher Steel!

    @Silverofdreams30 Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and best wishes for a wonderful year!
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    @bekkasan I will have to wait until I get up north to read your story. I'm trying to catch up on my artwork at the moment. Lots of new things happening there and I won't be able to do anything much with it once I leave my computer behind. I'll have my tablet and I'm borrowing a laptop from my son but it won't have any of my resources on it.

    Thanks for the congrats on the video. I am working on the next one. I am currently enjoying this family. They were all strangers to me initially but I'm getting into the game now. I can only show bits of it in the videos or they'd be too long. This series is meant to be for people who don't have time to watch much and I keep the episodes to between 10 and 20 minutes. I usually try for 15 minutes. The one I just loaded runs for 16 minutes. I've even able to remember a few of their names now and can recognise them and name them by sight. Since there are now 17 in the household I am feeling quite happy about that. I've added Gwen and she'll be in the next video. I'm loading the game at the moment and am planning on another big party. This time I think I'll age two of them up together. And add lots of extra food - there will be the buffet table plus lots of other goodies they can bake themselves. Shame I don't have a CAS genie in the household who could summon food. They do have the genie from the lamp but she's still in the lamp. Might have to get her out and get her to join the household. But I have plans for her too.

    As for the little dogs. My son said they were sad for about a week after I left in January, but they got over it and are now really happy. I get lots of photos of them and they do look like they are having lots of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing them again. I think they might be back here next year though. It depends on what my son decides to do. He is only in his current job for a few more months. The little dog in my avatar here is the biggest of the two of them. He is about 7 kg so not very big. He's a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Miniature Poodle, his little friend is a cross between a Maltese Terrier and a Shih Tzu, she's about 6 kg. They are both getting old now and are about 13 yrs.

    @coco thanks. I hope you are able to find 16 minutes to watch the video. That series is for people without much time available. As is the Perfect Genetics Challenge. I aim at 10 to 20 minutes for those videos and usually try to go for 15 minutes.

    I'm about to video another big birthday party now. But I think it'll be in a future video. I've already got too much recorded to go into the next video to be released.

    Just remember, I don't plan to take them down so you might find time next year or the year after - if you're still simming and looking for a video to watch.

    Happy Simming all.
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    @Brandontaylor, 3572.
    Thanks for the feedback! Less is more...Or something...
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Wendy, Chloe, Shine, Tiffany, Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar.
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