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Too Many Aliens

Does anyone know how to curtail the generating of Aliens? I've found at least 20 already wandering the worlds and I'm sure there are more I haven't identified. I don't mind a few but this is getting ridiculous. I've tried MCCC but it only controls Alien births, not spontaneous generation of Aliens by the system. I would be fine with the usual half dozen or so living on Sixam and maybe 10 more wandering NPCs, but it seems like I'm seeing more Aliens than humanoid Sims when I'm out and about. The main reason I know so many are around is because they aren't even disguised. I've written their names down so I can delete most of them from the Households panel, but before I do that, I'm hoping I can find a way to limit their numbers so they aren't simply replaced by more Aliens.


  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 17,344 Member
    edited June 2019
    Do you have Get Together? If you do, you can create a club, but you'll need an alien to make this happen. There is an option that club members must have an alien trait. When you are picking members all aliens that are currently in your game will show up on the list, including those in disguise. It might take a couple of times for them to show up, but this one way to find them. As far as the number I don't know. If you don't want to keep the alien you use for this in your game, you can either delete it or send it to your library.
  • blythemegan94blythemegan94 Posts: 23 Member
    I usually wait for Alien night at a local bar, but @LaBlue0314's idea sounds much more efficient XD
  • CupidCupid Posts: 3,623 Member
    I can't remember the last time I saw one in my game. If you stay away from bars on alien night (which is on Tuesdays I believe?) and never visit Sixam then you really shouldn't be seeing that many of them.
  • TiarellaTiarella Posts: 661 Member
    I had aliens seemingly spontaneously reveal themselves throughout the worlds once. They remained un-disguised in HH-management, too, so I just deleted 'em all. I assume the new NPCs the game generated included more aliens, but they kept their human forms on, & haven't revealed themselves yet.

    As Cupid suggested, I suspect I must've taken my sims to a bar during Alien night, though I don't remember doing so. I wonder if visiting a CL festival via one of the Karaoke bars is what did it? Seems possible.

    Hope you too are able to avoid an unwanted re-invasion!
  • Stina1701AStina1701A Posts: 1,122 Member
    Do you have a Sim in the science career? I find that when I have a Sim in that career the game spawns a few aliens. A few that are even a fellow science coworkers.
  • iamsweetmysteryiamsweetmystery Posts: 249 Member
    I've never gone to an Alien Night at a bar. They're just everywhere. They especially seem to show up at festivals in San Myshuno a lot, but are also wandering the streets as well. There's just too many and I want to find a way to stop them spawning in the world and the "Not in World" household pool. They're taking up about 20% of my Unplayed Households and I really want to get rid of them.
  • KasanthKasanth Posts: 164 Member
    Thats odd. The only aliens I have show up in my game, are the ones I created. One of my sims daughters is married to one
  • CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 1,107 Member
    Aliens in disguise prolly explains the 'interesting' wardrobe choices.
  • iamsweetmysteryiamsweetmystery Posts: 249 Member
    Ummm.... what does wardrobe have to do with making the system spawn fewer Aliens? Does anyone know how to do this? Anyone know of a mod that can do this? I just want to delete some of the Aliens from my Unplayed Households and stop the system from replacing them with more Aliens. In fact, most of the Aliens are running around undisguised. That's how I've been able to identify over 20 in the first place.
  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,764 Member
    If you install the script mod, MC Command Center by Deaderpool, you can turn off Alien Nights at the bars, as well as all other themes. Doing so will limit the generating of aliens.

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  • iamsweetmysteryiamsweetmystery Posts: 249 Member
    I've never attended a bar event night (alien or otherwise), but I've disabled Alien Night bar events. I hope it works. If not, thanks for the suggestion either way. (At least someone finally tried to address the relevant conundrum.)
  • BlkBarbiegalBlkBarbiegal Posts: 7,898 Member
    Since IL my game generated additional aliens. Before it didn’t because I already had at least 9 adult aliens of my own not including their children that I currently play that even show up to alien night Tuesday. But now there are new aliens in my game.....
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  • iamsweetmysteryiamsweetmystery Posts: 249 Member
    It might be something in the latest patch, then. I still don't have Island Living yet. That and Get Famous are the only expanded content I'm missing. BTW, I'm still getting new Aliens. I deleted 16 last night, but at least 6 more undisguised Aliens showed up at the Spice Festival. However, I decided to try something I'd been saving as a last resort and that seemed to go well. I used the MCCC Occult Command "Human-ize Sim". I didn't want to use it at first because I wasn't sure if it would make a mess of things, but it went well. It gave them full human appearance, including adding hair on the bald ones and replacing that hideous spacesuit with a normal outfit. I'm not fond of dealing with it on a one-at-a-time basis, but if it works, it works. At least it's much faster and easier than dragging them all into CAS and doing it myself.
  • micheleimichelei Posts: 422 Member
    @iamsweetmystery this is also happening in my game. They seem to be everywhere. I did not mind at first but I am starting to feel like they are taking over a bit. It would have been nice if they had the same feature as mermaids where they would only show themselves if you acknowledged them. That way the player could control whether they were in the game. It is only happening so far in my new saves.
  • iamsweetmysteryiamsweetmystery Posts: 249 Member
    Yeah, a setting in the form of percentage would be nice as well. I think the Gameplay Settings menu would benefit greatly from population control settings. Aliens and Vampires are supposed to be somewhat rare, in concept. If the NPC spawn percentages could be set by the player, it would make for a more enjoyable game. For my own settings, randomly spawned NPCs would look something like... 10% Aliens, 10% Vampires and 5% Merfolk (as they would be the rarest of all for appearing in town, being sea-dwellers and skittish/reclusive, mythologically speaking.) MCCC's Occult Controls at least seem to help fix it after the fact. Basically, you can turn whoever into whatever anytime.
  • iamsweetmysteryiamsweetmystery Posts: 249 Member
    Side note: My main issue with so many Aliens is the problem of Hybrids (Alien/Human mix). Frankly, they're a mess. They look silly and they don't have any worthwhile powers. I prefer, generally, to match Aliens with other Aliens so their offspring retain full Alien status and powers. There are exceptions, though. I did post a household to the Gallery several months ago that was a female Alien and two human males. That's not really my standard MO, however.
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