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Sims 3 Family Tree Glitch?

I was checking my sims family tree, but then it didn't show up when i clicked the family tree icon. I tried it with the older sim's offspring, and it worked. However when in the family tree pop up, i clicked on the older sim (whose family tree icon didn't work) and it became all distorted. it didn't show his parents nor most of his offspring. And the links to the family members were all weird. When clicking on one of his daughters, her family tree was also weird as well. I would post photos but im still marked as a new member. Any advice on fixing this?


  • BlackrosettBlackrosett Posts: 33 Member
    And I did not travel with any of my sims immediately before I checked the family tree
  • ARRenschARRensch Posts: 694 Member
    Is there by any chance a step-mom or dad? For some reason they and their step-children don't always show up. Other than that... maybe moving the family in and out of the house will work, but don't quote me on that.
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  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,290 Member
    I notice that this happens in my games sometimes when the save files get old/too big. I don't know how to fix it though. I once thought maybe taking them to a new town would work but all that did is start the family tree over again from the sims living in the household.
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  • BlackrosettBlackrosett Posts: 33 Member
    @ARRensch no step parents. just a large family. @duhboy2u2 that's probably it. Its my legacy challenge family, and they're on their 5 gen. the 4th gen has 6 kids and they're all married with kids.
  • ARRenschARRensch Posts: 694 Member
    Hmmm. Definitely a glitch then. How to fix it... try moving them out and back into their house. That's really all I can think of. I'm not sure if there is a way to fix it. Maybe someone else has a better idea though.
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  • igazorigazor Posts: 19,330 Member
    If you are not averse to using mods, broken family tree relationships can be fixed with NRaas MasterController. Sometimes adjusting the actual relationships fixes the tree visuals as well.

    Without mods, the move out/move in thing might be the only other thing to try. Many family trees break in this game after reaching a certain level of complexity.
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  • blueamberblueamber Posts: 32 Member
    Hi! Sorry this was from ages ago (I'm new so I can't start my own discussion which I don't really understand but anyway I'm desperate here) but I've been having the same issue and can't find any help anywhere. I have seven sims that are about the graduate university and go back home (in a few hours) but each time they do, the loading screen lags for hours. This hasn't happened to me before and the same sims have returned home from university multiple times. I've lowered my graphics, deleted the cache and tried many many times.

    I think it may have something to do with the fact that two of my sims had a glitch in their family trees. Their family trees were working fine until one day, all of the relationships with other sims from their home town disappeared. Not only that, when I went to their family trees, they are the only sims in their family trees and they their faces now have that 'ghost' grey colour that happens to sims once they've died (but they haven't died so I'm very confused). (To make matters worse, the two sims were cousins before and now they're not and now they're flirting with each other. Ew.) I downloaded master controller but for some reason I can't open it to 'advanced' and then 'family' because when I open up 'advanced' the only options are 'edit in CAS', 'force kill' and 'reset sim'. (Reset sims didn't work btw, I tried). I feel like if I fix this issue, then they will be able to return home but I'm not sure.

    I don't know if anyone would know the answer since no one plays sims 3 anymore but I appreciate any help that I could get, thank you!!!
  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    edited July 2019
    @blueamber I play the Sims 3! :smile:
    The travel transition seems fragile. This works for me, I am not sure it is all that necessary:
    On a medium gaming computer, not highest graphics settings, no changing of university world architecture and goofing around with time machine etc (..). Very few items in personal/family inventory, no special outfit on (everyday clothes instead), no inviting to graduation ceremony, keep sims occupied so they won't answer their phones just when the travel transition starts.
    Always save as just before and exit the game fully clearing cashes; only travel on a newly started up game. No huge complicated home lot. I do not have a long running game save at the moment and in my last one of that kind the sim did not go to University, an old well worked world might contribute to it being slow to load.

    Tips for similar problem AHQ:

    If on Steam, the tip here is to verify the game files, I am not sure what it actually does though. Steam community:

    If the problem occurs because the game can’t load the home world save, some of these tips might be a good start:

    Carl's, for Origin


    I do not play generational but as said above the game does not seem to keep track after five generations or something; and I do not have MC, but maybe check if all the modules you want are installed:

    Edit: I think the restrictions on new members are to prevent easy and fast trolling. There are more info on your wall.
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    Hello everyone, necroposting is against the rules. I've gone ahead and closed the thread.

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