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  • KingSlotherinKingSlotherin Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey there! I’m an PS4 user and lover of the game.

    I love the sims and everything about it, I love how you can live out a life you wouldn’t normally be able to live out so easily. I do have a few suggestions that’ll help us out on console and even over on PC.

    1. Sometimes the Queue will glitch out and leave a few of them stuck making you reload the game from main menu so they disappear.
    2. Sometimes your Sim will stay in one place and not move but preforming an action at the same time or the opposite and just glitches out and cancels the actions.

    1. Allow for us to have the option to change branches in careers so we can complete all Aspirations for one sim if we wanted. I would love to see that happen.
    2. If we build houses with empty lots, have NPCs move in on their own or give us a prompt that someone wants to move in, someone being the NPC or the NPCs.
    3. The Community! I miss it, that was the best part or one of the parts I loved about the Sims 3. I love being able to use other people’s creations in my world as it made it diverse.
    4. And finally, the ability to change clothing colors or material colors like we were able to in the Sim3, I thought that feature was amazing because people can have the same outfits but in an array of beautiful colors.

    Other than that, I really love this game and hope it grows more and more popular.
  • SilverGoddess3SilverGoddess3 Posts: 3 New Member
    Hi there!

    Small list of what I miss from the older versions and some new ideas for you guys:

    > Bunk beds
    > Toasters
    > Lawnmowers (as an update to the spring and summer seasons pack)
    > University Expansion/Game/Stuff Pack
    > More careers - like education, firefighter, interior designer/ decorator, pet groomer and magical practitioner (gender neutral term for witch or wizard without all the triggering ideals that follow)
    > Cars
    > Less loading screens within the same world (tooo much LOADING!)
    > More worlds - larger worlds
    > Burglars
    > Burglar Alarms
    > Rent out lots/Become landlords/landladies

    Thanks for your time and consideration!
  • JmalungoJmalungo Posts: 5 New Member
    The game right now is in a pretty good state but I noticed that on PC it's a lot smoother and faster than on console. I know that it may be because it's on console but that shouldn't mean it should be slower. Sometimes it even takes up to 30 minutes in-game for my sims to do the actual action I want them to do. Could we get some smoother gameplay on console? I also noticed the loading screens are a lot longer than on PC.
  • JmalungoJmalungo Posts: 5 New Member
    Could we please have the gallery on console! It would be amazing to be able to build with all of the packs that I have on my Xbox since on my PC I have no packs and I wish I could redeem them.
  • JmalungoJmalungo Posts: 5 New Member
    Is there an option to change how fast the cursor moves in CAS example: I'm dragging my cursor to how thick I want their thighs to be and on PC it moves very fast while on Console it's a lot slower can we have it as fast as it is on PC? It would be nice.
  • JmalungoJmalungo Posts: 5 New Member
    With the Get Famous expansion installed It's really annoying to constantly see my sims reacting positively with almost 4 actions of which in their queue. Could they maybe get to know their family members better or maybe just not react positively at all? Even with Autonomy off they still do it all the time every time they travel and even when someone walks into the room.
  • NoirStasisNoirStasis Posts: 243 Member
    Console related bug reporting should be separate from PC

    We also need more transparency when it comes to updates on this forum; my game is unplayable right now and I can't report the bugs happening in my game ( I guess its because my account in Answers HQ needs to level up?).

    Not everbody has or wants to be on Twitter or a different social media platform. I have to go digging on Twitter or reddit to get my answers when this is suppose to be the Official Forums.
  • XlovelydaisyxXlovelydaisyx Posts: 1 New Member
    July 16, 2019 update. Xbox one console format, Sims 4. Issue: when in build mode, when placing a door, the game crashes and closes, without saving any progress.
  • AngelsRightArmAngelsRightArm Posts: 1 New Member
    I would like to add while the first person mode is a good step in the right direction for TS4 for consoles , it feels a bit clunky when compared to previous implementations.

    A good example of a good cotrol system would be like what we had in TS2 for the PlayStation2 with its free roam control system where we could controle our sims in a more traditional sense like most triple a titles rather then the point and click which would negate the need for a mouse courser interface.

    Often times i keep running into hickups with the current style one example being that my sim will occasionly just stop what they're doing and stand for hours staring blankly as if they're try to figure out the what i can only imagine is the contemplation of the very reason of thier existence.

    Baring jokes aside it is quite annoying when my poor sim cant figure out how to eat at their wonderfully hand made dining table they built with thier own two hands often being the reason for them going to work a bit hungry or sad because they soiled themselves.

    Case in point pc Simmers have it way easier as they dont have to learn the arbitrary curseded quick select mouse thing and oh yeah can we please get an option to disable that? it just keeps getting in the way i'll be trying to design a new sim or a wordrobe for my sim and i'll often get stuck because i cant select a hair or eye color.

    I know this turned into a bit of a rant but these are things i needed to get off my chest. Appogies if my grammer and spelling sucks i failed english Smh
    Ty for reading

  • lana44lana44 Posts: 59 Member
    I would love to see sims4 console have a option for direct control, it would just be better overall. I enjoy the sims 4 I think bringing back some of the old feature with the new one would be a great idea like the cars for transportation and being able to go to the groceries store and have your refrigerator get low on food at some point. Making the neighborhood have community together would be kool without the loading process for the neighborhood, like when u visit your neighbors. Having the family bond a little more like options for family night on the calendar.. but overall good job n thanks
  • NevtronNevtron Posts: 4 New Member
    This latest update on the sims 4 ps4 now freezes every 5 mins I try to play it, I wanna new patch for this to be fixed, but I dont know when that will happen I spend an extra 40 bucks on the get famous expansion and I cant even play it, please sims 4 representatives dont make a patch adding 🐲🐲🐲🐲 when the games needs to be fixed!
  • getjohnalivegetjohnalive Posts: 1 New Member
    the sims 4 for Xbox one is lagging, sometimes unplayable, you have to improve performance for this game on console.
  • GoldenLani85GoldenLani85 Posts: 15 Member
    Hello, New Console player. Even though we are a new branch I think it would be nice as someone else has stated if you all could give us a little more attention. A lot of your new players that you will gain this week alone because of PlayStation plus offering the game for members will be lost. They will not know that the Console updates a few weeks after PC. They will not know all packs that come out go to PC than on the console. Happy to see the changes you all have already made to help us in the past weeks but I know we can do more.
  • GoldenLani85GoldenLani85 Posts: 15 Member
    > @GoldenLani85 said:
    > Hello, New Console player. Even though we are a new branch I think it would be nice as someone else has stated if you all could give us a little more attention. A lot of your new players that you will gain this week alone because of PlayStation plus offering the game for members will be lost. They will not know that the Console updates a few weeks after PC. They will not know all packs that come out go to PC than on the console. Happy to see the changes you all have already made to help us in the past weeks but I know we can do more.

    My apologies, I must have been in the wrong area. I see now where the console players' content and discussions are located.
  • cutiebabe420cutiebabe420 Posts: 2 New Member
    Okay, where can I post the bugs and stuff I’m experiencing on console? I’ve had the same stuff since I bought the game when it first came out. & I never find anyone else talking about them.
  • Jenn_AJenn_A Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello, I have a huge suggestion that I’ve seen A LOT. More modern pieces.
    Definitely more upbeat with the times.
    Maybe modern farmhouse? With pained windows, a window that can be a door? Something that lets in a lot of natural light. I want to do a theme where these rich people can live Luxury and make their home look as such but I’m having a hard time finding pieces that go together.
    Modern as in sleek clean counters and island counters and appliances, something that’s got white and black with marble for the kitchen. More neutral colors like grays and whites. I’d really love to see some more modern furniture and decor and a lot of clean sleek patterns. not really into the “funky quirky” side of things. The Spa day pack is as close to modern as it gets but definitely don’t want my home to look like a hotel. Just a few ideas.
  • SimPrincesshkSimPrincesshk Posts: 2 New Member
    Hey with this new update I wanna know why my add-ons in the game are glitching out. Like i cant wash clothes and the game functions now working properly on xbox counsel.
  • ExperitculusExperitculus Posts: 35 Member
    edited December 2020
    It turns out I had already bought Sims 4 for computer about half a decade ago. I just loaded it up, and there are very minimal load times, no crashing problems, and a very much improved experience compared to the console. I spent an appreciable amount of money buying the licenses for several expansion packs to be used on the console, and not being able to transfer them to the better system has me feeling disappointed. Now that I know how much better the game is on the PC, I have no further interest in playing the game. I refuse to purchase the expansions twice, even though I have already bought the game twice.

    Edit: This game is too addictive to quit. I must play it on the PC, for the experience is truly far smoother and more satisfying. However, since I only spent ~$100 on expansion packs, there were still plenty of expansion packs I never tried on the console. By the time I collect all of those, The Sims V will probably hit the e-shelves...
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    “But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God which raises the dead.”
  • DaveJDaveJ Posts: 8 New Member
    I play on PS4, I'm newer to playing the game but have know about sims since before there were people and you just built buildings (definitely dating myself lol). Its different than the games I usually play but fun. Mostly have had no problems with the game just a few "why are you not doing what I told you to do". My main issue is with the pet expansion. For the most part its fun having dogs and cats, playing, training, and getting to know them. The problem i have is the feeding and going outside. The problem completely ruins the experience for me. The issue is 50% of the time I have to tell them to eat and go out the other 50% they do it in their own. Now this would be a problem if it was one way or the other but its not. Some days they will feed themselves and go out other days I have to constantly tell them. This is especially annoying when the dog or cat is standing in front of a full bowl of food and a notification comes up saying "so and so is very hungry make sure you fill their bowl or tell them to eat" this to me makes the DLC not worth it especially since the pack cost me more than the game itself. Did the developers do this on purpose or did the half a** it just for the money? Is this a bug or purposely done? Does this also happen on computer or just a console thing? Either way this ruins the experience for me because of all the time wasted on telling them to eat and go out. I in real life have 2 dogs and 3 cats, not one do I have to tell to eat. They get hungry they go and eat. The only time they ask is when the bowl is empty which is very rare, they always have food. I hope the sims people address this for if they don't I am very much considering demanding a refund.
  • DaveJDaveJ Posts: 8 New Member
    Sorry for such a long post
  • MissClairelyMissClairely Posts: 15 Member
    I think people don't like using the EA Answers HQ, because nothing is ever solved. You just go in circles with them asking 50 questions about a bug EVERYONE is experiencing. It's not my mods, I don't use mods, and everyone knows the alien face-warping bug has been in the game since Get To Work launched. But every thread on that subject is closed before it's fixed...because most of the issues are bugs on EA's end, not the player's. I think we're all smart enough to remove mods and see if it helps before we go crying to answers HQ. Many of us have no mods, because we're on console. But it really feels like EA hired a few poor souls to babysit players. I don't get the feeling that any of the complaints about bugs actually reach EA, because if they did, surely we wouldn't still have a game-breaking alien-face bug over FIVE YEARS after the EP launched.

    I just wish there was some transparency with the devs. Like, can we get a bug tracker? So we can know what bugs you're actively working on, what bugs you're already aware of and have on your to-do list, and what bugs you don't know about/are doing nothing about. EA Answers HQ would be far easier to navigate and far less messy if we had a dev/bug tracker. People aren't mad there's a bug, they're mad there's a bug that's been ignored for five years while every ticket they open on Answers HQ about said bug gets closed without being resolved. It's worse for console players because after you waste ten minutes convincing them that "no, really, I don't have any mods or CC, I play on CONSOLE like I mentioned FIVE TIMES in my ticket that you clearly did not read," the ticket gets closed or "merged with a similar topic concerning a similar bug (that we will also ignore)" -- and absolutely nothing comes of it. Or at least give us console players a separate ticket to fill out for Answers HQ, so we can bypass the first 20 minutes of "Do you have mods? No? Can you check? Ok. You got CC? No? Can you check? Ok. Can you send me your save file? Did you repair your game?" that wastes time because the answers to those questions with ALWAYS be no if you play on console.

    Other than that, I'd love a mod store, like Bethesda has for Skyrim on console, where you pay for a mod, and Bethesda gives the modder who made it a cut of the profits. I'd be so, so, SO much less angry at this game if I had access to MCCC but I assume it's not rated "E" for everyone, so that's just another pipe dream, I guess.

    I know I sound salty. I am salty. I've played this game for 21 years, spent untold thousands on it, and the fact that TS4 is so disappointing in so many ways coupled with the fact that EA apparently doesn't care enough to fix long-standing, gamebreaking bugs, and wouldn't even give us custom skintones until people were protesting in the streets IRL, just feels like a slap in the face. They could easily add custom hair colors (or at least more varied swatches), custom eye colors (seriously there is no reason we can't have a color wheel for eye color), and FINGERNAILS (maybe even of varying length? With multiple polish options??? I know of a game that did that, once. A really good game. It's an older game now, but still leagues better than this one...if only I could remember that game...OH right, it's y'alls game, TS3.

    But for real. Y'all really released a "spa day" pack full And some clothes. But no manicure/pedicure station, no hair salon, just a low-effort pack that gives the appearance of a spa but very little functionality. Can we get a beauty guru stuff pack or something? Seriously, I'm begging y'all. Give us nails and hair colors! Have more YouTubers do the work for you, and it'll be a smash hit. Every Sims player I know would drop what they're doing and go buy a Beauty Guru pack with nail polish, better makeup, and actual custom hair color + beauty guru career track and/or salon employee career track where you start as a lowly pedicure-giver, slowly rising through the ranks until you run the salon itself. Or it could be a freelance career. Or no career! Just give me pretty fingernails and more hair color shades. Hair is kinda like skin -- so if you're gonna give us a ton of skin swatches, it only makes sense to add to the hair color swatches, or at least make them adjustable like the makeup swatches, so that I can play with saturation and light/darkness and make that ugly pastel lavender hair into Actually Purple(TM) hair that someone might actually want to wear. Also, if I remember correctly, you used to be able to set hair color per outfit, so if you wanted to go all out for a party you could make your party hair pink and leave the rest of the outfits with your normal hair color. There are just so, so many little frustrating things like this that wouldn't be hard to implement at ALL -- as seen by the fact that all of these things are available for PC players via a mod.

    So I guess my question is, how come EA says they can't do all this stuff, when they have funding and a whole team of people...meanwhile individual modders have managed to do all of it -- long, painted nails, actual eyelashes, extra (gorgeous) hair swatches, beautiful makeup -- meanwhile EA is over here patting themselves on the back because the three blush options they give you (only one of which is actually on your cheek, the other two are 1. all over your face, and 2. literally on your eyes) can now be "customized." Actually, all you can change about them is the opacity. All the other sliders (saturation, tone, darkness) are blocked out. Literally why????

    Sorry for the long post but I just do not get this stuff, and I feel like since most people play on PC, they don't see what a mess this game really is in its natural, mod- and CC-free state.
  • N1neTa1lLol1N1neTa1lLol1 Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey, ps4 user here. I have noticed that since I bought the disc copy for Sims 4 and Cats and Dogs bundle, that when I play, my arrow pad for my controller doesn't work to change floors of the buildings or to make the walls invisible. I have tried different controllers, deleting and redownlowding the game, cleaning the disc etc... But the arrow pad won't work. I also found that my left and right triggers don't work when I want to switch characters as well. Would really like to know what else I can do or if maxis knows its a bug or something —

    Thanks a bunch,
  • aoi_SIMSaoi_SIMS Posts: 5 New Member
    Thank you so much for adding more colors to so many pieces of furniture in this update!
    I also saw the information about the new kits, but I will probably buy them all the same as before.
    However, I am more concerned about the fact that the problem with the bed in the INDUSTRIAL LOFT KIT has not been fixed for a long time...
    I built a house with that bed for my sims, and the only problem is that it's no more comfortable than any chair out there.
    I'm delighted by the new elements, but at the same time I'm concerned about the many bugs that are left unaddressed, and I'm both grateful and curious that users are fixing them with mods. I think those tasks should be done officially and should not take up users' time.
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